Sean Hannity Is Horrible Politically But a Nice Guy

Let’s go next to our call or from the a three
Oh three area code. Who’s calling from three Oh three today. Can you hear me all right, David? Yeah. Who’s this? This is Patrick calling from Colorado. Hey, Patrick. What’s going on? So I’m wondering if you saw the, uh, Sean
Hannity Deblazio interview last week? No. Wow. How was it? Oh, horrifying. Just horrible. In what sense though? Because Hannity was asking his weird questions
and attack questions or because the Blasio was, oh yeah. Well, I mean de Blasio did. Okay. I think his position is not something I’m
fully on board with. Right. Just honestly, just the way that like Sean
Hannity is definitely one of the worst when it comes to a beating, unable to ask questions
that are even grounded in Maria. Yeah. Um, but I have to say though, I haven’t mentioned
that, I’ve mentioned this before and I don’t know if you’ve heard me say this or others. It’s probably new to other people who are
watching this or listening to this. Sean Hannity is absolutely deplorable and
disgusting. I, I, he has a horrible history with his real
estate investments of effectively being like a slumlord type dude. He, his politics are disgusting. His attack interviews are just vial. Personally, he is super nice every time I’ve
seen him in person at different radio events, he’s way nicer than a lot of the left left-wing
via a media people. There are left wing media people that a lot
of people in my audience probably really like in terms of their politics who are disgustingly
vial people who react to you saying hi as if you are just like a piece of dirty gum
on the bottom of their shoe. Hannity is super nice and he’ll stick around
and take pictures with whoever and talk to whoever. I have to give him credit for that even though
his politics are disgusting. Oh yeah. And do like not saying anything about the
guy personally, but like it really is just like his inability to oh yeah. But yeah, like the, the [inaudible] the thing
that uh, Kyle Kalinsky actually did cover it just the other day, but only a small segment,
uh, about taxes. And the thing is like, even to this day, Sean
Hannity says 70 cents out of every dollar when he’s talking about the, uh, income tax. And it’s just insane to me that you can not
yet like the marginal tax rate. Yeah. W we have a lot of people, I would say they
don’t understand it, but with Hannity I think you’re suggesting he’s deliberately and I
think that’s probably the case. Yeah. I have no doubt that he is. And like even in my personal life, I’ve had
some people on the right, um, with blamed how income tax works to these people on multiple
occasions. Yeah. But something about just like, I don’t know
if it’s just their inability to comprehend a nuance or something, but inability and the inconvenience of comprehending
it. I think it’s a combination of the two. Yeah. And of course that nuance comprehension goes
into every single issue you can possibly bring up. Absolutely. Patrick, thank you. Appreciate the call. I’ll check out that interview. Will do. All right, take care. Thank you.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Yeah I follow Laura Ingram on twitter she can come across as a nice person, it's sad for her and her fans that she's not.

  2. David, I applaud you for sharing what is good about Hannity. I also appreciate you highlighting the fact that some left-wing media are less-than-pleasant people.

    I have more respect for those who are willing to admit that things are not so black and white. I think it gets dangerous when we side with one particular group so much that we are blinded by their weaknesses. In fact, we often make fun of the opposition for doing just that. We must show that we can rise above the pettiness and address the core issues.

    Thank you for being a good role model on this particular topic.

  3. I have a client who knows Hannity and she says he is so nice. I don’t exactly know what her definition of nice is but the damage that man has done to the people who watch him is immeasurable. I don’t make it a point to talk to much to her about him because of her husband and her personal connection to Hannity.

    I have another client who told me once he agreed with EVERYTHING Hannity said. I told him that that was sad because Hannity doesn’t even believe in everything he says. Generally a rational man except when discussing politics, he really goes off the rails.

  4. Yeah. If you're intentionally misdirecting the country putting lives on the line (medicare, war, racism etc) then you're a bad person. His niceities mean nothing.

  5. Most right wingers are very polite as far as their surface level behavior, but to some people, like myself, that means nothing if their deeper beliefs and character are based in selfish and immoral views.

  6. Hannibal Lector from Silence of the Lambs movie was a charming and charismatic guy, just like Hannity in person, until he ate your liver with Fava Beans and a nice Chianti wine.

  7. It's nice to maliciously brainwash rural America into believing a colossally incompetent "president" cares about their struggles ?

  8. If your politics create suffering and injustice, then you are not nice, no matter how nice you act personally toward other people.

  9. I don't give a shit if he plays Santa Claus for disabled children every Christmas, he's done more damage to our country than any terrorist could ever dream, and if I ever meet him I'll be super nice to him, too (until the camera stops rolling).

  10. Hannity had “Hannity & Colmes” and said heartfelt and nice things about Colmes after Colmes died. Hannity also defended Chris Cuomo in the “Fredo” fight so there’s probably more than meets the eye or ear with regards to Hannity.

  11. David, why are you dropping that some a certain progressive is horrible in person? Are you trying to cause some kind of rift or what? I don't have a problem with you calling out someone you have a problem with, but it's at best recklessly dumb and at worst malicious to do what you just did here. First there was the passive aggressive tweets towards Kulinski after you were pretty much proven wrong for putting credence into Russiagate and then you wouldn't even own up to it, but I thought you deserved the benefit of the doubt when you were called out on it and claimed innocence. Then you very much articulated as clearly as you could without directly saying it that even though you admit BDS supporters aren't necessarily anti-semites that you seem to strongly believe that the majority are and then cherry picked the worst comments you could find that you did not actually seem to get a disproportionate amount of just to try to prove your point.

    Not to mention you didn't even cover the topic of whether or not there should be a law against contracting with people who are pro BDS by our government. Now you're doing this? Either call out who you're talking about or be quiet. The only thing this does is sow mistrust in the community and now I have to wonder if that wasn't the intention. Well you don't deserve the benefit of the doubt anymore and I don't think you did with Kyle either now. I think you've been in this business too long because you're playing dirty and I don't appreciate it especially considering I thought you were an extremely polite person. That's apparently just an act though and I find that gross. In my eyes at least you're getting to the point where you're only marginally better than right-wingers like Crowder and Shapiro. You definitely don't seem to have major qualms in using the same tactics as long as you think people won't notice. Unsubed.

  12. Keith Olbermann would agree with your assessment of Sean Hannity 100%. Olbermann has chummed aropund with Hannity at ballgames and has asserted that it's all an act with Hannity, and if the money was right, then he would switch sides in a heartbeat. Don't believe anything Hannity says politically.

  13. It is a shame that you HAVE 700,000 SUBSCRIBERS who listen to you and think you have something to say that will benefit them. You sir, are no different than the Rat Bastards seen every hour of every day on MSM. To know a one man dog and pony show such as what you developed is even more dastardly than when the networks spread their lies to cover for their bosses who are evil and who lead people to the Dark Evil place daily. So what do you get out of it? It must be something valuable if you were willing to destroy any integrity you may have once had, stand alone on your puny little utube channel. So you can't be very smart since you defend the Swamp, the Left, Satan's little helpers. I just don't understand how you can have believers when every Intelligence Agency the Govt has plus DOJ and DOD have fired every upper ECHELON of each organization for criminally trying to overthrow the President in a coup and who will be charged and convicted of Treason. But what you do is worse. You offer substandard MSM propaganda to further try to take down an American President. Now listeners are in baby steps beginning to see how deceived and lied to they have been subjected to. When perp walks stop, I can only hope you have no other source of income so you will feel the full force of regret at failing even worse than the MSM. Your only reward will be to go to hell when you die to be with those like you but just knowing you were a bigger failure will be your burden to bare. Good luck with that…

  14. I’d like to know who those left wing people are who David says are terrible in person haha. That’s really interesting.

  15. I do not care what this pos says to other rich people. He incites hate and violence either for money or because of personal beliefs. Either way he is a bad person.

  16. What you said about Hannity reminds me of a former coworker of mine. He was an intelligent, friendly person if you stayed off politics. He was fascinated with history and had a dream of watching a baseball game in all 50 states (he was in the 40s when I knew him). If you got him going on a political topic, though, he became an insane person. Spouting tinfoil hat style wingnut theories that would make Glenn Beck blush. It was almost frightening.

  17. A nice person contemplates on the effects of his words and actions when it’s destructive, divisive, insulting, hurtful and misleading.

  18. Met a guy once who said he was a cable guy, did cable for rich people before, one of em was Ted Nugent.

    Said he was a dick. Didn't understand basic things like "It will take me x amount of time to set that up" or "what you want is handled by another tech guy, you'll have to schedule one of them to come out"

  19. hannity could be called a nice guy in the same way that zyklon b came in an attractive can, i judge people holistically, i find myself losing any respect for pakman, although, that nice mr hitler was a dab hand with a paintbrush, i find it hard to say anything nice about him, unless one is using the middle english sense of the word, repugnants!

  20. I have a theory. The person on the left that David was talking about is … he himself? What if this was just an admission of personal flaws?

  21. He’s not a nice guy, not a good person, only a psychopathic Fascist operative seeking to destroy the USA to allow the aristocrats, nouveau riche, and plutocratic oligarchs to privatize our entire country and turn it into a brutal corporatocracy without a face and a regenerative head. Remember that.

  22. I don't care how "nice" of a person you are, if you have idiotic ideas about MY life then fuck off… why I don't understand ever agreeing with most politicians because I am an "atheist" and they do the status quo thing… IF you believe in a religion, then you've already discounted yourself to me of being a rational human being… If "god" is eternal and our short time here on earth means that much… then fuck off…

  23. Please don't tell me that my beloved Rachel madow (?)…( Sorry I can't spell her last name) is amount those lefties asshole?
    It would break my heart…

  24. Hannity is just an actor… half of the things he says he doesn't even believe it himself…He is playing a role and makes millions doing it

  25. Apart from Jimmy Dore, who are the obnoxious lefties, David? If you're going to go down that roaf, at least be upfront and honest.

  26. I knew a guy for years. He always appeared to be a salt of the earth type guy. Then several years later he appeared on local news. He'd murdered his landlady.

  27. I hope I never have to judge how nice in person he is.
    I know that to have 90 properties some acquired through hud and the presidents attorney advised you without disclosing any of that is wrong. he uses fear and lies and does not care if people are harmed that's a psychopath.

  28. I totally doubt he’s a nice fact he can’t be judging by his general outlook. However many guys (and gals) can be ‘nice’ to their friends….who of course are friends by virtue of similar outlook. Birds of a feather. That can go for many, many people not just Hannity.

  29. Hitler was nice towards his dog and some people but that alone doesn´t make him likable. And I´m sure some mafia capos treat their children well but they´re still horrible people.

  30. @David

    David, you don´t have to watch the whole shitty interview, watch this:

    "Hannity v. de Blasio: A 41-minute shouting match in 148 seconds"


  31. How about St. Petersberg Sean? There are loads more beginning with S, but they're a bit obscure.
    Also, who are the socially inept lefties? Dish, dish, dish!! 😂😁😂😁

  32. Not sure why David even felt the need to bring up that Hannity acts nice around people. It's irrelevant to the topic at hand.

  33. While it was civil that Hannity was polite, one definition of nice : characterized by, showing, or requiring great accuracy, precision, skill, tact, care, or delicacy…. Hannity is notorious for pushing contrived and inaccurate propaganda rhetoric. I guess he's nice at that.

  34. Fuck Hannity, he's has a rotten greedy capitalist mindset and sells lies and divisive propaganda for a living, go to hell.

  35. He's nice as he calls you libtard and pushes MAGA hats in your face. Also, Limbaugh is great as he molests your wife …..o.O

  36. Maybe he was just being nice in person, but Keith Olbermann once noted that when he met Hannity at (I think) a Yankees game, Hannity said something that, if a truthful admission, meant that he was just playing a character in his job on TV and radio. Basically like the Stephen Colbert character from The Colbert Report, but playing it straight rather than for laughs and satire.

  37. David "his politics are terrible, but hes actually a nice guy"

    David's fans "psychopaths act nice, he must be a vicious psychopath"

    I love how people who just see someone on TV really think they know how a person really is 😂

  38. I think we are using "nice" when we mean to say "polite." Hannity may well have good manners, but there is nothing even remotely nice about what he says, promotes, defends or supports. Joseph and Magda Goebbels were both noted as being "very nice." "Nice" here means nothing.

  39. Please that racist skank insanity Hannity n fraud fox are a disgusting propaganda craphole. Please nice really its fake just like its president . all creatures from hell n need to sleep forever

  40. Who’s the arrogant Left-Wing host who treats people like gum on their shoe. Please don’t tell me it’s Sam Seder!!! Why was he the first host that came to my mind!!!! 😱😱😱

  41. Hannity is convinced that his side should not govern like an elected administration. They should rule and command.

  42. This is why Progressives are losing, look at the comments!

    You guys can't even say someone who disagrees with you "is nice" without freaking out. You guys are seeing as the angry people who are trying to control everyone else's morals. Sound familiar?

    Yup, you guys are the new "religious right" that everyone hated so much in the 90's when I was growing up.

  43. Who gives a fuck if haniiy is nice ? What does that have to do with anything ? Fuck that shit bag and his entire network

  44. Would I care if Richard Nixon or Robert Mugabe were personally nice people? Not a whiff. Hannity is a vile human being that isn't going to act like a Bond villain in person. The two don't balance out.

  45. He might have a pleasant act, but when he got a whole pile of mortgages, he set a new foreclosure record, so no, he is not a nice guy.

  46. He's repulsive. Most predatory narcissists are good at grooming their victims; his obsequiousness is not "nice," it's manipulation – period. I'm surprised at you, David. That is totally naive to think he could be "nice" on any level based on his choices.

  47. His niceness in person is an act by a psychopath. He will slip a knife in your back when you turn round, metaphorically speaking.

  48. Word of the day: so·ci·o·path
    /ˈsōsēōˌpaTH/ noun

    a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience.

  49. David, In my opinion you should focus on Sanders, Warren, Gabbard, Yang and Booker at this point. Do any of the others really matter? If you like Hannity that's fine as a distraction for fun.

  50. How do you resolve the difference between the 2 Sean Hannity's that you describe ? Being a slum lord and being a super nice guy in person at radio events doesn't seem like the 2 personalities would be able to survive in the same body. If you're a nice guy in person, then that person could hardly be a slum lord because he would have compassion for people? It almost sounds like the nice guy that you are seeing at radio events – is actually a good actor with a keen ability to understand how to work a crowd and work to keep a fan base. Hmmm.. remind you of someone else in politics today ??

  51. hearing that Hannity is a "nice guy" makes it worse because he's clearly just a shill to the highest bidder and has no ideology of his own. Could probably be said for all the talking heads at CNN, MSNBC, Faux News, etc.

  52. Who are the lefties that are snobby?? Can we get some clues at least & figure it out on our own?? lol We need to know, David! lol

  53. This comment section is why the left is losing. Hannity might be a dickhead on Fox News and you might disagree with him political, but people can’t come across the aisle and just say that he’s a nice guy otherwise? Seriously?

  54. Absolute BS. He is horrific to his very core. He has committed treason many times and should be put to a slow death for what he has done. In no way could someone have anything other that evil in EVERY molecule of the body and have done the things that he has done.

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