Sean Hannity and Fox News guests call for people to be jailed. A lot.

-Speaker Pelosi now apparently
telling senior Democrats she’d like to see
Trump behind bars. Based on no actual crimes, she wants a political opponent
locked up in prison? That happens
in banana republics. Coming up,
you’ll meet the mother — her son, tonight,
sitting in jail for taking a photo of a
classified area on a submarine. Hillary Clinton is campaigning
to be our next president. She should be the one in jail. Equal justice would mean
Hillary goes to jail. Can Hillary go to jail? They put the fix in and rig what would’ve put any other
American in jail with Hillary. By the way, when is Hillary
gonna be charged? That was the president during
the second presidential debate saying what a lot of Americans,
including myself, think — Hillary Clinton needs
to be prosecuted, or at least investigated,
and then, if there’s evidence, prosecuted,
and then the proper punishment. They know this FBI informant. He was in Putin’s network. He has damaging information
on the Clintons that potentially could
send them to jail. Based on what you know,
do you think Hillary Clinton should go to jail
over the server scandal? People will be going to jail,
I promise you. Tonight, Hillary Clinton —
follow my words. The media won’t say it. She should be in jail,
not on the campaign trail. Beyond serious stuff, this is
go-to-jail type of things. -Somebody’s got to go to jail
over this, and not just the one
who’s been convicted and — -Who are the top people
that are in jeopardy? -Well, I think Hillary Clinton,
anybody at the DNC. -Eric Holder?
-James Comey, in particular, because, you know,
he may have abused his office, and he could’ve done it for —
-Mueller? Mueller knew. -No, covering it up to cry
to Congress is a breach of his duty. He should recuse himself. -Same with Rosenstein.
-Absolutely. And Jeff Sessions needs to
get off his duff and appoint a special counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton,
Comey, Loretta Lynch. -Everybody.
-Everybody. -Isn’t the mishandling alone,
Judge Jeanine, isn’t that,
in and of itself, a crime? -Yes. -I don’t know how
Hillary Clinton hasn’t at least served
some time in prison, given her background
and what she’s done. -What’s going on?
-That’s the question. So why is not the FBI tonight
finding out who these five leakers are? Why is not the FBI tonight sending agents
to people’s houses? -Where’s Loretta Lynch’s
investigation? Why isn’t Hillary in jail, Jay? -Well, of course,
but here’s the thing, Sean. This is —

Maurice Vega

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  1. #45's quote…'No Collusion, No Obstruction. Just a fukin big cover up and conspiracy 🕵🏽💀💩💰


  2. If you wrongly accuse someone and you lied ,don't you go to jail for lying about all the things they said about President Trump. Put nasty Nancy Pelosi in jail

  3. There was no "coup d'etat".

    There was no "attempted coup".

    There is no "deep state".

    Eventually, Hannity's followers are going to get tired of him lying all the time.

  4. Mr. Hannity, I WANT TO THANK YOU for STANDING TALL with OUR GREST POTUS and THERE IS NO OTHER MSM could even touch. You have been right on the mark and pit-bull style reporting ad telling it like it really is. YOU SIR WILL GO DOWN HISTORY SIR AS THE ONLY "TRUE" reporter WHO absolutely hammered the Enemy/deep state right from the the START were TRULY a significant in WAKING UP LORD knows how many people . I am telling as many people that will listen and tune in to what the REAL DEAL is about just how down and dirty these "greater then thou" right to do whatever whenever. Well JUST wanted to say THANK YOU SIR for all your hard work against incredible odds YOU ARE THE GREATEST!!!!!!!

  5. Since 2016, the vicious revolt against Trump voters and POTUS is a coup by the radical communist Left. Their hatred against our laws and the Constitution reveals their devious mindset. Thank God Trump won the election!

  6. The buffoon channel fox also known as we lie for trump tv. Criminal trump is a disgrace. The buffoons on fox are traitors.

  7. REMEmBER Q POST ABOUT "dominos" ??????Hillary on the block she will rat out Bill.who will rat on her more.and Obummer

  8. I've been aware for decades of the weird radical right wingers. What surprised me was how quickly they crawled out and infested the country when Trump was <ahem> elected

  9. The word Democrat stands for, Delusional Egomaniacs that Must Obliterate the Constitution and Rape American Traditions

  10. Regarding the blatant FISA abuse scandal, when's this Inspector General report coming out already? It's all we've heard about for two months. I'm so sick of people like Trey Gowdy and Sean Hannity flapping on about how the day of reckoning is near but always….nothing. I'm not holding my breath. And even if they try, some third district court judge will just rule any indictment as being be somehow unconstitutional. When it comes to our politicians, the fix is always in, isn't it…..

  11. Lol, yeah Hillary should go to jail for emails, but trump is just fine to have 144 connections with Russia in the muller report and 11 counts of obstruction of justice. What planet do these people live on, or what trumality I guess. They will literally back him if he sucks Putin off for political gain on video, as long as trump says fake news

  12. I don't know about jail but the democrats trying to remove Trump at all costs and not being concerned about running the country is surely a crime.

  13. ⭐️⭐️We need an educated, mature, intellectual, experienced, well respected, well spoken Presidential Candidate 2020!!!
    ⭐️⭐️Vote Pete Buttigieg or any other democrat for President of USA 2020 !!!
    ❌Let's kick Corrupt Liar Crazy Sexist trump (putin's puppet) out of the White house 2020.
    ⭐️Vote Mayor Pete Buttigieg 2020 for President 2020⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  14. Responsible people should be ashamed of having to watch this for weeks and months and years with no consequences for anyone involved, from hosts to networks to politicians to everyone. Its hilarious to watch this Banana Republic of the A going on for so long – even from a great distance.

  15. Pelosi, the day that Trump goes to jail is the same day when you and many other liberals will be pushing up daisies!

  16. Hannity's Insanity! Banana republic? Who wanted to lock who up? How quick they forget. What happened to lock her up? There goes Fox news, "Fake, Outrageous, Xtreme". It's not me, it's you, I'm not a liar, you are, Jedi mind tricks, not working. When you have video & audio evidence. Stupid America, Fox viewers.

  17. Hillary, Bush and Trump should go to jail. Break the law and go to jail. But if you are a rich fat cat the law doesn't mean anything to you.

  18. 🤡 chat full of liberal smears 🤣🤣🤣
    Wait till 2020. Conservative Republicans will need ☔ for all the lib😭😭😭 from the unhinged left.

  19. Ukrainian, NOT Russian!! Manufort was in cahoots with Ukraine who wanted Clinton elected. Why?? The Ukraine oligarchs fear Russia would limit their power.

  20. We have a clear case of treason and attempted coup against an elected President. Brennan, Comey, Clapper, Clinton, Obama attempted the coup. They should be criminally charged with treason. Restore Justice.

  21. yeah, when IS hillary going to be charged? clinton foundation 990s revised 4 times, $1.2b lost over 5 years. That is unheard of in the world of charity. Where is the IRS with her?

  22. When he says "lock Hillary up" or "lock Comey up", that is not Banana Republic? Yes, maybe it isn't. To him, it's Orange Republic.

  23. Hanity looks like a piece of sh!T. Where were you during the "lock her up?" Come on, don't be stupid. You could've called that a banana republic!

  24. They keep talking about putting the “enemy” in jail but never do. They are in charge. Either they are totally inept or it’s all a scam to to keep you morons thinking they are doing something for you.

  25. I love the comment from Shawn Hannity that 'the media' wouldn't cover the things that Hannity is perturb above concerning the Pelosi suggestion that Mr Trump should be in jail. 'Media' as in reporters who do their due diligence before filing a story or reporting on air, and the total antithesis of Mr Hannitys role on Fox. I've left off the 'news' portion because what Mr Hannity performs on air is 100 percent entertainment, and not a spec of journalism or factual reporting. Any other human being would ignore the Pelosi comment if they had themselves established a long record of urging some Democrats being jailed or at least indicted. Mr Hannity, it seems, thinks the public forgot his and his supplicants record on wanting Secretary Clinton jailed. He has become the 2000s iteration of the stuffed shirt and pompous L.A. former newscaster George Putnam. At least Hannity has distanced himself from considering himself a journalist.

  26. Sean I love you and everything you stand for. I love fox news. So much. And all of the people I listen to at fox. With sincerity without hypocrisy is what unfeined love means in the Greek MANUSCRIPTS. Thx Sean for what you do. And I agree with Donald that he has been treated the worst. In America and he's the president for gods sake. He's a Christian for gods sake. My mother and I agree he loves America and hes a great man. If people don't understand why I didnt serve in the military which my father did, he says it is nobodies business and it really isn't. That's like saying everybody else who didn't join is a coward. My mother agrees that I've served in many other ways. You don't have to join the military to be a service to the living God. If I didn't love America them why would I buy a rl allan 53 longprimer on Ebay for $3,500.00 the price of an engagement ring for Gods sake. Nobody on earth would do that. But it had a red and a white and a blue ribbon which to me makes it the ultimate bible. And if there is one thing I can't live without. They are the words of the living God. DEUTERONOMY. Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that procedes out of gods mouth. And I did do something about 9.11 2001. I worshipped my heavenly father more than they all. Just like saint Paul. Frank Cutler told me the navy would not take me because I am dependent on my medicine. I dreamt of being a navy seal commander like in the movie the rock with Michael Michael beihn. That was my fantasy of dying with a great honour. My mother wouldn't let me join when I was young enough to join. And yeah I was concerned that I wouldn't make it through navy seal training but at least I had a willing and contrite humble like a bumblebee carpenter bee loving of my holy father spirit. Jerks calling me a wimp. Please. God said I will bless

  27. I worshipped my heavenly father since I was 17 years old and I overcame. I kept his 10 commandments. I've even had a Hebrew woman I met at work agree that I've kept Gods commandments. God promised that no man would be able to stand before me if I kept all his commandments and loved him and I worshipped him with my love. Pastor Murray said it is a work in loving our heavenly father and he was a marine during the Korean war.

  28. I just made sure to love God more than my country. I didnt want to commit idolatry. I made sure God was number one.

  29. Every man gets scared. Even the seals on seal team 6 said they were scared because they in their minds thought they were doomed and gonna die. The veteran from d day said it was hell on earth and that he was scares stiff. So the men and women slandering me will not maybe they will be ashamed and confounded. Read Isaiah ch.60 and 66 and Jeremiah ch. 1,2, and 3. They will be eaten by worm and moth and all be ashamed.

  30. I love the good men and women weather they were in the military or not. It is like them going through hell more than once when they serve in the military and get killed horrible deaths and I would and will always stand for the national anthem. Who wouldn't stand who live in America???????????????? I'm totally and have always been aware of the amount of freedom I have. But I first thank my dad. He's the one who bled for me the most. He was in the army. Frank Cutler said if he had a son he wouldn't let him join and Frank is a well known navy seal. My dad said when I asked that I could have made it through seal trained had I wanted to. He's correct…. amen

  31. I agree Donald. Bidon Joe does look and sound completely worn out and exhausted. Maybe he should buy a strongs concordance and king James companion bible for some real IS-REAL strength?? Go Donald Trump. Go Donald. I told a woman where I work who is a customer that this is gonna be a great year for America and we both smiled with joy. I never lie. Ever. I'm too afraid of going to hell. Joe looks exhausted…

  32. what is your favorite trump scam?
    there are so favorite is the "All county Equipment and Maintenance Co" scam Trump created for the sole purpose to defraud the USA out inheritance tax from dad trump. The fake company artificially inflated the cost of building equipment 50% and sold it to its only customer (Dad) so he could transfer his wealth to his kids tax free. Trumps sister who was part owner of the company and a federal judge!… had to run (not walk) from her federal Judge job and resigned a few months ago when her ethics dept started investigating her involvement in this scam …then..part 2 of the scam, Dad trump took the fraudulently inflated bills and went to the rent control board and used them as the reason he needs a rate increase … which means he defrauded thousands of tenants who ended up paying for the fake cost increase! …it's a brilliant scam!

  33. You had congress and the Presidency and she is not in jail yet. Hey dumb azz only your people are the ones going to jail.

  34. So Hillary, who broke MANY laws that average Americans are currently in prison for, is PEOPLE? Your US taught huh. Only someone educated in the US is so backward as to believe that a politician should be able to get away with things many of their countrymen have been put in jail for and it's now become obvious that Obama knew several years before and did nothing. Even used the server himself. But the only party in this country to think their above the law keeps proveing itself to be Democrats but we should talk about them being punished for their CRIMES. Only their political opponents. Yep Trump is the Nazi alright. Liar!

  35. She should go to jail. Those who do wrong need to be punished. When people do wrong, they should pay the penalty.

  36. explain now! if CARLSON TUCKER attended a party with NUDE WOMEN HAVING SEX IN THE OPEN, he would be DESTROYED AND FIRED. Then why can Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen go to an ALL MALE GAY PRIDE PARTY CALLED " HORSE MEAT" where men ate having sex openly and they STAY EMPLOYED BY BRAVO AND CNN? EXPLAIN THIS BS TO ME NOW!!!

  37. Hannity trying to get your head around something it's not hate it's fear can't hate someone you don't know you can't hate someone for what they might do. Is fear fear the unknown fear of losing power p fear of being prosecuted for wrong doings it needs to be based on something fear does not fear is much more contagious fear can blind people of obvious facts cause them to make poor decisions and do not see things as they really are. The real problem is fear the fear came from the people that Trump calls the swamp they fear destruction of their very way of life so they spread that fear with lies. People who tell lies without thought of consequences or accountability are desperate and that is the demo party at this time the fear that are people feel is just trickle down contagious. The Dems will say and do anything to avoid loss of power and prosecution. You can't solve the problem of hate if it's not really hate

  38. I don't have money I think you are a dreamer south of the border keep on dreaming buddy you're as desperate as she is a loser

  39. The REAL difference … Republicans like Hannity want people to go to jail …For Breaking The Law …
    Democrats just want everybody not voting for them inside jail…. certified crazies.

  40. Sedition and treason are serious crimes & Hillary & Obama and many others should be arrested and held accountable for their crimes!

  41. When Putin announced to the Duma that the Russian Houseboy had been elected by the Electoral College (but not the majority of Americans) the Duma cheered. The Russians had put their boy in the White House. The enemy of my enemy is my friend goes the saying. On the other hand, the friend of my enemy is my enemy. Comrade Trumpinov is the friend of America's enemy Putin and is therefore America's enemy. Putin knows this but idiiots like Comrade Sean Insannity and Trumpturds are too stupid to know it.

  42. Wow Hillary and the Democrats are soooo corrupt and powerful that they didn’t win .You morons !
    You all need to crawl out of the cave.

  43. Hillary WILL go to jail. Along with Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Strzok… and others. They are guilty of treason against the United States of America.

  44. A Joke who couldn't Graduate College and uses emotive dog whistle commentary …Doesnt have the intellect or Political savvy to understand all he is is a lap dog dying for attention …Sad individual

  45. Look at this UGGLY swell-HEAD —

    the most liar mistress whore mouth —

    spitting VITRIOL as per his JOB DESCRIPTION.






  46. Hannity : she needs to be in prison, or at least investigated. Yeah, the investigation thing comes first, I think. But wait. Congress did that twice. Here's a fun fact. Rupert Murdock spent 14,106 hours telling the American people that Hillary ordered a stand down in Libya when the ambassador was killed. Like Maddow, the Fox Heads POUNDED and POUNDED the story into people's heads. Then when the bi-partisan investigation team spent two years, and twice the money spent on the 911 Commission Report, said THERE WAS NINSTAND DIWN ORDER OR INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR ON HILLARYS PART ? At 10:02am, One Anchor on Fox & Friends dad the 28 second statement from the committee, and went right back to HILLARY GOT THE AMBASSADOR KILLED. By the way, the people in Benghazi rushed him to the hospital. Saw it with my own two eyes.

  47. the difference is that pelosi is a senate member.

    and sean is right… dems tried to oust a president, treason, high crims, email gate, uranium one.

    alone hillary deserves the needle!

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