Schiff releases phone records of political rivals, conservative journalist

Maurice Vega

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  1. …ummm…the president isnt even bothering to defend himself at these trials…except for on Twitter…

    Pure hypocritical fools

  2. Let's put the hammer down on these Demo-Rats and take all legal actions against the leader of this fraud. The Demo-Rots need to be held responsible for their treasonous acts against the people. These sick acts violate everything that has made America great!!!!!!!! Sad.

  3. Just his last effort to fight back.

    "The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget god. (Psalm 9:17)

  4. where is the right to privacy? put this liar evil schiff to prison or bring him in the frontline in afghanistan you coward schiff?

  5. Adam Schiff has gone Renegade Rouge with abuse of Congressional power based on the accounts of continuous news reports on his actions

  6. That bag of shiff gets away with everything because our side has no balls, the only Man I see on tv is President Trump

  7. We're losing our country rapidly due to traitors impeded in our Congress and aided by a complicit and traitorous media full of communists, marxists and socialists. There are many good people but they are too complacent. If we don't awaken soon…it'll be the worst place to be instead that "beacon on the hill"

  8. Sean- please stop cutting off and talking over the guests. And the occasional hello and thank you would be nice. I understand the time limits, but what makes me tune in is the guest and what they have to say. Thank you.

  9. So we’re supposed to do nothing Americans we look at other nations and their corruption and we say “never us” well it’s here. So what are we going to do? Just sit back and allow our freedoms to be ripped away

  10. Adam shift make up some more story's there going to hold you to whatever your saying .so lie lie lie because once your under oath no more word games express yourself don't hide behind your laywer

  11. "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures…" When they say papers they also meant letter because that is how people communicated then, by letters, so letters were private and secure. Well, today we communicate by phone and those calls should be protected from unreasonable search and seizure except by a warrant. Warrants are issued by the Justice branch, not the legislative branch. Schiff is in total violation of the constitution by using a subpoena to collect other peoples phone records especially people who did no crime.

  12. You can't spy on Congress it's in American and your not above the law who the hell do you think you are your a person without a soul stop lieing and get on the stand we the people don't believe you Adam take the oath and then speak to the American people stop dodging the law you can say what ever you want now but under oath no more bs if you want us to believe you put up or shut up

  13. The only way Schiff does what he is doing that no one else would do, is because he is compromised and owned and he MUST follow that script to a 'T'.
    note: Central Bankers have an army of thugs world wide…just read about the Lindbergh family here in Minnesota what bankers did to them…they DO NOT want to lose control of everything they installed these past 80 years since 1933…

  14. Republicans 2019: ball-less, gutless cowards racing to give Democrats everything they want. I despise Democrats, I truly hate turncoat Republicans.

  15. I heard someone on the phone at the other end of the table that they assumed Polesmoker Peloosey drinks White Russians. She better hope Adam Schitz doesn't hear about there facts or she'll get nailed for both racism and collusion.
    Maybe she'll lose her job as speaker of the house because of these facts….

  16. Demos. are doing the COOR, Schiff/Nancy, & other Demos. should have there immunity removed, be charged with Treason, the Demos. are treasonous. Something should be done to Protect Our COMMANDER IN CHIEF/President, Our, Country, 2 Amendment. I have been on all channels saying, it a COOR, Get something DONE.

  17. The more he acts, the more he shows how scared he is! He's the center of evil in Washington…he's done all can to deflect what they've done to our side! This guy must have done some really nasty things!

  18. Does anyone see a problem with the fact that Rudy is Trump's personal lawyer and yet he is using the power of the government to act out Trump's personnel business? This argument that Schiff shouldn't subpoena his phone record because he is Trump's personnel lawyer is absurd.

  19. Equal branches of government…checks and balances…..Well, who the hell is supposed to be keeping the democrats in check? They should be fired because they are failing BAD!!


  21. Schiff searched and seized personal information on American citizens without a warrant and who were not under indictment. He needs to go to prison for this.

  22. The scary part is Pencilneck Schiff will probably be re-elected come his next term…. Look how many terms these crooks have already served. So a part of the blame goes to VOTERs for keeping them in office …

  23. I don't think he is worse than than any Democrat in the senate. They cooperated and knew the tactic Schiff was employing, so are just as guilty in my opinion.

  24. How can you claim he spy….He just get the phone nunmers… Is This spying….Mr Hannity You are not true, …….

  25. this guys should be drug through the streets and then arested for his crimes against American citizens!!!!!! its time they realize what the power of the Senate means!!!!!!

  26. Hannity you hypocrite, draining the swamp!!! Haha.

    Trump created an OCEAN! How many of his friends who were going to help him drain the swamp are in jail? INDIVIDUAL 1 is trying to stay in office because he knows he will be joining them unless supplicants like the AG can keep him safe.

    History will not look kindly on Trump and his toads.

  27. I hear both sides everyday.

    The honest stement to the public is none of us know until congress decides!

    That's what a hearing is for "to decide" whether or not there is sufficient evidence to impeach.

    The public had their opinions when they voted congress in, so if they get mad, they get mad!

    At the end of the hearing the senate and judicuary branch will have their opportunity to contribute.

    The people want to ensure our votes are secure and we see how both sides took "that" concept.

    No matter how many positive statements are made we know who is securing our votes allready!

    This whole last three years was the public watching to see who can secure our votes!

    Either way I think we all have a wonderful view and the public now has the responsibility to accept.

    The fight to secure our votes was clear!

  28. If the public isn't questioning mainstream thoughts we are in a truck full of manure!

    The weaponization of the police force should be what moves the needle!

  29. Enojoy 2019 folk’s , while it last’s . Pop a bottle , light a cigar and chill out . All this is is a reality Show for you to Watch at home to get mad @ in the comfort of your own Toilet seat or couch .

  30. Sue the popeyed (schiff) goat till he s homeless. A few more months and the GREAT Pres Trump will win a landslide victory.

  31. Shouldn't Schiff be under a criminal trial, like an actual one for spying against journalists and political opponents and corruption. You know like an actual trial, not an impeachment because you don't like the president.

  32. Pam is one of the worst spokespeople the Trump camp has ever had.
    She just focuses on talking points and doesn't answer the questions that are asked of her. Thanks Matt Gaetz for making this segment watchable.

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