Schiff admits he doesn’t regret memo defending FBI

Maurice Vega

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  2. Schiff Needs to go to PRISON! for the sake of the safety of the Nation, this man is a dangerous traitor, giving out our top secrets left and right, this man is an ENEMY OF THE STATE! Should be put in a straight jacket and sent to Fed prison for interrogation, straight up Enemy of the people! Yall will all see in due time, and then remember what I said here.

  3. Durham Americanslast hope for Justice. Without it there can be no more America. Institutions will fail and fall. I would never find anyone Fbi charged guilty or trust DOJ without these treasonous rats free

  4. To detect liars. Put Pelosi,nadla shiffty schiff in a room together on live TV and question them . You'll then see how each contradicts the other. They are yet to do that as they are fully aware that's what will happen. Won't be the same as the their Republican counterparts, you can put them in seperate rooms and they will tell the same thing.

  5. The director of the CIA & FBI committed treason & conspiracy to frame a president for a made up crime. They were working with the obama administration & the DNC that was controlled by Hiliary Clinton to do so. Time to unseal some indictments….. enjoy the show.

  6. One of the foremost characteristics of a sociopath is never admitting that they were wrong and never taking blame for something that they did that was wrong. EVER!!!

  7. I'm sure Shiff has skeletons in his closet somebody needs to dig deep into this traitors past and find some dirt on this scumbag make it up if you have to and don't get back to me until you do!

  8. Schitt is a traitor who should be tried and punished for his crimes. Of course he won't be since he is a bankster scumbag.

  9. What a surprise…Democrats abuse their power! .Why. anyone with 1 brain cell would ever vote for a Democrat defies logic and common sense

  10. It’s looking more and more like John Brennan instigated and coordinated this corrupt persecution of President Trump and his associates. He and Comey need to be prosecuted and incarcerated.

  11. Russia's interference in the 2016 election was in effect an act of war in the midst of a what amounts to a Second Cold War. Simultaneously, the behavior of Trump and some of his associates was highly suspicious with respect to Putin and Russia. So, the FBI's investigation was entirely justified. Not investigating would have been dereliction of duty. And if a few shortcuts were taken to keep the investigation alive, then the circumstances mitigated it.

  12. They all have proof what Adam has done what are you going to do about it. Quite talking about the problem and fix the problem I wish I had money and power I would go after Adam and the other 2 dip shits.

  13. Schiff is going to have to become an expatriate, and retire to a foreign country in the next few years. There's no way he can live out the rest of his life in peace in the US after his lies covering up the Coup.

  14. A periodist just knocked his head off !! Come under Julliani you will be buried in a can of sardines. This "man" looks despicable it seems a law of nature like one part of humanity is ugly bitter malicious and utterly inhumane. As they say Angels live within us, Satan must have his monsters as well

  15. Complete denial. This guy has so many issues going on. I'd love to hear from a psychologist regarding his behavior and lies.

  16. When is Adam Schiff James Comey Brennan clapper McCabe Hillary Obama Bush pelosi strzok page rice Waters feinstein Schumer going to be arrested for their crimes. No justice no taxes no justice no taxes no justice no taxes spread the word

  17. Adam Schiffhead intentionally blew the cover of a CIA operative/informant. THAT is an act of treason. Comey also intentionally allowed it to happen. He is also culpable and part of the true Russian collusion. They falsly accused Carter Page, and subsequently used him to make claim Trump's campaign were colluding with Russia. If this were the 1700's, they, Schiff and Comey, would both be facing a firing squad, or hanging. They are part of many snake-like Benedict Arnold types.

  18. How he allowed to still be in office is beyond me. Carter Pages life was ruined because of the lies by these people. Schiff is disgusting person. He lied to American people over and over again. I hope he pays big time for his treason. All of them. Disgusting. Durham should charge them and they should spend time in prison. Comey also. They lied for so long and thought they had complete power over Americans. How dare they.

  19. Love and loght… are absolutely right. Little adam schiff, evil wicked imp of satan's,along with his evil wicked, little-minded twin, nancy pelosi!!!

  20. Is it just me or does schiff’s face look kind of weird, almost as if he’s wearing some sort of prosthetic face mask…….wait…could he be one of these so called lizards that control everything ! ? Maybe, he makes as much sense as lizard.

  21. What a fabulous list of people in one place!! The four of you in one place!!
    Ok. I’m collected now.
    I cannot tolerate Schiffy’s Parody International compositions. I am ready to hear Jimmy “Hire Gays” ——Campaigner at the CIA Brennan sing on the witness stand when his number is up!!

  22. 1 of the articles if impeachment for Hillary's wife Bill was, lying to congress and the American people. Why, has schiffty not been brought up on charges for lying several times? I understand he hasn't been "under oath", but if I lied about someone committing a crime, I'd have charges pressed against me.

  23. Schiff was going to completely leave out the fact that Carter Page was working undercover for the CIA but she called him on it and all he could say was yes yes. Schiff is a serial liar with psychopathic tendencies.

  24. This Adam Schiff is a pathetic human being, no trust, scamming, and false documents, that will haunt the Demo-Rats and this liar Schiff. Accountable is the only way trust and confidence will be restored in Departments. This means lose of all credibility to each of the players in this shame…

  25. I wish Jason or Trey Gowdy would run for President/Vice President. Those two are amazing men, along with our great President Trump

  26. I think that Carter Page is a turd.
    The CIA didn't just "go bad".
    They were BORN bad and nothing will "fix" them because they are NOT broken.
    They were created to protect oligarchs from democracy and they do their jobs very well with much enthusiasm.

  27. Why does everyone get so worked up? You all know that not one of these major players will get touched by law enforcement. No one will go to jail. No one will be prosecuted. Don't you know how this works by now?

  28. Follow the money Not millions, billions missing in the Ukraine no one is talking about, how much of that made it.s way into democratic pockets??

  29. there is only 1 way to make the country great. Get rid of all these criminals and we will all trust our government at least a little bit again.

  30. The FBI has been infiltrated by far left radical socialist nutbags.
    The FBI and CIA are no longer trustworthy 😳 not like they ever were in the first place…😂😂😂

  31. Adam Schiff hides behind the FBI as an agency as he would a shield. we are not out to discredit the FBI. we are after you and a few other agency members. justice will be served Adam Schiff. How long do you think you can continue. The American majority doesn't believe you or trust you. There is no place for you with men of honor. Count your blessings and days outside of prison. These days are limited. Justice will be served.
    respectfully yours,

  32. Why haven't subpoenas and arrests happened yet? Apparently in Washington it is ok to slandernd lie to the American public with absolutely no repercussions.

  33. Schiff has the aura of an entitled woman who knows she can be mischievous and get away with it because no one would dare confront a woman.

  34. In May 2018 Clapper calls what was done as Spying yet they have been very Clear that Spying is not the word to use for Intelligence Gathering. They have Spiked the word Spying.
    So it seems the United States no longer has SPIES according to the Left.

  35. So how can we fix this? The people who have the power to impeach are the ones committing the crimes. They're finding all kinds of evidence, impeachable evidence,but they're not going to impeach themselves. What recourse does American citizens have?

  36. Schiff is one of the three main characters of the political farce known as "Two psychopaths and a stupid old woman." Let insanity reign… enough is enough.

  37. The president has the power to jail every journalist that is lying to the public and shut down any propagandist newspaper. President Lincoln jailed 300 journalist and shut down many newspapers and many presidents throughout our history has done the same. Take down the lying fascists in the criminal MSM.

  38. I'm actually concerned for Schiff. I'm sure he is aware there are many CRAZY-CRAZY people on both sides of tbe political that spectrum that are willing and CAPABLE to put him out….PERMANENTLY….

  39. Adam Schiff really doesn't believe the Russian conspiracy hoax, he is trying to remove an elected President! He is trying to save socialism!

  40. It shouldn’t be Shifter on his own going to prison ,Crazy Pelosi ,and Comney as well for lying 🤥 No mercy as well for lying against Americans

  41. DemonRats are scared because Americans will see the truth how much money 💰 they have ,and Americans lost there jobs and houses and military fighting for these crooks

  42. Adam Schiff, brennan, Pelosi, Comey, are going to be held accountable soon Thank God!!

    Its about time they are put under oath for the Lies they have spread!

  43. How is it that devious mouth Schiff continue to get away with all this bull dwang. How he has never been kicked out of the House and locked away beggars the mind

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