Scarlett Johansson Clarifies Comments on Film Casting Limitations, Political Correctness | THR News

Scarlett Johannson is speaking out and saying she should be able to play whoever she wants. The actress opened up to ‘As If’ magazine, and addressed the freedom of film casting saying, Johannson also spoke about how being politically correct can get tricky saying, But now the actress is addressing her comments in a statement sent to ‘The Hollywood Reporter,’ saying that the interview was “edited for click bait” and “widely taken out of context.” The actress explained that she was answering a question about the confrontation between political correctness and art saying, She added that she understands how the industry sometimes favors Caucasian, cis gendered actors saying, Johansson pulled out of the film ‘Rub & Tug’ last year, when she had been cast to play a trans man, based on Dante Tex Gill, a gangster and massage parlor owner. She had then given a statement at the time saying, Johansson was also the subject of controversy back in 2016 when she starred in an adaptation of the Japanese anime hit ‘Ghost in the Shell.’ Fans were disappointed that a Japanese actor was not cast in the lead role, accusing the film of “whitewashing.” For more updates to this story head to and until next time for The Hollywood Reporter News I’m Neha Joy.

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