Scarface Says He’s “Done” With Rap As He Pivots To Politics

okay guys so get this ghetto boy suffered a monumental loss when Bushwick bill died earlier this month as one of three members of the legendary Houston rap group the ghetto boys as they were known is now a thing of the past in a recent interview with fader fellow MC Scarface real name Brad Jordan empathetically stated his rapping days are over as he pivots to politics for me it's done he said I like the idea politic Scarface publicly announced his plans to run for Houston City Council last week something he's been contemplating since 2017 this is gonna be my start in politics he explained I wanted to get my legs up under before I run for governor before I run for mayor scarface also opened up about why he initially wanted to get into politics and it has a lot to do with his houston upbringing growing up i got a chance to witness a lot of struggle in my neighborhood he said a lot of people struggled myself included as i got older i noticed that there was still a lot of struggling going on if it wasn't drugs it was no jobs if it wasn't no jobs it was people out ordering hanging out getting into trouble I'm 48 years old and that's been going on before me I want to take it upon myself to fix the situation I think I have some new fresh ideas I think that's a traditional way of doing politics it's over now let's come up with some real solutions Scarface has grand plans for the future he's considering running for president one day but until then he said he doesn't need any wealthy financial backers for this race I'm not gonna need them on this one he said I'll call them when I run for governor or president I'm gonna run give me four to eight years for now Scarface is preparing for the Houston City Council race and coping with Bush weeks passing we never had a bad relationship he said a Bushwick we just bumped heads like Rams but all in all we were all right gym passing as sad as it is that's just something we have to look forward to in life we're not gonna live forever I was blessed enough to know that little dude a brilliant little soul he was smart and he was very difficult to deal with who was extremely set in his ways and you had to respect though we're gonna miss him so what do you guys think would you vote for Scarface for president let us know your thoughts in the comment section below hit that subscribe button and notification buzz they have the date on all our new videos and as always make sure to keep it all the way locked si papi XCOM you

Maurice Vega

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  1. I wonder what political party he would run with.
    The competition would probably try to use his lyrics against him, but that tactic would certainly backfire because he could rebuttal with “look at where I’m at now & watch where I’m going!” “Just like weed, I use to be illegal, but NOW.. im legitimate!”
    Scarface all the way to the White House

  2. I commend him and he’s 1 of my favorites of all time….. but face a weirdo…… willie d more suitable for office he a straight shooter

  3. Didnt like the way he talked about Bushwick bill. Kinda condescending.
    Hmm.. i hate that when someone you dig a lot as an artist..says shit like that

  4. Good luck fam. I pray for Scarface. This politics shit is sick. I really hope he can make the opportunity to actually do some good.

  5. This man made, "Damn it feels good to be a Gangsta". If Trump can say "Grab em by the pussy." And still get elected, I'm sure Uncle Brad should get in no problem! Houston Stand up! Love from Toronto!

  6. Fucked up he leaving rap but I ain't mad at the political jump for him. Face been rappin about politics die for ages

  7. Epic MC a even better man for going into public service. It doesn't surprise me, he was always a savant even in the early days. Good to go, Mr. Jordan!

  8. Who could blame him ? It’s a thankless job. Everyone hates you and is jealous of you over things that you pretend to have but really don’t.

  9. RIP Bushwick bill but great to see scarface honoring his legacy by changing lanes you're a hero famm💪💯❤

  10. Gotta say good luck, thank you for your time. The man has given us so much great music in his career, I really can’t ask any more of him. Legend.

  11. We should value this more as a community. Most Black people don’t even vote!! If you aren’t involved in the political process, you can’t complain that things aren’t changing

  12. I applaud him for making a move into politics. He's a smart man and definitely needed in politics. Definitely cool to see one of rap's undeniable GOATs make such a power move. RIP to Bushwick Bill.

  13. Scarface did a service to the rap community, but I can tell why he’s done not just the death but he’s definitely thinking of the annoying wave of new rappers, and I love politics so Ayy he a GOAT to me now

  14. If most politicians don’t be done with alcohol or coke. Then he don’t have to be done with hip hop. I hate when we get in positions we forget what got us there.

  15. Would I vote for Scarface as president of USA??? it all depends on his policies and against whom he's running. I'm not going to vote for a mf just because Im a fan of their music.

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