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[Music] sedan has been / war for centuries the Arab North preyed on the black Christian South in the early 80s oil was discovered the war intensified finally after six decades of war both sides realized they needed to find peace to take advantage of the black gold in July of 2011 South Sudan finally achieved its own independence and became the world’s newest nation the majority Dinka tribe was represented by former military commander and now President Salva Kiir Meredith the second largest group the new er was represented by dr. react Bashar Kenny who was appointed vice president things were looking up to South Sudan it now had an official government it was at peace with its northern neighbor and both had planned to capitalize on the expected flow of oil and other natural resources but on December 15 2013 everything fell apart fighting in South Sudan has spread outside the capital Juba after a reported coup attempt to the weekend President Salva Kiir has accused his former vice president of orchestrating the fighting the coup attempt is said to have started within the presidential guard after the fight Dinka soldiers and the militia called the Gullwing targeted newer soldiers and newer civilians soon over a thousand people were dead mostly newer the next day President Salva Kiir sent soldiers in a tank over the reactor chars house luckily dr. mushara and his wife Angelina had escaped the night before to the outside world it just seemed like another violent speed bump on the road to prosperity except I knew that dr. react Bashar was planning to fight back and I know he was going to fight back in a way that would thrust South Sudan into another civil war but I needed to find this all out for myself I needed to find dr. react Bashar and get his side of the story so I teamed up with photojournalist and filmmaker Tim frescia to help facilitate our journey into the bush I invited friend Mushaf lapped hip former lost boy and newer child soldier to return to his homeland in South Sudan today me shot is an American citizen 18 years ago he was a lost boy selected from a Kenyan refugee camp to come to the US where he now works as a manager of a Costco in Seattle he has been trying to use his education and good luck to help his countrymen ever since and what that be I gotta tell you the costume Rashad would be our guide to the world of the rebels the world of the newer and our key to finding doctor react mushara the only catch is that nobody in Kenya wanted the flies in the rebel-held territory flying into a war zone of course is a risky and expensive proposition so we wasted two weeks in Nairobi before finding a pilot who would take that risk we had to convince this pilot to drop us into a place where there are no outsiders no fuel no food and no law Rashad didn’t seem bothered by this predicament he was beaming with optimistic intentions finally excited that is a former victim of his homelands brutality he might be able to save South Sudan [Music] South Sudan is a hard country place resilient to change ashot had no idea what he would do to save South Sudan and I was just the latest in a long list of crazy white men who were fascinated by this hard and a brutal place when we landed we were told we had four minutes to get our stuff out and the pilot wasn’t even gonna stop the engines once on the ground we met up with a group of newer soldiers after a brief negotiation they agreed to drive us the hundred miles to Coba although it might be a little concerning to enter a world with no food or method of getting food the lifestyles of the newer are firmly rooted to the land food was everywhere that is if you were good enough shot finally we catch dinner and Mashhad is giddy thinking about the old days long before meat was sold neatly packaged in plastic tired and after a full day of driving we arrive in a coal despite the shots humble origins as a young cattle herder he likes to stay clean maybe too clean princess are you ready for our morning travel in South Sudan is the lucky combination of stumbling on a looted truck making sure it’s hot-wired and then finding someone to sell you fuel at around 20 dollars a gallon once on your way you cling on for dear life while an ever-increasing number of soldiers crowd on top we arrive with the newer SP la resistance camp since the Juba massacre last December camps like this have served as headquarters for react Bashar as he plans his attacks against the government to Salva Kiir at that part of October and there’s new people live around here including their leader the project there’s a lot of different people coming back where they get destroyed they just move up here but this is safe this place safe for them that’s why they come over here well they treat people life here is always centered around water the rivers provide fish and attract the animals as the dry season continues the River shrink in the wet season the rivers expand turning the area into a vast swamp finally after dozens of calls made on our set phones we are summoned to meet with dr. react mushara Bashar along with his London educated wife Angelina are getting by the best they can this is their first video interview since they fled Juba well ham red machete I never expected to go back to Bush and to fight again we plan no coup we plan no rebellion you know the world calls it trebles rebellions and so on and so forth we he’s not a rebel we did not have been against anything who pushed out of our home because fear for our life we wanted reform I said I was going to contest presidential elections but because he knew he was going to lose the presidential elections he created this conflict no matter what the differences were going to be all the issues in my mind they would be addressed through dialogue through democratic process series not this the wrath of several carries is now being expressed on the is a country in crisis serious crisis and that’s why I was saying I’m hopeful that he will and I’m confident because if we don’t move upwards and we move downward will be worse than Somalia Salva Kiir needs to account for the ethnic cleansing that happened in Juba you know needs to account despite the circumstances of their exile the calm perhaps conciliatory words of dr. Rick Bashar and his wife don’t provide an accurate picture of what is about to occur what was about to happen was something that has its roots in newer culture history and mythology something that has dark origins in another time mother react masha is 38 and has a doctorate in engineering from Bradford University he’s tried the newer regard him as a savior someone they’d been told to expect by a 19th century prophet in 1991 dr. react Bashar frustrated with how things were going in the war against the north made the decision to split from Dinka leader John Geary they will be known in history as people who has kept the movement in southern Sudan in the back Bashar’s rash decision to pit his newer tribesmen against caranx Dinka plunged the south into a decade-long bloodbath one incident in particular was the 1991 boar massacre in which dr. react measures white army killed over 3,000 inca civilians this incident could not have been far from President Salva Kiir ‘s mind when he addressed the country last December which begs the question of whether this is all just history repeating itself my President Salva Kiir has been corrupted by power he wanted to create a dictatorship we want to create a democracy Garen didn’t like semblance of institutions of structures of democracy exhausted by ten years of warfare and mass starvation in 2002 grandma Shar settle their differences here was mushara 20 years later divorced from the government again leading a bush war against the Dinka again searching for sponsors bashar knew that the rainy season was coming and just like the famine that had rocked Somalia Sudan and Ethiopia in the mid 80s this recent conflict in South Sudan was going to trigger something much worse than just violence for now people could hunt because the animals came to the water they could fish because the rivers roll up but in a few weeks as the wet season approaches this would all change a shot had seen all this before he was here in the newer were starving he was a child soldier fighting an ugly war with his brothers the Dinka he didn’t want to think about that now he’d come here to save South Sudan [Music] go to McDonald’s and now you come here but these are your people and this is where you’re from do you feel like you’re part of this or do you feel like you’re part of that while I’ve been in between you know I see my people dying with nothing to eat it’s just no good I don’t even feel like you know going back because I I know I will be in my mind every day [Music] [Applause] [Music] here without flies we’d be lonely they come to visit us you know sulfur has been talking loudly about corruption but I believe that he’s the center of the corruption itself and to prove it a commission the World Bank program poorly stopped which restored stolen property they conducted a forensic accounting on over two thousand contracts actually on grain grain reserve when it was unveiled to the public the people who are engaged in the process we are predominantly from the state sulfur care comes from very close people they they actually a day before I was dismissed I had as the Minister of Finance through the world back to do another forensic accounting in the road contracts the Minister of Justice was asked to prosecute those who were involved the minister who who was Jim after tracking down a use of rebel leader dr. react measure it now becomes clear that South Sudan is at war Michonne and Tim have their own little war going on yeah okay 2pq the bickering that began in Kenya has become nearly constant it’s not just bucket as we move towards the real conflict what is he doing but just Talia the former vice president tells us that if we want to see real fighting we should go to mail account and we should get there quickly to do that we need to travel upriver from a Kobo to nasara by boat once we link up with the locals and Nasser we will need to find a vehicle and fuel to get up to a farm on my spot this is the suit one of the largest natural swamps on earth the same area that frustrated Arab slavers for centuries and preserve the newer way of life Mother Nature is the only real commander here in a few weeks the rainy season will begin and the land will become an impassable swath well we spent all day wasting our time trying to get fuel and we made it about two miles up the river until when we’re sitting in a swamp of love hyacinth or something similar and we’re sitting here like the birds wondering what to do next the suit is also the native homeland of the newer although the newer have existed for centuries unchanged their lives depend on planting crops hurting their cattle and most of all free movement but because of the recent violence that’s all about to change it is now the dry season and the horizon is full of fire the fires are lit by farmers so that their cattle can get to the green grass below as we approach the fighting it feels like we are descending into hell our five hour boat ride on a tributary of the white now has now lasted eight hours we are still nowhere near Nasser as darkness falls the soldiers and the boatman have only one thing on their mind food we disembark fires are lit fried catfish are tossed in pots and the soldier stuff themselves is it good [Music] early in the morning we pull into Nasir realizing that his job is now done our boat man begins hustling us for more money not because he needs it but because he wants it but everyone’s a businessman here yeah even the young ones will find a reason to make a bet a dollar 20 what is my scrap [Music] although all foreigners and outsiders have been evacuated from Nasser we find all the comforts of home in an abandoned NGO facility they’ve even left the internet on and so we settle down to a life on folks if our walk away walk away so do fellow go away anymore you can’t control your anger no once again my shot becomes impatient with how slow everything’s going he’s under constant pressure from the locals who want to bilk our money he’s caught between two worlds he came here to save these people and all they want to do is rip us off it’s causing him to flip house are you feeling dude worn out does everything you know finding vehicles that haven’t been stripped is a problem in his looted and destitute land but thankfully we are approached by a journalist who wants to split the cost of gas to get up to the front lines in malik al malik al is a major port on the nile river whoever controls malik al can not only block barge traffic upriver to the capital of Juba but can also launch attacks into the last oil-producing areas further down the river dr. react makaras hinted at an impending attack in malik al by the mysterious white army the white army is a ragged group of tribal killers who are only unleashed by prophecy and Mashhad has told us that malik al is where the prophet has said to attack together women no or pudding means that I get pushed me cuz I push me I know you thinkin or live side by side in much the country but the recent attacks by Dinka against newer in Juba have set off ethnic cleansing all around the country we passed numerous burned and looted Dinka villages as we get closer to Malik L on the white now then we see truck speeding towards us these are our first glimpse of the fabled white army they appear to be bringing out their wounded for Malecha [Applause] [Music] [Applause] we find the general in charge of the White Army in an abandoned roadside construction camp the general is pleased to see us as he has just returned from the frontlines after retaking malikov so what is the condition inside Malica other civilians inside most emails the government has to find a surrogate so other any prisoners from the government side that surrender – ah there are no cleaners as the white army under the direct control of dr. Rick Michelle or is it operating independently the Upper Nile c’mon although me because they are newest they are fighting the wait what happened in chauhan war is the winner yeah all lovely the way because the dictator doesn’t want to resign doesn’t want to step down so there’s no terms of a man who fights over the ward is going to be a solution for self forgive throughout from the top of the seat so right now things were calming malikov yeah everything is coming at a tough you can use Baltimore and when the water at last we see the white army up close they fight because they are told to by a prophet doctor react Bashar pays them nothing except for what they can carry out of the chaos and if they’re lucky to live they can keep their weapon the white army is a collection of small fighting units each with a completely different view of the fighting some insists that they are winning some are mad because there was no hope they don’t bleed to death there was no medical help or supplies here the wounded will have to be driven back to a crude Hospital six hours away in Nasser to be shot this is all quite upsetting this is why he left South Sudan for a better life in the US [Music] when during the the integration is talking I went to first group us perfectly yes so the Americans taught to you strategy and tactics here we have [Music] after our initial encounter with the white army we had returned to NASA at nightfall because our driver got a call from his boss he said it was too dangerous to stick around back in NASA we find another vehicle to get us back up into the fight how these young drivers came about owning these new Toyota’s soon becomes clear it’s nice truck you kill the owner just before entering Mallik ow we are each issue a red headband this is to prevent us from being shot or so they say the trickle of people we first softly Malakai now becomes a stream as civilians and soldiers head south towards Nasser we are also passed by more members of the white army streaming in to join the fight the newer men who made up the white army were estimated at about 30,000 strong an incredibly large force considering their no logistics no supply and not even water in the town of 125,000 people as we enter Melek app we pass medieval-style encampments each group is piling up their plunder rebels are driving stolen aid vehicles the hallmarks of rape murder and other atrocities are evident everywhere we look [Music] fighters walk about aimlessly looking for food more loot or more revenge we finally meet up with the general his headquarters is a mud house surrounded by terrified women and children the general who assured us before that all was calm is now assuring us again in the middle of all this wanton violence and chaos that Uganda will pay $50,000 for every new earth their troops had killed surprisingly he also insists that any contract with Western companies will be canceled because they are corrupt the contracts to make a deal with our own companies that we have the interesting now you have the newer item okay you have the newer yes really okay moved in with police now the demon they don’t have a dingo item where does the dingo item oh son forgive me auntie which is now the waiter who are fighting the girl Wang or something you have it going get away don’t want to be killed yes the bone here we brought here don’t kill get one more let whatever the general may have been in charge inside that hot but outside chaos reigned before fighting broke out the population of Malachi was about 125,000 now the only civilians we can see are either shell-shocked or corpses the white army had scoured the city like termites decimating its inhabitants burning their homes in what seemed to be an indiscriminate fashion despite the lack of money food or water the Army’s subsisted on violence not wanting to be seen as an ungracious host amongst the pilfering and slaughter of humans the general offered to show us around melech at the general stop to chat up a group of the white army you thought was a good photo op for us turned into an angry demand for food water and medical as well as adding to the overall confusion what was supposed to be a victory lap for the general turned out to be an embarrassing reality check malik al had been won and lost before after this it would be retaken and lost again most of the fighters had taken the revenge they have their loot and found their families and they just wanted to go home some were eager to move forward to rink in mullet south sudan’s main oil centers and the primary source of income for President Salva Kiir government we are burning this thing for the reason because the enemy’s time in the house this is my country Malaka you know and we are going to words and money beautiful and they’re shooting at you they’re shooting Hornets when we are coming out on the road that Cheatham house that is why we are burning this house if people in Auburn oh yeah do not have anything again okay some people think we are too young for democracy we are not we anko democracy I don’t buy that the West sometimes think Africa needs to wait till it developed so that democracy can be established that sometimes the West supports dictatorship with assumption that dictatorship brings instability doesn’t when everyone you don’t know what’s going on she was just running back at the faucet if you don’t have you know nothing to do people they have nothing to do like we have said if she heard all the guns firing and saw the dead bodies I know I should be upset yeah it last night when I was talking to her so she’s like don’t go that day well I’m going with Robert II be okay I know everybody’s shooting for Michelle was doing his best to explain what was going on this was war after all these were his people this was his country but how the hell was he gonna fix this his hopes and dreams for his homeland dashed and it wasn’t like the rebels or the white army we’re going to stick around and save South Sudan either most of the rebels had pulled their families out of the UN camps and headed into the bush about a month after our departure from Mallik ow the White Army would be summoned again to do their ugly business in the oil centers of rank [Music] I brought my shot here because he genuinely wanted to save South Sudan his hard life of being a child soldier a refugee in a lost boy had given a motivation to come back to prevent others from experiencing his fate what he saw it was a new nation moving from peaceful prosperity being plunged into civil war going back over the rhetoric of doctor react mushara and his wife Angelina about the need for political dialogue the horrors we had witnessed here over the last few days made all of their plight conversations seem like lip service Ishod the peace bringer it was apparent that despite untold promises of peace wealth and stability South Sudan had failed Mashhad left the front lines defeated disenchantment taking hold as he realized he would not be saving South Sudan South Sudan had once again reverted to its natural state a harsh reality of hand-to-mouth living a never-ending search for sustenance in a world virtually unchanged since the very first Outsiders came to save subsidy a report released by the UN and early May is the first in-depth examination of the violent ethnic civil strife that is tearing apart South Sudan it states that thousands have been killed and more than 1 million South Sudanese have been displaced 6.9 million people in the region are facing the threat of mass starvation many people I cannot count and I cannot see the starting point and I cannot see the ending point I never see that most of people in my life [Music] [Applause] you [Applause]

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