Saudi Arabia Started It | Abqaiq Attack | Yemen 19

Hey there. For two and a half years now I’ve been sounding
the alarm about Saudi Arabia’s inevitable decline, and how I think the royal family
should be gone by 2030. It seems like every fall brings a new milestone
in that process. In November 2017, the government that was
supposedly looking for outside investment kidnapped and extorted the country’s largest
investors. In October 2018, Saudi Arabia’s government
sent a kill team to dismember Jamal Khashoggi, a Washington Post reporter who was personal
friends with the foreign policy elites of the United States, Saudi Arabia’s greatest
protector and patron.. Those were both incredibly stupid and damaging
things for Saudi Arabia to do to itself, but the attack on Saudi oil installations this
past weekend is on a whole nother level. What looks like a combined drone and missile
attack at two Saudi facilities has temporarily knocked out 50% of Saudi Arabia’s oil production
capacity. This amounts to five to 6 percent of world
production. Saudi Arabia finally has the oil price spike
they have been working so hard for since November 2016… and it’s the Texans and the Russians
who will get the benefits. The US government is currently desperately
trying to pin these attacks on Iran, but no matter what they come up with, it does not
change a simple fact. This attack is Saudi Arabia’s fault more
than anybody else’s. It’s worth re-emphasizing a point that often
gets lost. This attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil resources
isn’t an escalation or a provocation. Saudi Arabia invaded its neighbor Yemen four
years ago. It has killed tens of thousands of people
directly, and its blockade has likely led to more than a hundred thousand deaths from
cholera and starvation. Saudi Arabia’s allies, from the US Congress
to the United Arab Emirates have been making it damn clear that it’s time to give up on
this war before it gets worse. Well it just got worse. Yemen’s Houthis have claimed responsibility
for this bombing and I am inclined to accept that. Yeah it’s a shame that Saudi Arabia lost half
its oil capacity temporarily, but they have been murdering children for four years. This attack is not an escalation, or terrorism. This is a war and it is a war that Saudi Arabia
started. Surprisingly, the Trump administration has
been crying wolf about Iran for so long, that not even the reliably pro war New York Times
is buying their bullshit. Thanks largely to Khashoggi, nobody is interested
in seeing Saudi Arabia as the victim anymore. US intelligence is now unequivocally claiming
that the attack came from Iran, but Saudi Arabia wants the UN to do an investigation
to slow down the March to war. It seems that Saudi Arabia has been effectively
deterred by this attack. Trump is locked and loaded, but the Saudis
have learned an overdue lesson. As I warned a couple months back, a real war
in the Gulf would end the Saudi royal family long before it ended the Iranian regime. Saudi confidence in the promises of billion
dollar weapons from the US was always misplaced. Iran’s weapons make up for their lack of sophistication
with their quantity, making Saudi Arabia’s production infrastructure very vulnerable. I did not expect this point to be proven before
the war even started. It’s unclear how long it will take for Saudi
Arabia to come back online, but even if they fix the physical damage quickly, this incident
has undermined their position in an vital way. This attack has had a shocking effect on markets. But the effect is shocking because it has
been so small. One of the big talking points about this attack
is the fact that it is by volume, the largest disruption of oil markets ever. But what this handy graphic from Bloomberg
leaves out is that production from the US, and around the world is now so much larger. This attack is demonstrating just how little
Saudi Arabia matters anymore. The attack took place on Saturday. On Monday oil prices did spike by 15% but
they fell back on Tuesday. As of this writing, the loss of half of Saudi
Arabia’s oil production has led to only a 5% spike in oil prices, and around a 1% drop
in the US stock market. That’s extraordinary. Famed TV stock picker Jim Cramer commented
on this. Now don’t get me wrong, this could turn on
a dime. Oil could be up 25% by the time this video
is published later today. You may have been hearing the term “risk premium”
a lot this week. Hopeful oil traders are imagining that this
attack will give prices a permanent boost. But it may do the opposite. This attack may have shown just how little
Saudi Arabia matters now, and how secure our oil supplies really are. That makes Saudi Arabia essentially useless. Thanks for watching, please subscribe, and
you might enjoy this video on the Aramco IPO that helps to illustrate how much trouble
Saudi Arabia is in.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Wow, really loved this one, but do you think the Israelis might do a attack on Yemen since there the only one targeting Iran, also if they do do you think then people will compare Yemen and Gaza to eachother and paint Israel as even more evil than what it is painted already or no one will care.

  2. Thanks for this video.
    The Chinese angle would be interesting in this Aramco situation.
    Btw a 25 year contract 400 Billions signed by China investing in Iran oil industry.
    2000 Chinese workers will work onsite in Iran.
    That 400 Billion is almost 2017 Iran entire GDP.
    Am surprised Media misses it.

  3. They have more sophisticated bots and algorithms now to manipulate markets , don't tell me Gold prices are low because Gold is abundant. It's true the U.S has enough oil, but what about China , Japan, Europe ..etc.

    Beside manipulation, Saudi Arabia has huge storage facilities outside the country in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Sidi Kerir in Egypt and Okinawa, Japan. So their customers are supplied , unless Yemen would defend itself again, and cause some big damage to the Saudi economy that would take a year or two to repair, I don't think oil prices would change that much. Iran's been sanctioned and oil prices should have spiked, but it's like nothing happened .

  4. Actually this means that the US is militarily not in its supreme position anymore, and cannot even protect its most valuable ally. The root understanding between SA and US, is that the US will ensure the survival the regime in return for oil sales in USD, and wealth stored in US assets. My own hunch is that before the Saudi regime collapses, it will turn to Russia and China first.
    Apart from SA, expect more regional allegiances to change in the medium term future. The ayatollahs have executed a master stroke.

  5. Mate! Just watched some of your videos, including the one about the dirty bomb threat! Spot on, dude! So the question is: how come u got only 25k subs, man? There's a lot of people with working brains out there, for whom your videos would be like a warm caress on the soul. You're doing something wrong, man! The content and logic are great! You're mostly spot on and you are a pleasant presence! Maybe is the backround? What I'm sayin' is: you're content should be more exposed. Youtube's algorithms really screwed you nicely. I shared your video. Hope others will do the same. Cheers and good luck, mate!

  6. thx for the great videos keep it up. i was wandering if you can make a video about the Israeli–Palestinian conflict i would love to take your intake on it .

  7. Trump: Saudi Arabia will need to give us more money if they want our help.. This guy just can't get inf. And the Saudis are so stupid to say yes to this man..with that kind of money they have they could build and make there own weapons instead of just buying them..

  8. Would I be correct in saying that Iran hasn't actually invaded any country for over 200 years? Can't say that about the Saudi's can we.

  9. Putin is giddy as his petroeconomy has been stagnant for years.

    China, being the worlds largest energy importer, isn’t having a good time.

  10. Saudi Arabia is a self harming nation. Interfering in other countries will always harm themselves. Interfering is a business for world sole super powers, with to much power and time at hand, who doesn't know what else to do. Even then, it will harm them, but in a slower rate and one day they will wake up and realize, they are no more a sole superpower. For a regional power, the best action is to improve the relationship with its neighbors and slowly, but surely gain international influence, beyond what they could have imagined.
    In the other hand, what in the world do countries think, they can achieve through war… If you cant take their land in literal sense, then why in the world would you waste tons of resources on a war. Its like hitting a wall with bare knuckles, so you can brag about it… well, congrats. You're super cool for hitting a wall, lets celebrate it with your broken hand…

  11. If you claim your not bias . Cover the genocide that happening in iraq against sunni population by your iranian buddies . Hundreds are abducted daily by fellow iranian shia militias you dont bat a eyelash . LOL

  12. The world is in upheaval when Houthis attacked Saudi oil facilities using Iranian tech without losing any human life in the process. But when Saudis kill children using US tech, the world suddenly ignores that.

  13. Why do I feel this was American-Huthi-Saudi conspiracy. the Huthi commander at his announcement mentioned "collaboration from honest people from Saudia Arabia". This happened just after the US started negotiation with Huthis and called the saudi vice minister of defense to America as part of this diplomacy. SO, the US has benefited from this by extorting Iran and demonstrating its energy Independence and its new power after becoming biggest energy exporter in the world. and selling some Patriot system to Bahrain. The Saudies also benefited from the hike in oil prices and bringing massive outrage against Iran and more isolation. and The Huthis benefited from having a big attention inside Yemen after the recent UAE-Saudi little disagreements. The Huthi spokesman said "Now UAE is more of a target than ever before". The CIA claim that even huthi best drones can't reach that far is VERY TRUE. but none can't suspect Iran being as a source especially after its chaos with oil tankers in the gulf. it's just a speculation and doubt from me. but if no war happens with Iran within next few years. and if Iranian US talks succeed in Trump conditions. this doubt will be stronger. Trump never wants war especially before election. Saudis as well they won't do this to themselves. and even Iran. Iran seemed somehow willing to sell out the huthies to save their regime. and the huthies are very surrounded and desperate and they can't last long depending on Yemenis poor pockets. But we never know. let's wait and see.

  14. All this shows that the USA is weak and can never be trusted now and its luster is only strong with its shepherds in Mali, Afghanistan, and Somalia. Trump and AIPAC Thanks for dropping masks effortlessly

  15. a massive attack from iranian soil , will not be undetected , if 30 Drones and 10 missiles flying over CENTCOM Headquarter in Bahrein or Qatar
    The Huthis did it, they got Cruise missiles and lang range drones from iran

  16. Huthis started the war 6 years ago not Saudi .Huthis invaded Saudi in King Abdullah's time so dont lie .this war is a defencive war for Saudi and the coward Huthis are hiding among the cevilians.and Saudi did cover for the lost oil production using the reserves that's why the oil price went down ,dont lie again

  17. Wow! If you keep being this honest you will have to escape to a free country or end up like Assange in the hands of the west.

  18. do you really think Trump would dare start another war in the Middle East? I'm inclined to doubt it. The one good thing about Trump is he seems to get it that war in this region is not cost effective for the US, hence his efforts to get troops out of the East. After the election, yes, his stupidity might overwhelm his greed, but before that….there is at least a hope that it won't happen.

  19. Sorry to contradict your Saudi have learned take. But the official press conference called by Saudi does contradict your conclusion. Aljazzeria English covered the whole 15+ minutes of the press conference. It looked like Nutinyahoo press release about Iran's nuclear weapons research. On the same parralles as that atrocitie, called a official presser.

  20. The children of terrorist kill also, Its very noble for the USA to desire to be seen as the peacemaker but to deny the Kingdom is at war is some interesting counter intellect. The gulf states aren't very good at world peace alone though if peace and security be the objective, Iran.s drone and cruise missile and nuclear power would probably be priority over cities and villages . Its ports obviously another objective. Its a kind of mobster world with small whacks which federal unions seem to tarry. Hopefully Arabia will finish it though the revolutionary republic has fallen from grace.

  21. saud family were jewish merchants the brits left the kingdom with this family in power for a purpose, to weaken Islam and brings nothing but shame to muslims. This family is the wests and israels dog. They fail because they allied with the west doing their bidding. Better muslims, real muslims will take the lead. Even if arabia is partitioned and you vultures of the west swoop in for the oil we are already positioned to take what matters most. Mekka and Medina. Your politicians wasting your youth and fortune on wars for israel will be your undoing.

  22. We want our king and we love him who are you to say they should go, the only one to blame for the situation in the Middle East is your government they invaded Iraq in 2003 fucked everything up

  23. ..there is no doubt that hothies have been using Iranians weapons as no doubt that the saudis has been using American weapons. Hothies have succeeded in attacking saudi capital n the east city of dhahran few times during the 5 years Yemen war. So they r totally capable to do so.

  24. ..u r still too optimistic when it comes to the end of the saudi royal mafia.. Decades of intertwined interests between politicians/businesses in America and the saudi mafia (war & infrastructure contractors, financial & petrochemical investors…) makes it too hard to predict any real major change.. The reality is that many American actors n their families love to keep the status quo as is at any cost…

  25. False. Prices didn’t spike higher because Saudi oil exports weren’t affected. They were using their reserves. Also, prices these days are more influenced by demand than supply. And then the prices fell back down because Saudis were able to start partial production in their damaged facilities within 3 days.

  26. As usual Americans the most hypocrites people in the world so fuck off you dump ass. it’s ok if Americans and British do it but if others did it it’s war crime fuck you ass hole hate ppl like you

  27. Saudi and the U S and Israel are the biggest terrorists in the world. You are telling the truth and and the world should listen to someone like you.. But the truth these people like trump don’t like. And they spit there dummy out . And at the end of the day they couldn’t win a ass licking torment

  28. This attack is a devastating blow to the Saudis and American alike. No matter where the drones came from, they should have been detected by those most expensive and sophisticated radar systems. Thumbs down to American weapons and the incompetent Saudi users. Well done Iran for such brilliant, made in Iran, drones

  29. The attacks prove to the Americans and Gulf states that Iran is capable to destroy far more than just heavily protected oil facilities without being intercepted or even detected. Iran is capable of hitting hard anywhere in the region

  30. 80,000 children dying in Yemen, millions of people starving and dying of easily treatable diseases? It's fine, because it's all part of he plan.
    But ONE little oil facility gets blown up with no human casualties what so ever, AND EVERYBODY LOSES THEIR MINDS!

  31. saudis arabia try to destablize each and every country moving toward democracy with help extremist terrorist on paywall of saudi with american guns in their hand
    from syria , iraq , libiya and recently in egypt and finally mess in YEMEN
    i hope for democracy in any form DEMOCRACY in ARABIA
    and also rename saudi arabia to Arabia

    i m MUSLIM from India saudi really are culprit they make islam look like evil by their interpretation in extreme form ideology
    we muslim suffer all over world just because saudi funding of terrorism in any country .
    hope they didnt last long and also america will not help them.

  32. Well said Sir. Thanks for the honesty.
    There is no doubt the regime of Saudis are being Barbaric, killing tens of thousands Yemenis in last four years dose not satisfy them enough and try so hard to bring Iran to war too with Israel, the swarn enemy. Having Trump in their hand like a child, can do anything they want. What kind of evils exist among us!

  33. Saudi arabia has lost its reputation and place in the international community since this brutal dictator called MBS came into power. Ignorant and arrogant SOB.

  34. You're absolutely a sick person…. I can see it clearly in your eyes… besides you're too much insignificant…. thanks for trying to make senseless analysis…go do something good for yourself and your poor family!

  35. The only use for Saudi Arabia is that their oil is still sold in US dollars. If most people disconnect oil sales from the US dollar, then the dollar will become useless, just like the Saudis are right now. Lots of interesting real estate with water views will become available in Saudi before too long, and Islam will probably fade into the sands of history in Saudi too…

  36. Iran has been killing children and US service men for last 40 years! What about all those IED's?? Support and funding of terrorist organizations around the world that have killed children and women in the tens of thousands if not hundreds.. that doesnt play into the equation??

  37. Thd availability of cheap Drones has changed Warfare for ever the way Aircraft and the Machine Gun did in their day. History is being made and your seeing it.

  38. The Al Saudi tribe, most corrupt, most violent regime in the entire Middle East, given their seat of power to rule over Arabia by the British, in spite of their current CIA support for the feeding of their atrocities and recruitment of terrorist cells, they 're finally coming to the end of the line. It's hard to see them survive the first 'real' Arab Spring about to explode upon them.

  39. america or saudi itself might have dropped bombs on the oil field in order to scapegoat iran and attact it no other way round; it's unthinkable that houthis or iran can fly drones over saudi arabia and hit targets there.

  40. My sympathies do not lie with our relationship with SA but, for sure, the Iranian mulahs are doing their share of mischief and cannot be dismissed because of SA's behavior. Bottom line: SA – get the Wahabbi infiltration out of the U.S., Iran – get the mulahs out of control, U.S. – get realistic with SA's "bedside manners".

  41. SA is a victim of International conspiracy, of defamation and sabotage.
    God bless the Royal Family who keep that country friendly to US, everywhere, democracy in Muslim countries has been a total failure.

  42. Nonsense. False figures. The drone bomb attack only knocked out 3% of Arabian Oil output. the fires were stilled by the end of the very same week. The US is going around begging with a proud nose and BAD attitude. Come off that high horse, nobody's looking at ya!

  43. SA as a nation has always essentially been useless. Now with their oil irrelevant, it's about time US sides with the civilized nation with history, culture, science, and plenty potential. That's Iran BTW. Intelligent video MFF.

  44. egypt protest starts i thing it was more likly that that happend becuse sudan is not a nhard ruling dicatorship
    if more countrys are so will that mean that we can see a saudi spring?

  45. Considering Arabia straddles the Red sea, it's going to matter as long as ships remain an important part of the global supply chain. Maybe Saudi wont matter…

  46. alright rob, let's say MBS came to you tomorrow and offered you 1 million dollars to be the next advisor to the kingdom. he asks how he can get out of this mess? what's your solution ?

  47. The reason the attacks didn't cause a sustained rise in oil prices was because the Saudis were able to keep output the same by tapping into reserves. Half of Saudi oil being removed from the world market would have been a massive disruption, furthermore, the attack on the facility did not do all that much damage (oil burns but doesn't explode) and the facility will be back online by the end of the month.

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