Sarah Sanders: Trump doesn’t want the US in another endless war

Maurice Vega

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  1. If Trump wants the approval of the Democrats again, he just needs to fire some rockets into Syria.
    Worked like a charm the last two times.

  2. we r not out of any war thats a laff on the american peopel but its not the fault of president trump hes just dialing it down

  3. First off i believe it was America who invaded and started this whole thing, Isis came up because of America’s actions so it was always involved since it invaded. Then came stability through world leaders but Donny boy wanted to “save the skin of his own people “ and just bailed to let people die and let IsIs become even more stronger and have more territory, what a world leader. Sarah you don’t work for the guy anymore give it a rest, but then again he probably called you lol are sure you want your reputation to go down with that ship!

  4. Dear Sarah, you are very smart and capable woman, we need you for Mr. Trump's 2020 campaign. He ( we ) needs people like you. Thanks

  5. Bull The polls are not accurate anytime because you put out those polls by the 1000s and I'm only going to vote on but one of those polls .Your ignorant if you think your polls are accurate I get those polls ALL THE TIME BY THE THOUSANDS AND AT LEAST A 600 TO A 1000 EVERY 2 MONTHS . Fox is losing its accuracy and going to be prey for the Ungodly ……. Start using your heads or you too will be removed with the wicked for the wicked seek to take down as many with them as they can to that pit called hell .

  6. We should be helping the nationalist Russians and current Syrian government… Not a bunch of commies that support a nation based on ethnicity.

  7. Kurds have been massacred near genocide by Iran. Kurds have been massacred near genocide by Iraq (with Soviet era chemical weapons). Kurds have been massacred near genocide by Assad in the 1970s. Kurds have been massacred full genocide but Turkey.

  8. Donald Trump is a traitor.

    noun: traitor; plural noun: traitors

    a person who betrays a friend, country, principle, etc.

    "they see me as a traitor, a sellout to the enemy"

  9. Didn’t they say they have been fighting over there since the end of WW 1
    We can’t help everyone our soldiers lives matter too. Love you Sarah, blessings

  10. Endless war? Putin said I want the whole Syria and Afghanistan because that’s my backyard and my oil yard. And since Turkey doesn’t like them.. let them go for it, I’ll just get ready because we will attack them too from another direction in Syria. Trump’s hotel in Turkey I head is shining. The US military said, We Fuc king don’t agree with trump. Sarah is a Fuc king Captain in the field too. BS. I’d slapped her with my dic k

  11. Sarah must love that blue dress, I have seen it on her many many times but she is cool and wants to keep America Great!

  12. Uh-huh, but before I comment on that particular subject, I ask one question: How in the hell did you escape the slaughterhouse? I mean, you were gut-loaded and all, you could barely take a step without chafing your thighs. Well, I care not where you were, or with what, but why are you telling those lying lies to cover up that head lying liar who tells those lying lies? I know already, you'll probably just go "Moo", and saunter off to the next pasture. My story.

  13. It's ridiculous to believe that support for Trump's impeachment has risen to over 50% because the Biden situation.
    A few weeks ago Trump's approval among Republicans was 98%. Now the polls expect us to believe that support for removal from Republicans is 12%. I doubt that Republicans would turn on Trump for exposing the corruption of a man they already believed was corrupt.
    On the Democrat side, support for Biden in the 2020 nomination took a nosedive over this corruption scandal. How is it that Dems believe the allegations against Biden enough to stop supporting him, but disbelieve them enough to use as another reason to impeach Trump?

    Remember; the polls in 2016 were reactionary, politically tainted, and were not reflective of reality. There is no reason to believe that the polls have improved.

  14. After what her husband wrote, Trump should polygraph Kelly Anne. She has to be leaking at least to him, and it is so damaging.

  15. You are ignorant to keep calling this brankrupt self claiming millionaire a president!!! How much is he paying you?lolololTime and time again he has been caught in lie after lie after lie, he claimed hi9s dad was born in Germany, proved that to be a lie, his dad was arrested for running with klukluxklan, paid his way out. You are hell sent demon, just like your cronies. I will never vote repukian again, EVER.

  16. Polls mean exactly nothing where Trump is concerned!! The American people will NEVER stand for what this is, a Coup….nullifying the vote of us…"the deplorables" who legally elected him to the Presidency. All the absolute crap the far left communist demonrats are doing only strengthens our resolve. This is the first time I have ever donated money to any candidate. I will continue to do so!! Trump will be reelected by a landslide as the leftist village idiots continue to cut their own throats!! They are almost literally playing Russian roulette. (Pun intended) TRUMP 2020!!

  17. We should’ve never asked the KURDS for help us fight the choppers and just do this. They also holds 11 thousand Islamic State fighters. I guess the Kurds should give them weapons to fight Turkey, Iran, Assad forces and Russians

  18. Republicans bemoaning the fate of the Kurds have no one to blame but themselves. What did they expect Trump would do to the Kurds?

  19. An English Boy was allegedly Killed By…..A US Woman Driver in England….She Claimed Diplomatic Immunity and Flew Back to the US [ Though She said to the Police She Would Stay]……The Grieving Family Want Justice [Is It Too Much To Ask]

  20. Wait, hes being tough by running away and abandoning allies? Yet she also wants to work with Turkey since they're "allies". The Kurds have been fighting ISIS and were holding hundreds of ISIS terrorists prisoner when the US suddenly pulled out.

    The GOP also said they can't take on any new bills while impeachment is ongoing. So is Trump capable of multi tasking or is he too distracted to do anything.

    The talking points are being changed so quickly that they can't keep the story straight for more than a few hours at a time. What a joke of an administration.

  21. Do you mean the NEWLY OWNED Fox News Channel, which was purchased by the radical, extremely liberal Disney Compay? So, it's their liberal poll results that We The People, are supposed to believe? Not a chance. We The People, are far more intelligent, and aware than you give us credit for. We The People, are wise and discerning people, with moral, and Godly convictions. We will NEVER be the dumb sheep led to the slaughter, by your lying, severely corrupt, and deceitful design! We The People will show you exactly who we are, come November 3, 2020. Get ready to party, America! President Donald John Trump, will indeed, gloriously, and victoriously win his second term in the White House, by a landslide! God Bless the U.S.A.!!!

  22. Two foreign-born associates of President Donald Trump's personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, have been charged with campaign finance violations, according to an indictment unsealed Thursday.

  23. I don't totally agree what has happened here and the decisions made by President Trump, but my vote for Trump still stands.

    We as a nation, have been drugged into too many proxy and Tribal wars as a United Nations member.

    United Nations is worthless!

    The intentions were Noble but it is too corrupt now!

    This is not in agreeance with those who are supposed to be the policeman of the world in accordance to the UN Charter.

    Turkey plays both sides of the fence.



  25. I am sure it's so hard for Trump as he counts the money he is about to get in Instanbul for his Towers. She is a clown forever lying for this loser in office. Not to mention why is fox still supporting him he has bashed fox news all week. This station is a beta lmao.

  26. Fix our problems on home soil first then you can think about trying to fix the rest of the world. 🇺🇸

    Also, does this reporter ever let someone finish the first question?

  27. ISIS is celebrating! Thousands may soon be freed, and after their stressful captivity some will want to “vacation” in America the beautiful and blow off some steam. Thanks Trump!

  28. Like Sanders opinion on anything is of any relevance. Her only experience is as the liar in chief's chief liar. So Trump makes a big deal out of pulling out US troops out of Northern Syrian when we only had fifty troops there anyway, The curds helped the US fight ISIS in Syria and were holding 10000 ISIS prisoners. Now, thanks to Trumpski, the curds will have to concentrate their efforts on defending themselves against the attack from Turkey. Thanks to his good friend Trump Putin has got exactly what he wanted in the Middle East.

  29. Godspeed President Trump. Thank you for keeping your word to end these endless wars and shut down the clowns human, drug and gun trafficking rings. We are praying for your continued success draining the swamp and returning power back to the people.

  30. Freaks, foreigners., people collecting a govenment check, invaders, and black are the main embodiment of the leftist party

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