Sarah Huckabee Sanders Thinks She Has A Bright Future In Politics

Earlier this week, the New York times put
forward one of the biggest fluff pieces imaginable on former white house press secretary Sarah
Huckabee Sanders. Nowhere in this six page puff piece that they
wrote, did they mention that she was a habitual liar, but instead the media did what they
always do and they did the best they could to rehab her image and paint her almost as
a victim when in fact she was one of the biggest villains of the entire Trump administration. The point of the piece, essentially, aside
from rehabbing her image, is to gear her up and gear the public up for her probable run
for governor of Arkansas in 2023 when current governor EISA Hutchinson’s tenure is up, Sarah
Huckabee Sanders had hinted at this in the past. She hints at a even more in this piece. In fact, here’s what she said exactly about
running for governor said, there are two types of people who run for office, people that
are called and people that just want to be a Senator or governor. I feel like I’ve been called. It’s the role I’ve been pushed into. I wouldn’t want to do that if I wasn’t the
right person to fit what the state needed at that time. And it goes on to talk about how the reporter
who wrote this story sat down and had some breakfast tacos with Sarah Huckabee Sanders. You know, because we’re all human, we’re all
friends. It doesn’t matter that she destroyed the white
house press office. It doesn’t matter that she got up there every
day when she was holding those press briefings in, lied to our faces, attacks CNNs, Jim Acosta,
to the point where they pulled his white house press credentials. It doesn’t matter that she had to admit to
investigators that she made the whole thing up about Comey being hated by everybody in
the FBI. I mean under oath. She admits that she lied, but to us, the general
public, the people who were paying her salary, nah, she’ll lie to us all day long. She’ll yell at media outlets and call them
fake news. She’ll allow actual fake news to come in and
ask questions. She was horrible and she is a liar. Here’s the saddest part of it though. She absolutely will win that governor’s race
in Arkansas. If she runs, she 100% will win it. Her father, who was governor from 96 to 2007
still treated like royalty down there and that’s essentially what they look at her as
if he was the King. She is the princess. She is next in line for that throne and it’s
going to happen and that’s sad and part of the reason it’s going to happen is because
you have outlets like the New York times rehabbing her image for her, trying to make us forget
about all the time she lied to us, make us forget about all the time. She lied to the New York times and called
them fake news. Oh, that’s water under the bridge. We’ll send our reporters down there, have
some breakfast tacos and get this wonderful article. She then goes on to paint herself as the victim. Here’s what she said. I was attacked for everything, not just my
performance. I was called a fat soccer mom. My kids were threatened, my life was threatened. It was a lot. I hate harping on it, but to be in the position
I’m in and to have secret service, that’s not normal. I don’t like being called a liar. The other stuff bothered me far less. You just said your kids were threatened and
then you go on to say that that bothers you less than being called a liar. So if you had the choice, according to your
own words here in this article, which New York times somehow didn’t pick up on a, you
would rather your kids be threatened than for somebody to call you a liar. Hmmmm, as a parent, father of four, nothing
in this world would bother me more than my kids being threatened. I don’t, I don’t care what you call me. I don’t care if you call me a liar. I don’t care if you make fun of my weight
or my baldness happens every day in our comment section. Thank you folks. But you come after my kids and we’re going
to have some very real problems. But no, not Sarah Huckabee. Sanders. Nah, it bothers me when you talk about my
kids. When you threaten them. Not as much as when you call me a liar though. This is nuts. This is not a woman who has her priorities
straight. The kids should probably be your, your top
priority, but also let’s, let’s do another thing here. I didn’t even know you had kids. I honest to God, didn’t know you were married
even though your last name is suggested and that’s just now clicking in my brain. I didn’t know any of this. I don’t know who your husband is. I don’t know who your kids are because that’s
not anything we ever talked about here. This is not anything I’ve ever seen anybody
else talk about in all the other segments about you either we we, we didn’t care. We, we focused on the lies that you were telling
us on a daily basis. The assault on the press that you were waging
on behalf of Donald Trump and that’s what we’re going to remember. So no matter how many of these rehab pieces,
New York times or whoever else puts out, we’re not going to forget. But ultimately, since those of us who talk
about you the most aren’t living in Arkansas, our voices may not have that much of effect,
and so willing to bet for five years from now, I’m going to unfortunately have to be
doing segments about Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Maurice Vega

100 Responses

  1. Yeah…she has been called alright…A Liar, Gullible & many others…Sarah Suckabee Spinosad Sanders has Threatened America & will continue IF elected anywhere!
    A breakdown in the understanding of reality can produce the following effects:
    PARANOIA: a constant unfounded sense of anxiety and fear often to the point of delusion and irrationality.
    SCHIZOPHRENIA: chronic & severe mental disorder that affects how a person thinks, feels, and behaves. People with schizophrenia may seem like they have lost touch with reality.
    HALLUCINATIONS: seeing or otherwise experiencing non-existent things, or
    DELUSIONS: usually involve mistaken perceptions or experiences that could happen in real life, like being followed, deceived, conspired against, or loved from a distance.

  2. ESarah Huckabee Sanders is tainted by her support of the classless , trashy, toxic trump! She can never distance herself enough….she lied for trump which means she lies and that means she cannot ever ever be trusted to tell he truth….even if she tells the truth who could or would ever believe the lying Sarah! No one but a bloom in’ idjit!

  3. Lmbo plz, lying heifer.
    2 Peter 2:22
    The dog is returned to his own vomit again, and a sow that was washed to her wallowing in the mud.
    Repent or to Hell u go.

  4. For someone whom; has, a sense of pathological lying, that tends to go against her and her father's book of myths and fairytales..🤪🤪

  5. Anywhere they elect her, they deserve to have her. Same goes for any state that knowingly elects a human pile of shit.

  6. Sarah Dumbfuckabee Sanders: "If there's one thing I can't stand, it's being called a liar. You could have Donald Trump shoot my children in the middle of 5th Avenue and get away with it and I'd be more mad about being called a liar."

  7. Best comment I ever heard was from the movie Christine that would apply to this,
    " Hey Kid, you can't polish a Turd".

  8. Remember, Fox News will ALWAYS have time for her. And she has proved that she can support, defend and appear to believe in the Big Lie which is the foundation of the Oligarchy That Used To Be A Democracy. Our nation's new owners LOVE criminals like that – they can spread the Prosperity Gospel of the New Corporate Jesus while marginalizing ALL the fats, ALL the reality until the climate simply kills us all off. You can only exist without Truth for so long before Science kills you. But don't blame Science, blame the GOP…

  9. At least she won’t be on Dancing With The Stars — no one wants to see her dance! 🤢

    Bernie is the Good Sanders, while Sarah Huckabee is the Evil Sanders!

  10. Huckabee Swamp hog Sanders is perfect for politics in the GOP party because she is another pathological liar like Trump. Sanders is a piece of lying garbage trash and the sad part is that the American people just want to eat their barbecue, guzzle their beer and watch their sports ( Bread and Circuses ) just watching Fox Propaganda and other lying Mega-corporate news for the rich elite. They won't read because it hurts their brain to think and would let Huckabee hog Sanders and orange super swamp hog coward Don the criminal conman Trump do their thinking for them. That's why we have that orange sewage garbage swamp hog Trump in the White House. Sanders is lying about her threats to make her please-able to the public she is conning!

  11. I hope we are surprisingly shocked that she doesn't get elected…I'd LOVE to see that happen. If she loses may it be by many many votes.

  12. I always thought that he/she was some transgender freak gone very wrong. Women don't say or do what she has said and done – with one exception KC, she too is a freak

  13. If politicians are elected on the basis of being a habitual liar, she could’ve elected- heaven help us ! America as a republic and democracy is doomed unless we act now!

  14. I can't stand her. If she runs for any office the people that vote her in should be the ones to suffer. She needs to be shunned forever for her lies. She's not a princess. May the ny times crumble to hell.

  15. 😟🥂😉👌If ever you're in needs💬 for that righteously gifted liar lol ones whom are capable of lying like a fickled preacher, leaving a whore house one hr before church services begins. lol then, #Hug a Slandering beast and Vote💬Lmfao

  16. This stupid BITCH doesn’t understand she ruined her political career by being associated with the Trump administration !
    She couldn’t get a job selling used cars !

  17. I live in Arkansas and love this place. I dread the day she is elected. You didn’t mention how terrible her work ethic was. She quit ha into her daily briefings. We what 2 months in between them and that was better than her lying daily. Believe it or not her Dad wasn’t terrible when comparing him to governors that boardered us. All I see now in Huckster is a bitter troll who traded his soul for politics, power and Money. He is miserable human being. Google Janet Huckabee and State Trooper and you will get a full picture of Sarah’s parents.

  18. Sara Sanders has a bright future in every part of the country that is still a collection of inbred idiots that love racism and loathe the truth. SHS = Full of Shit

  19. She's a truly horrible person, I pity her children. Anyone who would vote for her if she runs has serious problems. Just a hint for huckasans, if she hates being called a liar so much… maybe stop lying!!

  20. The fact that she said that being called a liar bothers her more than her kids being threatened tells me her kids aren’t being threatened because any good mother would protect their kids above all else. She is a liar and she knows it that why it bothers her being called a liar. She’s a fake Christian because the Bible she claims to read says thou shall not bear false witness. That’s one of the Ten Commandments and when she willfully lies all the time means she has no respect for God

  21. Unfortunately, she is probably correct. With her talent for lying, hatefulness, and daddy’s connections she is a GOP wet dream.

  22. If Huckabee is such a pious Christian, how can she justify her chronic, continuous lying? She is a total hypocrite, and not too bright either. But considering how stupid voters are, they will probably vote her into office. Arkansas? Isn't that where brothers marry their sisters and have brain dead children?

  23. She is running for a leadership position? Lol, Christians are hypocrites. They always say that women must be submissive and stay at home

  24. That's one thing that you NEVER do to anyone no matter who they are. You never come after someone's family. I'd rather be called whatever, once you threaten someone I care about, that's when I pissed off. When I become a father in the future, I'd protect anyone in my family.

  25. @4:15 "I don't care if you make fun of my baldness, it happens every day in our comments section…" WAT? Who would *dare*? Seriously, you wear it well. Emphasizes your strong chin and cheekbones, while accentuating those deep, soulful eyes.
    I mean, with the beard, you have kind of a "Stone Cold" Steve Austin look goin' on…. works well, for the tone of the show.

  26. she probably had a whole vat of acid and a tub of meth when she thought of that idea. then again a fat of acid and a tub of meth are prerequisites of joining any republican political position. even the president has both of those just to start the day and thats not including any other stupid thing that would annoy him in the following hour.

  27. All of the 🍊🍄's associates seem to turn on him at some point…
    There's still some chance for miracles…
    Let's hope we don't have to wait long to hear 'The Fat Lady Sing…'


  29. I think she’ll pull a Pirro. Her polling will be so low that she’ll drop out even before the primary.

    She could be a Fox News contributor and have a ghostwriter write a book for her. Cash in while you can. She might be able to get a position teaching political science at Jerkwater University but that won’t pay well.

    Cash in now and invest wisely

  30. Here’s a handy hint for Huckerbee Sanders which I will impart for free. Maybe someone should tell her to sit down for this cos it might just blow her socks off.

    If you don’t want to be called a liar then don’t lie every time you open your mouth.

    I’m obviously cut from different cloth than Huckerbee Sanders cos, even though all of my children are grown up and have children of their own, I can still turn into mamma tiger if they’re threatened. Obviously Huckerbee Sanders puts her delicate feelings above her mom instincts.

  31. If they elect her they deserve what curruption and problems that will follow. Anyone learn, but willful ignorants can't be helped, or in their own tongue, can't fix stupid

  32. This woman would fit in perfectly with the corrupt Republican political system.
    A very safe seat would be needed for her to have success in an election though, because she could never merit a winning percentage vote anywhere on the planet.

  33. You don't need hair on your head, when you have such a gorgeous beard my guy. I'm just surprised someone actually had sex with Sarah the liar huckabee…. 4 times. Damn that's a thought that made me lose my breakfast.

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