Sarah Huckabee Sanders SNAPS At CNN’s Jim Acosta During Press Briefing

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee
Sanders is really having a bad few weeks. Things didn’t get any better on Monday during
the White House press briefing when she was speaking with CNN’s Jim Acosta about her constant,
and Donald Trump’s constant accusations that that network and many other networks are completely
fake news. The exchange seemed to get a little bit heated
there for a few seconds with Huckabee Sanders lashing out, both at Acosta and other people
in the room. Take a look and see exactly what happened
to Huckabee Sanders on Monday. … any misinformation like that very seriously,
but it’s not something we’re comparing the two on. I would just say, Sarah, that journalists
make honest mistakes and that doesn’t make them fake news, but the question that I have
… But when journalists make honest mistakes,
they should own up to them. We do. Sometimes. A lot of times, you don’t. There’s a difference … We do all the time. There’s a very big … I’m sorry. I’m not finished. Okay. There’s a very big difference between making
honest mistakes and purposefully misleading the American people, something that happens
regularly. You can’t say … You mean like … I’m not done. You cannot say … [crosstalk 00:01:07] something that was completely
fake, Sarah. You cannot say … He admitted it. You cannot say that it’s an honest mistake
when you are purposely putting out information that you know to be false or when you’re taking
information that hasn’t been validated, that hasn’t been offered with any credibility and
that has been continually denied by a number of people, including people with direct knowledge
of an instance. [inaudible 00:01:28]. This is something that- Are you speaking about the President? I’m speaking about the number of reports that
have taken place over the last couple of weeks. I’m simply stating that there should be a
certain level of responsibility that process. This was not [crosstalk 00:01:41]. Hold on, Jim. This is not the line of questioning I was
going down, but can you cite a specific story that you say is intentionally false, that
was intentionally put out there to mislead the American people? Sure. The ABC report by Brian Ross. I think that was pretty misleading to the
American people. I think that it’s very telling that that individual
had to be suspended because of that reporting. I think that shows that the network took it
seriously and recognized that it was a problem. Jim? Sarah, if I may though, I was going to ask
a question about something else. Well, you used it on something else. Jim. Sarah, if I may. Sarah. I think … We’re going to keep moving, guys. If I can ask about the President’s accusations
… I’m moving to a different Jim. I’m sorry. I know, but I need a chance to ask the question
that I wanted to ask, which is … Jim. Let me just say once and for all whether these
accusations … Jim, I’m going to say once and for all that
I’m moving on to Jim Stenson and I’m not taking another question from you at this point. Sarah, a question about investment, investment
taxes. [crosstalk 00:02:34] tax on [inaudible 00:02:35]
if that’s okay. I would like to ask the question that I had
about these accusations of misconduct against the President. You said that he’s denied them, can you say
whether or not they are false? I’m not going to respond to another question. Go ahead Jim. Sarah, some investors are saying the tax … All right, first and foremost, she absolutely
contradicts herself in that clip. She says that these people pushing out fake
news, pushing out these stories need to be held accountable. Something has to be done. Well guess what? Brian Ross, the guy you cited and then later
admitted that ABC News did the right thing, you started by saying you’re pissed off that
they’re not doing the right thing, then you later admitted that they’re doing the right
thing. As for that CNN report that all the Trump
family and everybody have been jumping on saying, “See, this is proof that it’s fake
news,” they got one thing wrong in the story, the date of a tweet. That didn’t change the fakes of any of the
rest of the story. One thing was wrong, it was the date of the
tweet. They issued a correction, they apologized
for it and they moved on with their lives because that’s what news outlets are supposed
to do. No, news outlets do not get it right 100%
of the time, so when they get it wrong they come out and they issue a correction. They say, “We’re sorry. We got it wrong. We didn’t quite verify this. Somebody jumped the gun on it. Something slipped through the cracks. We screwed up. Our bad.” That doesn’t mean that everything the network
says is fake. That doesn’t mean that everybody at that network
is a corrupt crony trying to take down Donald Trump. It means they’re human beings. Everybody screws up and yeah, we got to demand
a highly accountable media. I understand that and we should. We have to. We need it for this country to function, but
to say that everything is now fake news because Washington Post got the date of a tweet wrong,
that’s pathetic. And your reaction to the people in that room
is becoming more and more combative and hostile each passing day. There’s going to come a time when you’re going
to walk in that room and nobody’s going to be there because nobody wants to listen to
your BS anymore, Sarah. You’ve got to calm it down, tone it down,
stop lashing out at these people who are literally just trying to do their job. Their job is to get honest answers from you. If you’re unwilling to do that, if you keep
feeding them lies every single day, then you can’t be pissed off when they report something
that happens to be untrue based off information that you give them. If you want honesty from the media, you and
your boss and everybody else in that White House has to start being honest too. I don’t think any of us are going to hold
our breath waiting for that to happen.

Maurice Vega

100 Responses

  1. This is gaslighting from her and projection. Her behavior is reminiscent of someone trying to throw off the scent of their own shit by making a big deal out of a mistake by someone else.

  2. The MSM has exhibited the most vile, hateful gossip, and character assassinations this country has ever seen while real meaningful news that WTP need to know never sees the light of day. Bravo Sara! Make it hard as hell for the news to spend time on BS gossip for ratings and for our distraction and demise. This should force the MSM to hire more independent thinkers with higher EQ's and Morals that can help unite America, instead of splitting us – as we do to ourselves too, see below. If we allow ourselves to be hypnotized into conflict, then we deserve all we are getting (and losing). But then again, a united WTP not in conflict will disrupt the flow of money and power.

  3. Sara you are my hero, you addressed Jim Acosta with perfection, and I admire your professionalism. We should enact a law with sever penalties, such as imprissonment, for reporting fake news stories that lie to and mislead the American population. Perhaps journalists would make fewer "mistakes" if faced with a jail sentence. We the people are tired of being lied to by the news.

  4. Sara you are my hero, you addressed Jim Acosta with perfection, and I admire your professionalism. We should enact a law with sever penalties, such as imprissonment, for reporting fake news stories that lie to and mislead the American population. Perhaps journalists would make fewer "mistakes" if faced with a jail sentence. We the people are tired of being lied to by the news.

  5. Obviously she means Trump who puts out endless fake news, lies and obscure unsubstantiated digs at any person who stands up to him. Pity his staff for working for him what they must lie for to earn their salary, its lie or get sacked take your pick when the mortgage is due

  6. Tonight ALEX JONES explained How Obama set the trap for Donald Trump with the Israel Embassy change what's worst is Obama has been seen walking thru the tunnels of the bunkers underneath the white house. When Obama was seen by secret service he ran inside a tunnel that was used by runaway slaves. The Architect of the tunnels was Harriet Tubman herself these plans have been in the works for 150 years. Also, a Book was found that explains, JFK truth ,The moon landing and what was found, PLUS : The name of 2 time travelers working in the Whitehouse NOW. Stark prediction for 2020 bunkers are out rubber lifeboats are in play. To be safe have both. Also tin foil hats for your family.

  7. It's really easy to control the conversation when your Mic doesn't cut off.. Why have a conversation with somebody that intentionally lies every chance she gets, what's funny is she actually enjoys lying.

  8. Isn't the White House and sanders always deliberately putting out misleading information, lying and pushing trump's version of reality?

  9. You can see the disdain in her face that she has for answering valid questions and being challenged, and can you ever think of a press conference where she was smiling it because she is a miserable person and not very bright, as is all of the Trump administration who have sold their souls to the devil only to have them discarded once he no longer feels that they are useful or loyal to him.

  10. A bad few weeks ? LOL That is hilarious !! She is kicking ass and taking names. She does a fantastic job !! It is funny that you think because the news suspended one guy that you think the liar they call reporters are doing the right thing. I also find it funny that you have no clue as to the significance of the wrong date in the report. You really need to look into that so you dont look stupid when you talk on your reports. The difference in the date shows it was already public knowledge. BIG DIFFERENCE !

  11. It’s bad enough that fake news media exists in our society but it adds insult to injury when you have a fake opinion reporter like the figure that stars in this video We get you’re a democrat operative and you’re pathetic

  12. That one thing is a big thing dumbass! It changes the story the “one thing” changed the whole story. Who the fuck is this guy and why is he on my home page.

  13. So one finally admits one story was purposely wrong out of every story that they spin that means the networks have honor? No . And Sanders throws them an example of what they should be doing and she is now a ??????? This guy is an a hole.

  14. It’s easy to see that Sanders and her President wish they had 100% control of the media the way they do in Russia. 😂

  15. I don't understand why the reporters keep going to the white house and report on the trash they're be fed!!! its all garbage and BS!!! i know its their job but man!! Its hard to listen to let alone watch. SMH!!!

  16. i see a little monster posted a great video in the sidebar there: "Ouch ouch ouch CNN Schooled by Sarah Sanders blah blah blah". That's nice…..

  17. She's a hypocrite and all around awful person, but she didn't "SNAP" in the way that the capitalization of the headline implied.

  18. Why do the journalist even bother to show up? The daily pile of lies that flows from The White House is a disgrace and has lowered the USA in the eyes of the majority of people throughout the world. Miss Huckabee Sanders is going to follow Sean Spicer into the world of unemployable oblivion or worse, follow her sexual predator of a boss to jail.

  19. the media scrum here needs to grow some bigger balls. 100% bullshit and spin flows from Sarah and the media are far too gentle or plain complacent. The very fabric of your democracy is being eaten away daily. In that press room.

  20. I don't understand how she can be so disrespectful to the press and not be fired. Of course, I realize she works for Trump the most disrespectful person in the entire world. But can you imagine her getting by with that nonsense if she worked in the private sector? Where else can you get a job that allows you to talk to people in that way? I think those reporters should be commended for keeping their cool the way they do, I couldn't do it. I'd be rushing the podium trying to punch her. Wouldn't be surprised if it happened on day.

  21. Ok Sarah…fair is fair. By your own standards, Trump qualifies as fake…even more so than CNN considering 95% of what comes out his mouth is inaccurate bullshit.

  22. I swear!Everything that comes out her mouth is utter BS and I'll be ever so grateful of the day she leaves!It's only time!

  23. This host is a fucking dimwit idiot. Anyone that thinks this is actual news, when real issues are at the forefront of the American people's minds, is more of a braindead moron then can possibly be imagined. The Ring of Fire is pathetic, at best. This "report" tries to throw shade on Sarah Sanders Huckabee, who is exactly the right person for this job, but fails miserably. I have watched every press conference, so I know because you all hate it so much. Triggered fools. If you liked her would be the real surprise. Your hate for her, validates her, and the Trump administration. You sad, pathetic dumb dumbs can't figure that out. #MAGA

  24. And how about telling her it's fucking rich the say the media purposely misleading the American people, when Trump and republicans are doing it on a daily basis.

  25. just last week, she defended trump for INTENTIONALLY spreading fake news!!!! this woman is a danger and a disgrace to the American public, and really a horrible, reprehensible person for the lies she spreads on a daily basis, with almost every breath that she can muster, then has the nerve to try and lecture anyone else on this matter! boy, she is really gonna get what is coming to her sooner than later.

  26. This White House is the hotbed of lies, fake news, corruption, and outright criminal agenda…..Sarah Hukabee you better prepare yourself for spending years in prison!

  27. Farron Cousins …. You are a fraud and one big pansy coward. Jim Acosta, just like you, is a political operative of the democrat party mafia who masquerades as a journalist. Both of you, and all of your fellow frauds in the media, need to be in prison to await punishment for high treason against the American people.

  28. Doesn't her boss do the same thing and now she is doing the same thing by "MISLEADING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE" but she actually gets paid to do? Really? Is her Mother and Grandmother proud of her for lying? She represents her WHOLE family, when she does this.

  29. Wow, like she's talking about herself, during her rant. All the things she mentioned, she has done, and continue to do them

  30. The media always misleads the American people and always has. You're stupid if you don't think they do. You're misleading everyone with this video denying how the media is dishonest. There is no more objective media so quit lying. Seriously who does a story on how many scoops of Ice Cream The President has. Really!? How about the stories the media doesn't give to the American people because it goes against their political lines. Are you fucking kidding me? The media has always pushed their agenda Left or Right it doesn't matter. Today's media is fake news when it comes to Politics. If the media just makes honest mistakes like you say they do than why do the majority of Americans not trust the media? STUPID VIDEO. YOU'RE EITHER CORRUPT YOURSELF OR JUST ONE OF THE SHEEP THAT PEDDLES IGNORANCE.

  31. Yes, journalists are human beings…except for the Fox Neuz psychiatric ward wanna-be journalists. Those jack-asses are nothing close to human.

  32. I am not a sexist person I have great respect for women but this woman particularly Sarah Huckabee I don't know there is an under deep in my head of my stomach whenever she opens her mouth I don't incite violence but I tell you I would like to smack this woman upside the head she has such a disrespect for these men and women who worked hard and got their degrees to be journalists and to be spoken to with this respect and the freaking lies that come out of her mouth I tell you for your information Sarah Huckabee journalist do have a higher standard than you. There is repercussions for journalists more than I can say for you and the jackass do work for.

  33. I mean seriously does this I don't even know what to even call her at this point actually realized that she is the biggest hypocrite lying to the American people please she lies to the people every day along with her boss every time she gets to the podium she lies and she is going to judge the media that's like the pot calling the kettle.

  34. Sarah Huckabee must come to the fact that after her job is done as press secretary she might as well be a stay-at-home mom because she will not get a job anywhere else no one will touch this woman with a ten-foot pole and that's a fact.

  35. I agree with all the talking points but where, in this video, did Sarah Huckabee Sanders snap at Jim Acosta? All I saw was back and forth debate about fake news gibberish.

  36. I'm pretty sure that's what they want, nobody showing up for the press briefing. When Trump fist took office they threatened to suspend them and even end them all together. It would make our false presidents day if none of the reporters showed.


  38. I can't stand Trump or Huckabee-Sanders, but the CNN/MSNBC coverage this past weekend was irresponsible at best.

    More than just the date was incorrect. The story being sold was that Trump Jr. received DNC emails directly from Wikileaks before the emails were available to the public, when it was actually a random person that sent the info to Trump Jr. after Wikileaks published the emails for the public.

    Trump is incompetent, indifferent, and arrogant, but it doesn't justify mainstream corporate media's blunders. The reverse engineering is weak and makes Trump look stronger.

  39. This woman is the one who is delusional. I watch her and I just can’t fathom how she can actually say the things she does! It’s amazing to me, and not in a good way. It’s just downright odd!

  40. Why is huckabee getting paid $180,000 a year to lie in 10 minute spurts here and there in front if the press? She lies, denies, blames and never; I mean NEVER answers any questions! How many of you hard working people get $180,00 a year? Many Drs. don't even make that.

    Drain the swamp of these 5 million federal employees receiving whopping salaries for little work! Why do they need 5 million employees whom are all busy at their own businesses leaving little time to do their jobs? Get rid of them!

  41. I think someone should be assigned to report DAILY, HOURLY about everything the republicans are buying up in this country! When do they find the time to do all this outside business? How are they when its against the rules to run a business while in office?
    Something's very fishy about Disney buying Fox! Check out the share holders, it'll blow your mind! Where did they get the money from? Not on a senators pay, or do you know what they pay themselves now? You wont believe it!

  42. Sarah never presents any evidence that any story the media present is false. She does not even specify a story. She just blanket accuses everything and everyone. That is one way you can tell she is lying and has no case whatsoever.

  43. That c**t dosen't make honest mistakes. She lies her fat ass off. Trumpy lies his fat ass off and the republicans stand there with their thumb up their asses. They don't have a spine or balls to do anything and they put that putrid, rotten too the core party above honesty, ethics and morals. The so-called christian coalition, evangelicals and the tea party clowns are killing the republican party.

  44. The day that press doesn’t show up is the day shit gets done. Never hold my breath for fake news. Reason why I don’t listen to it. Just thought you would make sense but instead got an earful of crying and whimpering.

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