Sanders: Warren is the new frontrunner and that’s good news for Trump

Maurice Vega

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  1. What a boring night the Democrats gave on their debate ! There is nothing to hear that resonate , only BS and BS and BS and ridiculous anger against the President , obsessive enrage on Empeachement , that does nothing good for the country and is a FAKE MADE UP LIE THAT THEY CAN'T GET OVER WITH. WE ARE SICK AND TIRED OF ALL THAT CRAP

  2. Whats with people on the right constantly referring to the "Democrat" Party instead of the grammatically correct "Democratic" Party? They seem to be doing this more and more. "Democrat" is a noun, "democratic" is an adjective. You don't see anyone from the left referring to the Republican Party as the "Republic Party".

  3. Sure they did……they’re all busy and made themselves individuals gain wealthy lifestyles from crooked corruption activists Americans and politicians tactics control their criminals minds?

  4. Sleepy creepy Joe you're out of there you and your piece of crap son and the guy that's interview and you a boy he's a blind guy just like the rest of them get real go Trump 20/20

  5. Parents love their children unconditionally…. Biden is trying to help and take care of his son….. they aren't gonna be voted into the presidency and are blind to see their corruption….. why nobody is being arrested? I don't understand…. TRUMP 2020!!!!! America is the BEST country in the world!!! THANK GOD FOR OUR TROOPS!!! LOVE YOU RUSTY

  6. This just makes me laugh, so you support a person that has been lying her entire life. I guess being a total liar you entire life is someone the Dem's want to get behind, it makes total sense to me she is one of them. Just so SAD.

  7. warren is the weird spinster at the end of the block that everybody avoids after hearing her talking herself when they walk by.

  8. Hey LeBron just play basketball you have an IQ of about 1 just entertain us that's all you're out there for not your opinion you communist

  9. OK. Why is the US supposed to root out corruption in another country? Call it out maybe? Not deal with them economically or politically maybe. But their problems are their problems.

  10. This is unbelievable. Now self apointmented "Chief Grand Cherokee" is still taking in all of her money off the shirt tails of Native Americans. Biden admitting his corruption is priceless. If anything Tulsi has a fighting chance in 2024. No way in 2020.

  11. This is why Andrew Yang needs more attention. He understands that a focus on Trump's shortcomings or any disagreement with him helps no one but Trump. If the DNC wasn't so incompetent, Trump would have serious competition in a man who represents a different take on the same issues that got him elected.

  12. Oh I see Fox is peddling "democracy" how about we live in a republic. However, put democracy in big letters, to fool more people.

  13. I hope we can stop taking Anderson Cooper seriously. The way he preambled his question to Joe Biden re: Hunter, proved 100% that his previous job at the CIA was not for nothing.

  14. Union leadership not pressuring the Democrats to sign USMCA. Amazing. Do union members know what's going on? Are they going to get on the Trump train? Do they know that Trump got us out of the job killing TPP?
    What does it take for people to vote in their own self interest?

  15. I have been researching one of the ads running on this channel and it is alleged that the BLADE720 drone being advertised for $99, can be purchased for $42 on eBay under the Eachine brand name.

  16. Dems ignoring generations of corruption within the democratic party. "Nothin to see here folks". And that's just a one issue in a mountain of issues with the party.

  17. These babbling buffoons have absolutely zip!
    They rely on the low intelligence level and lack of common sense of the herd to stay in power. It’s amazing the amount of non-thinkers roaming our streets.
    Just watch “Watters’ World”, it’s frightening just how stupid some people are.

  18. The social democratic debate and CNN’s performance would be laughable if it wasn’t so tragic and biased. Take the time to watch the Kimberly Strassel interview for an accurate assessment of media hypocrisy.

  19. Sanders, I guess they missed you this week at the White House press briefing, No more lies from you, your replacement did something unusual. TOLD THE TRUTH

  20. Andrew Yang is the only good democratic because he is like trump a business outsider that has ideals Beyond the scope of the party

  21. SIMPLE. Tax the war profit made from rewriting the oil contracts after a country is liberated from socialism/communism or Tyranny. Why should all the oil profit go to the oil Conglomerates? It is our Military might.

  22. My wife is a palliative care nurse. She can not even receive a box of candy from thankful relatives for her work. No gifts, nothing, it all must be declared and handed in. And rightly so. How do the Biden’s and that fool Anderson Cooper justify this appalling level of corruption?!

  23. Bottom line: Any Democrat against Trump will get trounced, based on his unstoppable winning performance records. Moreover, based on the Democrats’ dismal violence-to-silence, impeach “orange man” do-nothing agenda, complicit with MSM, the Republicans will retain (including gain) Senate seats, and take over the House again on November 3, 2020. And that will be great for our country. KAG!??????

  24. Sarah Sanders stopped giving press conferences…she was the press secretary (she had one job)! Hate to break it to you Sarah but nobody under the age of 60 wanted Biden to begin with , so there was no reason for the republicans to waste so much energy on steering people away from Joe, nobody was following him very quickly anyways and nobody was laughing at what she said was laughable…that was laughable lol. The only thing white republicans can say about Warren is "pocahontas" even though the Indian nations accepted her apology for her families mistake. Because I guess the white guy was more offended by it? So really what's she supposed to say about Warren anyways? Some of those rehearsed phrases? Like the one where she said we seen Trump stand up to China…hahaha yeah just like he stood up to the guy from Turkey and N. Korea and Russia? Yeah okay Sarah the democrats have spent no time on foreign policy, housing, immigration, climate and none of the things they say resonate with the American people? According to who the blind republicans leading the blind republicans? According to Fox viewers? According to trump? because every single American person I speak to are either for American people or for Trump… Trump is not a country , he is a senile old individual who was hired for a position in the U.S government that he took advantage of for personal gain in hope to hold onto the same position he was unqualified for to begin with. Fox news dissing every single democrat and never once promoting any other republicans except Trump is quite baffling… There are other years ahead, maybe they should give some prospectives some recognition there are other republican candidates for things aren't there? They never mention them…Nobody else thinks that's weird? They are so worried about focusing on the focusing of impeachment that they aren't even preparing their party for the future if he actually is impeached and isn't a candidate for 2020 or just the future of the republican party in general… what are you people doing? Um hello, don't you think you all should face some reality or something?

  25. Ainsley is so cute. I just love that little 'Heidi' outfit. It's like she is dressed up to go see her white bearded grandfather on the snow capped mountain at Christmas.

  26. That would be great if Pocahontas would win the Democrat nomination. Hahaha. Anderson Pooper Scooper is a lackey of the Democrat party and is up to his eyeballs in Trump Derangement, or else his boss threatens him to falsely accuse President Trump of lying about Hunter Biden, totally ignoring the video where Quid Pro Quo Joe threatens the Ukraine by withholding aid unless they fire the prosecutor investigating Hunter.

  27. AAnderson Cooper does not have enough info about Hunter Biden and his crimes. RUdolph GUiliani has all the documents!!!

  28. If Hunter didn't do anything wrong, why did he act like he was hunted, as he stepped down with his tail between his legs !!! …..Oh, and creepy, sneeky lying joe, I like your video about forcing foreign governments into your submission.

  29. America and Americans first. That will be my one and only vote stipulation. Trump is my only choice in 2020. He was my only choice in 2016.

  30. Biden is fried! I don’t trust him. He knew very well what his son was up too. Can you imagine having a monthly income of Hunter Biden with zero experience. The Biden’s are done. Joe’s donors will start to try up. Nice try Joe.

  31. Isn't this the same lady that admitted to the FBI that she lied to the people on the Mueller report? Or was it alternative facts ??

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