Sam Tries to Implement A Democracy (1080p)

We have to choose someone Why just us ? We represent all the Great Houses, but
whomever we choose.. They won’t just rule over lords and ladies Maybe the decision about what’s best for everyone should be left to.. Everyone Maybe we should give the dogs a vote as well I’ll ask my horse!

Maurice Vega

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  1. Well democracy will only work if the people were educated, in this case only a few were. So Bran's the best choice for a ruler.

  2. Maybe, but at 0:55 you catch a glimpse of who is listening and not laughing. At the moment they have a One Man, One Vote system: Bran is the One Man, and he has the One Vote.

  3. Edmure sitting there jealous because even in the field of embarrassing oneself there is still someone better than him.

  4. In a monarchy the king steals from the people.
    In a democracy everyone has the equal chance to steal from everyone else.

    The main difference though is that in the case of monarchy there is at least continuity in that theft. It’s long sighted theft. I mustn’t rob all the wealth from my citizens just yet, so that they will continue to be productive and I can get a higher yield over time.

    Under a democracy the leaders are temporary and have an incentive to strip the state of its assets. What I don’t loot now I can’t loot later on. Furthermore, you’re not passing leadership onto your heir, you’re passing it onto your political rival. Why should I care what state things are in when they are in charge? It will just make them look bad, and get us back into power quicker!

    This is evidenced by the massive increases in state debts from the post WW1 period onward.

  5. To be fair, Westeros is rife with small scale elections be it the Night's Watch, the Maesters, or the Iron Islands Moot.

  6. Sam in EP1- You are the true heir Jon and you need to be king
    Sam in EP6- I have an idea who can be king, let the people choose
    Sam kind of forgot I guess.

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