Sam Discusses the CNN Tea Party Debate on The Kudlow Report (9/13/11)

sleslie at with their bodies for kid is
they are in the car parts and last night all the candidate it was
very clear that mit romney and michele bachmann r design tell their way at red terry weather was
gone after his taxes jobs record the decision to mandate hdv vaccines to
young girls so secure econ distance or letting children of illegal
immigrants halo in-state tuition in texas colleges that’s a position i figure anyway very wet after him hard sar question is simply this did a six a
eight and is parrot electable let’s bring our house and senate political commentator host of the
majority report jimmy de tocqueville goes right as break
and use commas and c_n_b_c_ each editor and marks amout w_a_b_c_ radio talk show
host i guarantee you marks a month first
ducked the question had carry survived the debate last night
he came in as the front-runner will be continue that’s that all absolutely the
great night for him even though he probably got the didn’t get beaten like
maybe nine to seven which is pretty good romney’s to doing
this for eight years produce for about eight minutes so he took a lot of body blows from
every side he will be so toughened up so tuned up
by debate after debate if you really have no he goes against ninety eight pound weekly brocco baba ha
who hasn’t been debate new year’s he’s gonna clobber him the debates with the teleprompter if i’m not ready for the site goes
against the teleprompter you he seems to be battling the philadelphia rather ok
sam serio remarks ahmadi ready changer voter registration sam not not quite
uh… i gotta say that i thought that frankly that uh… president obama was
one of the mourned the winners from last night uh… you know i think when uh… when uh… ron paul uh… refused
to answer that question as to whether or not he would let that
thirty-year-old died because he didn’t have health insurance effective date
essentially say he would let him die and certainly audience but she erred on the idea that he would
die i think that actually helped uh… present no bomb as it is available on
his own run against the notion phase out a lot easier don’t have one guy he’s not
going to look less like one got you know why i am i concede that if president obama ran against ron
paul it’ll be a close friend of the real
clothes i don’t know how you found out that question by that’s what we’re
trying to head to head out there right wal-mart and see ross a debate are uh…
as i wanted to bake good-looking you’re focusing on what what one person
yelled out that way that somehow the platform of the republican party is
author pierpont dialogue dot on the party was saying in fact the odds that i
don’t know and all that and i would love that are
not what rob hall of fame well i’m all right at the i_m_f_ church not on the
street well i don’t think this is on symbolism
charities don’t you believe in religious charities so i don’t think that’s not
what they really have all ron paul was saying and milk or are we talking about
i thought how is not a valid because not only having three others were perry
answer that question when they asked him that question is that wasn’t the only
hope you have a little uh… but he said i did not like that he didn’t he said he
did not like separate that white one guy who shot i think that was taken aback by
that’s measuring inside let me go something of a medium and how much
dusting did michelle bachman d’etat go do you
marks a month on this card is still the h pvd
vaccination and so forth and the charge not only the vaccination which by the
way a lot of doctors are out today saying its attacks on vaccination and it
does save lives again cervical cancer but the crony capitalist charged the
charge that and put him up to its that his chief of
staff to meet was the go-between now is this something that’s gonna dog uh…
rick perry here this is a review i don’t care what you need to get brock obama
mit romney sub they’re all going to have some babies within this will be a piece
of baggage every reason have some problem like this
it was thirty thousand i think that’s the highest figure we’ve heard uh… out
of the thirty billion of thirty million dollar uh… campaigns that’s not a big
donor and uh… maybe maybe the chief of staff was uh… lobbying for the man
i’ll push it planned by the time to talk a little if anything has also that
venture capital brad i’m not going to consider living right stay as it sets sail in
texas venture capital of a parcel it out to southeastern very well in real estate
apparent they haven’t got a lot of graduates
cannot let me know i think i’m going to be able to figure out how to become
gabrielle then become asking that the other probably really just brock obama
who is so close to goldman sachs there is biggest donor also almost of so many
c_e_o_s uh… this little more clean is going to
be nothing compared to brock obama’s time and i agree with you i think that’s
a liability that the president have and frankly i think it’s a liability that
most of our government has at this point but in the context of the republican
primary i think that’s gonna resonate i think there’s a there’s a certain other
than we’re doing or if there’s any russell generally capitalist backlash that’s a big think carp was not
a problem rick perry is that all up it was they don’t know very well
they they they may know by is a book and they know from to debate so that so that
so they’re still forming their opinion so today agree i think i think it does
hurt but let me ask another question uh… on the immigration issue now he i
thought their parents a guy who stands tall on the saudi does not run away from
his position and i think that’s a stamp maybe we’ll get some ponzi scheme or
security not so much well he was in nineteen eighteen years we really
thought is a new year’s positing he says that if there was something that paul
krugman was first called upon to g_m_ in ninety six p_m_ friedman’s called the
book ponzi scheme noted the respect of the comes on both
sides the i’ll call the probably small stimulus packages a ponzi scheme but let’s talk about something else the immigration perry wants the children addendum is
even at the illegal immigrants to still be productive to get the in-state
tuition for state colleges so they can be productive i think the republicans
are usually lousy idea gration i think this is a great position for republican
candidates at and i think perry is dead on now will let her down however in a
conservative right leaning primary that’s what i want less on that issue
came up that crowding out much like right by his answer dial and then then
that’s and that’s another issue yet the corti caplets charge amin you know romley your puppy love
them please let me geo gravlin if they lose they get blown away on the hispanic
vote for you wasn’t of the long-term future of of the republican party is if
they’re really getting thirty percent hispanic vote they’re not gonna win many
elections uh… that’s a big difference between
two thousand eight and two thousand eyes that white voters about the same
numbers with the salim or hispanic voters uh… that leap are you looking to meet
the needs of a new and because it’s republicans like florida republicans
know a lot more about how to deal with immigrants in this fax and some uh… far western republicans for
example omitted from the state of alaska i won’t mention any names bucks an hour
about jobs growth did perry stand-up tour on the on jobs growth in texas
uh… yeah romney might have a good governor better of him but again the
perry’s brand new in the race run has been at this for eight years prefer to be that close again says a lot
for prison building are you suggesting that after we get the polling results in
the mirror on the is going to be the new front runner other email vogue bit of a few points there he’ll carry never had a tough debate in
texas he always had an easier time there so this is the first real tough debate
has been in couple more these new big recital of the betting that the abbey
online betting markets before the first debate they had parry up by seven now after the
second mate perry’s down by seventy there’s been a
little bit a shift laughs and come back to you at under your hostile to these
candidates but so there’s a part of the candidates it’s what they stand for yet
as a candidate samatha that’s ok appellee as i said ron paul
had this guide diana church not on the street i just want it to preserve ron paul’s a honor but in
all seriousness look at it’s with the fact that he let him die alright that’s
been the satellite’s unfortunately things happen in life that i can’t
defend that i thought i would miss out if i was up there but i want to ask you
about this problem the doctor poem governor temple at the administer has
endorsed around and there’s now a whole crew of republican establishment people
this is very interesting to me who believe that perry is not electable and
romney is electable as a democrat i want you to take a whack attack could they be
making a big mistake do you remember years ago the mainstream media and these
talisman said ronald reagan was not electable what’s your quick takeover i
think the social security thing is going to be a big problem for repairing any
because i like you say he’s trying to find he’s trying to walk away from it but the bottom line is that stage know
that that that social security and medicare our beloved programs even by the tea
party and so uh… you cannot even if they are
going bankrupt well i mean uh… is that i i i i i agree with that at least like
what is it a herbalife symbol of i will leave it there are patents and cedar
jamie patrick of his and marks amount thank you very much i appreciate it

Maurice Vega

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  1. Who the fuck is this Kudlow guy? He seems distraught at the notion that the republicans are washington insiders who have corperations in their back pockets.

  2. LOL No one ever talks about Obama's corporate connections the way the do about Republi-cons. He's a corporate whore and a crook, too.

  3. Social Security Disability Insurance began deficits in 2005. Medicare deficits begin in 2014. Social Security Disability Insurance is bankrupt in 2018. Today's 50-yr-olds retire in 2028; 1 year later, Medicare is bankrupt. Today's 40-yr-olds retire in 2038; 2 years later, Social Security Retirement Insurance is bankrupt. $3.3 trillion will be borrowed from the Social Security Trust Fund by 2015. The Trust Fund is expected to be exhausted by 2037. I don't care what you call as long as you save it

  4. @HolyCity2012 I hear Norman Goldman talking about it. Where's everyone else? Unless some real progressive challenges Obama, I don't see anyone seriously criticizing him because, guess what, it's him or whatever the GOP churns out, right now, so why would you diminish him?

  5. @kazooga1234 Source? "Cutting scheduled benefits or raising Social Security taxes during the next few decades would extend the solvency of OASDI trust funds. Example: under a policy option with a gradual reduction in benefits such as a reduction in cost-of-living adjustments by .5% annually starting in 2012 the trust fund exhaustion date would be extended by nine years to 2048—such that benefits from 2039 through 2048 would be higher than payable benefits under current law." Has this been done?

  6. @kazooga1234 2011 Board of Trustees report: In 2010 54mil people received S.S. benefits, while 157mil people payed into the fund: 44mil received retirement benefits; 10mil received disability benefits. 2011 will see 56mil beneficiaries & 158mil workers paying in. 2010's total income was $781bil & $713bil in expeditures, meaning a $69bil total net, asset increase. Assets in 2010 were $2.6tril, an amount that expected to be adequate to cover the next decade.

  7. @kazooga1234 In 2023 total income & interest earned on assets are projected to no longer cover expenditures for Social Security, as demographic shifts burden the system. By 2035 the ratio of potential retirees to working age persons will be 37 percent: there will be less than three potential income earners for every retiree in the population. The trust fund would then be exhausted by 2036 without legislative action.

  8. @kazooga1234 The S.S. payroll tax is not progressive. Millionaires should pay more. FDR on why: “I guess you’re right on the economics. They are politics all the way through. We put those pay roll contributions there so as to give the contributors a legal, moral, and political right to collect their pensions and their unemployment benefits. With those taxes in there, no damn politician can ever scrap my social security program. Those taxes aren’t a matter of economics, they’re straight politics”

  9. @kazooga1234 I was quoting the annual report released by the Social Security Board of Trustees for 2010, so if someone's wrong, it's them, not me. I'm asking for a source to confirm your claim—that's all. Give me a source, please.

  10. @DisturbedHavok @kazooga1234 says it's not bankrupt. It's OK. Guess that means more tax breaks for the wealthy. It's fine, no problem here.

  11. @kazooga1234 Give a citation please, yours is an important point, I want to make sure you're not lying. The only thing I found was a proposal in a CBO dissertation on its site,, & the S.S. Admin.'s site,, from July 2010 entitled "Social Security Policy Options." I even gave you the quote, it's positing something new, not an overview of something old that was done under Pres. Clinton. Have we cut benefits & hiked S.S. taxes to extend OASDI's solvency to 2048? Give a source, thanks

  12. @kazooga1234 I don't know who "david pakman" is, sorry. My sources are the the Congressional Budget Office, the Social Security Administration, the Social Security's Board of Trsutees, and yours is "TYT." Alright buddy. You take care, now.

  13. @kazooga1234 I'll read the Google finding. I promise, and I don't say that with any irony. Shoot me a link, whenever you find it, and it doesn't have to be right now. Thank you.

  14. @kazooga1234 That was written in 1988. I' give up-to-date data directly from the S.S Admin. "Projected long-run program costs for both Medicare and Social Security are not sustainable under currently scheduled financing, will require legislative correction if disruptive consequences for beneficiaries & taxpayers are to be avoided."

  15. @kazooga1234 Costs for both programs increase substantially through 2035 because 1) the number of beneficiaries rises rapidly as the baby-boom generation retires and 2) the lower birth rates that have persisted since the baby boom cause slower growth of both the labor force and GDP. Social Security’s projected annual cost increases to about 6.2 percent of GDP in 2035, declines to 6.0 percent by 2050, and remains at about that level through 2085.

  16. @kazooga1234 Under current law, projected Medicare cost increases to 5.6% of GDP by 2035, reaching 6.2 percent in 2085, driven in the latter period largely by the rising cost of health care services per beneficiary. These projected costs may well be exceeded because they're based on the assumptions that the deep reductions in physician fees required by the sustainable growth rate system aren't waived by legislation & the Affordable Care Act’s reduced provider payment updates are sustainable.

  17. @kazooga1234 Trustees Charles P. Blahous & Robert D. Reischauer:
    First year outgo exceeds income excluding interest: OASI: 2017; DI: 2005; OASDI: 2010; HI: 2008.
    First year outgo exceeds income including interest: OASI: 2025; DI: 2009; OASDI: 2023; HI: 2008.
    Year trust funds are exhausted : OASI: 2038; DI: 2018; OASDI: 2036; HI: 2024.
    HI non-interest income fell short of expenditures in 2010 as it has since 2008; the HI fund used interest income ($14bil) & assets ($32bil) to fund expenditures.

  18. @kazooga1234 The GOP isn't saying this, I'm quoting Social Security Administration's Board of Trustees reports from this year, 2011, not your 1988 article or Clinton's 1999 State of the Union. According to the Social Security trustees' report, through 2032-2048, the period of time during which the trustees project that the trust fund will be bankrupt but Clinton claimed it will still be solvent, the trust fund will have a deficit of $32,209,207bil ($32.2tril); Clinton only invested $2.7tril.

  19. @sswwooppee I feel sorry for Alan. I'd kill myself if I had to host a 5-times-a-week political talk-show that's—puke—popular among conservatives. He gets the most soul-crushingly insipid calls from right-wingers on radio, and I'm sure there's some kind of award for that. I'm shuddering, right now, just thinking of having to endure that. Sorry, Alan.

  20. This is utterly hilarious! You know the rightwing just live in their own little universes, especially the corporate conservatives, they think that they an the politicians and political positions are believed by the US majority and that they are masters of the universe. God their all so deluded. I also love the mindset these elitist conservatives hav, that they are the ones persecuted-that if the big mean gov would leave em alone an stop regulating them than they'd be able to save the world, lol.

  21. By the way, no true liberals would ever vote for Ron Paul. On certain subjects Paul is fuckin kick-ass on, but then during this last primary season he moved further to the right than he had ever been before. He began highlighting some of the hardcore fucked up concepts that make him a conservative. He also kissed Romney's at the end there an he had the perfect opportunity to attack a true rich elitist corporatist-yet he past up on it and never went after Romney all yr. I hav 0 respect 4 him now

  22. Plus CNBC is a right-wing corporatist sounding-board. And Ron didnt say he'd let the person die, but he definitely inferred it by saying that the guy should take responsibility an shoulda had health insurance to begin with. U can't listen to his statement and not take away that he didn't atleast hint toward letting the guy die. This is where civ libs seem to be misinformed or deliberately refusing to see what our gov is. Its one function is to see to the public's needs and help take care of it

  23. Oh and by the way, that fucking Kudlow guy keeps saying how SS and Medicare are going bankrupt and shit, yeah SS is 100% paid for and will continue to be for years moron! The mainstream elitist media and beltway media has jumped onto this band-wagon saying that, OH NO, SS is running outa $, OH NO!!! And they dont realize how stupid they sound, there possibly will be problems with its solvency in more than a decade from now for fuck sakes! Its fear-mongering by the rich trying to cut from both

  24. Wow three on one!? Gotta love the objective journalism with balanced views…. republicans say this, democrats say that! Haha he whooped em all too!!! And wtf are these people talking about? Who is Ron Paul, one of your candidates pal! Asks Sammy sandwich why he doesn't like private charities and religious based ones, suggesting Sam is their two most hated things: socialist and atheist! Guess what Me Sammy Sandwich is a self proclaimed socialist, HOWEVER, any average person could tell he is a serious Jew and a Semite proud of his heritage! Worse yet, the dummy suggests that Sam is against private charitable givings,,,, why on earth would he be against something like benevolent deeds? Does this make Sam Sandwich Seder The Evil Socialist Jew? Hmmm…. never would imagine a right winger might think this….

  25. I love these old school vids "Remember when they said Ronald Regan wasn't electable"… Senator, I knew Ronald Reagan, I served with Ronald Reagan, Ronald Reagan was a friend of mine, Senator Perry, you are NO Ronald Reagan…

  26. Jesus Larry kudlow literally handwaves away people dying from lack of healthcare “things happen in life I don’t know”, after 3 times joking about how Ron Paul’s answer was that they’d die in a church instead of on the street

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