Salim Mansur – Trump Impeachment and the Globalist Agenda

Salim I think it was Confucius who
said life is simple we just make it complicated and the impeachment vote in
the House of Representatives in the United States the other day it’s
certainly one of those instances surrounding which there’s so much
complexity which i think is unnecessary and I want your opinion today on the
impeachment and what it means for America what it means for Canada some of
the broader picture but to put that into context I just want to go through just a
couple of points in this complex issue that in my investigation my reading have
come out to be the salient points the points that are of most importance to me
in trying to understand this impeachment process and that is that first of all
there was a wealthy billionaire in the Ukraine by the name of Mykola Zlokevsky who created a a company dealing in gas called Burisma now Zlokevsky
ironically was also a minister for the ecology now people can let that sink in
for a bit just imagine if a CEO from one of the oil sands firms was our Minister
of the Environment how that would go down however that’s a little bit of an
aside because the allegation is that not against Trump but the allegation is that
Burisma founder Mykola Zlockevsky Zlockevsky sorry
hired Hunter Biden Joe Biden’s son having no experience in the gas industry
whatsoever in order to use Hunter’s influence on his father Joe Biden at the
time vice president of the United States under Obama to have a prosecutor fired a
Ukrainian prosecutor who happened to be investigating corruption and money
laundering and Burisma was on the list of companies that they were
investigating and to use Joe Biden’s words well the son of a bitch
got fired so later on at Council for Foreign
Relations video Joe Biden bragged about the fact that he had the prosecutor
fired although he did not bring up his son of course jump forward to July 25th
of this year and we have the President of the United States now Donald Trump
calling up the new president of the Ukraine Zelenskyy
and the conversation became the point of through a what they’re calling a
whistleblower but is actually an accuser grounds for impeaching the President and I have the
transcript here which is basically the only document of any hard substantial
evidence for impeachment that was presented to the the House the rest
being all innuendo and hearsay so if we look through the transcript and I’ll be
very brief here there are two points that jump out at one point in the
conversation he says the president says to Zelenskyy I would like you
to do us a favor I’d like you to find out what happened to this whole
situation with Ukraine they say CrowdStrike I guess you have one of your
wealthy people and then it becomes inaudible of the server he mentions they
say Ukraine has it so in other words this was about CrowdStrike this favor
was about finding out about CrowdStrike and CrowdStrike of course was a company
who helped investigate the leaking of emails from the Democratic National
Committee later on in the transcript he talks about a completely different thing
so nothing no favors are mentioned but he talks about the other thing and I’m
quoting here the other thing there’s a lot of talk about Biden’s son that Biden
stopped the prosecution and a lot of people want to find out about that so
whatever you can do with the Attorney General and he’s talking here and think
about the American attorney general would be great but and went around
bragging that he stopped the prosecution so if you can look into it it sounds
horrible to me that’s it that’s the entire evidence that the
house has in my estimation my reading of it if we tear away all the drawers tear
away all the the complexities that are superficially imposed on this issue that
people have to look at a transcript that is perfectly innocent
in my estimation no quid pro quo no if you don’t do this then I will do that
unlike with Joe Biden if you don’t fire the prosecutor I won’t loan you a
billion dollars so Salim with that background and there’s a ton more we can
go into however for brevity’s sake with that background what does this
impeachment and you can talk about the vote what does the vote on the
impeachment because he hasn’t been impeached yet in my thoughts mean for the
Democratic Party the 2020 election America as a whole and from Canada’s
perspective looking down at this fiasco what does it mean to you give us your
expert opinion it means a lot I mean books will be written I mean a hundred
hundred fifty two hundred years from now people will be looking back on this
whole episode of this war that happened on Wednesday evening and whether that
vote is in any way to be taken as a fact that the president of the United State
the 45th president in the United States Donald J Trump has been impeached by the
house it is the responsibility of the Constitution gives the house the
responsibility to impeach a sitting president and then the articles of
impeachment goes to the Senate and it is in the Senate that the trial takes place
so the question that you have raised whether the president has been impeached
nor because nowadays what we are talking three days after four days after that
would that took place which all of us saw those of us who are interested and
watching all of these things happen saw the would take place and that has gone
into the record and whether that is a matter of fact impeachment has
happened or it is all a fairy tale because Nancy Pelosi the Speaker of the
House has as so far not sent the articles of impeachment to the Senate
you know and so we are in that sense and I Tokyo uncharted territory but getting
back to the story that you have told and very well and and if we can go deep into
it but I am reluctant because I think they will put everybody to sleep on this
one yes is is a story that has no leg when it
comes to charging the president according to the Constitution I mean the
Constitution is very clear about he said it’s a very short sentence you know and
it’s very clear here I have the Constitution by the way Robert just to
give you a background this this copy the Constitution I picked up for $0.10 u.s.
10 sent us in 1976 on the bicentennial year in Philadelphia I visited
Philadelphia for the bicentennial celebration you know I’ve gone back to
Philadelphia number of time after that I took my daughter and my son you know to
do the historical walk and so on so for the Liberty Bell but this way it is so
this is a very you know memorable copy of the Constitution that I hold and it’s
a very small document as you can see which is the most remarkable thing about
the American Constitution it is easily accessible readable very short and
precise and so it article 2 which is the article that deals with the chief
executive of the United States and his responsibilities and how needs to
conduct himself as a chief executive and in the present of the United States
section 4 of the article 2 has just this following sentence you know or rather
the phrase the president shall be removed from office on impeachment for
and conviction also be impeached in the sense that you know that is a matter of
dispute but I leave it for the moment they haven’t
beat the president and the conviction has to take place in the Senate that
mean the trial and the decision for what treason bribery or the high crimes and
misdemeanors so you have told the story about what happened in this particular
issue was is what they have rigged it up to charge the president for high crimes
and misdemeanors it all began with a there was the quid pro quo then it was
whether there was a bribery and maybe you know it’s a question of high crimes
and misdemeanors and none of that stands you know when when one goes into the
nitty-gritty detail the precedents and his Donald J Trump call the president of
the Ukraine as you have mentioned and you went through the script call the
president first of all to greet him on becoming the president of Ukraine and
then in that conversation mention as you have talked about it he asked the
president Dillons key to investigate to do ask and
he says to do us that is United State not him in person to do us a favor that
is to see what the Scout strike is all about that had caused so much problem in
the u.s. in the 2016 election and then by the way he said about do you read the
transcript about Joe Biden and his son hunt abide and the Democrats seized upon
that conversation of July 25th do blow it up into the president has engaged in
quid pro quo to interfere once again to get their Ukrainian a foreign government
to interfere with a domestic issue in America which is the election to
investigate Joe Biden and his son for hanta Biden being given a possession at
$80,000 was a month with Bruce WA and oil and
gas company Ukrainian oil gas company in which hunter Biden had no background he
has no background in gas or oil business so this was a pay-for-play scheme and
the president asked for investigation because Ukraine is one of the most
corrupt corrupt governments in the face of this earth and there’s all sorts of
issues surrounding what is happening with the American aid money going into
the Ukraine and the scheme of kickback so that’s that’s what it is we can go
into the gritty detail but I would want to put it into context why did this July
25th call became the trigger for the Democrats to go into such a half that
the president is a clear and present what what did they call him clear and
present danger he has to be immediately removed that mean impeached and removed
because he will otherwise continue to cancel with the help of foreign
government the new electoral process in American politics you know that he is a
person who cannot be trusted who the traitor who who is a stooge in a puppet
of First Instance Vladimir Putin of herbs of Russia and now of President
szalinski to whom he’ll ask for a favor personal favor that’s the quid pro quo
business and a bribery the bribery is that you know if you do us this favor
we will then release the foreign aid money to Ukraine that has been passed by
the Congress so why was this all ginned up rigged up the dust interesting story
Robert you see a couple of months before the July 25th called much anticipated
Muller the Special Counsel robert muller to investigate the russia collusion came
down with the report after 22 months of investigation after
spending millions of dollars I believe over 35 million dollars 40 lawyers that
was in the team of the Special Counsel robert muller over 2,800 subpoenas 500
witnesses and so on and so forth they came out with nothing it was a big thud
now the Democratic Party the deep state had invested all of their energy and all
of their expectations that Robert Miller will find the goods on president problem
that he will find that that allegation that had been jinda by the FBI by the
CIA by by the director Dean natural intelligence and all high intelligence
officials of the Obama administration based upon a document that the people
came to know very soon that was a fake document bought and paid for by the
Hillary campaign that is the Christopher steel dossier that accused and alleged
the relationship some of them most salacious conduct on the part of
President Trump and the relationship between the Russian Federation Vladimir
Putin and president from all beginning with the accusation that the Russians
have basically hacked the homebrew server of Hillary Clinton when she was a
secretary of state something like 33,000 email and that
they were passing on those information to you so here it is the effort to get
the president in peace has been the entire priority of the Democratic Party
of Hillary of the deep state or that now we know we would not have
known any of these things if Hillary had been elected all of this would have gone
under the under the bridge and now we know the the Obama
administration had weaponized the intelligence community now there is the
17 intelligence agencies of the American state most importantly the CIA the FBI
the DNI the Defense Department intelligence and so on and so forth
they’ve weaponized it to gather information to surveil the Trump
campaign to monitor and worktop them and they of course denied all of this thing
and now we know that and how do we know that well first of all there was those
hearing that took place in 2017 and the Congress the Democrats kept saying that
these are all safe there’s nothing to it and then in the 2018 election the
Democrats took the house part and so now they have the control of the various
committees Intelligence Committee in the judiciary and so on and they ratcheted
up their effort to find the reason to invite the president they had the Buller
special counsel working away full time and the big thing that people began to
suspect or enough people began to suspect in America or what had happened
with the Obama administration all came together when on December the 9th just a
few weeks ago the office of the Inspector General for the FBI Michael
Horowitz the director or rather than expecting general himself released the
final report on the FBI and pointed out all the malfeasance all the corruption
all the Auriga irregularity impropriety the james kofi the FBI
director had used the steel boss here and his people in the FBI leadership the
deputy director the loyalist Peter Straub Lisa fade Andrew McCabe that use
the steel dose here to get the FISA code to give the warrant to surveil and spy
upon from campaign miss members team in fact they were very low members caught a
page and George papadopolis and and they were doing that to use them to enter
into the from campaign and now we know all of this thing so it’s true Celine
because I think what we’re getting into though is the unnecessary complexity of
this issue and I but I think that you’ve you’ve hit upon the the one simple
explanation is that the Democrats from day one January twentieth of 2017 have
told the American public they will impeach this president
so all they did was had to wait until they got the lower house back two years
later and then they just had to find anything that they could label a high
crime were misdemeanor if if Trump had jaywalked on Pennsylvania Avenue and got
a ticket they would have labeled that a misdemeanor or a high crime enough to
vote to impeach and so all of the back story with Muller and the FBI and that
steel dossier you’re right that was a nothing burger that failed that was just
keeping time until they could find something and then all of a sudden he
calls and mentions Joe Biden arrival politically for the presidency in 2020
to investigate his son or not to investigate his son but to investigate
the matter and so whether it was jaywalking or whether it was this
innocent phone call to szalinski you’ve you’ve outlined the pattern that
this was in the works since day one and it doesn’t matter what happened yes or
but that’s I mean about taking to do that they just establish the fact that
the Democrats were out to nullify this sort of sixty three million Americans to
elect Donald J Trump as their president now that is the high crime and
misdemeanor so everything that the Democrats have told a president from is
ironically a projection of what they have been doing they have done the
surveillance their illegal surveillance they have you the FISA Court to spy upon
American citizen that is prohibited they have used the FBI in a corrupt manner
that is the FBI director James Comey in a corrupt and improper manner to
interfere in a domestic political campaign you know in fact the list of
impropriety irregularity and unlawful behavior is too long for you and me to
go through it I just wanted to establish that oh yeah what it is is something
what it is as you correctly point out is a distraction
it is a diversion so that people look at Trump rather than look at the actual
money laundering of Burress know where the federal aid from the Obama
administration to the Ukraine went and we’re talking at seven and a half
billion dollars eighty percent of which was American funds according to Rudolph
Giuliani we’re looking at the fact that why did BER yzma hire hunter Biden when
he has no experience what else could he have been hired for other than the fact
that he was the vice president’s son so you’re right the first thing is that
it’s been planned from the beginning the second
thing is that it’s a cover-up it’s a diversion what else can we take away
from this impeachment fiasco what right but I’ll get into it I mean they did the
restoring beef or rather what is the what’s the implication I mean that’s
what we wanted in a sense talked about but I just want to fill out some for the
farm you know the burr is my story that you have narrated is what they are using
to indict the president and then to impeach him and which is what made the
war falls on Wednesday was about the pay to play scheme Joe Biden and you know
that you know we will release the money he he facts that sad as you as you
pointed out and we have all seen those clips from the Council of Foreign
Relations video and the conference when he sat down and boasted he looked at his
watch and he said you know you’ve got one hour or something like that six
hours and you medic fire that man otherwise the thing will not be relieved
the money will not be relieved and that’s the pay-for-play scheme so in the
collusion was Joe Biden with the video crane Ian’s you know and a kickback
taking place no the big of collusion story was the Russian collusion story
and who was colluding it was Hillary Clinton it was Hillary Clinton who had
gone to Russia said she’s going to reset the button for the relationship it was
Hillary Clinton who had sold signed off the uranium one deal that’s all 20% of
the cranium our resources a supply of this uranium one to the Russians the
Russian paid money something like a half a million dollar for a 25-minute speech
by Bill Clinton in Moscow so you know as I said a little while ago everything
that the Democrats have said that President Trump is guilty of is actually
a projection or what the Democrats have been doing and I think that needs to be
established the other thing is that the President
Trump had run that is as as candidate the Republican nominee in 2016 in action
he and Ron and he’s been talking about that ever seen that he is committed to
draining the swamp here is the issue then what is the swamp that is the DC
swamp the capital swamp that is the permanent bureaucracy in Washington
operation intelligence agencies is one of the permanent bureaucracy then the
set up in the Congress house and the Senate and and their activity how
corrupt they are what has happened to the American people you know what has
happened in the American economy of all these people that the swamp has
maneuvered for the last half a century and more precisely for the last 25 years
in the end of the Cold War to enrich themselves and to in a sense
impoverished the American people so here at the man who came with an openly
stated goal and objective that he will drain the swamp he will clean out the
mess you know and so from the moment he walked into the White House after the
inauguration or from the moment that he won the election on the night of
November the 8th 2016 the swamp has been busy to decapitate the president
politically and and that’s the story that we need to understand and we need
to understand that story because the corporate media has twisted the fat
completely around the American media the mainstream media has been used by the
democratic party through leaks of the leaks that is the swamp has leaked the
story to bran the president as the culprit as the traitor as the guy who
won a fraudulent election as an instrument and tool of a foreign power
in this case Vladimir Putin and this has been done by the corporate media they
both the television and the chronic pressed so New York time and
Washington Post NBC a CBC CNN nevron a 24 by 7 campaign against Donald J prong
right from the outset now it is not only the corporate media in the United State
we’re not talking about global also the same thing in Canada the issue that I
think we need to in a sense in fact at least aid that apart from the few people
who have followed the story in detail and have followed the story and the
backstory and have understood what is a play the worst majority of the people
who do United State but definitely in Canada is being very badly served by the
media yes and I will say deliberately badly served by the media you go around
and talk to the Canadians they have no idea of what has happened in the United
States and they’re all basically especially in our universities and our
colleges by our elite establishment the president crumb is a vulgar man is a man
who cannot be trusted as a man you know who has just used the words you know who
has sold out American interests to in this case Russia or to the Ukrainians
and so on and so forth it has been basically the corporate media story that
has been told you know where the actual facts is just the river waters this is
the president that in the last three years this is the third we just had the
third anniversary of the election so we are now in the fourth year of his first
term that has completely turned around the American economy as he said he would
do this is a soaring American economy the employment is a full-employment jobs
have been created in November the report that came down was he had created
something like 270 thousand jobs in his three year term in office over seven
million have been created investment is flowing
back you know industries are coming back to America the economy is booming the
wages are high be the minority the blacks in the Hispanic they’re having a
record-breaking employment taking place what happened in Canada the same
November that the American report came out that the $270,000 they had been
treated in one month our report was reported in the United States that we
had lost something like 70,000 jobs and that had been kept under cover during
the October election so that nobody would know so the corporate media is no
longer the Fourth Estate for the people holding the people in power accountable
in fact it has become the instrument of the establishment and in the United
States the question is whether the corporate media is now the Democratic
Party in the Democratic Party the instrument of the corporate media or the
reverse but whichever way it is with the Democratic Party is using the corporate
media for its purpose or the corporate media using the Democratic Party for its
purpose this is the billionaires in America the corporate media which is
running a campaign against of people of America and that’s the story that needs
to be understood and this is where we come down to I mean if you if you want
to put it in a in a larger context in a context in which this is not simply
about America it is not the struggle of the 21st century Robert this is where
where we are globalism the Democrat Party is a globalist party it is being
won by the corporate media the corporate media the mouthpiece of the Democratic
Party and they are globalist President Trump is the first president in American
history and especially the first president since the end of Second World
War who is actually a counterrevolutionary he puts the
interests of the nation’s take make America great again that is to bring
back to make America stand again you know American
exceptionalism American state the defense of the nation state that’s what
the 2016 election was all about in America that was the 2016 referendum in
Britain all about the brexit you know we in Canada are the only Anglo in the
Anglo American sphere that’s the english-speaking country out-of-step the
Australians have elected a Conservative government the Liberal Party in
Australia now you know in December a couple of weeks ago in Britain it was a
resounding victory of Boris Johnson in the Conservative Party committed to
brexit that is a nail in the coffin of the globalist in the world the 2016
election in America was make America great again you know
Sir Robert I mean to put in the larger bigger context of the story of what has
happened in America with Donald Trump is to understand that this effort to
nullify his election is part of the globalist agenda of the deep state and
even in the United State the Democratic Party and and that has been in a sense
the effort of the globalist to prevent a nationalist populist government in
countries like Canada Australia and of course Britain take power we have seen
in in in in Britain in the election about 10 days ago Boris Johnson coming
back with the resounding victory and so the brexit deal will be done in
Australia they elected earlier on a Conservative government the Liberal
Party of Australia so Canada is the only country with our October election that
has been not only bucking the trend of the rise of populist nationalist
government against the globalist agenda it seemed that we have gone on the other
direction we have actually gone to elect a party and now government that
is fully committed to the globalist agenda for the you at UF and Paris
Accord UN global migration compact migration you and agenda 2030 and so on
and so forth so that that is the largest story and you can see that the Canadian
media is as complicit in that sent the corporate media in telling a story or
spinning a narrative that basically smears the the nationalist populist
leader like Donald Trump or Boris Johnson you know in the case of Canada
it was Maxim Bernie ur who was basically smeared and destroyed in a sensitive new
party he didn’t have the depth to the support in the background and it was
very easy given the nature of our electorate in our society at the stage
of our history to destroy a person before and that’s what the corporate
media did yes so this is a good way perhaps to end it with the context of it
almost sounds conspiratorial doesn’t it but it the fact in fact it is
conspiratorial what does what is it what is a conspiracy is two or more people
getting together to do something it doesn’t have to be hidden it’s an open
conspiracy with all the globalists in the world from George Soros who’s said
that he hates the United States who says that he wants an open society you know
to Justin Trudeau who says that the United Nations ISM is that is the way to
go in Canada is the first post national state to Merkel to macro all of these
globalists out there have openly said what they want and the vote to impeach
President Trump arguably the best president the United States has seen at
least in my living memory just goes to show the extent to which these globalist
will will go to to destroy the United States
to destroy anybody who gets in their way wouldn’t you agree yeah absolutely I
mean there are times well you know conspiracy is simply a way to fabricate
a story to undermine onda legitimize whoever is the target but there are time
when conspiracy happens I mean whether it is the conspiracy that took out
President Lincoln over there a conspiracy that took out President
Kennedy people are going to still be arguing they have been arguing everson
building events happen conspiracy now which has been more or less exposed by
the inspector general even though inspector general says that
you know he didn’t find any testimonial or written evidence on peyer’s but the
fact of the matter is that the record that goes to show the improper in
legalities and so on and so forth that happened with the FDR and the CIA and
now that both investigations are going will in a sense once the indictment
takes place when the grand jury is heard it and the indictment take place and the
matter goes to the court which is what many people expect then yeah there was a
conspiracy I mean these people fabricated a story I ran with the story
the corporate media participated in broadcasting that story and the
politician felt vindicated that what was imagined you know the little boy that
cried wolf and the wolf was there in their imagination and that they when
they went on to operate on that oil to act upon that narrative that story that
Dane himself had created with the world that took place for all of us to witness
now whether that has been an impeachment done in the legal sense of the term or
not is a matter now that will be disputed or until we know you know what
happened if Nancy Pelosi doesn’t bring both articles of impeachment into the
Senate we will see what the next step will be when the Congress returns in
January what all of that goes to show how deep how
concentrated and how focus was the effort of the Democratic Party and the
deep state to nullify the world of 63 million Americans who voted for Donald J
Trump to be the 45th President of the United States and that effort continues
you know and and unless in the 2020 election President Trump is not only
reelected and I would predict that he I’ll go on to predict but I would but
I’ll go on to predict that he’s going to be reelected and he might be reelected
very well on a landslide election you know it might be a historic proportion
reaching the similar manner in which President Nixon who won the election in
1972 again George McGovern when the Democratic Party nominated one of the
most left oriented senator as the Democratic nominee then in 1984 when
Ronald Reagan won his reelection against one Walter Mondale that was a landslide
election of historic proportion 49 to 1 in the electoral college that is 49
States for Ronald Reagan one state for world among them that was in the home
state you bring up some things you bring up something selim that I think is also
and germane to this discussion and that is that people look at the votes that
Trump got but he got less votes than Hillary Clinton and they’re saying that
sure we’re going to be dismissing the votes of 49% or almost 50% of the United
States but Hillary got more votes but the point is that the United States
isn’t a democracy it’s a republic and I think it was Benjamin Franklin who said
when asked what form of government given us he said I’ve given you a
republic if you can keep it and I think that that’s what’s at the root of a lot
of this not just the globalism though that’s part of it it’s that Nancy Pelosi
Hillary Clinton and unfortunately a vast number of Americans think they live in a
democracy they do not but they’re quickly losing their Republic and I
think Ben Franklin is is shaking his head in his grave over what’s happened
no no Robert very well said I I couldn’t agree more with you and I
want to expand on that a little bit if you give me the time but I I just want
to conclude the thought that I was saying that they son the Donald Trump
will win in a 2020 reelection very likely in a landslide manner
yeah I’m and those to election of 1972 in 1984 I was just putting it in
perspective in the context of the sort of landslide that on from point wins
in 2020 but more importantly is the Republican Party taking back the house
because if the Republican Party doesn’t take back the house the Democrats will
continue yes to do what we have seen the Democrats doing once it took the house
back and 2018 election they have done nothing in terms of legislative agenda
for the people of America you know whether it is on health care whether it
is on the economy whether it is on jobs industry agriculture
not a single legislation of any importance has been passed except except
the irony that after they had voted on Wednesday for impeaching the president
when those two articles obstruction of justice obstruction of the Congress and
abuse of power the following day they voted to pass finally the US Mexico
Canada trade deal that had been sitting on the Democratic
how’s that is not Nancy Pelosi stable for almost a year so submit that was
never the legislation that they passed no but coming back to what you observe
and and and that’s so important that people understand what the Democratic
Party has become is no longer the Democratic Party that was it was once
was see the party of Jonas Kennedy or the party of his career Truman or the
party of even Franklin Roos well what the Democratic Party has become
particularly in the period of the Obama administration but in the last twenty
five years through the Clinton administration into the Obama
administration is a full-blown full-blown unapologetic Progressive
Party and now this has to be on listen progressivism in American politics is
nothing but another word another term for socialism of somewhere IT or even
communism it is a totally now left wing left oriented party that wants to ditch
the American Constitution and to make laws and to make legislation and to act
as they go along that mean there’s no more tradition you know they the
opposition to electoral college which is what you pointed out and this is what is
their goal is basically to turn America into a majoritarian country which is
progressivism is about majoritarianism which is just another word for
dictatorship or mob rule for mob rule precisely so they have def thrown aside
all the fundamental basis of rule of law and constitutional government and you
correctly pointed out the story of Benjamin Franklin that’s a republic that
is a republic ruled and governed by the Constitution and following the
Constitution so for instance the bedrock principle in the rule of law but only in
America but in Western democracy going back all the way and I would say it
isn’t english-speaking world particularly when
all the way back to Magna Carta is an individual is innocent until proven
guilty the presumption of innocence you’re innocent you can be charged with
anything but the onus the burden of responsibility is for the prosecutor for
the Attorney General for the director of justice and the American system in goj
to go to the courts and then to prove without doubt in a court of law
to your jury to the to your peers as Yuri that is the person is entitled
without doubt that you’re guilty so the burden of proof is on the government on
the prosecutor and and and the person you can indict him for whatever you want
is innocent until it has been proven you know I imagine that the election coming
up in 2020 and if Donald Trump is reelected that would be the jurists all
the Americans who would vote for him would have basically said the house is
wrong to vote to impeach the Senate you know if they come down and unfavorably
or whatever or they obviously they won’t but this whole globalist agenda it would
be a vote against that wouldn’t it Oh hundred-percent again you put it in
perspective there’s only been three precedents I mean if you take the
Wednesday waters matter that he has been impeached I mean and that’s a matter you
know argument that you raise but just for less for this argue for that for
this purpose say that you know he was impeach the matter still to go to the
Senate when the trial has to take place and the Senate will then act as a jury
and the Chief Justice will be the presiding officer these are all
according to the constitutional requirement present on would be the
third president to have been engage and he will be acquitted
because there is no 67 votes it has to be two-thirds majority so there is no 67
votes in the Senate to find the president guilty and therefore removing
from office so he will be acquitted and and the house knew that all along yes
but but but still they went on to impeach him so let’s take the two
previous cases that’s Andrew Johnson under President Lincoln yeah he was into
office but let’s not try to try not to get into too much detail no no too much
your the point is that he was impeached for whatever reason I’m gonna be a you
don’t want to get into details so clearly war he he wasn’t be by the house
but he was acquitted by the Senate yes and then he went on he was of the
salt he was submit the NSC and that was why he was on the running ticket with
President Lincoln that the Union chose here yeah because he was one of the
people from the South it would not break from the Union or remain halt to the
Union so he went back to Tennessee and he ran once again for the Senate and he
became elected and went back and served in the Senate okay now you have the case
of Bill Clinton who was impeached and they matter went to the Senate and he
was acquitted so that happened the case of Nixon is that he resigned me for the
work in the house on impeachment you know he was told that that he will be
impatient that he will lose in the Senate and so he resigned so that’s
that’s the take the point that you made is very correct that he the people will
completely negate by real acting the precedent and precedent from in 2020
what the house is done when Pelosi is done and the stain will be on the
Democrats on Nancy Pelosi that you know they rigged up this it was a totally
partisan vote there was not a single Republican who voted for the articles of
impeachment only Democrats voted but the irony is
it was a bipartisan world the neh side had Democrats voting with the Republican
divot to Democrats that went across to work for the Republican with the
Republican one Democrat voted present one Democrat who voted with the
Republicans have left the Democratic Party and has now joined the Republican
Party so so this all of this thing has really backfired but I come back to it
the issue of progressivism is so important and that’s where we are in
Canada from rest of ism today as it was in the 1929 twentieth century very much
a socialist agenda that is driven from the top you know authoritarian
majoritarian basically rubbishing the Constitution so now the globalists are
using again that majoritarian argument you know no electoral college the
Constitution is something of the past you know basically it is the product of
old white folks this is not a rainbow thing no no LGBTQ person has signed this
you know blacks were not there because America was in not in 1789 when the
Constitution was passed a country that was half slave half free so here it is
from the progressive estoy mui this is a reactionary counter-revolutionary
document and it has to be thrown into the garbage can of history you saw how
the Democrats have operated on the question of nomination and walk for the
Supreme Court justices you know justice Kavanagh had to prove that he’s innocent
rather than the Democrats have to prove that he is guilty and that’s exactly
what is happening with with president from that his he is guilty and he has to
prove himself innocent not the other way around the Democrats have to have
evidence and in the articles of impeachment the
two articles of impeachment there is no evidence is all here said you know in
fact their their their main witness the prime witness and these are all
unelected official bureaucrats they were diplomats they were professors of law so
that the main witness was ambassador Sondland who was the American ambassador
to the European Union and who said in open hearing that it was he who presume
that the conversation that Trump had with President Zelenskyy of Ukraine was
one of quid pro quo president Trump hadn’t asked for a quid pro quo
it is Sondland who presumed that it was quid pro quo and the whole argument collapsed yes listen Salim i think we have to leave it
there we’ve covered quite a bit a lot of ground but again i think you’ve done an
excellent job of putting into this impeachment fiasco into context the
broader global sense the context and thank you very much appreciate your time
as always Salim thank you Robert thank you so much

Maurice Vega

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  1. The positive economic activity in the US is a miracle considering the non stop media interference against president Trump.

  2. Liked & shared } thank you both for this interesting conversation shedding light on the impeachment manipulative – deceptive DRAMA ~

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