Safe and Sorry – Terrorism & Mass Surveillance

Terrorism is very scary, especially
when it happens close to home and not in some faraway place. Nobody likes to be afraid, and we were
eager to make the fear go away. So we demanded more security. In the last decade, it’s become
increasingly normal for civil liberties to be eroded and for
government agencies to spy on citizens, to collect and store
their personal information. Regardless of whether you’re a fan of
right- or left-wing policies, this affects every one of us. So we have to take a look at the data
and ask ourselves honestly, “Has all of this actually made us safer?” In the aftermath of 9/11,
the US government concluded that the law had not
kept pace with technology. It created the
Terrorist Surveillance Program initially to intercept communications
linked to al-Qaeda. Officials were confident that if the
program had been in place before 9/11, the hijackers could have been stopped. But soon the new powers were also used
to prove guilt by association. The FBI used immigration
records to identify Arab and Muslim foreign
nationals in the US. On this basis, 80,000 individuals
were required to register, another 8,000 were called in
for FBI interviews, and more that 5,000 locked up
in preventive detention. Not one terrorist was found in
what’s been called the most aggressive national
campaign of ethnic profiling since World War II. How commonplace it’s since become
for government agencies to collect and store
the personal data of citizens was made plain by the leak of
the Snowden documents in 2013. They showed how the NSA
can demand information about users from firms
like Microsoft or Google in addition to their daily collection of
data from civilian internet traffic such as email content and contact lists. So, instead of focusing on criminals, governments are increasingly
turning their attention to everyone. But if you are looking
for a needle in a haystack, adding more hay to the stack isn’t going
to make it any easier to find the needle. On the contrary, every recent success
announced by the NSA has come from classic target surveillance. Despite high hopes,
the NSA surveillance program has not stopped any
major terror attack. For instance, one of the Boston Marathon
bombers was already a target of the FBI. So what we need is not even
more random data, but better ways to understand and
use the information we have. Spy agenices are also pushing
to cripple encryption. In early 2016, the FBI asked Apple
to produce a backdoor program to disable the encryption
of a terrorist’s iPhone. Apple publicly declined, not only because
this tool could be used to permanently weaken the privacy of
law-abiding citizens worldwide, but fearing to open the floodgates for
governments requesting access to a technology used
by billions of people, a fear shared by security
experts and cryptographers. A few weeks later, the FBI revealed that
they had hacked the phone themselves, basically admitting that they lied to
the public about the need for a backdoor, which questions how trustworthy
spy agencies are in the debate about privacy and security, especially considering that the NSA,
for example, already has the capability to turn on your iPhone microphone
or activate your laptop camera without you noticing. Concerns about this are often met
with the argument, “If you have nothing to hide,
you have nothing to fear.” But this reasoning only creates
a climate of oppression. Wanting to keep certain parts
of your life private doesn’t mean you’re
doing anything wrong. Right now, we live in a democracy. But imagine the damage the wrong person
could do with all our data and such easy access to our devices. Anti-terrorism laws allow the authorities
to investigate and punish non-terrorism-related crimes
more aggressively. If you give law enforcement powerful
tools, they will use them. That’s why democratic oversight
is so important: even if those tools and laws aren’t
used against you today, they might be tomorrow. For example, following
the November 2015 Paris attacks, France expanded its already
extensive anti-terrorism laws by giving law enforcement greater
powers to conduct house raids and place people under house arrest. Within weeks, evidence emerged that
these powers were being used for unintended purposes, such as
quashing climate change protests. The governments of Spain,
Hungary, and Poland have introduced more restrictive laws
on the freedom of assembly and speech. Freedom of expression
and the press in Turkey has been seriously undermined
in the last few years, with people sentenced to prison
for criticizing the government. None of this is effectively
helping us fight terrorism. The motivation behind this
might be good, even noble, but if we let our elected governments
limit our personal freedom, the terrorists are winning. What’s worse, if we’re not careful, we might slowly move
towards a surveillance state. The data is pretty clear: the erosion of
rights, along with mass surveillance, hasn’t led to significant
successes so far, but it has changed
the nature of our society. Terrorism is a complicated problem… …without simple solutions. No security apparatus
can prevent a few guys from building a bomb in their basement. We should keep the principle
of proportionality in mind. Creating master keys to
enter millions of phones is not the same as
searching a single house. In most countries, the law already
permits a wide range of actions, including targeted surveillance. To take full advantage of
this existing potential, we need better international cooperation and more effective security
and foreign policies, better application of our present laws
instead of new and stricter ones that undermine our freedom. Let us not, out of fear, destroy
what we are most proud of: democracy and our fundamental
rights and liberties. This video was made possible
by your support on and the European Liberties Platform,
. Subtitles by the community

Maurice Vega

100 Responses

  1. If our freedoms are revoked 2 groups win. The government and the terrorists. This is why I’m ancap people, you should be too.

  2. “Those who would give up Essential Liberty, to purchase a little Temporary safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety"

  3. "He who gives his freedom for safety gets none of them. " is a famous quote and imho very true.
    We should rather work on the source of the problem instead of suppressing people. Cameras are influencing our daily live but will not stop people from comitting crimes after all.

  4. Everyone associated with this channel is a legend. They're a huge impact. But most importantly, they have balls of steel.

  5. my sister got "random" checked fucking 3 times one when we left to go to the other airport then when we went to the other country then when we came back to canada AMERICA FUCKING SUCKS MAD DICK

  6. Once I was playing fsx multiplayer and someone who was a troll made his flight number one of the 9/11 planes flight numbers and I told a mod, insta ban.

  7. "And with this YouTube video and its comments section full of hormonal teenage Anarchists, censorship and government surveillance was completely destroyed." /s

  8. Terrorism is a horrible thing. I think last year in Manchester, there was an attack at a concert. It was so shocking and sad. All terrorism is bad and terrible.

  9. Its not that complicated… If USA would stop its world wide warrs, terrorism might stop… then again, maybe its too late.

  10. Terrorists know they cant win in an actual fight. So they do acts of terrorism so their apponents will kill eachother trying to find the best solution to stop them. In a worsened state people are more likely to see the terrorists as heros fighting an oppressive regime. And thus Fear is their biggest weapon terrorists can use. Hence why their called terrorists.

  11. Thank you for doing this and what you can with your platform. In the long run, this video will serve it’s purpose. I promise

  12. Welp, both France n UK are basically nanny states at this point. x.x USA is following close behind. Lil too late to be stopped.

  13. How about a video on how this could be done safely and well , also listening to this , you would think the dark web is a ( all good thing ) thanks intelligence agencies , ya really messed up
    As an aside – you could a have a 9/11 every single day and it pales into insignificance compared to a nuclear war ( that the most important linkage to consider )

  14. I'm not proud of my democracy, as I don't live in a democracy, I live in a constitutional republic, two very different, yet commonly confused, things.

  15. Here in the US, we have the Fourth Amendment. It's pretty much the Right to Privacy. Because of the FBI, CIA, and NSA, that right might as well not even exist. But that's also why we have the First Amendment, to call attention to our rights being taken and to call for action against these authoritarian policies. If all else fails, we have the Second Amendment. It's the right to overthrow a tyrannical government. So if all of these other countries wonder why America is so loving of our guns no matter how many times they're used to kill people, the UK, China, France, Germany, Turkey, Iran, Russia, Spain, Poland, and many, MANY other governments who control their people is why. If Trump or any future president takes full control and starts smashing our rights and liberties, we have guns to protect us.

  16. This video didn't age well, considering the camps people are being placed in because apparently "terrorists are everywhere in mexico"

  17. Terrorists are Islam, but Islam is good, don't blame the religion of Islam, blame the terrorists
    They just wanna Destroy church, cuz terrorist islam

  18. But if you're looking for a needle in haystack, adding more hay to the stack isn't going to help.

    # so that we can look for all needle hiding into different haystacks, we don't want to Miss needle just because fear of becoming task difficult.

    We want all needles so we have to look into all haystacks

  19. We can either compromise a little bit with our freedom so that bad guys don't succeed in their intentions or we can refuse to compromise with our freedom and let the bad guys succeed in their intentions.

  20. In the case of the US govt trying to get into the iPhone, it wasn't so simple… The FBI wasn't lying, they legitimately couldn't get at it until a separate PRIVATE COMPANY approached them offering a private tool gain access to the phone.

  21. 9/11 was a false flag, WTC 7 was a controlled detonation. A modicum of research will show this. There were trillions missing in the govt budget and guess where the investigations were being done: WTC 7 and the very wing of the Pentagon hit. Then consider the desires of the US and Israeli interests in a ME war which were obvious since the USS Liberty incident which failed solely because the crew had the tenacity to survive. Vietnam followed shortly after. If you want to know, the answers are there and much more obvious than claimed. Or keep lying to yourself and saying the govt has only your best interests at heart.

  22. It also would help to fight poverty, hunger and such stuffs, cause these are the fertile ground where terrorism grows..

  23. A city controlled by surveillance how depressing we could say something slightly weird sounding and then we get thrown in jail that's-just-wrong

  24. Oh FFS, all scaremoaring!! it is not like any government is going to use these powers to tamper criminal investigations, do partial coUps K for their idea of nation, conspirate against its own state, intervene in civilian’s life for fun, and prove that they are right over reality, mess up your family and friends, stablish a coercive system, torture civilians, etc. Plus, all the information gathered from these surveillances is well protected and will never get out to your workplace of anything and never hinted publicly, nor resources that other allies have. I am sure that democratic overseeing of them avoid any bad scenario, we have a very well stablished division of powers. We are safe, and overseen by very professional, qualified, mature, respectful and the finest agents who work objectively and caring that civilians’ rights are only touched when is strictly necessary for the national interest.

    We live in a democracy in the western and we are not savages, they are agents, not pseudo terrorist. This is done purely and exclusively to protect our way of living and it does not denigrates it.

    Whoever say otherwise is a liar.

  25. a republic in which popular vote is decided by a handful of media corporations is not democracy…. just saying… if you read this, you are likely indoctrinated and believe that 2 entrances to a slaughter house doesn't result in war torn countries abroad… both of them do it and both of them take your liberties. That's how it is.

  26. I just realized that we all have someone that has a secret crush on us. The Government agents because THEY STALK US 24/7!!

  27. (In the middle of the video, you search up how to get rid of government agents)
    Government: Ok that's it I need to get rid of Kurzgesagt in a nutshell now.
    5 days later, A big tombstone that says RIP Kurzgesagt in a nutshell and the quote put on the tombstone is "Don't Mess with the Government or You will end up like me"

  28. "If you have nothing, you have nothing to fear"

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure that Kim Jong Un tells that to his citizens as well.

  29. In Egypt, The Decatur military government lead by Alsisi uses the terrorism as a reason to arrest and depress any criticising towards them. Any Egyptian citizen criticise the government will be arrested and charged with fabricated crimes. The army leaders took the leadership after the demonstration of 2011 and 2013 by weapons and committed cruel massacres towards the demonstrators who demonstrated against them and killed over 1000 innocent citizens and said that they were terrorists.
    He, alSisi, now securing his leadership with all his forces and spread few troops in Sinai which is killed every day by terrorists and he does not care for them.
    He builds palaces for him and his family with citizens' money while we have poor children eats from the trash.
    He destroyed the economy and the poor people in egypt was doubled.
    He buyed all the channels and journals and made an immense probbaganda from 2013 till now but the social media raised people's awareness.
    There will be a demonstration in the near future against them so please be with us guys, from now till the demonstration.
    We need every help from you to raise our voice to the international society. ?

  30. The law restricting free speech in Poland is horrible, you can't say anything bad about the current party on national tv (PiS). They are also putting fines for saying against them on private tv. It's literally broken democracy.

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