S. Korean farmers protest government’s decision to give up WTO developing country status

South Korean farmers rallied in front of
the National Assembly protesting against the government’s decision to no longer
maintain the developing country status at the WTO around 20 organizations
including the Korean Advanced Farmers Federation and called on the government
to come up with measures to help support the local agriculture sector they
believe changing the status would result in a decrease in agricultural subsidies
and lower tariffs on agricultural imports organizers say the demonstration
was attended by about 10,000 farmers

Maurice Vega

3 Responses

  1. No wonder they protest that, because SKorean govt. has been exploiting the position of developing country in WTO till being pointed out by Trump.

  2. South Korea has evolved and succeed making them a great reference for the future, even making them to be the top in the list to other forms of cooperation. Locals must solve their changes in a more positive way.

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