Russian Spam Is Still A Big Problem On Reddit

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more stories with your help late September 2018 a Reddit user called divest
Trump uploaded a detailed report to Reddit about suspicious political posts
that targeted read its main pro Trump discussion forum the content chiefly
originated from two websites brutalist. press and USA really calm which have
both been linked to Russia’s Internet research agency and individuals under
investigation by Robert Mueller FBI probe but it turns out that’s just the tip of
the iceberg because tens of millions of additional reddit users could have been
influenced in a joint investigation Point in Engadget have learned that at
least three additional domains and are also targeting the Donald and other conservative subreddits in similar
ways I’ve actually continued to kind of hunt down Russian propaganda and others
state-sponsored propaganda there’s just so much all across Reddit I’m still
compiling it but it’s it’s in the tens of thousands of posts thousands of users
are spreading it and it’s a it’s incredibly pervasive the suspected
Russian propaganda sites have been targeting at least 89 subreddits in
partnership with data analytics company Gravwell we have scrutinized the nature
and scale of these posts our findings suggest a Russian net attempt to
antagonize and influence Americans online which began mid-september last
year and is still ongoing the total subscriber base of all 89
subreddit is an excess of 68 million registered users the majority of the
subreddits were conservative or write lenient
such as conservatives only the Donald or dreamless one but some of the largest
subreddits with post from these domains are also nonpartisan or left-leaning
such as world news atheism or communism at the time of publishing read it had
banned six of the eighty-nine subreddit although two of those were banned
because they didn’t have any moderators and not because they were deemed to have
violated the rules of engagement additionally read it has quarantined one
of these subreddit 9/11 truth which now comes with a misinformation warning
before users can access the content the LinkedIn page of USA recon lists its
location as Moscow and the social media manager as Moscow face Dimitri Kukushkin
another Russian Alexander Malkovich created the website and works for Yevgeny Prigozhin who has been indicted for interfering in u.s. elections the FBI
indictment says that Pro goes in bankrolled Russia’s internet research
agency which has been accused of being a troll Factory the other website that
divest Trump exposed last month also have easy breadcrumbs
to follow there’s a few different sites online where you can view basic
information about a website where was it registered was it registered in Russia
is it hosted in Russia and the tricky part is you know a lot of the Russian
propaganda sites they’ve they’ve been getting smarter and they’re using the
dot-com top-level domain name and they’re registering through GoDaddy or
wherever Namecheap so it all looks American sometimes they don’t even try
to cover their tracks which was the case in USA really they were registered they
were hosted all out of Moscow st. Petersburg wherever in June 2017 a job
listing was posted to a Russian career web site with Alex at Bruce Lee stop
press as a contact email address the advertised position was a front-end
developer with English skills who could work from home the occasional work trip
to st. Petersburg the website has since changed its host country to the United
States but a screenshot from a previous who is page shows that USA really calm
was originally registered in Russia after posting the mail viral threats
already exposing the efforts of us a really calm and ruthless top press
divest from toll pointing gadget that South front org all right calm and
veteran today calm were behaving in very similar ways on reddit South front was
previously flagged as suspicious by jessyca arro a researcher and the
Winfred Martin Center for European studies in Brussels in an academic paper
published in the journal European view she cited South front org as a
pro-kremlin domain and said that it portrays herself as a crowdsource
project but it looks more like a professional info wall projects run or
backs by the Russian military it’s difficult to prove beyond doubt that
website is part of a misinformation campaign directed from the Kremlin the
researchers of show they only takes a small band of devotees to influence the
balance of an online conversation Shree Jiang Kumar a postdoctoral researcher at
Stanford University scrubbed read his comments and carried out a data-driven
analysis of conflicts on ready he found that a few bad eggs can have a huge
impact we wanted to understand the mechanisms that essentially lead to this
phenomena and which users and which communities are involved at this
troll-like reading behavior on reddit essentially
what we found was less than 1% of these communities were responsible for 75% of
these antisocial behaviors of conflict I’ve been Gemma Gregor this has been a
joint point and Engadget investigation thanks for watching and we’ll see you
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Maurice Vega

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  2. BS, remeber those democratic operatives faking Russian accounts and then following Roy Moore? Never charged, never denounced. No wonder people don't buy your narrative, liars.

  3. Really?? I’m flagging this post-!!
    I haven’t seen ONE Russian bot on Reddit. They’re sneaky huh? Nothing is Pro Trump—HELLOOOOOOOO


  4. You guys propagandize for the left-get the fuck out 😂😂😂😂🤦‍♀️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    Breadcrumbs??? You guys don’t know shit—do ya.
    You think we’re following anyone and being pushed toward LOVING TRUMP!??
    Fucking ridiculous because everyone hates fucking Trump on Reddit and you do to clearly.

    You’re flagged AF
    HRC the Democrats paid for this !!!
    Fuck you’re SLOW AF

  5. No the problem is people with suppressed rage and poor self esteem, who were likely abused when young: they create imaginary boogeymen in an attempt to remove the voices of those who say things that make them uncomfortable. These sad people rely on constant positive validation, if they receive any information suggesting they are not on the right path or they don't know something, they have to suppress the source of the info. This is a big problem in our society.

  6. So what should Russia ban Americans and anyone posting anything in Russian if they are not Russia?! This is racism pure and simple!

  7. This is literally fake news. Where is the data? The statistics? the methods of evaluation? the basis for the original story is a dude who reminds me of charlie in front of the board with the pins and yarn, trying to connect the non-existent dots.

  8. I'm no fan of Trump or Russia, but anyone who spends time on reddit will be able to tell you that this is bullshit. It's propaganda and nothing more. Almost all of reddit is against Trump, and you only really see support for him in a small amount of subreddits, really.

    There are no Russian troll farms on reddit. All the propaganda I see, posted on pretty much every popular subreddit, is AGAINST Trump.

    As I said, I don't like Trump, but it's pretty fucking obvious who is pushing all the propaganda on reddit… all the anti-Trump propaganda.

    I wonder how much you were paid to peddle this crap.

  9. Go away. No one believes your ridiculous war propaganda anymore.
    Also: you suck. And you've been reported as scammer. Unsubscribed.

  10. The dems are up to it again…..Nice job with your propaganda piece… People know how much bull this shit is by now…

  11. The majority of propaganda that comes out of reddit comes directly from Elgin Air Force base. That one base was/is responsible for a 'significant' percentage of reddit views/posts. I guess they don't like it when 'others' use the same nefarious astro-turfing propaganda techniques. It's OK when 'we' do it guys. It's 'those' guys that are the badd'uns.

  12. OHHH, look at the autistic screeching and childish whining when someone takes 1 page out of the Great Democratic Folio and uses it against them. As if some "Russians" invented this shit in the first place. As if Reddit and most of true and unbiased western media is not owned by the same cartel. And this diverse and modern looking fella on the screen is revealing the "big secret" of how the thing are done now. There is a war for the hearts and minds of the people, do not think we are all fools here.
    THIS is a thread to our democracy, guise!!

  13. I won't unsubscribe yet…now do an equal segment on US meddling in Iran, central america, Iraq,Afghanistan, Libya and wait for it…Venezuela…the US has been more successful at overthrowing governments then anyone in the last 100 yrs!

  14. Youtube subbed me to this fake controled media chanel without my consent. Russia, is the liberal dialog to reject all conservative ideas. Follow the liberals, listen to this video, and you willgo toHell a deceived man or woman.

  15. You, all the people disagreeing with the video… could you explain exactly why? I've read through all the comments and none of them seem to have actually addressed the video itself.

  16. Man I dont usually comment, but this whole russian thing is fucking ridiculous, heres why: sunlight is the best disinfectant. what that means is that it doesnt matter what ideas are spread by these so called "bots", if they dont stand up to a genuine line of logic then they shouldnt have any effect on the internet in the United states, worst case scenario you have people being introduced to ideas that are juxtaposition to the ones here in the west, that said, if we're even slightly confident in our western line of thinking and culture, these "bots" would once again have minimal effect, if at all. the left wants to push there being bots or an outside force influencing the internet because the ideas coming from the center and the right are at this point so incredibly tepid in their ideals that the far left sees them as alien. The fundamental worst case scenario in the cases of these so called "bots" would be the exchange of ideas. ideas on the internet are plenty, and thinking an army of russians entertaining and pushing ideas on american boards would turn anyone with an IQ over 70 is just retarded, this is the internet, if youre going to change your mind with every idea you see on it, even if you see these ideas every day, youre probably too dumb to have the knowledge to vote

  17. Daily reminder, every single subreddit even subs with 50 people getting 15,000-200k upvote posts at exactly the same time on the same day during the Net Neutrality Campaign of 2017 was "Organic" random downvotes in your subreddit IS RUSSIAN FSB PSY-HACKER OPS!

  18. Meanwhile IRL commies like antifa are treated as champions of democracy. Look at yourselves too liberals, Russian trolls are only one half of the problem.

  19. Just imagine if every single webpage was deemed an attack on any other nation just because it has some americans or is owned by an american company? This video is ridiculous and retarded. There are 144 million Russians on this planet, if you expect to be on the internet and never see one nor a Russian company r unning any websites then you are naive and brain-dead. There is zero proof Russia interfered with the American election, this YT video is just gross disingenuous propaganda.

    Also I did not sub to this shitty channel, so wtf YouTube? Now who is colluding to spread false information and propaganda? As an American citizen, I am absolutely disgusted with this video, and silicon valley, the true enemy of any civilization on this planet. Go home, communists.

  20. don't you know Russia is code word for Israel.. Snowden also spoke of the tools intel agencies have to make attacks look like they came from Russia.. now how am I subbed to this disinfo channel

  21. The only people that seem to be really interfering with our elections is the DNC and GOP. Memes and trolling aren't interfering, don't care who is doing it either.

  22. Oh look, aggressive downvoting and dismissive comments, as you see on every video which draws attention to Russian troll farms.

  23. RuSsIaNs ARe InfILTraTing REddiT Omg! It's the Red Scare 2.0! The actual infiltration of Reddit is from mega-conglomerates utilizing paid posts from 3rd parties and legalized/weaponized US propaganda that pushes for war, big government, and so on. I'm sure Russia has its own propaganda there as well get the fuck over it. Stop pretending the Russkies are coming for your first born you fucking retards.

  24. "Russians are spreading propaganda! The state sponsored media told me so! Only they're allowed to ply me with propaganda!"

    You know it's a slow news day when all you've got to work on is "Breaking News: Russian people use the internet!"

  25. For those of you wondering about the dislikes and discord, here's an explanation on the legitimate problems with the video… along with the actual presumable reason that there's so much discord.

    1. The video links KNOWN russian propaganda to 2 KNOWN russian-linked websites (brutalist and usareally) and follows that with 3 more (alt-right, veterans today and southfront) which are NOT PROVEN TO BE LINKED. The entire rest of the video is built on this faulty assertion: that 'alt-right sites targeting alt-right subs' = 'russian spam.' This is not true, or at the least, not completely true.

    2. It then builds the scale without providing context, and note that the 'attack' 'suggests' antagonistic, influential content being led by russian trolls. Again, without any proof or context provided in the video.

    This continues. The two KNOWN LINKED SITES are then proven to be KNOWN LINKED SITES, while there is still no evidence to the remaining 3 sites.

    The only substantial claim made pointing towards the three remaining sites is similar behavior patterns, with elaboration that there was a study published at some point identifying the behavior as 'pro-russian.'

    To be clear, this is shoddy journalism at best. This is the type of thing I avoid on reddit because it's basically circlejerk. So, that explains the dislike ratio, right?

    Well, no, not really. Because even without further evidence, we're basically left with two options to choose from.

    1) These similar behaviors really are the result of a russian campaign that has proved effective and has not been reigned in or regulated in the meantime continuing—that is, even without substantial proof, it's not a stretch to see that it's still happening.

    2) The Russians decided to 'aw shucks' pack it in when a small and ineffective minority became aware of their presence and decided to stop it, or at the least they're not involved here, so these actions that COULD be russian are actually just some pro-alt-right sites chugging along in the same patterns.

    The first option makes sense at a glance, but is also McCarthyism (WHICH IS BAD). But I mean, since when has the internet cared about facts before making a judgement call? No, the dissent on this video isn't based in facts.

    What's actually most likely happening is that this channel is on a list somewhere to be targeted by a campaign to discredit it – after all, at this point the average viewership is low enough that it would really only take a few minutes or a few dollars to get this kind of result, so there's no reason NOT to do it once the party's been made aware. And Point, for better or worse, definitely DID make a lot of noise about things that a lot of people probably would've preferred stayed quiet. It's probably not hard to get that flag. If the party behind the dissent has a program similar for comments, it's not hard to imagine that I am now also on said list for targeting, should I do this again.

    TL;DR – shoddy journalism surrounding claims that, nonetheless, hardly need to be backed up in the first place, but actually the dissent is probably just a little tendril of another disinformation campaign that's interfering. Use your own judgement and think instead of looking at the dislike bar and being told what to think.

    Oh, and Point, you need to up your ante. I subbed to this channel because I like what you do and your production quality is good but you're dropping the ball pretty majorly here.

  26. Those are """secret""" government sponsored agencies, which consist of low paid workers, they are laught at by the normal people

  27. The (((Russian))) propaganda is actually Israeli propaganda, there is no Russian collusion only Israeli collusion. They play both sides against each other.

  28. Hello. Russian bot here. You probably forget something like "Eglin Air Force Base as the most reddit-addicted "city" – Eglin is often cited as the source of some government social-media propaganda/astroturfing programs"
    Or maybe you forget about WikiLeaks reveals about "Reddit co-founder sought work with shadowy intelligence firm "Stratfor"
    Or maybe "Containment Control for a Social Network with State-Dependent Connectivity" wasn't researched by Air Force Research Laboratory, Munitions Directorate, Eglin AFB, FL 32542, USA.
    Or "Operation Earnest Voice"
    Or "Operation Metal Gear"

    Or more and more and more

    With your videos you only stimulate ordinary Russians to defend their opinion more actively. And then russians resent that they are called bots.

    If you sarch for a bit, you will find a lot about how your US agencies were involved in operations around the world, including interfering in the internal politics of Russia. Even before someone imagine Trump become a President.

    #centcom #HBGary #Ntrepid #GCHQ

  29. Would you talk about yourself doing same shit?

    Probably not. It’s a problem only when russia does 😉

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