Rush Limbaugh on impeachment: We are watching pure, raw hatred

Maurice Vega

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  1. democrats must be voted out of office at all levels or we will have another four years of witch hunts and wasting our money.

  2. They hate him because they know their remaining time is short, they will all go down the swamp drain. They are scared of what's coming to them, a jail house for crooks.

  3. Impeachment is a process that is void of political motive , it is a fail safe mechanism built in to the constitution that is enforced by participants of all political affiliation . This process was adopted into and tied legally to the constitution to protect the majority from the overreach of a President with the backing of a mob mentality that has decayed away from the core values. America is not defined by money and jobs , that is a side benefit , the thing to be proud of at the end of the day is that you understand that freedom , fairness and doing the right things makes humanity great .   Humanity is what we need to defend .  Consider this when you are told to believe some 6 year old kids from a distressed country and probably terrorists . What do you think of a person that forgives a convicted war criminal despite what is defined in the Geneva Convention ,  This is an offence beyond some impeachable self serving politics .  It is wonderful to love a President but don't tolerate an abusive relationship .

  4. Yes, the Democratic are driven by hate. well if they love their country as much as they hate Our President, perhaps they can get something done for the people.

  5. Impeachment is a forgone futility successful only at occupying America's leadership, nuke codes and personnel files were clearly compromised quite a while ago, and in December 2019 impending "War Games" are uniting Russia, China, and Iran.

  6. If Pelosi was a Catholic, she would be for the submission of females as the Gospel preaches. Jesus clearly said that the man is head of the household, therefore Pelosi would not be in politics at all.

    Pelosi is a luciferian

  7. I used to like Rush …..we don’t love trump not all of use he is a con artist he is a master manipulator…….if you need to say hate ….look at trumps action ………. and the things he says that he can go out in the street to shot someone and still. Be ok lol he is a problem…and let’s face it. He has raised the jobs up but this last high is because the strike is over please sat the truth not just back a man cand not tell a full story ,

  8. The European Union and their Puppets of the evil Democrat Party are doing the works of lucifer the fallen angel. When America Falls, the world is lucifers. When President Trump is out of office, it is game over for America we will be destroyed because of our evil sins against God. Communism will control America until God Destroys our Sinful Nation you do not Slaughter Gods given Children and get away with it, Remember Sodom and Gomorrah folks? It is coming to America, and we have earned it.

  9. You Trump supporters don’t get it. Sadder thing is He plays you all for idiots that will believe anything he says. Good thing the Lord looks out for children and Idiots..

  10. If you are still getting your information from Rush Limbaugh and considering it news and not entertainment, then you are the problem.

  11. Nope not hate it’s just business… Rush who? Take this clownshow on the road and out of the people’s house… TEAR DOWN THIS HOUSE OF CARDS!

  12. God is behind Trump. Nothing the Demorats do will work for them. Even if every indicator says they will win. In the end they loose, and they can't figure out how it happened!

  13. Rush is CORRECT– I am tuning out fox news more n more as it turns into more n more cnn or msdnc — Thank you Rush from MO — and please Pete H keep up your Conservatism and Love of the American Republic — rjh age 60

  14. If the Democrats continue trying to impeach the President for nothing, they should be held accountable for the Taxpayer Money they are wasting. This is nothing but Child good Hatred because they lost in 2016 and looked so Bad because they were all In for Hillary Clinton. Their Firewall has failed and if someone follows the money trails, alot of Politicians would Fall. That is why they keep our President busy with Lies, as long as he's on Defense, He doesn't have time to Mount an Offensive to "Drain the Swamp ".

  15. You are a Trump blow heart.
    Open up your eyes Trump is a moron who abused his office.
    Over fifty percent of american want Trump impeached.

  16. Wow guys look at the fake numbers generated on the mind control machine……..O.o It is amazing how stupid the people in this slave country really are.

  17. July 25 — Trump asks for a favor

    Also July 25th — Aid is stopped

    Aug. 12 — Whistle blower complaint

    Sep. 9 — Trump says "I WANT NOTHING"

    Also Sep. 9 — Congress notified of whistle blower report.

    Sep. 11 — Aid released

    people testifying have shown that what was going on was unusual and were
    trying to find out why aid was being held but were given no answer,
    corruption was given as a reason but the pentagon had already cleared
    Ukraine for aid saying they have done enough to battle corruption to
    accept aid as they did the year before so we know that reason is BS.

    now it is looking like the aid was held the same day the favor was asked
    for and the AID was released right after trump was notified that the
    report was going public, and emails have shown that the administration
    was scrambling to come up with a reason to give for the aid to be held.

    the common argument is that the people testifying don't know the full
    story and are relying on hearsay but you have to remember these people
    are not in the inner circle and the white house is preventing the inner
    circle from testifying so what we are getting is the people who dealt
    with the issue but don't know the entire story for now and even then
    they are painting a pretty obvious picture of wrong doing happening.

    the other argument is that the aid was released and there was never an
    investigation and trump said he wants nothing no quid pro quo but, the
    aid was released and he said i want nothing right after he found out the
    report was going to congress. That's like when you catch a kid with
    his hand in the cookie jar so he takes it out and tries to tell you he
    wasn't going take any just had his hand in there to make sure there were
    still cookies lol

    with what we know even with the main players being blocked from
    testifying its not hard to see the writing on the wall…. unless you
    don't want to see it

  18. Well in Truth that means most likely they are involved sense the Obama Adm. with the Russia either from Uranium Sales or Voter Sabotage ,Or any other profitable for elite cause .

  19. hahaha what a joke…His legacy will be peace and prosperity !!! What planet are you guys living on? Trumps legacy will be Corruption, Fraud, laughing stock of NATO !!! worst president EVER! The "So Called experts" are Law professor in the country's best university that have taught past and future expert …Sooooo YA they ARE THE EXPERTS !!! Find me someone more qualified then the people teach the dam stuff. Taking us "Out" of military conflict ? HOW? by leaving our allies out to dry? leave room for all that the Bush and Obama years of war have accomplished and letting them regroup and reform so they can come back stronger? ya keep think Trumps ending wars when in truth he's just extended the wars america started by decades. Fox seems to forget that Trump LOST the popular vote by 3 million….so to say the people want Trump is hugely miss leading Trump approval rating never went over 45% in all the years he's been president so NO american dont want him as president never did never will. You need to love how Trump keeps costing of Obama's economic turn around that started in 2009. Look at the statistic's did the stock market have a great boom when Trump took office? NO it just keep raising at the same rate as it had been in the last 8 years, so for Trump to take credit …I dont think so. Russian hoax? funny how this so called hoax managed to put 6 trump associate behind jail and 36 different companies, to bad we still cant see trumps tax returns. The only reason they dont have first hand evidence is that Trump keeps the people with the first hand evidence from testifying….what does he have to hide? let them testify if he's not guilty of anything. If your looking for hate just take ANY comment Trump has made about just about everyone from women to kids to allies that dare speak about his criminal activities. Trumps a man child that thinks he's the boss of the school yard. Mueller report of filled of evidence but you just CHOOSE not to ex knowledge it. Trump will have his day in court someday. You are dangerously living in a alternate universe spewing misleading facts or plainly omitting the facts altogether to your viewers. Fox viewer are the most miss informed viewer in america, they get 10% of the story every time , no wonder you guys sound like a bunch of nut jobs.

  20. Nancy Pelosi is very offended that someone would think she hated anyone because she's a good catholic… A pro-abortion catholic… And we are supposed to take her seriously… It's Funny how they push all their political agendas by hiding behind "what about the children", and then go on to simultaneously push for abortions on demand for the most flippant reasons.
    You need to impeach the president we don't like. You need to give up your free speech, your gun rights, your boarders, more of your tax dollars, your jobs, your economy, and go to war with Syria because you need to "think of the children", yet they are currently aborting your children in record numbers without batting an eye every day.

  21. The people, who hate Trump, are evil sadists ! they don't want , that people have jobs and have peace ! they want anarchy and poverty only, eating each other like throughout the dark ages in Europe ! Thanks !

  22. Democrats are Un-American and should be voted out. If you vote for Democrats you are voting against the best interests of the USA.

  23. WHERE WE GO ONE WE GO ALL – ODD's N END's is “ONE” – a way we can go down a path to self governing – and to creating our own
    sub-contractor business, even if its shoveling snow or mowing lawns to building contractors. . 4 "labor/skill hours" a week
    membership dues, spreading the word about what ONE (ODD's N END's) is all about. Members in “ONE” just like members in a “LABOR
    UNION” will decide together what the ONE Co-Op Post they belong to do with the ONE profit (yes it will take years before any profit is
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    will pay for the running of the business, basically to pay “office” costs insurance creating the LLC for the ONE and to pay toward
    efforts to change laws that will help in getting our country back (any business owner knows there are regulations, policies, and fees
    to do business in the community. The Democrats and government in general will as we grow try to fight back and prevent ONE from
    establishing ourselfs as we grow into a threat to their dictatorship and big corporations. One office (the 10% fee) will have to make
    available to it's members the accounting = transparency (which will be key.) Spread the word, by mouth or on social media, to allow this
    YOUR employee owned and operated business, to grow – 1099 will be how taxes will be handled, release forms, and you get to choose if
    you are willing to have a criminal/credit background check done (insurance is cheaper with group rates, (working with other ONE
    Co-OP's just like subsidiary of a corporation.) Eventually we get people to only use our “ONE” goods and services eventually
    putting them out of business. These ODD'S N END's "ONE" could and should be started in every
    city, and community. Start discussing with your friends and try to
    start one soon.

  24. Just in case anyone over here has heard of a thing called FACTS, the reality is that the Obama administration moved the unemployment rate almost five-and-a-half percent lower during the time he was in office [10% to 4.7%]. Trump: In 3 years, the unemployment rate has moved just over one percent lower 4.7% to 3.5%]. Even worse than that fact, is that it is Obama's economy that kept the unemployment rate moving lower (what did you think would happen – that they day after Obama walked out of the office every company in the country was going to fire all of those people it hired in the last 4 or 8 years? Quit being ignorant about how economics work.)

  25. An axiom that has yet to fail me: "When politicians behave in ways that appear counterproductive to their own interests and against the polls one can be sure there is a hidden agenda."

    I have a different hypothesis on the impeachments hearings which, as all good hypotheses, addresses more of the strange goings on in the Democrat party : The going meme is that Pelosi is getting pushed from the left of her own party. Really? By whom? AOC's approval rating is going down in her own district. The poll numbers on impeachment are dropping. There are 30 some odd Democrat congresspersons up for reelection in districts that voted for Trump, yet the Dems continue to double down.

    Who was really behind AOC and her crew? I think the IG report will be a dud. Terms like, "perjury," will be watered down to, "less than honest," and, "not completely forthcoming." If Trump can expose the corruption and foreign influence behind the Mueller fraud it will represent an existential threat to the entire Deep State including the Clinton, Biden, Obama, et al. This is their last gambit, not to get Trump per se, but to stay out of prison and tying Trump's hands is the shortest path to that end. Once a true investigation begins – if it ever does and may never unless Trump wins a complete "lock her up" landslide – there is no telling where it might end

    I would not be surprised to see Clinton enter the race if for no other reason that she could claim any investigation into the Clinton Foundation was political and an attempt to "influence," the election. She wouldn't even actually have to enter, just the statement that she's thinking about it might be enough to protect her. They'll already scream that anyway if Barr decides to try any funny business.  Manage your expectations, Mr. Hannity; nothing will come of the IG report until after the election.

    I wouldn't doubt for a moment that had something to do with Biden's decision to run. That and show the Democrat field so weak that a Hilary or Michelle will have to emerge at the 11th hour and accept the nomination bestowed by the Super-delegates. To have any hope at all next year the Dems will have to find someone with that ol' star power. By next year Biden might have to write his name on his hand so he knows when to respond to questions. If he's the frontrunner that virtually disqualifies anyone under him from serving in high office.

  26. They hate him because he cannot be bought, and he is going after the deep state exposing them. God Bless President Trump. TRUMP 2020!!

  27. Hillary Clinton is behind the impeachment. Never got over losing in 2016. Her lackies may seem in charge. Instead of divorcing Bill, she's running another SHAM campaign just like 2016. She has targeted several candidates as "Russian Assets". Who needs the CIA or FBI? when you got Hillary.

  28. All the corrupt democrats politicians and their Hollywood new media's and friends don't like President Trump he bussiness man not a corrupt politicians! I was a democrats since I was 18 I'm 65 years old I'm a mother and grandmother 3 half years ago I switched from a democrats to republicans

  29. Stuttering Nancy, the baby-murdering Catholic. She's as goofy as her eyes show she is. May the Lord abort her. And soon.

  30. WHAT? "They hate him because he is not a member of their deep state communist regime.  So he works for the people's interest ….."
    With this protecting of abuse of power, this use of tax payers money for personal benefit, this constant lying about the results; IS THIS IN YOUR INTEREST? This deep state of parallel "ambassador"-line of R. Guilliani and komrats; this ongoing: the richest became richer, the poorest more poor.
    Together with the situation: the U.S. government's public debt is now more than $22 trillion — the

    highest it has ever been. The Treasury Department data comes as tax revenue has fallen and federal spending continues to rise.

    Even in debts, pres.Trump is THE UTMOST VERY BEST OF ALL

  31. WHAT? "They hate him because he is not a member of their deep state communist regime.  So he works for the people's interest ….."
    With this protecting of abuse of power, this use of tax payers money for personal benefit, this constant lying about the results; IS THIS IN YOUR INTEREST? This deep state of parallel "ambassador"-line of R. Guilliani and komrats; this ongoing: the richest became richer, the poorest more poor.
    Together with the situation: the U.S. government's public debt is now more than $22 trillion — the

    highest it has ever been. The Treasury Department data comes as tax revenue has fallen and federal spending continues to rise.

    Even in debts, pres.Trump is THE UTMOST VERY BEST OF ALL

  32. Nancy Pelosi prays for our President, yet stabs him in the back right out in the open! She should pray for better character, values and morales for herself! What a pitiful representation of our government!

  33. I'm a formal Chicago got tired of corrupt swamp democrats I relocated to Albuquerque NM corrupt blue states I was a independent voter NM democrats pass a bill wear independent voters can vote in NM primary because we vote republicans I fix NM corrupt democrats politicians I switched to republicans corrupt democrats politicians will not stop me for voting for President Trump! A black liber Republican

  34. They also hate him because he’s exposed how incredibly deep and dark the swamp is. Our government is filled with her followers. Look at what they’re constantly trying to do do him…they’re in every branch and every office. You have a huge job to do Mr. President in draining that swamp.

  35. Warning! Biden entered the race just four days after Ukraine's Zelensky won, and yet, no one has made the connection to this crooked democrat impeachment coup. Don't you see folks? Biden was the desperate dems' plant four days after Zelensky won so the dems could later use him to accuse Trump of targeting a 2020 opponent. So, Biden became the democrats' removal mob boss machine.
    But then, radical dems had to suddenly switch to "Trump withheld aid to Ukraine" when the Hunter/Joe Biden Ukraine extortion-threat came out and started to gain media traction.
    Face it people, we've had a corrupt government for a long time. GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP FOR HAVING THE GUTS TO EXPOSE THIS DEVIOUS DEEP STATE AND FIGHT BACK FOR US. He is "our voice" as he exclaimed.
    In 1961 President Eisenhower warned us of this dangerous corruption embedded in our government with his departing words on the Military Industrial Complex. Unfortunately Ike was unaware back then that a Liberal Media Industrial Complex would soon rise up and use the people's broadcast airwaves against us and pose an even greater threat to free and fair elections, with even former CIA heads joining their fake news liberal media mafia to propagandize the American people and even choose our presidents.

  36. Rush ha ha ha ha ha you haven't spewed hate for the last 25 years have you. No you are another one full of love and light.

  37. Rush is suddenly an expert on the economics of employment?! I guess no real economists will degrade themselves sufficiently to appear on Fox.

  38. Let's go to Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, and Yemen and see the Peace that Rush Limbaugh is saying Trump brought. Let's go ANYWHERE in America and see the Prosperity Rush Limbaugh is talking about.

  39. They hate the president, they hate freedom, they hate masculinity, they hate a population that can properly defend themselves and their young. Liberals are social vampires feeding off of fear and hate, its all they are capable of.

  40. Coming from one of the BIGGEST NUT JOBS on radio and TV. C'mon people!! Really? You listen to Rush the Whack Job and believe his total B.S.? Just shows the lack of intelligence and lying to yourself is rampant. Crazy.

  41. I believe Nancy when she says she does not hate Trump and is praying for him. She prays that he is not able to expose the corruption in government and more specifically within her own family. She may not hate him yet but she does fear that he will end the kickbacks that are given to politicians and/or their families when large sums of taxpayer monies are paid to foreign powers or released in government contracts. If he is successful, then she will hate him.

  42. Every day drip, drip, drip!!! So fn funny!!! Trump supporters unhinged!!! And they don't even have his bank records yet or have
    testimony from Bolton, Mulvaney, Pompeo, etc.!!! And Republicans wonder why they are losing!!! Labor force participation rate November 2019 63.2% same as it was in August and September and lower than Obama's 64.6% and 65.0% in November of 2010 and 2009!!! And Republican’s wonder why they are losing!!! So fn funny!!! Republicans actually think the economy will save them!!!  


  43. Which American people is this guy talking about. Rush Limbaugh is a freaking idiot. Most American people that have common sense that are educated at I travelled and seen anything other than America and hearing America is great. Understands the problems that this present producing. Donald Trump is a laughing stock around the world. Keep brings down moral standards. The economy is doing well from the Obama Administration. Of course Fox News will not talk that way. But that is the 100% truth. America was about to go bankrupt Obama saved it from since then till now it is practically the same projector e of what has been happening. A lot of people just don't like Obama sometimes it's obvious cuz he's black or it because he wasn't the aggressive mean person that Trump shows himself to be. Example pulling the troops out in allowing people to be slaughtered. I never hear Fox talking about that part of it. If they have lost their family members or lose their lives in that situation would Trump be amazing? The answer is no we all know that. It appears the fox viewers are the people that only care about things that directly affect them for the moment. Again going back to Trump's words I love the uneducated. They don't see what's happening down the line and how all these silly ridiculous decisions he's making rooms the future of the United States with other countries. There's so much stupidity in this whole one segment alone I can't even cover it all. Fox & Friends dumbest show I've ever seen in my life. They are just a bunch of Kiss UPS to this President because when Obama got out of it's huge crisis the session whatever you want to call it. Fox did not give him any props Foxwoods has also been known as one of the most racist stations. Shows their true colours when they can never give Barack Obama any props for getting out of the recession and making America very prosperous. Then when this person has so much connections and ties to Russia turn the blind I to it an act like it's okay that he wants Russia to be back in the G8 which is now the G7 because Russia's out of it. The advocate more for Russia than he does for a lot of groups in America. That is treasonous talk in my opinion. Lately he only cares about a certain group of Americans. Fox News is a tool and I understand why most white nationalist groups consistently quotefox or endorse Fox.

  44. Dems are clearly holding up USMCA until they can either impeach Trump, or impeach Trump, or Impeach Trump…. because those are the only ways they can take the office and claim the USMCA victory for their "party" because they are a bunch of showboats…. and if they don't intend to take a vote on it at all, it's because they don't WANT to do it for the American people ANYWAY!

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