Rudy Giuliani Under Criminal Probe, 2 Employees Arrested

Things are looking really, really, really
bad for Rudy Giuliani to have Rudy Giuliani’s key employees have been arrested for their
work in connection to Donald Trump’s Ukraine scandal and Rudy Giuliani himself is now under
criminal investigation. It was a big weekend, that’s for sure. Uh, the two guys we’re talking about are Lev
Parness and Igor Fruman. They are associates of Rudy Giuliani. Rudy Giuliani is of course Trump’s personal
lawyer or is he more on that a little bit later and they were arrested just before leaving
the country on one way plane tickets. Now, isn’t that such an amateur mistake? You don’t buy a one way ticket. If you’re trying to flee from potential criminal
charges, you buy a round trip ticket, pretend that you have every intention of coming back
to the United States and then just don’t use the return. It’s an incredibly amateur move that these
two guys did. In any case, there are arrests or for a scheme
that violates campaign finance laws. It relates to the pressuring of Ukraine to
investigate and smear Joe Biden as we’ve been following for weeks. Now the charges are for illegal campaign donations
and it is all very, very dirty. So understand that the role of these two guys,
they’re sort of the equivalent of Trump’s Watergate henchman. They don’t work for Trump. They work for the guy that works for Trump. In this case, Rudy Giuliani, and it’s all
starting to look and sound and smell and feel more and more like Watergate every day. In many ways. They were trying to leave the country and
were arrested. Literal flight risks, trying to escape justice
for their potential crimes carried out in service to their boss, Rudy Giuliani, who
is of course doing Donald Trump’s dirty work, and then as if that wasn’t bad enough, that
gets us to Rudy Giuliani himself. We learned that Rudy is under federal criminal
investigation for his Ukraine dealings. New York federal prosecutors are now investigating
Rudy Giuliani criminally to see what lobbying laws, if any, were broken. Rudy Giuliani asked about it, of course, says,
Oh, nothing to see here. It’s all nonsense. I’m doing everything fine. It’s all on the up and up and now we will
have to wait and see. We’ll Rudy Giuliani ended up charged, which
would be just delightful if indeed his actions are worthy of criminal charges. We don’t really know that much as of right
now into a about this criminal probe into Rudy Giuliani. We don’t know how advanced it is. We don’t know how long it’s been going on. We don’t know whether Rudy Giuliani will end
up charged and in, so for what? But what is happening right away, and this
was predictable. I tweeted about this just a few days ago. What is happening right now is that all of
a sudden Donald Trump is not sure anymore whether Rudy Giuliani is still his lawyer. It’s kind of weird, right? Sounds like a joke. But I tweeted last week half-jokingly that
this was going to happen and it is. And we’re going to talk about that, uh, after
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Maurice Vega

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  1. One of Trump's lawyers is doing time and now another one is under investigation. Trump will definitely do time when he leaves office.

  2. Trump supporters don't care if Trump sells out our country for personal gain. Any criticism of Trump is taken as a personal attack against them, because he represents their inner core beliefs, bias, identity and ideology. That's why their responses are mostly 4 letter words, lacking truth, facts or logic; compounded by their limited vocabulary. Throwing in "Whataboutism"; Hunter Biden, AOC's $300 Haircut, Hillary's e-mails, Obama's Tan Suit & Grey Poupon on a burger….. all nonsense. None of which is the President of The united States. Scorched Earthers if the don't get their way.

  3. Giuliani will take the fall.
    And pence probably will pardon him before 2020 is over.

    Until the upper class has to endure and survive the same justice system as the poor and working-class,
    NOTHING will change!!!

    Until you, we, us, break the shackles, you are nothing more than a FREE-RANGE SLAVES to be sacrificed to their CHRISTIAN-DOLLAR-GOD for Blood oil to grease the corporate upper-class War machines.

  4. Trump: "I don't know Rudy Giuliani, I've never met him. The picture of him and I are at a public event I get my picture taken with everybody."

  5. What happend to David´s live stream on Twitch? Why was he kicked? Why is Seder allowed to stream CNN but not David?

  6. Hey David, I follow you on twitch and planned to watch your coverage of the Dem Debate, but it seems as if your channel is nonexistent. typing in the url led me to an error page. I have watched your channel on twitch before so I don't think it's on my end.

  7. So what about the emails? Trump's chumps used private email servers, the same as what they tried to pin on Hillary. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. They both need to be locked up for that specific issue with using a private email server for public business, both Hillary and Chomp. This shows that our government is deeply rooted in many things that are not good. Corruption is everywhere.

  8. Roy Cohen was disbarred (another former attorney of Donald Trump) Rudy must want to be disbarred as well. I say take his license 👍🏾👍🏾.

  9. The demonrats:……serving up another shit sandwich. How many can you eat?
    One would think after the Mueller report a few would wake up, butt it seems like some never will.

  10. When he attempts to defend himself in front of a judge or a committee, he may as well just screen old footage of himself walking around in Manhattan on 911 while he prays on his knees in the courtroom.

  11. What a waste of time and money this administration has been for the country. We have actual problems and issues to be addressed. Grimy grifter politricks be gone.

  12. I love how david gives me good criminal advice in his youtube videos but right now I need to know the best place to hide a pound of cocaine, maybe his next video lol.

  13. I love that his henchman was named "Igor".

    The question is, how did they find out they needed to buy a one way ticket? Did Giuliani tell them they were under investigation?

  14. Just to clarify, the investigation into Giuliani started back at least as far as February of this year, it's just now being brought out into public, so I imagine they already have a strong case and mass of evidence.

  15. And to think not too long ago, we used laugh at and crticise other countries who had incompetent governments like the one we now have under the tRump regime.

  16. I totally forgot about the debate. Decided to take a peek on Twitch and… you're not there anymore? I didn't see Sam (Majority Report) either. Guessing C N N cracked down over there as well. Wouldn't want people to just be able to watch a presidential debate… not in this "Democracy". Gotta see it on their ad-filled site probably, which I'm just not going to do. I'll catch highlights later. I'm sure it'll be another waste of time given how many people are involved, with so little time on a single night.

  17. Last words at the airport by Giuliani’s goons: “Let’s save some money by buying a one-way ticket.”

  18. Lev and Igor sound like the guys you’d send to make sure Johnny doesn’t squeal to the Feds… They’re all crooks man. Can’t wait to see Giuliani behind bars. Wait till he meets the people he locked up in New York. God I hope he goes to prison there

  19. Working for President Trump is a good way to ruin your career. Even if you succeed in doing everything he asks, and give him the complete loyalty he asks for, he’ll pretend he doesn’t know you & let you take the fall as soon as you’re held accountable.

  20. The administration's letters to Congress and public comments and tweets are continuing projection revealing the fundamental nature of trumpism as not only a criminal enterprise but also as despotic and tyrannical without regard to our american ideals, and the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

  21. I don’t understand why David takes it easy on Biden. Sure, some of it is bullshit, but everything with his son Hunter is clearly corrupt. He’s a elitist puppet who could hardly formulate a complete thought tonight.

  22. Oh no.
    Say it isn't so.
    Arrest a couple guys for what?
    Let real life traitors go.
    Don't even give them a chance.
    Whatever you do don't even ask about Hunter Biden,where is that guy?
    Old creepy sleepy Joe was gonna hold out a billion unless they fired that guy investigating this son.
    Nanananah,,,,hey hey hey,Good bye

  23. The next thing to expect is Trump, with his unmatched wisdom, will say he doesn't know Giuliani that well and wasn't aware of what Rudy was doing.

  24. Understand that these stupid asses are using REPUBLICUNTS mindless tactics. Of course they would buy one way tickets. 😆

  25. If charged Rudy Giuliani should have his Bar pulled and never be a licensed lawyer ANYMORE!!! But we all know full well he's just as guilty for letting these 2 men try to obstruct justice here in the States

  26. If Giuliani's actions are not worthy of criminal charges his dental work is. Just google 'giuliani teeth' – I believe he must have nicked some old horse's dentures.

  27. "Sherman… Set the Wayback machine to 4 days ago."
    "Where are we going, Mr. Peabody.?"
    "We're going to watch Rudy Giuliani tell the reporter that he will be the "Hero".

  28. When I left the US I got a round-trip ticket for $758 out of Newark. These guys are making hundreds of thousands in donations and can´t spend the extra $380 for a wasted return flight?

  29. What is wrong with these people? The Trumpian Universe, seems to be inhabited by, 2nd rate, Pulp-Fiction villains.
    Stupidity or pure arrogance, wtaf !?

  30. I think it is the other way around. They were employing Giuliani, and paying him handsomely to help them get connected in the Trump administration

  31. He has been on his way to join the other lawyer in prison for some time. I can't see how he or trump can escape this net.

  32. Donald J. Trump, aka Sudden Specific Amnesia Man. Can forget anything and anyone in the blink of an eye.
    Lawyers? Gone. Crimes? Gone. Family? What's family?

    Trump thinks he's the Gingerbread Man but he's just slow jogging in place as everyone encircles him.

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