Rudy Giuliani is Literally in Ukraine RIGHT NOW

Right now we’ve learned that Donald Trump’s
personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani is back in Ukraine right now, right? He’s in Ukraine right now and what is Rudy
doing back in Ukraine? He is talking once again, former prosecutors
that were part of how this entire scandal started in the first place. Look at what Giuliani is doing as per the
New York times Tuesday. He met with a former Ukrainian prosecutor
in Budapest. This is URI loot Sanko that name. If you’ve been watching the impeachment inquiry
hearings should ring a bell because it has come up dozens of times during those hearings. Wednesday he went to Kiev or Kieve as we are
now told is the Ukrainian pronunciation. Went to Kiev, Ukraine to meet with more Ukrainian
prosecutors including the infamous Victor Shoken who is almost at the center of this
entire controversy. The reason why Rudy is back in the region,
back in Ukraine, meeting with these people now he’s supposedly gathering information
to be part of a documentary series for a right wing media outlet meant to promote Trump and
to defend Trump against the case for impeachment. What a convenient trip for Rudy Giuliani,
right? Imagine you’re running impeachment hearings
centered around Trump and his associates using Ukraine to try to smear Joe Biden in a bribery
extortion scandal and you say, okay, you know who we should really bring in. Let’s bring in Rudy Giuliani. He should testify. Let’s get in touch with Rudy. We did. You know what? Turns out he can’t come to the hearings because
he’s in Ukraine right now, meeting with the exact same people, asking for information
that can be used in a right wing media piece to argue that there is no case for impeachment
against Donald Trump hearings about Rudy possibly committing or organizing crimes to help the
president. Sorry, he can’t make it. He’s tied up back in Ukraine, possibly committing
crimes or organizing crimes to help the president under the guise of he’s now a TV producer. I guess working on some right wing media. Um, a documentary meant to defend Donald Trump. And you know what? We really shouldn’t be surprised by this. Remember that when about, I think it was six
months ago, Donald Trump was interviewed by George Stephanopoulos on ABC news and George
Stephanopoulos said to him, mr president, after everything that’s happened with Russia
after the Mueller probe this, that, all this different stuff, if Russia came to you with
a dirt on opponents for 2020 or China came to you with dirt on opponents for 2020, would
you go to the FBI or would you, would you accept it? And Trump said, yeah, I did. At least look into it. Go to the FBI now, probably not. But I would at least look into what they were
bringing me. And if I were them, if I was as immoral as
they are, I would probably be doing the same thing because there have been no consequences
if you are Trump and you see, well, so far I’ve gotten away with everything. Sure. Some of my old friends are in prison, but
I’m fine. I would probably assume impeachments going
nowhere, likely accurate, and that means I still have to figure out how to win. In 2020 dispatch, Rudy back to Ukraine accepted
the dirt from Russia except they’re from China. At this point, I would hope that authorities
are watching Rudy Giuliani’s movements, which actually leads me to the next question. Was it that great of an idea to have them
leave the country in the sense that his two henchmen left Parness and Igor Fruman were
grabbed by authorities, arrested and indicted as they were heading to Europe on one way,
plane tickets. Giuliani might be close behind them or he
might never see consequences at all. We just don’t know. Because when someone is in that second justice
system, when you’re in the justice system for what are effectively the American oligarchs,
not everybody else, you actually, uh, it becomes harder to predict whether you’ll, you’ll ever
be held accountable for your actions at all. So Rudy, back in Ukraine, it sounds stranger
than fiction, but that’s the reality. If this were a screenplay, it wouldn’t be
believable. It would be thrown onto the cutting room floor. It happens to be real life. Let me know what you think about Rudy and
Ukraine. I’m on Twitter at D Pacman or leave a [inaudible]. Why? If
you’re watching on YouTube

Maurice Vega

100 Responses

  1. The difference between the man I saw just after 9/11 and the "man" I see now is immeasurable. He's now one of the reasons I sometimes question my judgment of character.

  2. Wouldn’t be surprised if this gets him arrested in Ukraine, since he’s in contact with folks there known to have been corrupt, and apparently are not ceasing their activities.

  3. Don;t be so suspicious David. Ghouliani is only passing through Ukraine to retrieve his coffin in nearby Trumpsylvania.

  4. Could you imagine if you kept everything exactly the same that is happening right now. But you only replaced Trump with Obama. All this was happening.. But it was Obama doing it.. LOLOLLLLL These losers would all be on more meds than Trump.. LOLOLLL The fact Rudy is in Ukraine right now and no one in the MAGA cult has any issue with that is so hilarious… It’s like OJ going back and hanging out at Nicole Brown Simpson’s apt.. I wonder if Nunes and his cow are with him.. LOLOLLL 🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣

  5. Rudy Giuliani didn’t learn anything from the previous Trump lawyer Michael Cohen when he worked for Trump and his illegal actions.

  6. I wouldn't be surprised if the New York branch of the FBI wait for Giulianni at the arrival gate to slap the cuffs on his ass.

  7. It's true. You can't make this stuff up. All I'm sure of is if the GOP isn't totally crushed in the next election, this country is done.

  8. Republicans: Blow job bad.

    Also Republicans: Selling your country out to foreign interests at the same time you are profiting off the presidency, and have your children running foreign policy? Meh.

  9. 2:15 Amazing how many forgot about this interview, donald dump said on-record he "would listen" to candidate dirt offered by foreign entities. No surprise then that the Ukraine skirmish happened.

  10. It's in the character of these people that the more trouble they get into, the more aggressive they'll be– and the more trouble they'll get into.
    Remember– probably, Trump's biggest inspiration in life was Roy Cohn, and Roy Cohn was all about continuously attacking and never admitting a thing, and even turning every charge right back onto the accuser.
    Sound familiar?

  11. When all of this is finally turned into a movie/a series of movies/a long running TV series, it’s gonna be hard to explain to future generations, that: “Yes, this is really what happened. No, they aren’t making it up: the President’s lawyer really was out committing crimes, in the open, while being investigated for those crimes…”

    And so many other ridiculous, absurd things they’ve done; which seem like they were spewed out by some B-Movie screenwriting hack, instead of things that actually happened in real life.
    I know they say “fact is stranger than fiction”, but the Trump administration seems to view that saying as some kind of challenge: I’m living through it, and even I have trouble believing it’s all real, and not some kind of bizarre fever dream.

    I’d be quite happy to wake up, and discover I’d been in a coma for several months, or years: so long as the world could go back to being relatively normal, and end this nightmare haha.

  12. your assumptions haven't been right one time… don't you get how stupid how stupid you look every time you assume some crime ect. its not reality, its you delusion Dr.Pakman.

  13. The Ukraine police should arrest him and charge him with interference with their internal politics. Surely he is a foreign agent. Lock him up, in a Ukraine cell. He might Epstein himself.

  14. Desperately trying to get Ukraine to bail Trump out of the shit, most likely, which would be why he's talking to Shokin. Viktor will know which people can "help Rudy out".

  15. Can you imagine 30, 40, 50 years down the track and explaining this Government to following generations?!

    Well, let’s just hope this behaviour doesn’t now become the norm

  16. When you have a " news" channel that covers for all your lies and corruption you got to expect they'll keep going as far as they can

  17. Guillani is in Ukraine pressing the president of ukraine to testify for trump. If he testify trump will triple the aid plus cash$$$$

  18. They should arrest his butt as soon as he gets off the plane if he comes back. If not, the CIA should go get him and bring him back.

  19. Hey David, have you seen Lawrence O’Donnell’s brutal takedown of Pete Buttigieg? Please do a segment on this little punk.

  20. I wish I didn't find myself paraphrasing what I've heard ohhh soooo many times already: that stupidity simply can't be cured – – but it seems more appropriate now than ever.

  21. Let me guess – are we about to discover that back home in Kiev he is better known as Rudolph Guilianov, master double-agent? His personal motto: "Don't show me the rubble, I want only the rouble!"

  22. We're screwed! The "authorities" David speaks of are all either under the control of, or blindly devoted to Trump. How can there be any justice?


  24. What a silly old fool he is! Who is he going to pay to come out and say, yes, we're starting an investigation?

  25. Fruitty Rudy Guliani is hiding in the Ukraine and enjoying the refreshing urine from the Russian hookers that Puto Putin provided him… out for those hidden cameras, Judy!

  26. It's not that Ukrainians have changed the pronunciation, it's always been Київ (Kyiv), but I assume they wanted to leave behind the Russian pronunciation of Kiev and requested that countries and the media use the Ukrainian one as a symbolic shedding of Russian cultural influence. Just as the Czech Republic has requested it be referred to as Czechia, since 2016 or how Burma changed its English name to Myanmar (although it had been Myanma in Burmese prior to this)… sometimes countries request that other countries refer to them or certain places in a certain way.

  27. Hahahahahaha! Look at you liberals freaking out! Rudy has done nothing wrong and I can't wait for your democRATS hero's to fall.

  28. Yeah, I saw this story and believed that Guiliani was dumb enough to be making a documentary… but then again, why do it himself? He's not a journalist nor a documentary director. He says he's doing it "on behalf of his client, Donald Trump" but lawyers contract work to people like private investigators all the time. Why not just hire an actual documentary journalist to do these interviews? It's suspicious.

  29. This just shows to me that if Trump and his corrupt cronies are not held accountable they will brazenly continue their corruption. Make no mistake, this is a very dangerous situation for not only the US but the whole world.

  30. One feels so bad for the average folks in Ukraine. So many of them must yearn just to be Polish.
    So much for 'Chicken a la Kiev.' We may as well call it "WAR-SAW Foul."

  31. Wow. Unbelievable. I wonder if he’s decided to escape and emigrate to Ukraine or possibly Russia? I wonder if he had a one way ticket? Pretty strange. Plus now he’s pretending to make a “documentary “? I really hope no one falls for that, but they probably will. No one should trust what any of the Trump Gang say! Thanks

  32. You will think, with all the attention and pressure, he will stay away from Ukraine and the media…

    But not Rudy !

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  34. Why wouldn't he be? They don't care do they. Frankly if it all goes wrong he can just dissappear and effectively evade US justice. The 'checks and balances' better get this right this time or the America is going to spiral into decline, political, moral, legal everything. It's happened with other empires, learn from history!

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