Royal Family and UK Government Dark Secrets Exposed!

Maurice Vega

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  1. Was fergie brought back in because she spoke up for Andrew saying her husband was a good man would never do such a thing really strange??????

  2. They are the top of the pyramid structure! Masonic, but you don't want to know about this, WE ARE WAKING UP FARST! MORE PEOPLE THAN THE ELITE!

  3. David Icke was wrong; the 'Royals'" aren't 12 foot lizards, but they are a bunch of shameless parasites.

  4. Jimmy Savile and the 9th Circle (Mind blowing),……

  5. The wealthy take EVERYTHING! Not just natural resources and land but people too. It happens all over the world. Here in the US celebrities and politicians rape children every day. And they get away with it year after year. When ever someone speaks out they are silenced and called liars. Some have even died under suspicious circumstances. Pedophiles in America will serve 2 or 3 years , in some cases, in jail and then be set free. Evil is everywhere.

  6. The police will able to find a evidence this time as the police forensic investigation is have now better capacities of technology and intelligence officers to put all the puzzles together, it is will be only a matter of this being expose publicly And agree to the justice be made this time .. If anyone of kingdoms of castle care about the Queen Elisabeth reputation and England reputation I think it is a good time now to get the house clean before it is too late and the reputation will be thrown at the bin and no one will be want to come with families anymore to live in Uk ?? and them will come back to live exactly the same way as was before empty with only old people’s and lazy and sick peoples until come 1945 when the immigration to the United Kingdom under British nationality laws and república of Ireland from the British Empire have invited India , Bangladesh, Pakistan, the Caribbean and South Africa then Nigeria , Gana , Kenya and Hong Kong to population the country with families and work all under protection as a refugees . Before that England was Empty . But if them use all this people’s to provide to the pedapholia works free in the hands of the power of men’s and institutions services of country I think is time to this get to the END now, enough is enough it is over more 60 years that abuse and no one will be stop this ?? Nooo , TIME To FINISH THIS..

  7. Spacejunk parasitic freeloading arseholes….and that's the nicest thing I can say about our royal family.

  8. It is happening in the USA as well. Some of Our Presidents can be traced back to the Royal family! It's disgusting what is happening to these poor innocent children. It has to stop!! Known Pediphiles should be CASTRATED, females should have their genitals mutilated . Then thrown in prison for life! If a death of a child is determined, then death to the perpetrator!! This is the sickest of the sick. Satanism for sure. Their ritual sacrafise's to Moloch?? Check out the Masons, and a few other cults, see what you find! It's not pretty!
    We the people need to come together, and cry out for the children, babies, and any other violated person's who cannot stand up for themselves! Our President has been looking into this for 4 yrs now. He is doing something about it! May our creator give Pres Trump the wisdom to find, and have indictments on all involved with these
    Wicked acts! The same for the Royal families and all Elite that are involved!
    GOD BLESS OUR children, and keep them from harm. AMEN

  9. Still at it then queenie, you Philip, & all the others who have peadaphilia & murder on their memories banks shall be harshly judged, by a higher authority! ?

  10. The police, MI5, Royals, government have corruption and abuse at their very core… They should be made to account for their actions by a people's court. Monarchy should be dismantled, we should stop paying for these abusers and liars to live in luxury, and stop the adoration of the privileged paedophiles.

  11. If there is one video you must watch and wonder what blackmail is taking place and why we are being forced to stay in the EU as they use their little black book of 'Filthy Secrets of the British Elite'. It is called The Dark Side Of Britain. A MUST WATCH and pass it on quick

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