Ross Douthat Looks At ‘The Decadent Society’ In New Book | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Maurice Vega

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  1. What the f*** is this guy talking about Bernie Sanders 2020 please donate $1 3 dollars $5 $10 anything you can donate to Bernie let's keep the Revolution going

  2. I don't know, maybe it's because we have let corporations, the 1%, and the elites rob us blind. Maybe it's because in the richest country in the world we have rampant poverty, lack of healthcare and jobs they pay less than a living wage.

  3. Today's decadence is nothing less than 4 decades of neoliberalism, capitalism on steroids, the new Uber in the brave new world, individuals worth zillions and people sleeping in the streets, more than ever before

  4. what is decay-dence about greater equality, a more shared economy, a future of greater integration with the total ecology, technology that invents toward this end?

  5. Younger people and the working class are rejecting the traditional framing of the American Dream. Their economic realities spark doubt and not optimism. Americans used to feel secure in their futures because they had pensions, savings and a life outside of work. They no longer trust the establishment because they can see the strings in the puppet show and no longer believe the act being conveyed by the plutocracy.

  6. Soros Fund Management 2020 cycle recipients = Pelosi, Buttigieg, Sanders, and others..  
          Here is the Soros Fund Management 2020 recipients list:
    Bollier, Barbara (D-KS)Senate $5,600
    Cunningham, Cal (D-NC)Senate  $5,600
    Gideon, Sara (D-ME)Senate  $5,600
    Greenfield, Theresa (D-IA)Senate  $5,600
    Haaland, Debra (D-NM)House  $5,600
    Hickenlooper, John (D-CO)Senate $5,600
    Jayapal, Pramila (D-WA)House  $5,600
    Malinowski, Tom (D-NJ)House $5,600
    McGrath, Amy (D-KY)Senate $5,600
    Pelosi, Nancy (D-CA)House  $5,600
    Peters, Gary (D-MI)Senate  $5,600
    Pressley, Ayanna (D-MA)House $5,600
    Buttigieg, Pete (D)Pres  $2,825
    Bass, Karen (D-CA)House $2,800
    Gross, Al Dr. (I-AK)Senate $2,800
    Jeffries, Hakeem (D-NY)House $2,800
    Mark-Viverito, Melissa (D-NY)House $2,800
    Shaheen, Jeanne (D-NH)Senate  $2,800
    Cotton, Tom (R-AR)Senate $2,500
    Daines, Steven (R-MT)Senate $2,500
    Engel, Eliot L (D-NY)House $2,500
    Tillis, Thom (R-NC)Senate $2,500
    Booker, Cory (D-NJ)Senate $1,650
    Newman, Marie (D-IL)House  $1,000
    Yang, Andrew (D)Pres  $925
    Gillibrand, Kirsten (D-NY)Senate $500
    Sanders, Bernie (D-VT)Senate $3.

  7. New Documentary, 'The Fall of the Cabal'. Will fill in puzzle pieces for many. More on Obama & Clinton corruption. & their association with the REAL pizzagate. Here are the links:

  8. does it seem that the only people that find all this uniquely and contemporaneously insightful are in the nation in question … ? sometimes the US appears like it’s living in a reality that existed centuries ago elsewhere in the world. like a proverbially self-obsessed anglo saxon teenager, navel gazing in a constant state of collective therapy …

  9. Only older men can promote the idea of “nostalgia” being better. They fail to recognize we cannot go back. Time and progress marches on. Younger candidates are still idealists.

  10. PRESIDENT TRUMP…. the greatest U.S. president since Dwight D. Eisenhower, possibly even since the great Andrew Jackson.🇺🇸

  11. 2:21 birth rate declining is actually an advancement… having said that Ross Douthat is too intellectual for Morning Joe.

  12. Joe should be accounted for the death of .Lori Klausitus .
    Why was she in his office late in the day? How did it happen that she was diagnosed post-mortem with an illness unknown to her and her family?

  13. Blunt force trauma to the head and brain doesn’t happen accidentally in an office. You would have to have been hit with something very very hard. I would reopen this case and prosecute Joe. All of his rhetoric on msnbc on trump and the nasty things he says he needs to watch it. I would reopen it for the family’s sake. This looks beyond suspicious. ……….RIP Lori Klausutis

  14. "Dr Michael Berkland " was paid off to lie about how Lori Klausitus died. .
    He was Fired and had his license revoked. Over a hundred body organs found in his unpaid storage building………. RIP Lori Klausutis

  15. WTF is Douthat talking about? Trump's message is about going BACK to a time when whites had all the power and people of color knew their place. Bernie is the one who thinks we've gone off the tracks on our journey forward. Not even the same thing!

  16. Zbigniew Brzezinski got this blackmailed Joe on MSNBC ; . 
    This is why they attack Trump the way they do… because he’s got the goods on them

  17. Lori Klausutis  – was diagnosed in the autopsy by Joe’s personal friend who just happens to have a history of fraud  
    – had an “undiagnosed heart condition”
    – just happened to collapse in Joes office
    – just happened to crack her skull open on the one specific part of the office that could injure her
    Nothing to see here folks.

  18. "Happiness is a quality of the soul…not a function of one's material circumstances." Aristotle
    Decadence is replacing Integrity with materialism. A Rolex is not decadent unless it is supposed to replace your core personality. No amount of "stuff" is going to make you satisfied with who you are.

  19. The coroner had his license revoked in 3 states and was charged with keeping human body parts in his personal refrigerator! psychos flock together too! President Trump called Joe… "psycho joe" for good reason. People need to start listening to our President.

  20. Word I hear is Andrea 'chainsaw Greenspan wants to advance out of decadence into cybernetic chainsaw arm morphing capability .. one second she has limbs next second she has duel chainsaw arms (like in Terminator) Many say she's delusional

  21. Wouldn't it be hilarious if Clown News Network did a 180 and started to catch a ride on the Trump Train? Their ratings would improve dramatically 🤪🤣🤣🤣 how many debunks will it take for these losers to get a grip back on reality? MAGA2020

  22. The problem is that most of these folks want to return to the fifties. The so-called "good old days", unless you were female or a person of color. Smdh!

  23. guess what? it should NOT be a 2 Party corrupted system that decides everything…it shouldnt be about Party it should be about PEOPLE

  24. Ross Douthat is a fraud. He always getting dunked on by Chapo. He is the decadent by his own definition. A lazy privileged person that doesn’t want anything to change because he is afraid to lost the little thing he has… smh

  25. You know I think the Bernie crowd has quite faith in the future… it’s the neoliberals that declared it’s the end of history or famously that “there is no alternative”…
    Tired of these privileged frauds

  26. What’s with the Metaphors ? Say what they’re saying. Sanders is saying things like, let’s have Universal Health Care, like other Countries.
    Trump is saying stuff like “ we are going to build a wall along the southern border and Mexico is going to pay for it “

  27. Trump is the result of watching failed politics his whole life. He knew politicians don’t prosecute other politicians the way they would prosecute citizens, so he took advantage of that, Plain and simple just the way Trump likes it

  28. Republicans are the Icarus of our day, trusting that with President Nero at the helm of their Russian Hindenburger, they would surely own the sun!

  29. Putin turning Russia into a failed state, purely for his personal profit. He found erstwhile allies in Trump and Republicans, who are helping him turn America into a failed state, purely for their own personal profit.

  30. Lady Justice had been ill for some time, but was getting nursed back to health. Then Republicans started raping her…now, killing her. A righteous Weinstein verdict is a fig leaf which can't hide or change that.

  31. China's ignorant, regressive reaction to the Wuhan coronavirus demonstrates exactly the kind of danger posed by authoritarian, corrupt governments–which is precisely what Traitor-'n-Thief Trump and Republicans are doing to American government. A very recent article published after this was written echoes the exact same warning: 'Tyranny is fueling the coronavirus pandemic'

    GOP and Trump administration: Where the hard reality of COV19 pierces the Republican cult bubble world of delusional fantasies, denialism, deceit, supreme ignorance, utter incompetence, and Orwellian governance, exposing them all as charlatans and frauds. Much as needed, we're hoping that doesn't happen; that America escapes the ravages of this disease, and we don't suffer thousands of American citizens dying, with many more becoming critically ill. Tragically, that doesn't seem very likely, and the Trump administration hardly inspires confidence, with all indications to date CONTRARY that they can capably handle such a catastrophe occurring here.

    NIH: "Not IF COV19 becomes an epidemic in the U.S.–it is WHEN. One to one-and-a-half years for a COV19 vaccine, soonest!" Meanwhile, Trump and Trumpettes: "Everything's fine, situation under control, carry on! We severely cut the budgets for NIH and CDC, got rid of the top health experts in this administration."

  32. Meanwhile in India…..

    120,000 over full to capacity crowd wanting to see President Trump just like here in U.S.A. at Trump Rally's.

  33. I can debunk this guy's whole book in three sentences: When adjusting the government's poverty threshold measure for shelter inflation there are well over 100 million people in poverty. The government's metric is 50 years old. The metric is the cost of food each month times 3 in order to cover all typical minimum expenses, but because shelter cost has gone up at such fast rates it should generally at least be the cost of food each month times 6 and should be measured on a locality basis making it be the cost of food each month times 9 in some Metropolitan areas like SF. . .

  34. ***MEDIA FAIL*** — Generally respect Douthat's opinions, but while he gets much of it right in his book, Bernie Sanders is not Donald Trump. Nor is the Democratic Party the Republican Party. Detest such false equivalencies and fear-mongering. Douthat's lazy analysis engaging in both makes him part of the problem, not the solution.

  35. I don't live in decadence. I support a family of four on $43,000 a year. Over half of my monthly income goes to pay my rent. You guys at MSNBC are really stupid. This is a working class rage that is tired of the rich and elites taking everything for themselves and the working class getting less and less. WE have been having to beg at the rich table and just get crumbs dropped to us. 60% of American workers make less than $40,000 a year. Regular working people used to do fine on one income. Now, both parents must work just to break even. Meanwhile, the people at the top get big tax breaks and cry about it if they are asked to pay their fair share.

  36. MSNBC is undermining our election. Bloomturd is buying the election. How can you let your families watch this dangerous content? Speak up now loud and proud. This is Plan A. We will not be denied. 🔥

  37. The New York Times killed a story on me back in the day (80's Iron Contra, 100% cocaine #DonP that's me.) #ActualFactual #FactsBlack #StillBlackKnight #UCC #NoPrimeBaby

  38. Well Ross, being an old guy, I totally get the "we didn't get there" part. It didn't make me fall for Trump though. But that Bernie/Sweden metaphor – what?! No. We want the AMERICAN Working Class to share in the wealth. You know, that wealth we created by being more productive?

  39. You chose the filth of man, why would you think any less… This is only the beginning of the end, watch what drumpf has in his very very large "A-Brain."

  40. Bernie Sanders 2020!! …Tulsi Gabbard or Andrew Yang for V.P …these are true non establishment progressives who really care for the working class Americans. No Joe Biden, Mike Bloomberg, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, these are political establishment puppets who do the bidding of corporations. ….there just as bad as republican candidates. Get out the Vote, health care is a human right!!

  41. Tell all those folks without health insurance, drowning in debt, or who can't afford a house they became "victims of their own success." Bernie's appeal is about economic justice, in an age where productivity and wealth increased exponentially, but the working class didn't see any of it.

    The intellectualoid author seems grossly out of touch.

  42. You left out that he has good ideas and tells the truth. Saying something is good even when it comes to a person that does bad things. If you say that an ancient leader was good at military strategies or good with weapons does not mean you are saying they are good people. It is not the same as good people on both sides. It's not the same as saying that we did some bad things too and killed some people too while covering for the bad actions of his warlord friends.

  43. anything Trump utters is hogwash, he should be send to Siberia, where he could contact Putin to help him out, not Modi, the fascist, would be interested to help this con artist Trump, he deserves Putins level and the Siberian Gulag, thats where Trump belongs, from my modest point of view, from Switzerland

  44. i just dont understand, socialism is such a crazy word for most Americans, that proves to me, that they – the american mass – does not understand, that european socialism means justice for all…dont you want justice for all, for the majority, for the handycapped, for the real poor, for people, young people who would like to study, and cannot in the US afford it…the same applies to health care, in most european countries health care is a human right issue and the nation makes sure, that everbody has acces to it….Americans, average Americans wouldnt you like to have that?===

  45. I bet trump's supporters will still believe in him, even when they get the coronavirus or it wipes out their stock. After all, he's told them over 16,000 lies and they still believe whatever crap he tells them. Astonishing how these trump supporters never learn anything.

  46. OMG! Bernie Sanders said a few politically incorrect things years ago. This is MUCH worse than the daily scandalous behavior of Trump pretty much every single day since he was inaugerated. Somethimes two or three times before lunch.

  47. Seems like the Democrats and their media allies for the elites are so disingenuous when they say that Bernie Sanders is embracing dictators and communism as a talking point.

    Rahm Emanuel riding off of Obama's presidency as did Hillary, but now the people are starting to realize that the Democratic leadership represents the Elites and Bernie Sanders is exposing their corruption and trying to make real change that Obama bypassed.

    Obama ran on change and hope and instead gave us tid bits while he fed the Rich filet mignon caviar and champagne.

  48. Because the MSM are relentlessly talking about Bernie and putting him down day in day out is one of the reasons why people are realising how scared that the establishment are scared of him. So he must be doing something right. And that's why they like him..

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