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most people think you had a pretty good debate but the big elephant in the room or rather the elephant wasn't in the room was that Boris Johnson didn't bother to turn up he's running not to be just leader of the party but premise 2 so he's got to be prepared to talk to the public communicate listen and be challenged on the big question which is how is he gonna deliver brexit the problem in this whole debate is there are all these men and they're all men standing up saying trust me I'm gonna deliver it by the 31st of October and not a single one is laying out how they're gonna do it how would you do it I would stick with the drawn agreement I'm not pretending I'd go back to Europe and negotiate the agreement get defeated in the House of Commons it's three times what would you change about it to make it pass I wouldn't change anything at I think the attempt to keep changing it as the problem what you have to change is the votes in the House of Commons and that's tough to do it's not easy to do with respect Teresa may have got an absolute drubbing some of her losses on this vote were the worst in parliamentary history and most people think that you're a very smart eloquent articulate guy right but they also fear that you're a remainer who basically doesn't what do you want oh sorry it doesn't really believe it breaks it at all rather like Teresa may which is why she got herself into the mess in the first place is that her heart just isn't in it and when people listen to you they go well look he's a smart guy and he says all the right things but fundamentally if your position is I'm going to keep trying to do what Teresa may fail to do how can that be a winning proposition well two things piers first see my heart is definitely in it I've been advocating very very strongly for Brett's that from the moment the vote happened because although I voted remain I promised as pretty much every other MP promise to respect the result of that referendum okay can I just share the way it went yeah which which is wonderful for those people who voted for breaks it because you're absolutely right that respects democracy but what does that say about your principles what did you say about leaving the EU before the referendum result came out well I said two things I said firstly that I believe in respecting the result of a referendum that a very important principle for me yeah but what did you say about leaving the EU did you think it was a good idea or a bad idea I said it was a bad idea right a reason I thought it was a bad idea it's particularly about security in Eastern Europe and about the environment and I made those arguments strongly but when I made those arguments I also said that this isn't a decision just for me yeah this is about our national identity it's about our national future and it's for the public just to choose what future they want but just for a minute seventeen point four million people vote for something how does that possibly change issues around the environment and issues about security it doesn't but it would be like my standing in an election that's how I stood as a conservative passionately for what I believed in and the Labour Party won I would respect that then if the labour party wins an election you don't suddenly say I now believe in everything that the Labour Party stands for and I've thrown away all my Tory principle no I wouldn't say that but I would say our democracy requires that vote to be respected so in this case brexit is happening Bret's it must happen it's what people voted for and I think it would be deeply divisive key to have a second referendum wait but my point about principle is surely you stand by what you believe in and you stand by your principles in politics and just because somebody else wins doesn't mean you suddenly throw away all your principles and all your beliefs about something being right and wrong and go okay well they won over there so I'm going to go and join them there's a more important principle which is the principle of democracy which is that in the end I'm elected and the people run this country so when the people make a choice my job is to deliver that choice energetically optimistically and as professionally as I can can you not understand that there are people and possibly a number of brick stairs who think actually this person just doesn't believe in the project I can completely understand but what they need to do is watch watch what I've done for the last two and a half years like just yesterday I tweeted after watching on Andrew Marr I thought you were smart I couldn't articulate and so on Gary Lineker responded basically agreeing with me I knew then responded saying this is almost unprecedented scenes where Linacre and Morgan come together and in a way having Gary Anika supporting use probably not a good thing for a Tory candidly you know he's a very ardent remainer he clearly sees in you somebody that shares his values many would think that actually that that does not lend itself to you being a Tory leader well I definitely don't agree with Gary on remaining I believe in brexit but I do believe in bringing people together and the point about that tweet is that the country is deeply deeply divided it's a country that however many times you have a referendum is split almost straight down the middle on this issue we need to deliver a brexit that works well for our economy that's a great success and that can bring people back together again and I think your problem with a No Deal bracelet which is what everybody else seems to be leaving on the table and talking about it is that it's not going to achieve what Brett suppose what exactly exactly in one sense right but in one sense what people say is that your idea of just prolonging the Teresa may attempt to get this plan through is doomed to absolute failure because it doomed heard if they then lost her job and what they say about No Deal is at the very least no deal would bring some kind of end to this at the public and basically sick and tired of it want to get on with it and frankly if the government having had over three years now to prepare for No Deal is not prepared for it it hasn't prepare the country for it then shame on them why are we not prepared for a No Deal when why in negotiating would we ever take off the table one of our trump cards I don't get it well thirsty if you watch the debate last night four out of those candidates kept saying no deal would be terrible it would be very damaging to our economy I'd never want it but I'm gonna leave it on the table to negotiate how do you know it'd be terrible let me just finish you believe it would be let me just finish on that my pair how do you negotiate a deal saying if you don't give me what I want I'm gonna do something to myself that I've just said is suicidal and terrible I mean this is not a negotiating ploy at all the second problem is you can't get no deal through Parliament we live in a parliamentary democracy so the only way the Dom Rob has of guaranteeing delivery no deal is to suspend Parliament and suspending Parliament is disgust what did you think about Britain entering the euro for example well that's a very bad idea it was a bad idea that a price but but most of the people screaming loudest about No Deal being a disaster were the same people who screamed the loudest that actually we should enter the Euro or it'd be a disaster so I'm quite cynical about all these bold statements of certainty about No Deal when the very people telling us it will be a fiasco you extended said the complete opposite last time yes I'm witty bold statements a certainty a bad idea disabled statements a certainty that no deals gonna be great I mean there was a lot of machismo last night of people saying I'm gonna get a different deal out of Brussels and whenever I said how are you gonna do it they just said trust me I'm a great entrepreneur trust you that you can get a better deal than to resume on the existing withdraw plan well the EU is made it absolutely crystal clear they're not gonna budge not least on this issue of the Irish backstops it's appears and I'm actually the one person not saying that fed on this Steve Baker Nigel Faraj agree with me I don't think Europe is giving any different deal in the end the problem isn't in Europe the problem is in Parliament it's about getting 45 more votes how will you change their minds er well so two things should help there's an guaranteed in this if it was guaranteed we would have left the European Union months ago but two things have changed one of them is the European elections will have given a real shock to members upon the public feel very very angry they voted to leave they were supposed to leave in the end of March I voted again and again to leave and it was blocked and it was blocked because people are trying to make the perfect the enemy of the good because people have been pushing for their ideal version of brexit they've refused to vote for any real version of brexit on the table you are one of them all right you are one of the few people running who's whose momentum appears to be growing apart from Boris the others you know no one's really firing it has brought attention to your voting record which many people say is classic Tory you voted Tory on pretty much everything and now the party line yeah I'm a Tory yeah I'm not saying it should be you know ashamed of that you can embrace it but this is also included the fact that you've been you know generally voting for reducing reducing housing benefit for social tenants deemed of excess bedrooms the so-called bedroom tax always voting against paying higher benefits of a longer period for those unable to work due to illness disability etc etc you know the argument which is that actually underneath this nice bonhomie and cheery chappie that Gary Lineker love so much is it bloat with pretty hardline Tory voting record I'm I'm a conservative I believe in being sensible with money I believe in trying to make sure that we get people into work I'm very proud that we've got 700,000 disabled people in work who want privacy I think that we've now sorted out the public finances and we can invest more if we're lucky and we manage this well in education infrastructure but I'm proud to be a conservative are you ashamed under conservative government we've had a massive spike in people having to get a food banks in this country and if you are ashamed of it why have you not been screaming about it before I've been traveling around the country and like you and I guess like everyone watching this I think there are a lot of things that are wrong it's be shameful that there are food banks in this country being used by people under an economy which is supposedly the sixth biggest and in the world I think there are two things I think firstly we went through a very difficult financial crisis we've had to get the finances in order I think if we can deliver a good bread so that we will have 26 27 billion pounds potentially to invest and we need to invest in prioritizing this would you pledge to stop anyone in this country having to use a food bank and if you share the public outrage this is happening in our country I share the public outrage but I also believe the public deserves particularly a conservative prime minister to be straight about finances not make promises we can't deliver not promised to spend money we don't have so yes my priorities would be to focus on education on food banks on infrastructure and on making sure that we really sort out adult social care and I mean why have you ruled out serving in a Boris Johnson cabinet if he wins because I profoundly disagree with his principles I see leverage principles I see no plan here for delivering brexit all I see is an assertion where he says I'll take you out by the 31st of October and if he doesn't have a plan then I'm worried he so you 100% saying that if he wins which seems very likely as things stand you 100% will not accept a cabinet position yes 100% I will not serve in history how many people you just be banging on about being Tory and loyal touring all the rest of it just because the other guy wins and wins but looks up by a thumping majority the way things are going that you despite all the momentum you've had for yourself and raising a profile and so on with then refused to serve your country simply because you don't like him this is going the heart of the questions you're asking me about principles and it's a difficult question of politics but in order to be Boris's foreign secretary or international development secretary I would have to sit on your program an advocate for a No Deal brexit that I think can't be delivered it's going to lead to is a contradiction here sorry can I just point out the day before the referendum you said that leaving the EU was a bad idea the day after the referendum you suddenly changed your mind because the majority voted to leave the EU couldn't the same principle be applied that if the electorate of the conservative party decide that Boris Johnson is the right man to be leader and prime minister then you would suddenly think it was a good idea to serve in his cabinet the referendum is a much bigger thing than that that's 17.6 who's going to be seventeen point six million people voted on that and before that referendum when I was asked the question I promise to respect that referendum and I'm telling you now before Boris becomes Prime Minister that I would not serve in that select the vote of the Tory party about who should lead your party a party of which you are a loyal member and MP wouldn't you respect that vote there are two votes that I really deeply respect I respect the result of a referendum I respect them as out of a general election I'm a loyal conservative so I'm not gonna bring down a Boris Johnson government but I cannot serve in a cabinet and advocate for something I didn't believe in whoever whoever wins this contest are we entitled as the British public to know basic facts about the person that becomes prime minister absolutely and tell me ask me I mean what are you offering for instance if Boris was to win do we know how many children he has that that I didn't know but I don't know Australia's pretty extraordinary it regulates do you think hi I don't personally I mean it's the do people have different views than us think that you need to look into the souls of politicians I think the question is what is his plan how is he gonna live a brexit how is he gonna sort out it doesn't matter to that we don't know how many kids you may have know I think what matters is is he the guy that you want to trust running the country the big question is what sort of Prime Minister do you want do you want somebody who is prepared to appear in a debate prepared to engage in the media prepared to listen to you prepared to private life completely irrelevant look the Indians of democracy it's a choice for you as the voter but I would argue that our country is changing the politics is a little bit broken that we need to move on okay final question can we get a move on we expect you people to fall out now in the next 24 hours 36 hours are you in for the duration are you gonna come under pressure to to get out of this race so you're gonna fight to the finish I'm gonna absolutely Pearson fight to the finish because there are many people in this race who seem to be running to be cabinet ministers I'm already a cabinet minister if I want to be a cabinet minister I wouldn't be in the straight okay I'm running to try to make this country a better place and a happier okay that's peaceful final question my final question is you said that you respect the results of the referendum and that you respect the results of a general election if Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party win the general election will you skip parties and become a Labour MP no but I would respect the results and I would be the loyal opposition to Her Majesty's Government which would then be run by Jeremy Corbyn it would be a terrible thing for the country but I would respect it because I live in a democracy you

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