Rory Gallagher with Jack Bruce – Politician

Maurice Vega

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  1. Now this was a truly a Musical Moment. I don't think Rory knew the song but these two blended perfectly, no rehearsal needed. An Iconic moment with out a doubt.
    Rest in Peace both of these Pitch Perfect Politicians, Musical Friends and Worldly Troubadours.
    You will always be remembered

  2. Seen Rory live -75 in Ruisrock festival in Turku Finland. I think many doesn't know how excellent guitar player he was.

  3. The two great players Clapton never shared the stage with, Rory Gallagher and Gary Moore. I wonder why? hmmm….

  4. Two giants. Rory was amazing. He was able to play slide or acoustic. And, he was also a great singer and writer. Jack same an unique talent. We misse those outstanding musicians from the 6o and 70's.

  5. # jacks' ENJOYING playing MORE with RORY THAN clapton both wonderful ' together what a loss .. love xx you both .

  6. RORY WAS THE THE BEST even when a boy and when playing the dance halls .in showbands till he formed TASTE , to breakout P.S DID YOU KNOW HE REFUSED TO JOIN THE ROLLING STONES ABOUT 1970# THEN just TODLLED OFF TO JAPAN to please his jap fans[ love to rory ]x

  7. i first meet rory gallagher in 1969 near shaftsbury avenue london he was looking in a guitar shop window so we chatted and he said he was playing the marquee but he was so shy in life almost nervous.and again twice in cambridge about 1973… but when he walked on stage WOW .. he was my HEREO no designer suites no flash guitars NO EFFECTS on the strat just sheer skill …..and a natural oh god;[ i miss him] .

  8. This brings back so many memories…..Jack's voice and bass riff are so iconic and yet under rated.

  9. Jack was the only one who knew what they were going to play and how they were going to play it.
    Three great musicians.

  10. Rory will always have a special place in my heart since i heard his live album “Irish tour 74” incredible musician & inspired a range of younger guitarists ( B May …) loved his attitude & he was a welcome Guest in Belgium…..

  11. Amazing the difference in tone between the Old AC 30 with good mullards and those delicious pulsonic cones and this. Not that this is bad but, the tone on his old little rig was just so damn delicious. Not knocking this at all, amazing performance. Masterful.

  12. Rory lets his guitar sing with a human voice, Jack lets his bass hum like a fat bumblebee…. really the organic stuff 🌷

  13. I kinda feel bad for Rory on this one. Love Jack. Love Rory. But the two can share the stage. Both are stars. But someone has to be the lead. Neither can be. Jack has always been lead playing live. So has Rory!

  14. Rory, if you listen do me ? 😉 ….I saw you in spain in 79 !
    Anyway, Still lovin' your guitar playin' for a long time !
    I'll see you later !
    BeRn ArT ZiC

  15. Man, I'm just about ready to commission a custom 5-string build from Dingwall. But, everytime I hear that distinctive Warwick midrange tone, I wanna reconsider my choice.

  16. Musicians aré incredible. Rory don't know the song, but he wings greatly !!! Rory Rory Rory Rory forever!

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