Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Weird Dreams & Shitty Jobs

-Gus: I have stress dreams about recording the podcast sometimes. -Gus: Where it’s like, I’ll wake up, like, in a panic, like, my heart’s racing, like… -Gus: “Oh, shit! The microphones! Where are they?!” -Gus: And I’m like “Ah, Goddamnit, it was just a fucking dream!” -Gus: Or it’s like…I had a dream…we were recording the podcast… -Gus: …and Burnie was in it, and he wasn’t talking the whole podcast. -Gus: And it was, like, kind of stressing me out, cause, like, I didn’t know what was wrong or what to do. -Gus: And then as soon as we finished recording, he was like… -Gus: “Oh I wasn’t talking cause I really had to fart really bad” -Gus: And then he…and then he farted. -Gus: And then I woke up and I was like -Gus: “What the fuck was with that dream?!” -Brandon: You get mad at this guy for supporting this old racist dude… -Brandon: But you’re not mad at the old rac– -Burnie: BRANDON! SHUT UP WITH THE POLITICS! -Burnie: GET OUT! I CAN’T TAKE IT! -Gus: Why–why did you invite him here?! Get the fuck out, you’re killing me! -Burnie: No more politics!
-Gus: Oscar Nominations 2012! (Jack and Burnie cheer) -Jack: Alright! Let’s do it! -Burnie: Gus went to go work for the shittiest company ever. -Burnie: At one point he worked in a department, Matt, where they laid off so many people, -Burnie: that he had cubicles around him… -Burnie: that he rearranged them into a fortress with webcams up. -Burnie: And as people would approach his area… -Burnie: Like the fucking Wizard of Oz, he’d be like… -Burnie: “WHO APPROACHES?!”

Maurice Vega

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  1. :3 The way that Burnie and Gus reacted to Brandon talking about politics is pretty much how I am about the subject as well.

  2. LOL I love how Gus pronounces the letter e…

    "I have stress dreems" "Get the fuck out, you're killing mee!"

  3. I had a weird dream where in my dream I was on minecraft and Herobrine was outside my home and I was recording, and guess what? I looked outside, and I said: "….Why on earth is he there – He was removed." and then I realised he was playing with toy BARBIE + KEN DOLLS!! He was making them KISS! and then he looked up and said "Hi Babe" and I woke up thinking "What the [CENSORED]…"

  4. hey just a question i recently got a few shirts from the store and i live in victoria, british columbia canada how long will it b roughly till they would get here?

  5. Does anyone know how to figure out which podcast's these are too anymore? I really wanted to listen to the one about Gus's fort, or the politics one.

  6. Well the reason you get mad as the guy who supports the old racist due instead of the actual racist dude, is the same as support Hitler or some other bad person. They get popular, thus more influence, then more power to do evil racist stuff. Because it's not the old racist dude that has the power to do what he wants, its the people under him that give him that power and influence.

  7. I found rooster teeth by watching all of the RTAAs, I had no idea who anyone was and most of the jokes were lost on me. And yet, here I am a year later, I finally know everyone and watching these, knowing who everyone is, makes it 10 times funnier!

  8. I share Burnie's reaction to anyone who starts talking politics. I don't care if I agree with you or not, I HATE talking politics with a fiery passion.

  9. Oh you think you had a weird dream I had one where I was trapped on jurassic park while Terminators and Darleks fought and I still got eaten by the raptors on the toilet!

  10. What podcasts this from? Whenever I click the link, it takes me to the list of EVERY podcast. I hate apple anyway, but I'm sure it's just the YouTube app I'm using

  11. I also stop talking if I have to let out a huge fart, because if I concentrate on my talking it'll come out, but if I stop talking I can focus on my fart.

  12. Lol Burnie basically said everything that I want to say when people bring up politics. Glad these guys aren't bringing politics up in any of their videos.

  13. I wish Burnie was this way with politics nowadays. I love listening to the podcast but every 10 minutes he brings up trump in one way or another

  14. coming back to this and re-watching with subtitles, i slap myself so hard cause i always thought he said "the microphone's worthy"

  15. Burnie, Michael, and Gavin brought up politics just a while back on one of their podcasts. It was the only time I had ever heard them bring up their views, and I'm glad they keep it lowkey for the most part.

    I relate to Burnie Burns so much on this statement.
    I literally do not like politics, ‘cause a majority of the time, you’re bound to find negativity or toxic arguments.

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