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The Suicide Room. That’s what they called room 733 –as if I didn’t have enough to worry about on my first day as a freshman. We had been assigned to dorm room 734 which, it turns out, wasn’t one of the nice add-on rooms in the south hall. No, we found ourselves in the older wing of
the building on the 7th floor. I wasn’t too bummed out, though; at least
they’d honored my request to room with my best friend. Lydia and I spent most of the morning moving
ourselves in. By the time our Resident Advisor came by I
was taping up posters and Lydia was reading. “Hi girls, I’m Beth!” chirped the bubbly blonde
girl as she bounded into our room. “I’ll be your RA this year.” “Hi,” I nodded at her. “Wow, you girls really work fast,” she said
taking in our made beds and hung up clothes. Beth picked up a drawing of Cthulhu that Lydia
had done over the summer. She turned it sideways, studying it. “Is this the kraken from Pirates of the Caribbean?” Lydia glared at her over the top of her book. “So anyway,” the RA continued, “I know our hall isn’t as new as the south hall but trust me, there’s a lot of history here. This building is almost 60 years old.” “Yes, I can see that.” I said looking around. “The rooms are pretty small.” “Well, people were smaller in the 50s.” Beth shrugged. “Really?” Lydia said flatly. “Yep, really.” Beth pursed her lips and just continued to
stand there, while the room filled with awkward silence. “So,” I said, “the corner room next to us
–733, is it? It looks a lot bigger than our room. Is anyone assigned to that room or could we
maybe-” “Oh, you don’t want that room.” Beth interrupted. “There were a couple of suicides in there. A hanging and a jumper if I remember right. They’re not assigning anyone to that room. Anyway, I’d just like to remind you that this
is an all girls floor and guys are not allowed up here after 11.” Before we could reply to her Beth clapped
her hands and with a quick “well, nice meeting you,” she skipped out of the room. Lydia dropped her book on the bed and stared
out into the hall. Lydia: “I hate her.” Becca: “Did you hear that bomb she fucking dropped?” Lydia: “I’m going to call her Dumbshit Beth.” Becca: “Lydia, seriously. Suicides?” Lydia: “Oh, Becca, relax. Every college campus has a few suicides.” Becca: “Yeah, but in the same room?” Lydia sighed. “Really, who cares? It’s not our room.” “Yeah, I guess.” I turned to study the little window in our room. Becca: “Can you imagine climbing out of that tiny
window and jumping? You’d be alive for at least five seconds before
you hit the ground.” Lydia: “Oh, fuck, Becca, can you not?” Lydia glanced at the window and visibly shuddered. Lydia: “You know I fucking hate heights and just talking about that shit is raising my blood pressure.” “We could always move into the suicide room,”
I teased her, “That one has a window on each wall.” Lydia: “Fuck you.” Becca: “Okay, okay. But seriously, think about it. It would take a lot of commitment to squeeze
out of that tiny window.” “Yeah, well, remember, people were apparently
smaller back then.” Lydia mumbled as she pushed her bed further
away from the window. Since Lydia was an outgoing and friendly person,
we made friends at lightning speed. There were a lot of parties in those first
few weeks, at one of which Lydia inevitably met a guy. I’d known the girl since we were in diapers
so I fully anticipated her having a boyfriend by the end of September. His name was Mike and he wasn’t anything special;
just your standard frat pledge douche canoe. After about a month on campus the novelty
of college started wearing off. Lydia and I found our stride and we spent
more weekends studying than drinking. Midterms were coming up in a couple weeks
and I was determined to maintain a 4.0 GPA throughout my freshman year. One night in early October I was woken up
by a loud, grinding sound. I sat up in bed and strained to hear it again. Lydia was also wide awake and listening. SLAM “What the fuck?” She mouthed to me. It wasn’t unusual for there to be noise in
the hallways since other people came in at all hours of the night. But this sound had definitely come from next door–the corner room. GRIND Becca:”Is that–” “Yeah,” Lydia whispered. “That’s the window next door.” At Lydia’s insistence, we kept our windows
closed at all times. However, there was no mistaking the sound
of the window in room 733 being opened and closed again at regular intervals. SLAM Becca: “Who’s in there?” Lydia shrugged. Becca: “Is someone fucking with us? Is this like initiation?” Lydia raised her eyebrows at me. “Initiation to what?” Becca: “I don’t know. College? Maybe they’re hazing the freshman?” GRIND Lydia” “Who is hazing freshman?” I shrugged. SLAM Lydia: “Becca, I love you, but that was fucking stupid.” I threw a pillow at her. “Well, whoever it is, go tell them to knock it the fuck off.” Lydia: “Me?! I’m not risking being thrown out a window.” GRIND Becca: “Well, I’m not doing it!” Lydia: “I’m an art major. You’re a political science major. YOU go lay down the law.” Becca: “Fuck that.” Lydia: “Then call Dumbshit Beth. Isn’t this the kind of nonsense she should deal with?” SLAM Beca: “I’m not calling her. Don’t you put that evil on me.” “Fine,” Lydia whispered loudly, “then we’ll
just have to ignore it.” “I have class at 7:30!” I whispered. GRIND Lydia: “Then do something!” “Ugh!” I got out of bed and stomped to the door, threw it open dramatically and went down the hall to pound on the door to room 733 which simply said ‘Supply Room’. “People are trying to sleep, please fucking
stop.” I said when there was no answer. SLAM “Dude, seriously…” I sighed. I stepped back from the door and immediately noticed a problem. Room 733 was padlocked shut from the outside. I hurried back to my room. “What happened?” Lydia asked. Becca: “I’m not going anywhere near that fucking room, again. It’s locked from the outside; I don’t know
how anybody could get in there.” “So, you’re saying it’s a spooky ghost?” She laughed. Becca: “No, I’m saying there is creepy shit going on inside a room colloquially called ‘the Suicide Room’. Lydia scoffed and rolled over to go back to
sleep. “You should have been a drama major.” We didn’t hear the window next door again
that night but the next morning you could clearly see from outside that both windows
in the corner room were now wide open. I watched the windows on room 733 for an entire
week but they remained open. Occasionally at night I thought I could hear
a noise next door liked marbles dropping and rolling across the floor. Since it never woke Lydia up, I didn’t bother
to say anything. One afternoon I was alone in the dorm editing
notes on my laptop. I had my headphones in but the music wasn’t
loud enough to cover the noise of someone knocking on the door. “Come in,” I said without looking up from
the screen. A moment went by and then heard I heard the
knocking again. I jerked my earbuds out and slammed the laptop closed. I turned around, “Come-” “What the fuck?” The door to the hallway was wide open. I’d left it open on purpose since Ian (a junior I was dating) was supposed to be stopping by. I heard the knocking again from behind me
and literally jumped out of my chair. It had come from the other side of the room–the closet door. It was the closet that shared a wall with
room 733. “Lydia, you’re not fucking funny.” Nothing. “Lydia, I swear to god, I will punch you in
your face.” Silence. I walked over to the closet door and grasped the handle. “Lydia, you’re a fucking–” Lydia: “A fucking what?” Her voice came from the doorway–behind
me. I let go of the doorknob and stumbled back,
wide-eyed. Lydia threw her stuff on the bed and turned
to me, crossing her arms. “I’m a fucking what?” “I…I thought you were hiding in the closet.” I said, lamely. Lydia: “What? Why?” Becca: “Because someone was knocking on the door.” Lydia: “Jesus, Becca.” Lydia rubbed her forehead and walked over
to the closet, throwing open the door. There was nothing there but clothes and boxes. She made a swipe of her arm as if to say:
‘what now?’ Becca: “I swear–” Lydia: “Becca, there’s no one here.” Becca: “I know what I heard.” We glared at each other until our little stand off was interrupted by the timely arrival of Ian. He immediately sensed the tension in the room. “Hi, ladies…What’s new?” I gave my roommate a hostile look. Becca: “There’s strange shit going on in that room next door. But that’s not new.” Ian: “Which room? 735? Or the empty one?” “The empty one.” Lydia emphasized. Ian: “733. Yeah, I’m not surprised. That’s the suicide room.” Becca: “Right, we heard about the deaths.” I sat down on my bed. Ian: “Yeah, it’s pretty fucked up. Three suicides all in one dorm room.” Becca: “Three!?” Lydia raised her eyebrow. “We were told there were two.” Ian: “Well there were a couple people in the 70s
and then some guy about ten years ago. He jumped out the window.” Lydia and I both shuddered. Although she was much worse, we were both terrified of heights. A falling death was about the worst thing
I could think of. “I will admit that three suicides in the same
dorm room is fucking disturbing.” Lydia said in an apologetic tone. “Yeah, I heard there’s something in that room.” Ian said. Becca: “Like what?” Ian: “No one knows, but every year someone has a new theory, usually right around Halloween something gets published in the campus paper. Whatever is in there, though, it ain’t friendly.” Becca: “So, has anyone ever killed themselves in
the neighboring rooms? Like this one?” Ian: “Nah, just 733. Honestly, I was surprised when I heard they were opening the north hall this year.” “They told us we were the biggest incoming
freshman class in twenty years.” I said absentmindedly. Ian: “Yeah, I heard that, too. You know you could request a room change.” Ian sat down on the bed next to me and I leaned against his shoulder. “Yeah, but they wouldn’t keep us together.” Lydia cut in. “Becca and I have been best friends for 15
years. We can’t room with other people.” Becca: “So should we just keep living here, next
to Satan?” I glanced at the closet door again. Lydia shrugged. “At least we’ll have some stories to tell
after graduation.” Becca: “These aren’t the kind of stories I want to tell.” A few days later Lydia began to believe my
closet story. I woke up in the middle of the night to the
sound of someone whispering. I looked over at Lydia, who was already staring
at me with wide eyes. She slowly brought a finger to her lips. I listened intently, trying to hear what the
voice was saying and where it was coming from but I couldn’t understand even one word. I got out of my bed and tiptoed over to Lydia’s. The whispering was definitely louder over
there, but then she shared a wall with room 733. I listened harder. “…never …taken …mouths …of …fools” What the hell? Lydia leaned over and put her ear up to the
wall. The whispers suddenly stopped and I leaned
closer. Suddenly there was a loud bang from the other
side. Lydia immediately recoiled and clutched her
ear in pain. Someone was in there. Suddenly more angry than scared I again threw
open our door and stomped over to the supposedly empty supply room. I banged on the door loudly not caring who
else I woke up at this point. “Are you fucking kidding me?!” I yelled at the door. “This shit isn’t funny anymore. Come out of that fucking room, you asshole.” Silence. And then the doorknob started to turn. I don’t know what I’d expected to happen but
it wasn’t that. I backed up so far from the door that I ran
into the opposite wall. When the handle had turned all the way down,
something started to push from the other side. The door groaned loudly but the locks held. I held my breath until the pressure on the
door subsided and the handle slowly returned to its normal position. I noticed Lydia peaking her head out of our
room. She held up her hands as if to say ‘what happened?’ “Someone thinks they’re funny.” I answered her out loud. She shook her head and disappeared back into
our room. I knelt down on the floor and brought my head down to the carpet, peering under the door crack. It was the first time I had seen into the
corner room. Room 733 was definitely a supply closet. There were chairs stacked along one wall and
bed frames along the other. A few rotting mattresses were piled under
one of the windows and a thick layer of dust covered everything in the room. The windows were absolutely huge, which was something you couldn’t really tell by looking up at the building. They were open as always and I could definitely see how someone could easily climb through them to the outside ledge. The room didn’t look like it had been disturbed in a couple of decades which sent a shudder wracking through my body. The moonlight, which had been providing enough
light to see into the room, suddenly vanished and I saw only pitch black inside. I blinked rapidly trying to adjust my night
vision. I squeezed my eyes shut and when I opened them, a large yellow eye was looking back at me, only a few inches away from my face
on the other side of the door. I screamed and woke up half the dorm.

Maurice Vega

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