Right Winger Confronts David on “Low Hanging Fruit”

Let’s go to our next caller from the two six
two area code. Who’s calling today from two six two Oh, hi David. Can you hear me? Yes I can. Hey, I’m one of your right wind sands and
I’m wondering if you have any idea of when all of this a low hanging fruit that our generation
is into when we’ll finally pick that rank choice vote cut the military in half term
limits. This sort of thing. I don’t have an answer unfortunately. I mean, I, I would, I would like to see, uh,
many of those, uh, ideas implemented soon. Uh, I agree that they are low hanging fruit
in the sense that these are pretty obvious things that we should be doing. It’s not low hanging fruit in the sense that
it’s easy to accomplish politically. There would be big opposition. So I don’t know in what sense if you mean
low hanging fruit as like, Hey, we should obviously do these things. I’m with you. If you mean low hanging fruit in it should
have been easy to do them already. I don’t know about that. Well, I mean, uh, you know, I have plenty
of left wing and right wind fans and they are not fans friends and they all seem to
agree on, on this list. But um, yeah, why hasn’t it happened? Well, a lot of those things challenge the
institutions of power. So term limits. Everybody who got in got in without term limits. They’re not particularly incentivized to put
in place term limits that might get them out of office. A lot of the people that got in got in supporting
the military industrial complex being funded by defense contractors, et cetera. So they’re not really the people who are going
to go in and cut the size of the military in half. So you have to understand that, that there’s
a, there’s unaligned incentives there. Well, hopefully if we can change those incentives. Can I ask one other quick question? Yeah. Um, so I have some money left for me in a
Vanguard healthcare account and I’m wondering what will happen to that sort of account,
uh, is some sort of Medicare for all those tests. Um, my sense is that any accounts that are
for sort of like predesignated healthcare spending, so I think this would include like
HSHS and so on and so forth. I assume that if Medicare for all, uh, takes
place, all of that money will be a sort of allowed to be moved out of those sequestered
funds that have to be used for health care. It’s a healthcare mutual fund. It’s a healthcare mutual fund. So, Oh, we just invest in healthcare companies. Yeah. You’re going to want to get out of that. I think if Medicare for all passes. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Right. Good to know. All right. Very good. Thank you so much for the call. I appreciate it. Let’s take a quick break. If you’re holding, uh, don’t hang up because
we’ll go right back to the phones right after the short break

Maurice Vega

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  1. -REPORTER: 📰 Retrumplicans and Evangelicals love you …compare you to Jesus himself..

    -TRUMP: 🍊 Gimme a break, jesus was a complete and total loser ok…
    I know you all think he was a hero because he was crucified..tell you what ..I like my saviors not to be crucified..
    It's fake news folks…a hoax..i know it and you know it ..
    People say he was this or that, he has alot of followers..yea ya know who has alot of followers..check out my Twitter account..then you'll see who has alot of followers…
    That Judas guy..he made a bad deal, horrible deal, the worst deal in history..30 pieces of silver…I woulda got 60 …we call him dumbass judass
    Tell you what, the Roman's shoulda built a wall and made Greece pay for it ..then you wouldn't have all those caravans of Nazarians roaming around all over the place…
    (trump eats baby)

    -MAGA HATS: Cheers and applause

    -TRUMP:🍊 And by the way I have 3 of the wisest men on my team..they are killers..gotta have killers…
    Rudy Ghoulianni
    Mann Coulter and
    Kellyanne Conway
    One last thing..next week I'm going to be on 5th Avenue in New York …
    I have to test something out …
    my supporters should avoid the area but make sure your libtard friends show up

  2. I don't understand why we the people, who the government is suppose to serve doesn't have a say when it comes toTerm Limits. I am 100% for Term Limits, and I believe there are people on both sides who believe in Term Limits. I also believe they should not be able to give themselves a raise, this too should be up to us.

  3. Davids coverage of Trump is fake resistance low hanging fruit and on the same level as fake news CNN and MSNBC.

  4. The thing is, all their "fruit" is very, very, very…. low, and they can't get their shit right, but on the contrary, defend it and keep doing it more… This "accusation" again is so mind-boggingly ret*rded, its fingerprints are unmistakable, even without saying "right-winger".

  5. I really appreciate it when fascists are polite about their fascism. Wanting to slaughter non-white ethnic groups, let poor people struggle and starve, and subjugating women is only unacceptable when you're brash and rude about it.

    The sad part is, this desperately transparent tactic seems to work on libs.

  6. Investing in healthcare insurance companies as a means to profit oneself is on par with investing in the slave trade or private prisons : Profiting on the pain of others. Despicable.

  7. I personally think David is centrist on economic issues, but far far left on social issues. This is why he scores so far left on political surveys he takes.

  8. What spelled the end of the Soviet Union? Excessive military spending.

    What’s the chance of Medicare for all? When people say they support it vote for it, which will be never.

  9. These video titles are nothing but shitty click bait. David needs to work on them being more accurately descriptive.

  10. That question about the Vanguard healthcare fund is a little more complicated. It’s not exclusively invested in health insurance companies. It’s also invested in many other things such as hospital companies, drug companies, ambulance services etc. Depending on the exact parameters of a Medicare for all package some of these may become more profitable even as others become less profitable or go out of business.For example when Obama care passed most healthcare delivery services did quite well because they now had more paying customers.

  11. Can anyone give me any good arguments for term limits that AREN'T addressed by campaign finance reform, ranked choice voting (or some other alternative to first past the post), and lobbying reform? I don't understand the hasty urge to give away our right as voters to elect the candidate we want – even if it's their 8th term. I get the whole entrenched power structure side of the argument, but that isn't necessarily a problem inherent to the position, but the party and finance structure currently surrounding it.

  12. Republicans do not care about the USA! Are huge oil conglomerates in control of our military might and where our military is used around the world? The answer is yes and it is all tax free! After that it is all show, bluff and Propaganda. It is about the oil, it is always about the oil.
    Tax Conglomerate war profit from confiscating oil and oil contracts.

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