Rick Sanchez’ Most Absurd Moments on CNN Compilation

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Maurice Vega

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  1. @emgeemann Well I guess that despite their vast power in many areas, jews are after all a very "protected" group and to talk about them unfavorably will result in your head rolling. …. Personally I dont think that this gains jews any supporters…I mean look at peoples comments.

  2. @Dannyboy855 We've got your name and address (turned in to us by the FBI). A couple of Mossad agents are on their way from Israel, as I'm writing this, to assassinate you with the complicity of the CIA. How dare you accuse Jews of not being perfect?!??

  3. @Rachegotter I wouldn't be surprised, it seems that some people will do almost anything to keep the truth from coming out…

  4. Obama has an outstanding record, at least 112 significant accomplishments since entering office. Do not believe the nayssayers; instead, study what has been implemented on your behalf. Many implementations effect or will effect you the individual first hand – and this in itself is a standout quality of Obama's presidency. Vote a "democratic" ticket in the November election, so that more can be done on our behalf, for the betterment of our country and each citizen. Democrat is Democracy.

  5. @PumpingSmashkins "…obviously extremely dim…" Evidence? Furthermore, who are you to decide the metrics upon which someone is allowed to be smug? The last time I looked we were in a free country. If he's smug it may be unsavory but it's his prerogative.

    His remarks about liberalism weren't about lib politics as you assumed. He was citing the aspect social theory that decides for individuals instead of individuals deciding. That eluded you because you're too concerned with his smugness.

  6. @PumpingSmashkins Again, you've no right to determine warrants of smugness. You're not the arrogance police or snob commission. At the end of the day you're just name calling. That's not extremely mature.

  7. I would try to watch him…SEVERAL times…and just couldn't do it! IT WAS JUST THAT PAINFUL! HE WAS JUST THAT STUPID! Don't believe me? Look at how he went out! Look at how he screwed his family! And his comments were made with the DELIBERATE INTENTION to insult! They were NOT gaffes! He was not there long enough! Which is interesting, since, if HE were to be stopped in Arizona, HE'D likely be harrassed (if not WORSE) for HIS ethnicity.

  8. He's an idiot… I heard he killed someone while drunk driving years ago and got away with it. Not sure if it is true though…

  9. Wow. I had only watched him occasionally, and for whatever reason saw him a few times just prior to his departure. Even in normal circumstances he would say the dumbest shit, ALL THE TIME. I almost wrote to CNN once about it. Oh well, it worked itself out. It was like he was trying to be a cartoon character.

  10. @precoz22 lol more time in school? thats where most of the good kids get bad influences. Who are you? a teacher? less time in sport fields? your just being silly

  11. @wildmanftl ye i heard he once beat up a hooker with a 11inch black dildo to a bloody pulp because she wouldnt take a dump on his chest

  12. @rg0057

    Ha, My country is full of ignorant humans. Metric system is easier and more efficient than our "Dead King's measurements". Hmmmmm, I have 10 fingers and 10 toes, AW! Eureka, I'll go by 12.

  13. @BIJMOZ

    low-hanging fruit? –In English please. If that's an insult, you're weird.

    If he wanted dead King units, he should have asked for a conversion, not English. There's a responsibility to be intelligent or at least sound intelligent if you work in the media. Otherwise you're just Glenn Beck.

  14. @jshjamaarify

    I might weigh over to being liberal sometimes, but I think CNN tries to at least be unbiased as much as they can. MSNBC is a liberal channel.

    If you want good television news, may I suggest giving PBS a try. They're better at giving the story straight.

  15. @BIJMOZ

    Low-hanging fruit. Now it makes sense, easy to grab an apple on the bottom branch. Still, I don't think I'll ever use that. Seems too easy to misinterpret.

    My Beck comment is only satire, I do not put anyone in Beck's catagory besides, perhaps, Manson's daughters, Jim Jones, or the members of Westboro Baptist. A very diluted brain washed so thoroughly I could through it in with my whites to bleach the stains.

  16. @checkmclassics Then why even mention how hispanic you are? Might as well say you're a minority because you have irish roots.

  17. @lasoogneypubes It would really be cool if Hispanics were not any more treated as a minority, if the majority stopped talking about "Hispanic vote", "Hispanic invasion", "Hispanic culture", "Hispanic babies", "Hispanic whatever". Until these days come, Hispanics of all race have the right to consider themselfes a minorities. No one talks about Irish as beeing a threat to the nation or as beeing less civilized. And when bashing Hispanics they don't distinguish race.

  18. Rick Sanchez is SUCH a hypocrite. i was reading a bio on him and he was talking about how he was made fun of as a child for being hispanic. Yet then he goes on NATIONAL T.V. and says bigoted things about Jews and Black people and then tries to play the opressed victim? He is especially lying about the cotton thing I'm from TN. and unless u r a bigot u don't say what he said about Obama!

  19. That's what you get out of this video? Did you even watch it, or just stop by to make a cheap, irrelevant and off topic point?

  20. He said "Iceland" was cold!! Haha!! Its hot there!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ God Bless him!! ๐Ÿ™‚ God Bless u aw!! + (that's supposed to b a cross)

  21. Cotton pickin? LOOOOOOL
    How did this fool leave Miami to go on to this network???? I couldn't stand him when he was here. What an ass clown.

  22. The Jews heavily censor the American media. It's well known that they won't let any American journalists make incendiary remarks about Israel's persecution of Palestine – and if you call Palestinians anything other than terrorists that will be your last day working at any major (and almost all minor) media network(s) in the United States of America.

  23. wow it just shows news anchors shouldnt give their opinions. fox news has too many opinion commentators while reporting the news. the media is too persuasive to the gullible republican americans americans. some dumb people still think obama is a muslim nazi kenyan from hawaii.

  24. I like Sanchez. At least he was honest about who owns and controls all media outlets. Of course, this is what got him fired, and blacklisted.

  25. Rick made the mistake of biting the jewish hand that feeds him by exposing their control of all news media publicly. Not surprised to see Pakman, the queer zionist, doing hit videos on the people he's told to target.

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