Revelation of Truth Chapter 01 – World Politics behind NWO

Dear brothers and sisters, we are a group of researchers
from around the world. After years of extensive research we are releasing the documentary
“The Revelation of Truth”, in order for you to realize that an agenda
to control all nations, the whole world and create a One World
Government exists today. Therefore we present you the ways
to stand up to such an evil plan. Working together we will restore
the truth and our freedoms. United we stand divided we fall. Chapter 1
World politics behind New World Order This is a secret society one of millions spread
across the globe. For millions of years they’ve been
transmitting clandestine messages and following invisible trails. Only now are we coming
to understand them, to crack their secret codes. At a 1991 closed-door meeting
of fellow internationalists, billionaire and former CFR
Chairman David Rockefeller praised his media allies, but his confidence that his words
would not leave the room was later broken. We are grateful to The Washington Post,
The New York Times, Time magazine, and other publications, whose
directors have attended our meetings and have respected their promises
of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for
us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to
the bright lights of publicity. But the world is now
more sophisticated and prepared to march toward
a world government. Jean Claude Trichet President
of the European Central Bank recently emphasized that
the global financial crisis propelled him to collaborate
with world leaders to support a global governance. This is at the level of
global governance something which I trust that
is of an utmost importance and I would say that… we owe this transformation
which again has been prepared it is something which
didn’t come as a sharp and I would say
unexpected event… It’s a beginning of a
global governance It was easier as I said
because of the crisis The apex of the crisis
will be more difficult now Nevertheless we need this And if something has been understood
by the lay man during this crisis Is that Globalization is no more only a topic
for lectures and conferences that’s a reality Yet these problems can be overcome By joint effort
between our countries 2009 is also the first
year of global governance with the establishment
of the G20 in the middle of the financial crisis The climate conference
in Copenhagen Is another step towards the
global management of our planet Over the last decade policy network Has performed a momentous role in the development
of progressive thinking Bringing us together as one
global progressive family. It’s an honor to welcome here today The leader of the Swedish Social
Democratic party, Mona Sahlin I am very grateful that she
has managed to be with us And I thank her for the work
she is doing right across Europe. Commissioner Αlmunia it’s a
great pleasure to have you here And we will have discussions
later in the day. Pascal Lamy the Head of the World
Trade Organization is to be with us And it’s an honor also that
we are be able to welcome Prime Minister Stoltenberg
and Zapatero to Britain. I believe first of all that we now need nothing short of a world constitution for the
global financial system. With globalization we
have a unique chance to recognize our global
interdependence as citizens And work towards
a truly global society And that is a world free
from climate change catastrophe It’s a word free from terrorism Well I think it’s
absolutely necessary that we go in the direction
of a network of regional organizations. We have the European Union
in Europe Maybe tomorrow in Asia
shall create Asian currency unit Like we have the economic
monetary union in Europe There is certainly
a so… an enormous intense cooperation more
and more in Latin America There are the Arabic countries So I see a world order in the future
as a multi-polar world order, Where you will see
a few big regional sub continental organizations
more important So the network
of these organizations that is may be the
future for this world. I think it will be very
important to create new global institution which
can be really powerful We need global governance, Global financial governance
and we needed fast. The goal should be to devise a system
of global financial governance adapted to the challenges
of the 21st century. This moment, the whole world
understands that it’s time to change. It’s time to give globalization
a new face It’s time to build
a new world order, new politics, new economic, social, established on new
principles and rules This scenario is born out by none other
than Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion, one of the great
founders of Israel. Recorded in an astonishing article
in “Look” magazine Ben-Gurion predicted that a
One World System presided over by Jerusalem will be
set up in the near future. “All continents will become
united in a world alliance, at whose disposal will be an
international police force. All armies will be abolished,
and there will be no more war. In Jerusalem, the United Nations
(a truly United Nations) will build a shrine of
the prophets to serve the federated union of all continents: This will be the seat of the
supreme court of mankind, to settle all controversies among
the federated continents, as prophesied by Isaiah…” Great developments
in favor of human kind as well as true and real
rights are on the way. A Golden and brilliant future
is awaiting mankind, A global community
filled with justice, friendship, brotherhood
and welfare is at hand And as I have elaborated the community which will tread
the path of the beauty and love Under the rule of the righteous
and the perfect human being They are one promised
by all divine prophets and there one who is a
true lover of humanity. Malaysia’s Prime Minister
Mahathir Mohammad opened the 160 nations summit with a
candid assessment of the world today. With the representatives of the Iran,
Iraq and North Korea in his audience many here agree To combat that Mr. Mahathir proposed all leaders
come together with a united stand Demanding war to be outlawed to be
enforced by the United Nations War must therefore
be made illegal the enforcement of this
must be by multilateral forces Under the control
of the United Nations The days to come will be the
days of Islam the days of victory To tell you the truth, my
optimism knows no bounds. I am convinced that Islam is imminent,
the caliphate is imminent. One of these days, the United states
of Islam will be established Allah willing, it will be soon Egypt will be one state in this
(United states of Islam) Morocco and Saudi Arabia
will be states as well Where will the capital be? We don’t
care, but we will have one leader. The Arab league will cease to exist,
and there will be a caliphate assembly. There will be a Caliph, and all the
presidents will be like governors. I am very optimistic about this. We
will all carry the same passport The president Gul made this statement
before his move to Tehran. He said that;
“A New World Order is being established, everyone must be ready for this period In this country Australia
have a unique requirement To fully comprehend and engage with a great new global dynamics
of the Asian Pacific century not partially, not marginally,
but fully… Yes indeed we need a global
answer to the threats of terrorism And I surely believe India will be a
central actor in the New World Order I am a Japanese journalist
and political analyst I’m talking from an independent
TV station in Tokyo Japan Prime Minister Hutoyama Claims that Japan should create
and join East Asian union Over East Asian community East Asian union is something like
European Union, in East Asia Since 1998 Chinese government has been promoting the
idea of East Asian union And in fact China is the
force pushing this idea If East Asian union were realized East Asian union would be
just another name of great Chinese
Communist Empire We cannot forget what
Chinese communist did to the people of Tibet,
Uighur and South Mongolia Well the governor of China
central bank said its time to look for alternatives to
current world trade systems He said “the outbreak of crisis
and its spill over to the entire world reflects the inherent
vulnerabilities and systemic risks In the existing international
monetary system The desirable goal of reforming the
international system therefore… Is to create a international reserve
currency that is able to remain stable We need to support and promote a greater role of the G 20
in global economic governance We need to improve global
economic governance We must act, according to the
challenges that history sets us This seriousness of this
crisis requires it to be Discussed at the UN
General Assembly Institution that gathers the
governments of the world and which must face it, for
its own credibility and force An integral transformation
of the economic world order This nation is a right now
fighting for its survival we are also fighting
for world peace and we are also fighting
for future World Order In an example of Russian
President Dmitri Medvedev Showed in his audience
a coin that he was gifted And says “unity in diversity” on it and he called it a possible
Future World Currency… I’ve got “good news” for you here is Supernational currency It’s a gift and a gesture of course it’s motto is “unity in diversity” And is titled as the
“United future world currency” Here it is you can have
a look and touch it… It’s a testament that
the idea is in the air and probably one day
countries across the world Will be using
something like this… All nations must come together to
built a stronger global regime The time has come for the world
to move in a new direction we must embrace
a new era of engagement based on mutual interest
and mutual respect and our work must begin now And the president outlined
his vision of a new world order in which the US
will participate fully But in a globalized economy we are going to have to take
global responsibilities It have to be some assemblance of
global governance on these questions It is necessary to create
A New World Order The other thing that I do believe
it is important is that there is no question that this crisis
in the way it has developed will require some kind of
World Governance UN Secretary General
had open proceedings sticking to his a lot of time calling for international unity If ever there was a time to act
in the spirit renute multilateralism A moment to create a United Nations
of genuine collective action. It is now!!! Now is our time a time to put the
United back in to the United Nation Interpol Secretary General noble, deputy Prime Minister
of Singapore Ron Honorable ministers Ladies and gentlemen I’m pleased to send greetings
to this important gathering At which we are focusing on the
vital role of international policing In building sustainable security More and more leaders
appreciate how much a police do to restore stability following law That is why demands
on a UN police are keep growing The time has come to
develop an action plan on international
police peacekeeping The United Nations is
already working on a strategically
doctrinal framework Where member states and Interpol
will be critical to this effort Do not fear;
Put your trust in Him! The life-giving power of
his light is an incentive For building a New World Order
based on just Ethical and economic
relationships. You will never get a
New World Order! never! National sovereignty
will prevail! The New World Order
is going down sir Wake up people, wake up
research the New World Order This is important, look it up!
Investigated it! Your new world order will fall! Humanity will defeat you .

Maurice Vega

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  1. All the politicians are involved in this! All of them want a Global Goverment! Alex Jones has good info as well Cheers!

  2. A global government is a good idea, but it must be run by the people. Everyone must have a voice. We need a system that is more free than that of the current US. Unfortunately, society is not ready for this philosophy. It is very much a global libertarian movement that must take place.

  3. alle da sofot verhaften und ab nach sibieri ins gulck,da muss was neues her eine art uweltführer,einpatiensstemwao es keine abweichlr mh geen wirt und nur ein konsqetes iel verfol wirt ,mitein schnellplann alles vernicheten was die abnosfehre veraneren will.

  4. A one world government will come to pass and the masses will accept it with open arms. Though Israel is God's chosen people, they will unknowingly play into the hands of the devil, as they only study the Talmud/Torah which is the Old Testament. The New Testament tells of this prophecy that is unfolding before our eyes, yet many choose not to accept it because of their stubborn hearts…
    A crisis will be declared upon which a one world government, religion, and army will be formed under SATAN.

  5. But this system will fail, not due to our own efforts but from the will of God. We are his servants to do his will, and in return we are granted eternal life in the New Age to come where a new Earth will be. Israel will turn from the world and back to Jesus. Many will follow the false prophet and choose to reject God, they send themselves to hell as hell is an eternal separation from God. Lucifer the devil is an abomination of all creation and thinks he can be like God. Please ask any questions!


  7. the unified new religion. a composite of all religions taking from each one what men liked hearing such as, "you will be as gods". watch "aquarius age of evil" to see about this one world religion and its "light workers" this "new age" ideal is slowly becoming the accepted norm of "spiritual understanding". it is needed to have a god head of society, otherwise they would not need it and hence they would promote atheism. but many world leaders are pushing this, one must ask why?. think plz

  8. wtf!?!?!? 1:45 ¨what "voice simulation" what is that!? So do you have a REAL recording or what he actually said or are you just using lines (text) that he supposedlky said and running them through some computer program!?

    This is deceitfull.

  9. Again, another stupidity which does degradate the whole video series…
    14:52 "Pulitzer Prize Winner"…? Oh really… Even a single google search will tell you that this supposed Alex Jones (the "conspiracy theorist") didnt won the pulitzer price, it was some other Alex Jones (another person with the same name), how should anybody belive the message or this videos, when you are making such basic "on the open" mistakes… :-(.

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