Republicans spent years doing nothing to secure elections

Special Counsel Robert Mueller may not have found that President Trump colluded with the Russians according to Attorney General William Barr’s letter to Congress. But he did find that Russia interfered in the 2016 election both through ”a disinformation and social media” campaign “designed to sow discord” and by hacking the emails of the Clinton campaign and the Democratic party. These findings are not new. The U.S. intelligence apparatus concluded the same — years ago. It should be clear to everyone that Russia brazenly interfered in our 2016 presidential election process. Yet, for over two years, some Republicans didn’t take these findings seriously. We mistake our response if we think it’s about accountability from the Russians. They’re another country; they’re going to spy on us, they do spy on us. They’re going to interfere with our elections. We also do the same. When I take look a look as a Chairman of Homeland Security, the threats that face this nation, I’m concerned about other things, that would be lower on the list. And even those Republicans who did take election security seriously, did little about it. Obviously, any foreign breach of our cyber security measures is disturbing and I strongly condemn any such efforts. Behind closed doors, the FBI began investigating Russian interference into the election in July 2016, according to former director James Comey. Then there were news reports about states seeing their voter registration databases hacked. In August, then-Minority Leader Harry Reid wrote a letter to the FBI urging the bureau to investigate Russian interference — the first public reference. According to then-Vice President Joe Biden, McConnell refused to issue a bipartisan statement condemning Russia’s actions ahead of the election. Other than that, the public knew little before voting. So help me god. Then Trump became president and the Republicans held on to House and the Senate. And we started to learn more about what had happened in 2016. Do you have any doubt that Russia attempted to interfere in the 2016 elections? No doubt. Facebook admitting they were paid more than $100,000 by Russian companies during the election. 13 Russians and three Russian companies interfered online and in-person in the 2016 election. Fast forward to March of 2018 — 16 months after the election. Congress finally allocated funds — $380 million to be exact — to improve election security. It was the first big federal action since 2016. It was a downpayment on an improvement to the election security infrastructure across the country. The $380 million was simply not enough and we need the federal government to pay their share of ensuring that our election systems are more secure across the country. Vote yes on this amendment for your country! Four months later, House Republicans voted down a Democratic bill to increase that funding. It is now very, very clear that we have a threat that we have not done enough Outside of the $380 million that congress gave to the states to improve election security they’ve done little else in response to the Russian efforts to interfere with our election system, which is troubling. A member of the Intelligence Committee, Senator Ron Wyden has been pushing legislation to keep electronic voting machines safe from hackers. We still don’t have the basic reforms that are necessary for 2020. I want to be clear, the bottom line has got to be hand marked paper ballots and risk limiting audits. After years of inaction on election security, Republicans are celebrating Barr’s memo. The Mueller report was great. It said no obstruction. No collusion. It could not have been better. And some are even re-upping the need to secure our elections. With another election right around the corner, it’s still not clear whether the Republican leadership in Congress will pair that rhetoric with action. If citizens go out there and say look, we can protect American democracy. What is more sacred than our franchise?

Maurice Vega

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  1. Republicans don't need to do anything but respect honor and follow the rule of law and above all the Constitution. Are they doing this? After all if you don't have the Constitution what means do you have from which to measure your freedoms? Why do Republicans call themselves conservatives now? Are they relabeling themselves in a sense to get away from the obligation of maintaining the Constitution? Constitution in directly gives one the right to participate in the economy with a horse and cart vegetables are fruits without harassment without molestation and without interference by big globalist corporatist monopolist who utilize the government Force to make certain that individuals can't practice their ancient free-market principled way of sustaining and living prosperous life. Tops in this light people have the grounds from which two suggest not the right may very well be in collusion what's a covert communist Elite rulers of the East. It is interesting to note that a democracy can supersede people's rights and Liberties based on how they perceive their feelings. And that if their feelings are interpreted as being injuries then it is on these grounds the at the Constitution can be subverted as well as the rule of law in general. So then we see those who believe themselves to be in a position of power to dictate over everyone the ability to persecute them prosecute on their own grounds and justifications outside of the rule of law and the Constitution. While some are calling this left right political Paradigm of strife and conflict a means by which to create a diversion while all private property fruits of humanities labor rights and Liberties continue to Decay at a rapid rate through methodological well thought-out stealthy socio-economic financial and monetary instruments and tools.

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