Reptilians, Illuminati, Rosswell… UK Politician SIMON PARKES

hello this is Victoria Vives school with Earth's sky people radio in earth sky people TV we have here with us today councilors Simon Parkes he was elected to office even after he went public in regards to his interactions with extraterrestrials this experience has include the multi Draconis reptilian the felling and many others Simon it is an honor to have you here with us today welcome to earth sky people thank you I'm delighted to be able to speak to you hand to the audience so one of the first things that I would love for you to to share this about your biological family ok um you mean my earth Earth family exactly okay well I did have a mother and a father my mother was a very very gifted typist she was an administrator she had very good spelling skills and therefore all her jobs were in offices and after a while she got a job in a legal department and she met some very important people and she learned to understand very important documents long complicated formula and often saw blueprints and she did that for about a year and then her father my grandfather got her a job and moved her to a place called Brighton which is in Sussex in England and this is a very interesting office it was a place where people brought their ideas and their inventions and they got patents to protect their inventions and while my mother was working there she was approached by what we call mi5 British security and you know she signed the Official Secrets Act and was based in that office but in actual fact she worked from home doing documents for what was then mi5 so my mother was a very lonely woman in the sense that my own biological father had left the family when I was about 1 year old she never remarried and she didn't have any boyfriends and I think because of the sort of work she was doing she really felt that she couldn't involve herself in anybody or anything because of the nature of the work so she worked for mi5 although she was told that really she was working for America for the National Security Agency of America but because she was a British subject she was managed in the country by mi5 now my grandfather that was her dad had worked for the Foreign Intelligence Service of Great Britain which is called mi6 but apparently he was working for the CIA so it was interesting that my mother was working for the domestic security service of Britain my grandfather was working for foreign group my grandfather who is a very very influential man he had been a freemason he was awarded some very high honors and medals the Order of the British Empire he was made a commander of the British Empire it was offered a knighthood to make him Sir James Marrs 'land he declined that he said he wouldn't have that he went on to be britain's representative to the united nations and he was there for two or three years so he was a very very influential person although my mother and her father my grandfather weren't very close they used to argue over how I should be brought up my mother had her ideas her values and my grandfather had he is my grandfather was a Satanist and wanted those values brought to me my mother was not and they would often argue and fight over how I should go my mother fortunately won the argument so we had magic but we were taught magic but not black magic or in the sense anything from a satanic line so it wasn't an ordinary upbringing it was a very unusual demanding upbringing and one that I haven't found replicated anywhere else so I hope that gives the the listeners a bit of an idea about me what was a little bit the difference between those ideas from the Satanism aspect in regards through how would it be the ideas from your mother if you don't mind sharing as for um well the thing is that my grandfather was a member of what I suppose we could loosely call the Illuminati very much so was a person who made things happen and so he had an upbringing and a value based system within a magical line my mother was magical but of different values in other words the Satanic group believed in sacrifice the Satanic would believe in linking earth magic with constellations in the moon it's reasonably unpleasant magic has some uses but it's reasonably unpleasant and my mother was not into that so I didn't go down that line and also we haven't obviously talked about the alien intervention but when I was asked to make a choice between who did I wish to associate with the Draconis reptilians or the mantas or Mantid I chose the mountains and I think that took me even further away from a satanic type of ritual and ceremony had I chosen the reptilians I think he would have been drawn into it so I think that the life choices that high and my mother made steered me in a course away from the type of ritual and ceremony that usually revolves around blood so do you feel that I feel those groups are having some kind of control over the population over the world which I think there are answers yes but I just want to ask you to see if you have any insight as to how much they are affecting our world right now well they've run the world from the moment that they were put into positions of power the names of these people change but the practices that they have haven't changed at all so the answer is yes it's used actually to control world leaders for instance world leaders will be summoned to meetings where they'll partake in these type of rituals and of course they can then be blackmailed because they've taken part in them but it's more than that is that they join this elite club and they therefore are part of an organization so it's part of a secret society really so yes the vast majority of these people are still the same group that ruled in the days of ancient Egypt in the days of Sumeria it's the same families the same bloodline although as I say the faces and the names change the characters are the same how do you feel that we can go out of this situation because if it has been for so many years and we are many of us unaware of the situation like at least we are talking about it right now which is good and some people will hear about it but I feel that a lot of people is so destructive away from reality and what is happening how do you feel that we can go out of this situation what can we do like perhaps me or somebody that feels a little powerless in this situation what would you recommend for us well in your case you're doing everything you can I guess you're running a internet radio show that gets the truth out of people so you're doing your bit all over the planet people are doing their own bit and we just have to have faith in human consciousness that the process that was started predominantly on the 21st of December 2012 which many people called an ascension I know that's not the right word but I often use that word myself because that's what the public understand and we have to use words that people are comfortable with um if there is big changes even in my country in the last four years we've seen some incredible changes but as human consciousness begins to expand and seized through the curtain that has covered us for so long you're right there's been a very long time happening but we are now going through a very positive change and I think anybody who wants to help must find ways join the joint groups on the Internet form little groups that can meet in your house attempt to share information invite guest speakers to come and talk to you so do everything you can to educate yourself and decide you know what you think is the right way so I always say to people trust yourself if you're in any doubt and ask your higher self who do you think is telling the truth and what do you think you should do so it's about forming groups getting as much information hearing as much as you can reading as much as you can and then deciding on how you want to help do you feel that all these intentions that we are setting forth those connections also like right now connecting with you may be I know that interview connected with someone else all of these you feel is also empowering us at an energetic level that maybe we don't realize kind of giving us back into oneness a little bit creating some channels of communication in some way it's all about you yes you're absolutely right it's all about consciousness as human consciousness expands it pushes out those ideas and values that aren't acceptable and it changes what the human condition actually thinks is right and many many times in our history where you know we've looked back and we think how could we possibly have accepted that or why did we go along with that those values are not acceptable now and that's because it's taken time for human consciousness to evolve and change and to express what what we think is right and what's wrong so when we communicate when we link together we are sharing not just within the planet but but across the whole multiverse what happens here has an effect elsewhere so that's why it's really important that we get this right because if we can have a positive action on this planet it will really do well right across so there's a lot riding at stake there's a lot on this and that's why I think both sides both those that are beneficial to humanity and those that are not so beneficial are really playing for all they can these next two years are quite tricky I think you know and I feel that I think that this year is a lot about putting information out there and my feeling is that perhaps next year or so there will be disclosure and it's kind of the completion from 2012 so that we can perhaps is gonna be challenging you know I have many of my friends in Spain for example that they are very afraid of thinking that extraterrestrial life exists but I feel that we need to accept that right I think yes I think so the situation that I'm aware of is that for a very long time a group of what I call offworlders have been giving ultimatums to the American government saying that they must disclose and tell the truth and the Americans have been saying no we won't and they've been stalling at the time well the situation is now that they've been given a deadline that they must disclose in the next two years if they don't somebody else will do it now that the point is that if a government discloses it controls the manner of that disclosure and it can manage the situation it can manage the repercussions and the fallout from that and that is the the advantage of disclosing but if somebody else discloses that it's at their choosing of time and space which means there will be no management of that situation and this is the is a threat that's being used against the Americans so that if they don't be more truthful with the public then it'll be taken out of their hands now at the moment the Americans are calling this groups Bluff and saying you wouldn't dream of doing that because you know it will cause a bit of trouble so at the moment there's a big debate there's a lot of for dialogue going on a lot of diplomacy but my understanding is that that this this is a situation that won't be withdrawn in other words in two years time if there is not disclosure officially from an earth government then something will happen which will take that away from them so we'll see I'm looking at the situation with Russia and I know that Putin wants to disclose Russians want to tell the truth so there's others there's a lot to play for them next two years it's exciting I feel that also it makes a little more safe to go out and express experiences that we have like for example in your situation or other people's situation is before some people may get killed because of sharing their truth but now I feel that you guys are really helping the government in making like a pavement so that they can truly share because now people is a little more familiar with this idea whereas before it would be a shock a complete shock yes I think what's happened is what many of us have tried to do is to take the initiative away from Hollywood in the last 20 years or so Hollywood and the big directors have attempted to sell an idea regarding aliens and UFOs and have tried to follow a government line and this basically is splits into two sorts one is that aliens are bad and are going to come and blow the world up and the other group is the aliens are good unaided to help us and the negative governments wish to exploit that and to as a potential to create a fake alien invasion just literally to have martial law and to do everything that they want to do with that so it's better when individuals like myself come and tell their truth because you know I'm not got Hollywood behind me I don't have like that am i I'm not meeting big producers of you know cinema companies I'm not meeting people who want me to put a certain message message out and obviously what I often say is different from from what Hollywood or some of those people come out the same did you have any offers about sharing your story with Hollywood no it's I think because Hollywood isn't about the truth Hollywood is about a version of the truth that gives the American government its best results so anything coming out of Hollywood is generally favorable to whatever the American administration wants if they don't do that then they find that they get their license revoked or they have problems so my story is to empowering the message I have is empowering for humanity and sadly there are a lot of people who don't want humanity to be empowered they just want people to rely on the government and you know when the government will tell you what to do and how to do it whereas really all people are very special and all people have the capability of making their own decisions so so there's a fundamental difference between me and many not all but many people in in government and what I observe I think feels and television many times the information is mixed up some things are true so then he's like oh maybe this is suitable but then other things is like these doesn't fit so much so it becomes really confusing so yeah I don't know whether that's deliberate trying to mix in truth and lies or whether they're just so mixed up themselves because they don't really know the truth they've just been fed information and of course they've got to make a film and instead of making a happy film they they make scary horrible nasty films and you know the feeling is unless the film is horrible people won't watch it what I just don't believe I think that you know it's about time we had some nice news stories it's about time we saw some rather it may not be what the government wants but actually it's much more nearer the truth you know to see a world without oil and the world without shareholders and you know why do we have to pay for a roof over our heads you know you you have to pay for everything on this planet and it seems very odd there's a planet we're born on too and we have to pay for it as if we're like cattle in a market and it seems very odd that we spend all our lives paying corporations for the privilege of being on this planet somebody somewhere is getting richer and richer and richer on the back of ordinary people who are just trying to struggle and that message is getting across and I think ordinary people are getting heartily sick of the unfairness of the system and so yeah I can see why Hollywood wouldn't like me because I'm talking about completely reach ancien the world we live in and that wouldn't be any good to Hollywood would it exactly that's what I love Hollywood I was there some dimension about the movies being negative which I agree in do you feel that all the emotions that this movies are walking from us are feeding in somewhere in the fourth dimension not entirely I think that it's a mind program game I think that you see if you go back to the 1950s and 1960s aliens were portrayed as bug-eyed blobs and the more crazy they looked then the happier people were but what we saw in the 1970s actually particularly Star Trek which was the sixties but dominaing the seventies and onwards aliens were shown as more and more human-like and this is very disquieting for people because suddenly something that they could laugh at with ten tentacles and twelve eyes suddenly had two eyes two ears and a mouth and looked like them and that was very worrying because in religion in the Christian religion people have taught that there is only God and there's only people and that people are the only intelligent thing and they are the most important thing on the planet and that's the end of the story so when Hollywood starts introducing aliens that look like people this actually runs up against religion and that you know it's very subtle in Cincy it's a real conflict that's going on there and that's why last year when the new pope took his speech when he became inaugurated he said he would baptize aliens well what a move in the last ten years where the Pope the new incoming Pope says I would baptize an alien that shows you how and I think that's on YouTube you can find that speech but that shows how the big organizations are moving because they know that disclosure is coming they're trying to position themselves and their organizations into well we knew that we need salient everything that's all right I said I'd baptize them so it's not a problem and they're all trying to get themselves into position they can deal with it that the people that are going to have the biggest problem are the media because the media have tried to make fools of people they've tried to make it a joke portray people as as crazy now they've been doing what they've been told so when this disclosure comes they are going to be some very very confused people out there and they're going to need some support there are people who will really need some support if you spent twenty years of your life writing clever witty articles about people who see flying saucers and then you see one yourself that's a problem so you know it's not you and I and the listeners that are going to have a problem in the next two years it's these people who have flatly refused to see the truth they're the ones that are going to need the help because their world is going to change dramatically we spoke about your biological or earth family and I really want to learn also your non earth families so if you would share briefly about your non earth family yeah it's for people who are not in the subject it's very hard for them to understand I appreciate that I was meaning the people outside of this circle they struggled to understand because they only see the physical body that's all they can can understand but we all have souls our souls are representative of our star families and in my case my soul has been somewhat halted it doesn't hurt is the way so I have a portion of my soul which is from a reptilian a portion which is from a Mantid Laura Montes and a portion which is human and it's a remarkable how it works together but it means that I have connection with three very different groups or racism three very different value based systems three things that look very different but ultimately share a goal which is humanity and now that goal may be different but they all have an interest in humanity so my connection is very strongly with the mantas from one of spirituality from one of learning and friendship with the Draconis reptilian it's one of culture one of history one of Pride ceremony and with the humans it's one of learn learning about connection to earth connection and and understanding what love is and beauty is and valuing what the human actually can give and the potentiality of a human once it's released from the chains that it is now so my my star families are very different not always in agreement and it's been quite a bumpy ride in some ways you know from as a child being visited by these different creatures and when you were young when you're a young child you don't always understand the complexities you don't always understand what is going on and sometimes you just live live from day to day and it's only when you get older that you can begin to put the pieces together and get a bigger picture I feel that maybe many people may be experiencing something similar in their lives but without any awareness that there were some ways that they have different aspects in their family so family yes I would say on my own estimation seventy five percent of the population have one soul so you are either Palladian or your earth human or your liar and whatever it might be or up to you there are other elements it's reasonably common to have two parts do you saw quite interesting when people have a reptilian energy overlay but a human soul it's less common to have three parts as I have but I'm not probably not the only person to have that although it is unusual it's civilizations you feel are in interaction with earth which ones are for the good and which ones are not so good right I am there are a number of groups but at the moment the the major group first of all that's always been on the planet since about 220,000 years ago in a controlling element would be what we would call the Draconis reptilians so they are here in the earth in a fourth dimensional state although they can move into the three dimensional state we have more humanoid creatures advising Russia at the moment researchers refer to these as Nordics and so it's these tall whitish humanoid-looking humans definitely humans who are advising on the other side so to russia so we have two very different governments now two very different sorts of advice you have Mossad in Israel receiving information from a completely different star group you have the Chinese who are playing a double game they certainly have connections with both the reptilians and the ignore X although they are moving more towards the northern line you have Europe which basically just does what America tells it so it really boils down to three major groups there are others who are active but they are specialists so they will have a special ism so you know in America there are a group which we would refer to as the tall whites well they're not really interested in world domination or helping humans so much as doing their own special ISM whatever that might be the United States Navy are in touch with a different form of reptilians called Raptors and they are more out for themselves the US Navy has always been more balanced of all the military services in the world the United States Navy has been the most human consciousness perhaps the most supportive so there's there are many different groups and you know sometimes in a month one group plays a bigger part than another so there's a lot there's a lot when you are referring to humors what I understand is that many of them are now terrestrial human right I know I refer to earth on earth human is a soul that has chosen to incarnate in an earth human body again and again and again so it's choosing to incarnate the problem we have is that an earth human is an organic brain we all have organic brains well I can call the monkey brains and but they have been subject to many years of conditioning to mind control and so when a soul incarnates into a earth human body repeatedly it's doing so because it wants an easier life it's not challenging anything and therefore it's losing its connection with source it's losing its connection it's getting slowly slowly made asleep now a higher earth human in my book is a as a human soul incarnated here from another dimension specifically for a task either to work through karma from past lives or to actually do some good for the planet or the humans on the planet so 75% of the souls on this planet are Thurman the rest are non earth human souls whatever that make and you mentioned about Draconis reptilian being on the fourth dimension and that is the part that I was fulfilling before in regards to movies and television always happiness in fear is this like a maybe a legend about these energies being feeling someone or what you think you feel that they are empowering them in some way no no no no I see what you're saying no um if you go back to the days of ancient Rome and people would be put into an arena and they would kill each other that's why they put thousands and thousands of seats around the arena because all that death all the people experiencing that death then entities would hang over the arena and they would then basically want of a better word feed off that energy nowadays it's a bit more subtle you have Olympic Games you have TV shows where millions of people watch a TV show and they get very excited and they buy into the TV show and those emotions can be used so TV has taken the place of the arena and physicality so this is what they connect with no the the point about scaring people by showing them like Independence Day the the film Independence Day or anything like that is so that it gives an option to two elite governments in in America to attempt to pretend that there is an alien attack on earth because if you as a child saw a film and we're flying saucers attacked London or New York or Rome and then you grew up as an adult and then it seemed to be playing out in front of you as a human or as a human creature you automatically subconsciously go back in your head to say what information have I on this so oh yes I saw a film 20 years ago about this so you begin to create a reality and instead of questioning what you're seeing you say ah well I saw it on television so this must be true so all these films on the cinema are designed to give an option to the Illuminati if they wish to launch a pretend attack on earth and even make it easier to sell not to the public so that's what that is that's something huge and I feel that what you mentioned about how it changed from the past into now being television the the media that is making us feel in fear well I threw my television are over ten years ago but I know a lot of people excited for example with soccer games they'd get completely crazy with all of passion and if we would just realize that we are always being outside of our awareness of what's what is happening in our insiders so thank you for sharing that and I know that we have an hour I not sure if that's an hour from when we started trying to project longer okay because in in the recording we have right now 34 minutes okay we can go on from a half an hour that's okay thank you so much because you have so much amazing information and this information it has been received by you because of your known earth family or you have figured out some of this information – it comes through two ways it comes from subtropical securities security sources and it comes from offworld communication and generally speaking when one source backs up another so one side tells me something and then another side tells me the same thing they both agree then I'm happy to go public with that because then I've got two independent sources telling me the same thing so I know that many of us have had experiences and then sometimes they erased for some reason is this because we are not used to them so we discard them is this because something externally is erasing them is this because we don't communicate with one another because I remember that once I saw a celestial object and I discarded it but somebody in front of me told me did you see that and instantly I remember it and I noticed that but if she didn't tell me I would believe it so I was wondering if you have any insight about Venus okay um when somebody sees a real alien it depends why they've seen them if they've seen them for a reason then either the alien will ensure they remember that because it's part of their learning process or their mind will be wiped from that but often if it's very traumatic and the person is frightened by what they've seen then there will blank that out themselves in other words we often hear about people in car crashes auto crashes and they wake up in hospital in the morning and they can't remember what happened and that's because it was so scary that the human brain has actually just pushed it away to the back of the head and doesn't want to remember it so for children often that's the case that something scary happens and they don't want to remember it but out of every 12 cases I would say nine of those Tart cases where the alien does not want the human to remember what has happened because it puts that child particularly the child in a very difficult position because it goes talking to its parents and it draws attention to it now if an alien is going to visit a child regularly the last thing it wants is to alert the parents to that because the parents stopped watching a child very carefully or it may mean the child goes to hospital and the doctors get involved and the doctors label that child is crazy and needs drugs when that's not the case at all so often an alien will blank somebody's mind to actually protect them from the fact that on earth we are not understanding of the situation and we would react in a way that would be detrimental to the child is there something that we can do to remember more well it depends why it's been it's been hidden from you if the best thing that you can do is say to yourself this is my memory this happened to me I have the right to know what happened to me and although it's very difficult when people are having an interaction with an alien if they can just only say I want to remember this I have a right to remember this then under universal law they will actually be allowed to remember some part of that but most people don't remember to speak like that because they're too shocked or they're thinking among the things but you have the right to say I wish to remember some part of this what I understand your ayrton either have some information or knowledge about Roswell oh right okay you're the first person to pick that up and what happened was that I should explain I think that my mother I said my mother was a good typist and she had very good spelling and under Operation Paperclip German scientists from World War three let's be technical about this Nazi scientists for free had been moved to America predominately America but a lot of refused to go and this isn't widely known the laws didn't want to go and stayed in in Germany now technically they were war criminals and should have been put on trial and sent to prison or or or executed but they were very valuable because they were scientists so what happened was the mi5 took responsibility for the scientists in the British quarter of Berlin German Germany was divided our Berlin was divided up into France Britain America of Russia and Britain's mi5 looked after these people and their nationality was removed so in actual fact that German government the Democratic German government couldn't prosecute them because they were no longer German very clever move so they were actually managed by Britain so they were British subjects well they weren't really but that was the rules so they couldn't be tried in a court and they couldn't go to prison so they just stayed working for mi5 in Germany so this group and we're a fall back a reserve when the American scientists were overworked some of the questions or tasks were given to this German group to work on and the documents they produced would come to my mother these documents were in German and they were anything from about five pages thick quite small to maybe 25 pages thick they did have the German eagle on the front there was no swastika because this is after the Second World War and they used to have the word secret top secret very top secret or extremely top secret stamped on the front and basically a man would come who knew my mother who would translate German into English and he would speak onto a tape and then mother would play the tape and the guy would speak one phrase in German and then translate to English then my mother would type on a German typewriter interestingly enough into English too basically the end of it she had the original document which was in German and she had a copy in English so this was for America because the Americans didn't speak German really back then so listen what happened so she did that from about 1965 66 to 1979 and she would regularly received these documents typed them up and hand them across and so she was very knowledgeable because of what she was reading and my mother worked Monday to Saturday depending on how busy she was she might work Sundays now Monday to Friday I used to go to school but on a Saturday I used to read the documents my mother would go into the kitchen to do her food and she would leave her type of stuff there and I would then read through so for about three but something like three four or five years every weekend if I wasn't I was about I would be reading what she was typing and it seems odd that she would leave the documents out I almost think she deliberately left them out for me to read it seems very odd because at night time she locked everything away she had a special place to lock things away but she left them out for me to read I think and so um she knew an awful lot and she was very uncomfortable because she realized how much was being kept the truth how much of the truth was being kept from the people and the more she did the more uncomfortable she got difficult for her very difficult for her so she knew so when I had alien experiences and I used to tell her she would always used to say to me pens and paper draw crayons draw em out draw what you saw and I will take them to my friends and work and show them and that's what we used to do yeah it's not a normal life it's not a normal life I understand that now but when you're a kid you don't know any different than you think alone it's only other families you know you go through school and you realize no my life is somewhat different would you share about the different humans in the different dimensions well yes fifth dimension the Palladian is the one that everybody wants to be applied in and you know it's rather interesting because so much stuff is written on the internet by people who really don't know you know they just don't know the they are reading stuff and they're just retyping it Pelagians are good people but they're incredibly warlike there had to be because they were attacked by the reptilians and they're the only human race that responded effectively so the Canadians gave as good as they got an incredibly incredibly strong race both physically and mentally but the idea that Pelagians are all daisies buttercups and flowers and were all danced around holding hands as just nonsense they had to fight a woman of survival so the Palladian scum from the fifth dimension then we have those who come from just the early part I pick upon the late part of the fourth dimension these are calls from from Cyrus or Sirius depending on the pronunciation the dog star a very interesting group who have interacted for a very long time then we have the feline specie which is quite exciting so many different different groups both humanoid and non humanoid but the fourth dimension holds a very heavy energy and there are a number of groups who are trapped in the fourth dimension and haven't got the spirituality to evolve out of it yet and the reptiles are in there and some of the greys are in there as well so it's a bit of a bit of a trough it's a bit of a trap whereas you've got your palladiums and your lions who are in the 5th and 6th dimension and when we are able to go through these disclosure and this opening and these awakening as our collective do you feel that those civilizations in the 4th dimension we will be able also to rise above to other dimensions there is a theory about ascension without work with our effort the universe wouldn't allow that the only group that's going to go up or groups that will go up are those that have good intent because the universe won't allow anything that's very heavy to move up the ladder so when when the human group consciousness moves up the next ladder anything with it can only go with it if it also shared that same value-based system so as it stands the reptilian race which would like to get out of the position they're in won't be able to because they haven't made that conscious decision to change their lifestyle to change their value-based system if they were to change the value-based system then yes they could benefit from the massive explosion of energy that what will happen when human consciousness expands and we are reunited with our DNA in this process of going up the different dimensions is this related to Kabbalah yes it can be the point I asked suppose I want to make is that humans are not going straight to the fifth dimension that's a new age point that says we go straight to the fifth and that's logic says no because we have to learn lessons and there's a fourth dimension for a reason and we we go through different dimensions because we have to learn our lessons in that classroom and once we've learnt the lessons that we've succeeded then we go to the next classroom it's very special pleading to suggest that we would miss out a classroom the point is that that the elite within the New Age are very well aware that those that manipulators are in the fourth dimension and therefore this room of the spread that we were going to miss out the fourth dimension and just go straight to the fifth no we have to we have to face the people who have held us down that's not just for our learning but for their learning so we will become aware of the fourth dimension fairly soon and as we begin to perceive the fourth dimension we will begin to perceive how we're being manipulated and who is doing the manipulation and then we will have to decide as a human race how we deal with that and that is part of the test and the fourth dimension the way in which I experience it is that anytime that I do shamanic journeying or meditation I start exploring the world or the whole dobby's beyond my five physical senses so it's mostly through my heart without boundaries and I think that that gives me an understanding of the fourth dimension would that be accurate yeah everyone is different everyone you're very spiritual person so you experience that way and I'm not very good at meditation so I don't quite see it like that for me the best example I can give well I will be walking down some stairs and as I'm looking down one of the stairs disappears I know it's there in the third dimension but it goes physically I don't see it what I see is a great drop and I actually jump although in the reality it's there I am actually jumping that space because to me I've glimpsed into another dimension and I've seen it it doesn't exist another example would be where I'm walking to go out of a room and I reached my hand out to turn the door handle the doorknob to open the door and I realized that I put my hand out three meters away from the door because suddenly my whole depth of perception has changed I thought there was the door handle but in reality it's three meters away so for me the fourth dimension breaks in or I break out of the third dimension to become mixed now it is quite dangerous because I feel certain that a number of people have lost their lives when driving a motor car and they are looking at the road ahead and in the third dimension the road turns to the right but they suddenly glimpse another dimension and the road is going on so instead of turning the wheel into the third dimension they just keep it straight and they've been a lot of accidents on corners and bends and of course the system says oh well they were driving too fast on a bend I'm sure in many cases that that's right but there are also cases I think where people are beginning to perceive another dimension so it's something that people will have to be aware of and another thing there's lift lift doors a number of people are telling me now that they're getting caught in the lift doors because they are not judging the movement correctly and this is how it will occur and what you're doing is you're traveling you are physically leaving the third dimension and you are travelling into another dimension so you are doing it energetically because you are capable of doing that I don't think I'm capable of doing that so for me it occurs that way and everyone is different as long as people are experiencing it then they are evolving and for somebody that is just not experienced in anything like that I'm would like to to start I'm not doing any exercise of doing something any recommendation you would have for them yes if they're not experiencing it yet it's because they're not ready now that's not a cop-out what they've got to do a lot of people read and read and read they go on the internet and they read up and they know the names of everything and they know this and they know that but what they should be doing is looking in here because the answer isn't out here the answers in here and yes you can fill your mind full of all this interesting facts and but this is where you have to develop so it's about introspection it's about looking at yourself looking at your values trying to do some meditation trying to understand who you are in the world not learning about the presidents of the United States or this that and the other but who are you really why are you here and understanding what your journey has been and trying to understand how you are affected by your upbringing by the the matrix of the world and how we are products of our response to learn stimuli and so basically that's why these people need need to change the attack is not read everything on the internet but set aside time regularly where they can just be quiet on their own and communicate with themselves we live in a technological world where we have been told the answer is technology don't worry you will be okay technology will sort it up for you and that means people are spending hours and hours on the internet reading as many conspiracy theories as the government you know calls it as they can when they should be spending time looking at themselves so that's my admire my humble advice when you mention the matrix and I wanted to know if you feel that when we raise our frequency and reach their fourth dimension or other dimensions this will be outside of the matrix so there will be a different matrix so is the matrix created by a luminary oh good question then the net that's the net the net was designed to control humans in a third dimensional setting however it also catches beings from other dimensions but as we move into the fourth dimension time and space completely alters the the concept that we have of time and space just will not work in a fourth-dimensional setting it means that we will begin to see things that we've never seen before and I mean by sea I mean understand and work out and have answers for things that we thought we would never have answers for so we will begin to realize that we are trapped in a prison planet with an energy net over us which continually recycles the souls back into the planet but once we move into the fourth dimension we will see that clearly and we will see who's operating it why it's being operated and then we will then be in a position to work out what we're going to do about it because at the moment we are rather like pay a fly or a bee or a butterfly whatever you want this in a room and it's flying around and it's quite happy because it's flying around and it suddenly comes up to a wall and it can't get through anything's Oh can't get out that way never mind I can fly over here so it flies over to this wall oh I can't get out doesn't matter I can fly over here it's like the fish in a fish tank going round and round but when your consciousness expands you begin to say why is this wall here what is beyond this wall who put this wall here why can't I go through the wall and the more you evolve the more you begin to question them or begin to work out how you can get through that wall so for negative forces they want humans to be quiet not thinking to do what they're told and to maintain the status quo so anybody who wants humans to be a bit noisy a bit questioning and want to learn and to raise their vibration in a spirituality that's dangerous for the system because you you and I and others are saying to people this is not the reality and that's very dangerous tool and sometimes if I try to speak if I speak to my family about anything like this they're like but we are so happy we you know we have everything we need because these we enjoy you so much please and it's like if you are trying to break their dream or something and they will resist it and engage to it as much as possible so that's the part that becomes a little overwhelming it's like we we are aware of these things but the people that is not are going to fight for their dream is this perhaps because they they are afraid of going beyond that yes I always say to people that when you active when your soul is active with your organic body and yours is and you'll know when your active because if you meet somebody in the street or in a shop and they cannot hold eye contact with you your soul is active and the reason is that when you look into somebody's eyes if they are if their soul is connected to their organic body you get a glimpse of who they are and that's looking into a fourth dimension or a fifth dimension so an earth human person who isn't active who looks into the eyes of somebody who's from another planet sees something which scares them and that's your five people will quickly look away from time and time again people who are active have learned not to look at people anyway you you know you learn not to stare at people but to just give them a quick glance because it makes them uncomfortable and this is fear then quite like Walt Disney's Beauty and the Beast cartoon because one of the lines of the songs there is that we we are scared by what we don't understand or we fear what we don't understand and that's very much the way it is with it with the earth human race is they don't understand it they are so if you have a life that you've got enough money and you have enough prestige and you have a nice motor car and people are polite to you because you're successful and you like all that why would you want to go into something that could make people equal because what we're preaching is equality and that isn't the system we have we have a system of hierarchy I am better than you because I earn more money than you I'm better than you because I've got a professional job you just take the trash out you're nothing I am this I am that so you know it's we're judged by how we dress how big our house is how big our motorcar is and that's how humanity that's not natural for goodness sake that's how humans have been programmed to value life and this is totally wrong you know why does a bank guy or guy working in the bank making money for his company why does he get paid more than someone working in a hospital and it's because the system says life is not important making money is important so the system is sending these very nasty signals out which is life and death is cheap but making lots of money is really important now and I often give a talk where in Britain we have a television program and it's about antiques and people from all over the country and bring their antiques their bits of jewelry or their paintings or furniture and an expert will look at it you see and tell them the history of it and it's a television program as genuine and you see them they bring their paintings and the person says well yes this was painted in 1750 by a famous artist and you look at the people standing there they're not at all interested they're waiting for that magic point how much is it worth so stand there nodding yes yes yes yes get on with it how much is it I don't want to know and then the man says to them do you know how much it's worth and they'll either have an idea or they won't now I saw something really sad a person had a dolls collection very old dolls very valuable and these dolls were brought out and there was about 12 of them and some of them that the cheaper ones worth a hundred and fifty pounds anyway it gets to the last one and the man has saved the last one and he says do you know how much this doll is worth and the person genuinely didn't know and the man said it's worth about between 3000 and 6000 pounds now the shocking thing was that an audience had gathered around to listen to this and when this man said this doll was worth between 3000 pounds and 6000 pounds they all broke into spontaneous applause why why are they clapping a dead object which was made by a person that never lived that has an arbitrary value of three or six thousand pounds why don't they go and clap and cheer a doctor who saved somebody's life or a nurse in a hospital or save somebody's life or a schoolteacher that spends extra time making sure that children understand what they're being taught why don't they go and clap those people why don't they go and help at an orphanage or and a rescue shelter why does they stand around and clap an object which is no use to anybody but has been given an arbitrary value a three or six thousand pounds that's because they've been conditioned and controlled to value and respect money money and power and until that is changed until that is broken then those humans will never escape the trap so that's an example of just how deep-rooted this this this business is well yeah it's amazing for sure that we have my value what is most important which is life itself and one another so well I trust that thanks to people like you interviews and putting information up out there you know it's repetition repetition repetition the same that we got hypnotized this far we can go back and realize our true divinity and in the value of its personal life so Simon oh thank you it's been lovely it's been lovely to be on your show you are a really good person I'll tell you something about yourself you are uncorruptible that's very valuable to be in a position where you have such strength that you can't be pushed off your course that's why you do what you do because you won't change you will only do what is right for the people so I'm very honored to be on your show very honored to know you it's been is you're a lovely person and I want you to keep on doing what you're doing don't don't take a rest what the Americans say put your foot on the gas pedal and just keep things

Maurice Vega

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  1. Wonderful interview! Your style of pacing the questions and logically following up on Simon's answers. Thank you for asking key questions. Simon, we love you and respect your work.

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  3. You people do realize that if aliens crashed in Roswell then the police would have arrived to investigate. That is why the Roswell UFO crash is a hoax. Because multiple agencies were involved in the investigation so how could it have been for real then? I was a big believer in Roswell for years, until I realized that this was just entertainment for the Roswell tourism industry. In the 1990s people were trying to tell me and I did not listen to them because I did not understand how you need just one agency to solve a crash mystery. I do now and thank heavens I am no longer ignorant of a few basic facts that people need to check if they are told silly UFO crash retrieval stories. Sure, nobody denies that UFO crashes occur, but if they do happen then its probably because there is some craft somebody was flying that has come from another country. Is it also not funny that after the crash the supposed friends of the supposed ETs did not investigate anything? The guys supposed to be captured live did not have to eat or drink or anything for years? Come on people…

  4. Cool Video, Alien Disclosure is coming soon. The countries of this pale blue dot can no longer hide the testimonies.

  5. This is a fascinating interview, thank you for this. I want to hear about what no one has asked Simon about and that is the 1/3 of his soul that is Inner Earth Human……I'm dying to hear him talk about that! If you ever get another chance to interview Simon, I hope you can ask him about Inner Earth! 🙂

  6. What is Simon's idea of how to change the financial system from what it is to something more fair?

  7. If Putin wants disclosure and to tell the truth, why doesn't he? What would be holding him back?

  8. the pleiadians r ET or ED, I thought they are ET in same dimensional as we do, but simon parkes said they are in 4th dimension.

  9. What group does Israel listen to? Vega?
    America: Draconis Reptilians

    Russia: Listens to Nordics. 
    Chinese: plays a double game with the Nordics and Lizards. 
    3 Major Groups: Nords, Reptilians aaaaaaaaand? Who's the third? Anunaki?

    So…the US Navy is the most conscious/balanced branch of the military and it listens to a different splinter faction of reptilians based on raptors.
    Mantis: Spirituality and Learning, friendship.
    Draco Reptilian: culture, history, pride, and ceremony.
    Humans: Learning about connection to earth and understanding love, beauty, what humans can give, and human potential when given freedom.

  10. No, Christianity doesn't blatantly say that Humans and Gods are the only beings in the universe. Organized Religion, controlled Christianity said that. I can probably scrounge up some verses that could be taken to vaguely imply that aliens or Ultra Terrestrials/X dimensionals exist.
    I'm not trying to argue with you, Simon. You're fine. I'm just as mad at the churches. Aliens and the Bible aren't mutually exclusive. That's just people's take on it. It's ignorance both ways on that front. I never read in the Bible "Aliens don't exist." I just hear a bunch of people in church say that, even though the Bible verses they use to justify their claims are a stretch. Quite frankly I feel these individuals are trying to mold the Bible to their Southern Comfort personality instead of taking it as is.

  11. Simon you have to PAY for services from other people. Your home was not just replicated, taxes pay wages to repair streets and haul garbage away etc. Socialism is a corrupted thinking pattern. Work is good for the soul, services rendered equal just compensation. I believe the just part we may agree on may be tilted a bit toward some corporations.

  12. Have SImon show us physical proof…ANYTHING!…Otherwise he is just another wacko….Ask him to bring physical proof and label your next YT video "Simon Parkes brings physical proof"…then we will watch otherwise you too are full of BS.

  13. will be keeping an eye on some more Simon Parkes interviews. Would you recommend something similar on your channel Victoria, or elsewhere?

  14. Hello You Tube Comment people I have a question for a lot of you and I ask it with respect …. We are all entitled to our own opinions in life plus our own beliefs in life are our own, that's an obvious……… I would like to know and ask with no attack or aggression but would love to know what it is that makes Simon's Story so believable for you ?………….. I notice whenever someone challenges Simon's believability they are met with some vicious response or angry reply….. I am asking with respect for your beliefs and Ideals and would love to hear your reasons for your belief in Simon Parkes….. I am not 100% convinced that a lot of what Simon speaks of is credible …. I also have doubts on his intention to speak as he does about his alleged experiences….. I am an experiencer myself and have had some UFO experience for parts of my life. I take this whole subject very seriously and would like to understand this a lot better.. Would someone like to reply with an honest reply to my question ???

  15. I'm looking forward,to your next interview,Any date set?In a word ,this was Lovely.It was great confirmation and contemplation.A really positive hour.Thank you and Simon.

  16. Simon, I appreciate the rhythm of your voice. The cadence reminds me of the conversation in the movie Deja Vu, by Henry Jaglom. where Vanessa Redgrave is talking about relationships. This conversation is very cozy you have here. Thank you.

  17. They are not reptilian they most often are symbioses YOGI SPIDERS ENSLAVED BY TOADS.! Requiring chemtrail alien synthesize air!

  18. That's because "how much is it worth is acquitted with the possibility of more freedom" — we know within our Soul we need to be free regardless of how misplaced it may be, we know it is our right to be free, yet we have been programed, conditioned and conformed to the slave mentality to pay for our existence do to this amnesia prison system — once the reconnection is made to that of our "eternal self" is when the immediate shift of our reality begins.

  19. Simon, a have a great respect for you and what you do and I have never really had reason to doubt anything you say, until now. You said towards the end of the tape that we need to stop looking at the internet at what people are doing, which is what I am doing right now listening to you. If I didn't I wouldn't know your feelings on the situation right now. You would all be wasting your precious time making videos and you do want them shared and get the word out there? I Believe strongly that, being disabled, looking at the internet and passing the message David woke me up with should be spread far and wide! You can't have someone leaving the internet but still get the message out. It felt like a bit of a put down because I am not really able to do much else to help the cause.

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