"Reptilian/Evil Eye" Caught on Same Person Twice! (Freaky!) Popular Politician's Wife!

hey guys how you doing it's KJ here from the scariest movie ever made in rig reality calm and you know what a lot of the the videos I'll put up will have to do with kind of paranormal type things right and I've done a lot of those of course but some of them will show these kind of the demon eyes you know the popular term is reptilian eyes which I've never been a fan of I don't think that these are shape-shifting your monster is exactly whenever I see these these eyes flip out to me it usually has more to do with with the spirit and side of them and I know that's hard for a lot of people to believe but it is what it is I mean our world is controlled by this this satanic consciousness and a lot of these people in power have given themselves over to it so they're essentially their hosts their shells for these spirits now this right here is Newt Gingrich's wife I was just watching this video from we are change it's got it's got the guys approaching Newt Gingrich about Bohemian Grove but then I just noticed this you can probably see it I'm really trying to get a good shot of it but look at his wife's eye and this isn't the first time that something like this has been shown on her I actually put up a video a while back of her kind of doing some weird little shift and I've seen other videos with her eyes flipping out as well so I'll see if I can't track some of that down and tack that on to the end of this but thought that was pretty crazy wasn't even looking for anything like this I just kind of noticed it I'll blow it up a little bit and see if that helps see might be a little better look at that it's a slit – slit I anyway just want to share I thought it was kind of crazy and I'll see if I can't find those other videos and tack them on to the end here guys anyway thanks for watching talk to you later got some other videos on the way you

Maurice Vega

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  1. Although most of the eye anomalies that I have seen are real this one is not… She has her eyes closed and you can see her eye shadow, this one debunked…

  2. Reptilians shapeshift, look at reptilian shapeshift in cartoons or reptilians in movies on YouTube. Don't forget reptilian seduced eve in the garden in genesis, because of shapeshifting capabilities.

  3. Satan's little deceivers. Working hard behind the scenes. Jesus Christ reveals all. 😉 Great video.

  4. Did anyone else notice that in the last clip her mouth also changes at the same time as her eyes. Thanks KJ!

  5. that shit should give humans nightmares but everyone trust in god the one who made the heavens and earth read the bible and open ur mind they come to me at night i stay awake sleep during the day this is how to become an angel if u are good hearted protect ur love ones from bad spirits;)

  6. Well if it ain't a reptilian it damn show ain't human, look at how the mouth looks it's wide as hell definitely not normal.Then look at her face it looks fake.

  7. mouth,nose entire face is abnormal shaped from a real woman face…scarey they are among us so naturally… been for many years,working in our top government ,all over the world!

  8. watch her hair kinda of move , instead of looking at her eye changing her hair a piece of her hair also bends inwards, don't know for sure but when I saw her eye look all crazy I was a little freaked, but then as soon as her eye freaks out, her hair kinda bends inward at the same time maybe it's camera distortion, just saying, don't know for sure

  9. How come people that believe I this shit always have the worst cameras from like the 80s to record videos to prove their theories?

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