Representative Val Demings Schools AG Barr On Policing Comments | The Last Word | MSNBC

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  1. Show Respect. WTF With a corrupt AG and a Dictator running the Law. Adolf Barr will never have respect or should he be entitled to it. He is an Arsehole and Grub

  2. The most important act we can take as American citizens to ensure that our democracy continues is to vote.
    We have the corrupt wanna be dictator presiding in the White House because too many Americans shirked their duty, as yes I call it a duty, to vote in 2016.
    Hopefully we have learned a few lesson over the past three years. Vote !

  3. William Barr just indicated that he is an AG to serve Caucasian people ONLY not for all Americans. Does the AG’s comment implies that all the young black men and women including children that died at the hands of police did something wrong? Bill Barr just showed his true color as the kind of person he is. The AG’s comment indicated to me that all minorities, particularly African Americans, are guilty by default.

  4. If Democrats don't respect AG BARR, he won't do his job when they need him, he will not investigate the president's wrong doing.

  5. Dems, don’t pass to the senate, keep attacking and bring out all Trumpski crimes, and the corrupt Republicans crimes, one by one. Let’s clean the swamp, one by one. Patience is a virtue.

  6. Barr is a traitor to all citizens.
    He covered up mueller 's report.
    He didn't seek investigation on whistle blower's dire complaint .
    And now this, what has happen to our democracy?
    He should be impeached also.
    I think history will hold him even more guilty because the criminal is bad but he who protects the mobster is in a very conscious contempt of law.

  7. I don’t serve the police. They serve me. The reason they get the big bucks is it’s a difficult job. The ink is never dry before police are coached on how to circumvent the latest disision. No you can’t search my car. Yes I can I smell burning marijuana. 6 Hispanics in a Cadillac at 3am are suspicious in my judgement as a police officer.

  8. Basically the U.S. government just vocalized their okay with violent attacks on people of color. This is where the rubber meets the road folks. We’re moving rapidly into Hitler territory!

  9. This should surprise no one: you earn respect, but can't demand respect. Barr has so corrupted the office of the AG, and abused the professional standards demanded of a practicing lawyer and officer of the court, and personally conspired with Dump that the respect he has earned extends no further than having a fair impeachment hearing to remove him from office and removing temptation to commit further corruptions of the powers of his office. Like any citizen he deserves a fair investigation of his many alleged crimes before a jury.

    The public have grave problems with blatant abuse of authority by some (many?) Police officers. If a member of the public has brown or dark skin colour, they face a very high risk of being summarily executed by a police officer who invariably receive a distinctly biased criminal court case. Police executions are, yet again, appallingly high by OECD standards. Respect for anyone should be mutual. Brown coloured Americans have valid grounds to fear police officers and precious little reason to respect the person or their position.

    It is offensive and disengenuous to hear the most corrupt and criminal AG in the USA. It is the moral equivalent of having an active serial paedophile priest lecturing similarly active serial paedophile priests about lack of respect for the priesthood by their parishioners.

    Barr's misconduct is such a grievous breach of the public trust, that he should receive significant consecutive custodial sentence without any presidential pardon.

  10. Shutta ..we all do respect our service men and women in uniforms..some of those officers abused they power just u and ur boss ! I am tax payer ! U are corrupted AG.

  11. Trump picks the best people!!!
    Barr is a fat pig that should be killed asap before he causes the death of thousands of citizens.
    The police are well paid, have the best benefits of almost any Americans, have the best pensions of almost all Americans, and they are the biggest bullies, cry baby's, and most corrupt of all other occupations. We could use a complete cleansing and redevelopment of Americas police force.

  12. Let’s take stock of the number of presidential aides and associates who’ve faced felony charges:
    * Roger Stone, a longtime Trump adviser and confidant, has been convinced on multiple counts.
    * Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer and business associate, is in prison.
    * Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign chairman, is in prison.
    * Rick Gates, Trump’s former campaign vice chairman, has been convicted and is awaiting sentencing.
    * Michael Flynn, Trump’s former White House national security advisor, has been convicted and is awaiting sentencing.
    * George Papadopoulos, Trump’s former campaign advisor on foreign policy, has already served his prison sentence.
    * Alex van der Zwaan, a lawyer who worked with Manafort and Gates. has already served his prison sentence.
    And those are just the top-line indictments. It doesn’t include the prison sentence for Richard Pinedo, the charges against related characters such as Sam Patten and Maria Butina, and, of course, the many Russian individuals and entities who’ve been indicted by the special counsel.

  13. I could throw all kind of negative adjectives to barr….but….it will made not difference….but…voting will do….if DEMOCRATS TAKE CONTROL OF EVERYTHING……barr, trump will be REMOVED and PROSECUTED….Law guns and others bills sitting on MOSCOW mitch desk….will be pass….




    Be aware of RATpublicans disguising as DEMOCRATS CANDIDATES…..meaning:

  14. It’s not a quid pro quo – Barr in just a few short words revealed who and what he really is, if we didn’t know before. More thinly veiled hate speech and threats. More dog whistles. More mob-like behavior. Another reason to impeach.

  15. I guess you are forgetting about the videos of New Yorkers throwing water buckets of water one police officers. Guaranteed something happens to them they'd be the first ones to call the cops. And they won't be there because they had to go back to the precinct to change the f**** uniform. So you can say whatever you want

  16. I have a better idea Barr, how about every state with the ballot initiative passes a law requiring police to carry a million dollars in personal liability insurance, a one strike and you’re out ban for any credible accusation of police misconduct with or without conviction, and the right to use deadly force in self defense against police on your property without a warrant.

  17. If what he said goes against what law enforcement stands for, why didn't we see the entire room get up and exit after he made that comment?🤔

  18. Barr is a sick man that is why Trump put him in that position. Trump knew he had a Butt Kisser by the name of Barr and he would do his nasty dirty work

  19. Americans owe the police nothing. Respect is earned. Cops that do not report bad cops are bad cops as well. They choose to become police they know what they are getting into.

  20. This racist pig, JaredWifeDoer is making this stmt knowing well – that JaredWifeDoer does frequent massacres and get away, that their KayKayKay militias are running (no more underground) camps all over the south, That It is their pigment who are only allowed to concealNcarry, openNcarry w/8+trillion round and that It is 1 sided minority mayhem by his pigment police w/no consequences few every week

  21. Barr needs to go just like Trump and the Republican party. Because this administration is a crook bunch of people. If the American people don't vote then out this administration is going to destroy everything that we have worked hard to build. AMERICAN PEOPLE PLEASE GET OUT AND VOTE IN 2020 IT IS A MUST THAT THIS PARTY GETS OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE

  22. What Americans don't understand every law that is passed affects everyone not just black or brown etc… people but humanity.  Bill Barr another qui pro quo- if you don't then we wont provide you with protection

  23. Being a police officer is a choice, but community cultures have and will always be a response to the police attitude toward them. The question the police should be asked is "who or what are they serving and protecting? Wealth and power are served and protected over all else. Why should people respect the police that honor these practice " extreme measures" on communities that do not have wealth or power.

  24. Barr is a serial liar and a terrible person, in fact, he's one of the most dangerous persons in the country. His demand for respect for cops leaves out the true reason why someone becomes a badge & gun wearing cop: a very large percentage of these people are low IQ, vicious, violent, unqualified, uneducated, illiterate, untrained, and becoming a cop guarantees a very high income they'd never get anywhere else, not even near. And: they're joing a gang of people who can do what they want, against whom they want, and have practical impunity with their unions and cowardish politicians. In fact, it is in the interest of terrible people like Barr to have these loyal regiments of cops on their side, they're meant to protect the elites, continue the suppression of black people in favor of the white portion of Americans and perpetuate the "system" as it is. Respect for an organization which harbors a very large percentage of killers and criminals is absoluetly misplaced as long as there is no fundamental reform and these dangerous cops show more respect for the people and especially young men of color.

  25. That just means poor people can go protest in rich neighborhoods and when cops stop patrolling that rich neighborhood, the poor people can go in and steal all the rich people's stuff because there aren't any cops.

  26. First, they need to be trained correctly (humanitarian). All officers are not the same. At this point, Barr just needs to be “LOCKED UP”.

  27. Bill Bar will be gone soon enough. I wonder how many prescription drugs that he is on to sooth his obesity issues? Why are so many Republicans and other White Trash so fat?

  28. Equal protection under the law! That is, unless you DARE to exercise your First Amendment "rights" with an opinion that we don't particularly AGREE with… Then we shall see about this "equal" concept in your "so-called" Constitution, petty citizens.

  29. AG Barr is oblivious, unqualified and one serious threat to our nations people and democracy. Hopefully the dems will not completely screw the pooch. He should be investigated fully. If not criminal (and he may well not have broken the law) he is at the least shown every indication of being a unfit fundamentalist with no real care or understanding of the nations law.
    May we yet prove Socrates wrong.

  30. Barr, is pushing white supremacy and racist propaganda. He’s needs to be remove because he’s a white supremacy.

  31. These corrupt, party before country politicians need to wake up… you are blindly following a man that is hated by the majority of the country. You will be judged come election day.

  32. America GOP is taking your democracy away from you using Hitlers play book divid you with racist talking points alternative facts dismantling the government from with in . All none racist Americans vote country over party the racist are being used by the bone spurs want to be dictator that is running the biggest con sense Hitler. This is the most important time in your history to fight for your country’s democracy and the middle class. This is worse then WW two the enemy is running your country get of your back sides get out and save your country. Get on the phone call out the enemy GOP senators Moscow Mitch and the rest of the traitors in the Putin GOP .

  33. The United States' Attorney General, running a public, formal protection racket on the United States' civilian public. Setting up the whole Department of Justice for RICO – good job f*ckwit.

    Nope, nothing wrong here, nothing to see; move along.

  34. How much respect should we give to the Miami cops that used civilians as human shields? And how much do we give the officers in West Virginia giving the Nazi "Heil Hitler" salute?

  35. How is Barr not being impeached. Hes got to go way before Trump. He didnt recuse himself on the Epstein case when his father is the very first chapter in the Epstein story. Barrs father is a pedophile or he groomed Epstein. Either way Barr is literally balls deep in the Epstein scandal. My boys at the S.H.U Epstein was at are all saying Barr was at the institution to see Epstein. The whole jail is still talking about it. The whole story the MSM is giving is impossible. Epstein was in a S.H.U not a normal jail. The media is not telling you the difference ,but look into it yourself a S.H.U. is a super maximum jail. Forget what you see on tv and movies .its way way way more intense and structured. NOTHING happens without the guards letting it. You cant hang yourself in a S.H.U. cell they are designed to make that impossible.
    Dont take my word I'm just an excon ask anybody you know who's been in prison and ask them what's the difference.

  36. It is extremely naïve to see police as protection for the masses ,they are and have always been the protectors of the rich and powerful.

  37. What!! Are we now, under Nazi rule?? Proper respect?? We live together in community of law and order with civil rights and civil responsibility. We are not in crisis mode demanding "martial law".

  38. It's a simple response guys!!! Mr Barr, start respecting the FBI and CIA or their protection may not be there in the future for…YOU and the White House staff😊. You can't have it both ways Mr Barr! 😊

  39. So police should risk their lives even if you don’t respect them? Who would want to do that job? I think Barr is right start disrespecting the police and they will quit and go somewhere where they aren’t disrespected.
    That doesn’t sound crazy at all.

  40. Never trust a leftist, they want to stifle free speech and take guns from law abiding citizens… know who else did that???? HITLER!!!! MSDNC IS THE ENEMY OF THE AMERICAN CITIZENS…..ONLY BETA MALES AND FEMINAZI SNOWFLAKES TJINK OTHERWISE. DO NOT BELIEVE ONE WORD THEY SPEW….ITS NOT IN YOUR BEST INTEREST.

  41. Sounds like a warning that a police state is coming. . . Are they preparing for civil war like trumps supporters are talking.

  42. Well, trying to say something about this …
    Living in the Netherlands, in the "40's" of last century jews where criminalised by invading Nazi Germany and after this there was no way via justice to restore their human rights and – the point here – it also made our police a criminal organization ..

  43. So to begin I will say I harbor zero good will for Mr Barr and I believe he is unfit to sit on the position of Attorney General and that he should be impeached immediately for his partisan support of the President and disregard for the safety and security of the American People. That said, playing the devil's advocate here (a very fitting term at this moment) I can see a way in which this could be meant as much less villainous than is being portrayed here. It is possible that Mr Barr meant simply if people don't start showing the police some respect and you know, not shaming all for the actions of few, police officers may quit their jobs, leaving the people with less and less police protection and a harder time finding officers. This is important to remember, police are paid for their service like any other job, and they can quit like any other job. I'd be lying if I said as a white male I would have second thoughts about getting into the policing field at the moment. The situation is such that even a lawful defense of myself or another against a non white person would be seen first as racially motivated by the public, a fact that is extremely disturbing in and of itself. I have personally seen badge cam footage of shootings I believe to be, and that were later shown to be in court completely legitimate self defense shootings by the police blasted as racist cops in the coments by BLM and others. This is a problem that will cause difficulty in the future if it continues. To be sure, there are bad cops. I'm a Marine, there are bad Marine's too. I worked the legal department, I know. Not everyone is going to be perfect. No matter the vetting process, nor positive training they receive some will always slip through the cracks. That said it becomes the organization's responsibility then to expose and remove these bad actors as soon as possible and to take all reports seriously and investigate them in the effort of keeping the American people safe. Also that said, not even close to as many police officers as are depicted to be these days are racially motivated. Most cops are good people, just like most Marines. It takes a dedication to something greater to take that job, especially in the last few years when the fires have increased against them and the job has become much more dangerous. I joined the Marines in 2003, on the eve of the 2001 terror attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City. I had already planned to go to the military, but that attack cemented my decision. When told by my librarian in High School who I had known for a decade or more "why would you go over there you might die" I responded. "Isn't that risk the point?" …and that is the attitude of most police officers and military, those called to serve the public, to run to the gunfire to help or protect. …both jobs pay little, have a high cost to pay and are very dangerous professions. To be sure there are bad cops out there, but not the majority, and if cops continue to be targeted for acts of violence because of the badge they wear and because of other's actions… our country may well find itself short of police officers, not through any fault of a facist government, but through our own fallacy and mistreatment of those individuals. …that's what I would say of any other administration, and a warning for us in the future. However, being that this is Attorney General Barr under mr donald trump's "leadership" (I refuse to address that cancerous traitor as President) it is almost surely a threat and is just one more in a list of things that Attorney General Barr has done to earn my disrespect.

  44. This is the top law enforcement official conveying a directive to the police agencies that if you don't get respect you do not have to do your job. This is un-American. This is a speech you would have heard from one of Hitler's attachés in the  late 30's.

  45. MSNBC the Spokes Hole for the Democrat Party spouting more bias , misinformation and Progressive thought that will lose in 2020. Please keep up the good work!

  46. Barr is mad because he got busted lying about the Mueller report and now he wants revenge and target people of color . They want civil war again but only now we have the same protection they have thanks to the NRA rules. Let's get ready and hey other countries help us fight these USA for trying to cause war on civilians. France. Germany etc. Help us we are under attack by our own government army that they rebuilt the White supremacist. Help us . and the world maybe will have somewhat peace again. Be ready because these uneducated people have no knowledge how to run the USA

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