Reports: Trump May Have Relied On Putin About Debunked Conspiracy | Deadline | MSNBC

Maurice Vega

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  1. Trump is an incompetent fool who willingly allowed himself to be duped by Putin. His huge yet fragile ego would not allow him to admit that he received help from Russia so he jumped on the first conspiracy theory that was fed to him from a man whom he admires (and fears) and wishes he could be like.

  2. So many years and nothing changed . Still the yellow media fearmongering and damaging any possibility we can leave this behind to build an alliance for peace .

  3. Been noticing a massive increase with Trump Russian troll bots since the impeachment on youtube comments and other social media. Block and report.. to the FBI if need be. If it is just propaganda and not intellectual debate you can be sure it is a Russian Trump troll bot and not a citizen hence they have no 1st amendment rights and are election meddling again. Block/Report.

  4. I can't wait for Russia to completely take the United States of America,
    As trump working on that hand in hand with Putin

    Its so interesting

  5. What do you mean “maybe” Trump might have taken advice from Putin ? Didn’t Trump recently had the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrof privately visited him in the Oval Office, without a single American present ? In the last hundred years has a US president ever met privately with a senior Russian in the Oval Office like what Trump has done ? Is it completely out of the question that Trump may be a traitor ?

  6. Trump got impeached because he bought into something Putin said. And if Biden doesn't become the nominee, Trump got impeached for nothing.

  7. Putin's puppet at it again. Here's Trump's proof of that there was no colluding with Putin and that he didn't collude 2016 and doesn't do that 2020 because Vladimir Putin said so:

  8. Donny signed an order yesterday affirming sanctions against Russia if they continue

    with the gas-pipeline into Europe ..They will continue of course, f#ck him!

    Putin and his friends the oligarchs are not going to be pleased with Donny…
    Is it a move by Donny to pretend that Putin isn't really his boss?

  9. We all knew he was a Russian tool, the REAL trick is convincing those with their fingers in their ears, no matter how you phrase it, they wont listen.

  10. Trump is such an easy intel. mark. The guy is so transparent and easily manipulated. He is the opposite of a strong leader. There is video of him giving a closed deposition regarding a contract dispute on one of his properties. He appears absolutely sheepish and totally overwhelmed by the situation. When the bully gets punched, he reveals his true cowardice.

  11. Mueller never got to that part of the investigation, but Trump's entanglement with Russian oligarchs in funding him, or the money laundering he did for them, is still fundamental to understanding why he is deferential to Putin. On another level, Putin has done with his government position in Russia exactly what Trump wanted to do with becoming President, make lots of money. Putin has become one of the richest men in the world, with an estimated wealth of between $30B and $120B. Donald Trump pretended he was worth around $10B at one point, but it is questionable that when his debts were considered, whether he was ever worth even $1B.

    Putin's lies become Trump's lies because Trump thinks that people as rich as Putin, or even as rich as himself, have the right to create their own reality and the lies told often enough by powerful people become the truth.

  12. Many are too young to remember the Cold War, a war we won by out spending Russia. Now Putin has started a new type of Cold War and it is not with tanks and nukes. Instead, he has a room full of trolls and hackers putting out propaganda and hacking political parties. While I don't believe trump is working with Putin (I hope not), he was the better choice for Putin to support. trump has no experience or moral integrity and made for an easy adversary plus he is easily influenced. trump has been playing into Putin's hands from the start, he believed Putin over our own intelligence community. Still, there was all those meetings between trump campaign people and even family members that are troubling. Any way you look at it trump is bad for America.

  13. Of course he relies more on Putin than he does his own intelligence service..Trump playing the ''I didn't know'' card.. He knows full well it was NOT Ukraine who interfered but Russia..Of course he's going to say Putin told it must be true''…Oh innocent me'' I had no idea…. Yeah right….Putin has more on Trump than Pee Pee tapes or whatever!


  15. I think the media is way behind the story.  It's not a "conspiracy theory" It's a Russian disinformation campaign.  Remember Trump  believes Putin over our own intelligence agencies.  Trump  believes Russian disinformation.  If the Russians release a fake dossier next year,  Trump will completely accept it and defend it.

  16. I can't believe Americans can't see how dangerous it is when Trump deals with Russia. Trump and Putin are dangerous to the world.

  17. Nicolle Wallace–she may be a good reporter, but she just needs to speak in plain English. What does "an easier circle to square mean", besides nothing?

  18. Yea this is exactly why i quit the republican party as soon as the truth about the treasonous trump -putin partership became apparent – i want no part in supporting in any way shape or form criminal collusion with the devious malicious putin and his oligarch partners who may well have gotten much of their wealth via green card Russian hidden agents who have been front and center in the programming of exploitative proprietary trading software for essentially all of the huge Wall Street trading firms ( such as Goldman Sachs etc) . Here think expert programmer/hackers seruptitiously inserting " backdoor" conduits into the complex lengthy software as virtual money pipes from Wall Street to Putin and his corrupt murderous buddies. ( or to simplify for the legions of dumb-as-rocks old white guys out there – its quite possible your buddy Putin has been stealing your invested retirement $) Its also been made abundantly clear that trump has personnally and directly benefitted by many of these oligarchs money laundering schemes whereby they have bought numerous properties of his at deliberately inflated prices and then the property left to languish.

  19. Follow the money. Would be nice to see how much Trump is in debt to Russian money men and they are all men. Trump, if you're listening, show us your tax returns.

  20. If trump is allowed to get away with these crimes, these bribery attempts, the treason against America and crimes against humanity America will never fully recover from it.

  21. What a shocker. Trump taking advice and getting information from one of the dirtiest governments in the world. Good god Donnie, use your head

  22. Debunked by who? The same people who say we can investigate Trump because no one is above the law but we can’t investigate Biden because he’s running for president?! Based on the information I’ve got my bets are the “debunked” narrative is the correct narrative … much like when Trump called out Obama for spying on his campaign and the MSM baulked and called it a conspiracy … Trump is almost always right!

  23. Russia is the Trump family's biggest source of income – Don Jr. said so himself. Guess whose hand controls that tap. Trump owes money – via Deutsche Bank – to the Russian mob. Of all the people to owe money to, they are the worst. Who is the de facto chief of the Russian mob? Any time Putin wants to destroy Trump, all he has to do is cut off Trump's Russian income. Trump will no longer be able to maintain his massive loan from Deutsche Bank, and the Mob will go after him and his family.

    That's why Trump is terrified of Putin.

  24. Re: Federal Governnent Servers.
    Try waltzing into a State of Minnesota Data Center then hauling off with a Server to bring it Home.
    Better come packing Heat and expect a Gun Fight with Capitol Security Forces.
    If you don't take them quick enough, National Guard Troop back up is only a Block away.
    Better bring Tanks, Helicopter Gun Ships and make it fast.
    High Explosives will be needed to blow the Doors off if you don't have a Key Card.
    Expect Govorner Waltz to Activate the Minnesota Air National Guard Jet Fighter Squadron, only a few minutes away, on ready, in South Saint Paul.
    Based on Evidence; at the Federal Level, Government Information Security is Lax to say the Most.
    We have no Information President Trump has improved on the Critical National Security flaw revealed under the Obama Administration because Congress is not Performing its Duty of Executive Branch Oversite.

  25. Baby trump tower meeting was about adopting Russian kids, remember. Putin has Hush Payment Video of trump an kids. Trump deflected with dirt on Clinton, media fell for it. It's Do Die or Prison for Trump an he can't be dead asset. He is all in for Russia to the death lock him up today. That's why the one on one with Putin always per Putin.

  26. Psst: everyone knows the Russia-Trump conspiracy has no evidence to support it. But, you go ahead and make up some stuff and then talk about it for days

  27. Russia is a christian nation now. Unfortunately for the right-wing evangelicals, Pope made the first step and formed entente with Russian Orthodox Church; called Havana Declaration.

  28. Democrats taught the country it’s ok to break the law, lie, cheat to fet what one wants. Plotted a coup to take him down, the mueller investigation was a crock of cr. You sexually filthily attacked Kavanaugh , accused quid pro quo , democrats are not following Russia laws . Ukraine is another crock
    Obama , Clinton & Putin were all in bed together.

  29. Which party paid $12 mill to a foreign agent who then paid
    Russians for the bogus Steele Dossier which has been debunked?
    The Democrats!

  30. I remember Obama laughed at Romney when Romney said Russia was a threat….do you leftist ninnies remember that??? Can you say sheep??? ?? so gullible …..brainwashed by pop culture and MSM news…..adorable

  31. OOOPs. How did this get out? put schiff on the stand

  32. So many fake speculations! Putin has admitted on RT the Russian engagement in the 2016 US election. Why try to take "cool points" pretending you don't know this, that you are so smart that you instead are figuring it out.

  33. Trump is Putin’s VP! How do you not see that.? You gotta as blind as a republican to not realize we’re in the USSR/US now.

  34. Any other time in AmERIcan history this would be TREASON. Get him and Putin OUT!!!!! This isn't a left or right thing, it's an AMERICAN thing! Any true red-blooded patriotic American can see this. If the chose to be educated on it. It's not a conspiracy it can be proven with hard facts. Russia is here folks, it's time to wake up and smell the plutonium extract lining the WH walls. Yuk!

  35. And the Gang Of Putin is imploding all US layers of national security by not forcing subpoenaed witnesses and having the documents brought to the Senate. Are they juvenilely naive, co-conspirators, or something else? tRump has a clear objective when
    bad-mouthing the FBI, CIA and Secret Service. Putin has an agent — not so secret — at the White House who should now be investigated for plausible treason.

  36. Remember when Trump was making noise about taking Putin up on his offer of intelligence assistance?
    In Helsinki Putin offerred to provide Russian intelligence resources to assist the CIA and FBI's investigations into electoral fraud. Trump announced this offer publicly and suggested it might be helpful.
    Have we forgotten about this? It was well and truly the equivalent of Trump having RUSSIAN STOOGE tattooed on his forehead.

  37. I have no doubts -45 is listening to putin to please him to secure a place in the fascist nightmare we will have if he wins again.

  38. MSNBC American's No.1 Properganda Channel – and all of these fools on this forum are dumb enough to believe all of these lies – it's no wonder the country is divided – we should have more media regulation – let's get Trump to sort this out after he's re-elected in 2020 !!!

  39. It is an undeniable FACT that Donald Trump was chosen by God to be Our King Of Kings.

    Donald Trump is literally Christ Reborn and the fulfillment of 2,000 years of biblical prophecy.

    Donald Trump is our King, and we are his subjects, and his words are the words of GOD.

    Donald Trump Today.

    Donald Trump Tomorrow.

    Donald Trump Forever.

  40. trump killing and torturing children separating them from their families an parents! keeping them on cages like dangerous animals!! outing them on caches!!Impingement urgently !!! BEFORE HE COMPLETELY DESTROY OUR COUNTRY!!—Hours before the historic Trump impeachment vote in Congress, New York Times columnist Tom Friedman joins Ari Melber to talk about the Times’ stinging editorial titled “Impeach,” which outlines a “simple and damning” case against Trump. Melber reports on how top newspapers are supporting impeachment, a journalistic development that shows grave concerns about Trump’s fitness for office – and a departure from Clinton’s impeachment, where newspapers condemned Bill Clinton’s conduct, but largely opposed the impeachment. Aired on 12/23/19.

  41. The same man who kept a false story going about Obama until Barack publically realeased his birth certificate. The strategy is to sew doubt & now we see it with his attacks on the Bidens.

  42. The war atrocities committed by Russian Army on the Taliban rebels and depopulation of the country in Afghanistan stand apart. We conquer nobody. We try to free people actually ? Korea is a paper ? Tigger. China's PROXY

  43. Come on! trumpy couldn't care less about any of the crap these people were talking up! He doesn't think about anything like that! trumpy just wanted to knock Biden out of the race with a fake scandal. These folks are part of what is wrong with America today. Lies upon lies upon lies. Lucky for us trumpy is just a puppet!

  44. I can't believe USA is letting trump an this Administration sell-out this nation. The only thing Trump is making great again is Russia exactly for Vladimir Putin. This is super shameful.

  45. All the crap put up by the Dems has been discredited by multiple sources.
    Discredited in UK Courts.
    Discredited by a number of Political figures in Ukraine.
    Discredited by the Mueller Inquiry. Found nothing.
    Putin has said repeatedly its was all a beatup.
    Everything that has come out on Russiagate proves it a beatup.
    On the other hand.
    Everything coming out of Ukraine supports the fact Ukraine did try to stop Trump being elected working with the Dems. Ukraine Professionals and Politicians have come out and supported this contention.
    There is real smoke there.

  46. He has relied on Putin's guidance since the day he was elected. Russians control with a carrot and a stick. The carrot is cash and access to power. The stick is blackmail. Trump HAS to do what Putin says for fear that Vlad will release the tapes of his night with underage girls. He eluded to it in his interview with Megyn Kelly. I watched the original live interview on tv where Putin referred to Megyn Kelly's daughter as her UNDERAGE daughter. Twice within a minute. That was targeted directly at Trump. I have tried to find that phrase used on different youtube postings. Now, all transcripts of the interview make the reference to Megan Kelly's daughter as her four year old daughter. There are other subliminal references that Putin has made in public that link the blackmail message to Trump. He has asked Trump publicly how he liked his "gift" and you can see the blood drain from Donnie's face.

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