Report: White House Locking Down Messaging From Federal Government On Coronavirus | Deadline | MSNBC

Maurice Vega

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  1. We are in the boat alone! HOW DARE THEY TAKE TRUTH SAYERS AWAY FROM US! They will not report the truth!!!! Non supportive imbeciles!!!

  2. Maybe it will take the death of lots of people for Trump dimwits to realize Donnie is a moron? Nah. Those idiots are untrainable.

  3. Does mask help? Look at US CDC's site & they're promoting vaccine that's only at best 50% effective. Look at WHO's site and they did say mask does help. Do yr research & put the puzzle together & you'll know what has been happening in US

  4. Wouldn't it be poetic if Trump contracted Coronavirus and it killed him….
    I can only imagine the eulogy at his funeral… praising his intelligence, after dying from his own stupidity!

  5. Having cancer doesn’t mean it will go away if you don’t talk and think about it. It only means you’ll die while not taking and thinking about it

  6. Pence may still be loyal, but he's still getting thrown under the bus. This appointment is Trump's attempt to distance himself from the political damage that he has done by dismantling Obama's pandemic protection policies. Trump could have been a hero and ahead of the curve if he hadn't been so darn infantile.

  7. Mexico and Puerto Rico will close their borders to Americans in case they are infected – may even build a wall to keep Americans out. Ho Ho!

  8. Shame on MSNBC. First Wallace says tgat this is beyond politics, then spends 20.minutes bashing Trump about the virus control. They are blaming the American President for a virus that started in China and continues to be the center. Don’t believe anything that these people say.

  9. Who is this David Jolly guy…? A Republican that is not partisan and able to speak honestly with no hint of Conspiracy theories. I did not think that such people existed. Thank you for your honesty.

  10. 5:42 A reasoned, accurate assessment of Donald Trump's reaction to the virus and his approach to being president. No name-calling, no whining, just plain facts. And they are profoundly shocking.

  11. Donald Trump understands the fear the man just doesn't care about how the average American feels or is invested into their own Nation he has his own agenda and nothing else matters they call it greed !!! Another words politically or monetarily is all that matters…

  12. Trump understands people's fears – but he's only a master of ginning them up and using them for political purposes – not assuaging them. I'll bet he's frantically trying to think of a way to blame Democrats for this to use that fear. If nothing else, at some point, I bet he'll start saying something like, "Think about what's going on with this virus, it's not good folks! Would you want to depend on some socialist, Democrat run government health system to take of you at a time like this? You'll have the virus and they'll put you on a three month waiting list to go to a doctor!"

  13. trump: "don't let the public know anything about the coronavirus outbreak… it'll make me look bad"
    What a pathetically useless administration this is. A complete stain on our society and the people who support him are the worst we, as a species, have to offer.

  14. N95 work! Having been employed at a hospital for eleven years in the past. Having been exposed to real nasty illnesses I never contracted any virus. Washing hands for 5 to 10 seconds, cleaning high touch surfaces with 10 parts water and 1 part bleach and wearing N95 will protect any facility or household.

  15. Europe needs to prevent travels to and from China, South Korea and the USA, the latter because the US government is reckless and does not do closely enough to prepare. We have enough issue with Italy to afford getting more contaminated people to enter Europe.

    Investors can bet on Trumptardo market hype, just can't bet on Trump's take on reality. Stupid loyalty and fanatic lunacy is one thing, but when it gets real, what really matters is absent. We need a real leader, a competent president. This is why our government must not be run and managed by ridiculous WWE Rallys and candidates like Donald Trump must be vetted and prevented from being a candidate for POTUS! Democrats must put in place a " PIPRC (Psycho Incompetent President Removal Contingency). Donald Trump wouldn't last 3 days working at Taco Bell, why is he still the president of the most powerful country in the world.

    This is one time that I wish and hope that Donald Trump gets lucky in getting right! I really hope he gets a huge I told you so press party! It just doesn't look likely as we have already been informed about the seriousness of this virus. Time is running out as Donald Trump downplays the seriousness and denies what is really going on.

  18. They poor followers of this cult leader which is pathological lying crook are absolutely blind. What kind of education did this people got. They don't want to knowledge the truth, but want to live in a constant lying environment.

  19. WH messages are probably "Why can't we see the virus" and "is science real" or "If Pence prays for us all are we then vaccinated".

  20. Updated February 26, 2020

    CDC is responding to an outbreak of respiratory illness caused by a novel (new) coronavirus. The outbreak first started in Wuhan, China, but cases have been identified in a growing number of other international locations, including the United States. This page will be updated regularly on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Numbers close out at 4 p.m. the day before reporting.

    COVID-19: Confirmed Cases in the United States*
    COVID-19: Confirmed Cases in the United States
    Travel-related 12
    Person-to-person spread 3
    Total confirmed cases 15
    Total tested 451

  21. Does hand sanitizer prevent the spread of coronavirus?

    Yes. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are not only effective at preventing the transmission of coronavirus, but the transmission of viral infections in general. According to Public Health Canada, they need to have around 60 or 70 per cent alcohol content, which is the case for most over-the counter hand sanitizers.
    According to University of Toronto professor James Scott, this percentage is actually even more effective than 100 per cent rubbing alcohol, because the little bit of water improves the way the alcohol penetrates and kills viruses outer coatings.

  22. This woman seems poorly informed and potentially purchased. One, hand sanitizers create superbugs. Two, masks are not proven to be effective unless you are sick. Gloves are a much better idea for preventing the spread of germs. However, if you need to a mask, make them at home (gauze, tape, paper towels). Three, where drugs are manufactured has nothing to do with the spread of germs. Fourth, you can only fill 90 day supplies if your insurance pays for 90 days.

  23. Rather than flappity-yapping about what The Donald has done or is doing, why have you asked why hasn't anyone treated with this bug the way the cruise lines treat with the noro-virus? That would make good sense, but then that is one of the mainstream medial's great weaknesses isn't it? A COMPLETE LACK OF COMMON SENSE.

  24. Eh? I don't know what part of a body that woman hugs but normal people hug and their faces are close or touch and get breathed on!!!! Shaking hands can be washed, or you could just not go round hugging and shaking hands!

  25. The idiots are truly in charge of the American government.Pence is not a doctor and is not even a good VP.He is totally unqualified to handle this virus crisis but hey,why should that matter.Trump will find some way to blame his failure on Democrats or foreigners.Total incompetence on display.

  26. Mike pence will blow Cheeto's little pee pee,, then Cheeto will get rid of him in the election & pence will say, God wants it that way….They don't care about American's.. Money is more important

  27. Trump campaigned he was going to drain the swap, but Trump has eliminated free speech among the experts. Information that will keep "his base" safe, who has loyally supported him. Does even care about them or only the wealthy who can pay for the information?

  28. Well, the last thing anyone wants is for information to get out to the public. Where would that lead? People might not vote for him if they found out he wasn't God.

  29. If you have Corona Virus, then you should spray your corona area around your groin every morning. If it burns after you spray with Lysol disinfectant or generic Lysol disinfectant, than you definitely have Corona virus.

  30. You can shake hands, just make sure you spray your hands and sleeves with Lysol disinfectant spray or generic Lysol for $3 a 19oz can at Walmart, every morning before you leave the house.

  31. Trumpets, when you have the coronavirus, please don’t go to see doctors. Just stay at home, your god father trump will recuse you! Believe me!

  32. "So, the Coronavirus, which started in China and spread to various countries throughout the world, but very rapidly in the U.S. because President Trump didn't know what to do. VERY EARLY, is now being blamed, by the Do Everything Democrats, to be the fault of 'Trump'," the president tweeted just after midnight.

  33. White House GAGS government health experts from speaking about coronavirus saying they must have Mike Pence's approval for EVERYTHING they say about mounting crisis – despite VP having zero medical qualifications

  34. Donald Trump needs to give up on winning the election he will not win he is a sad excuse for a human let alone the president

  35. Is that dimwitted, whack-job, hysterical, leftist/feminist twit and CONSPIRACY THEORIST Nicolle "I hear gunshots!" Wallace still telling her brainless, twit viewers that "Donald Trump is talking about EXTERMINATING Latinos!"?

  36. Is that dimwitted, whack-job, hysterical, leftist/feminist twit and CONSPIRACY THEORIST Nicolle "I hear gunshots!" Wallace still feeding her brainless, twit viewers the idiotic, crackpot, thoroughly debunked and discredited "Trump colluded with Russia!" CONSPIRACY THEORY?

  37. Does that brainless, leftist/feminist twit and CONSPIRACY THEORIST Nicolle "I hear gunshots!" Wallace agree with Democrat party "science" that holds that a "man" can get "pregnant"?

  38. From this point forward The Trump administration and trump himself will be held responsible for any deaths from the CoronaVirus and should be treated as a MURDER

  39. Trump is always on defense y especially when he's responsible. I wonder about this virus Maybe he set it up he's seemingly always in a "Deep Psycho State."

  40. I think that this plan is actually following the protocol of emergency management laid out by FEMA
    Pence as the incident commander is a gatekeeper in the threat management of the coronavirus situation so as dictated by FEMA's structure he has to be the person who approves and all information regarding our nation's readiness/and or response to this threat. Having one person prevents mass panic and places a unified standard message that is consistent. This is coming from a person who doesn't always agree with Trumps policies and actions in office (Independent affiliation). The key to maintaining this flow of information that will get the country behind the singular flow of information is Pence or his chosen public relations representative must be timely, accurate and forthrite with the information to the american public. That will be the key to retaining the trust of the people regarding this information. They are simply practicing emergency management at its core.

  41. Trump trying to stop the US people from hearing the bad news. This can only get worse, ill prepared, ill informed, no-one has the knowledge because Trump puts all his "YES" people in places of importance and they know nothing.

  42. Reling on republikkkans to handle the Coronavirus outbreak is like putting a fox to watch over the hens! The fox dosen't have the hens best interest! Republikkkans don't care about the country or the people, they only care about pushing their racist agenda!

  43. trump once again has failed America. Vote, Vote,Vote
    Him out ,for trump cares nothing for America,but only his reelection.
    wake up people, don't trust the word's of that lying fool.
    Take care of your family America, be smart, again don't trust the word's of that lying fool.

  44. But we are getting a useless wall paid for by our tax dollars allocated for just this purpose. Thank god we have a racist lying buffoon pandering to even stupider racist buffoons.

  45. Stop the panic, please allow me to be exposed to this virus, it’s no more than any other flu/cold you’ve ever had if your immune system is compromised you could die from the flu. I bet 40 -50 % of us have lived through walking pneumonia your tired, you’re sick, you’re tired of being sick and three weeks later you barely remember how bad you felt let’s hope Trump catches a fatal bout of it though

  46. When a large quantity of your supporters are looking forward to Armageddon and the Rapture this virus is just perfect.

  47. Heres the message find Normen Reedus!
    It's an outbreak!….RUN!!!!…save yourself!!!!……take what you can, don't look back.


  49. Come on people. Y2K, Ebola virus, Zika Virus, Swine Flu…MSM tried to create widespread panic over all those issues and none were ever what they were made out to be.

  50. I want to be Mike Pence's sole defender regarding his role in the battle against the coronavirus: Look folks, he knows how to pray, has done it all his life (as a Catholic and as an Evangelical), so WE ARE IN GOOD HANDS, and no, I don't mean Allstate. Prayer is all we need, and Mike Pence even knows the difference between Two Corinthians and Corinthians II. So what could possibly go wrong? By the same token, if this operation goes awry (and I hope it does not), Trump will have a perfect scapegoat [his V.P.], will take him off the ticket and will choose Lindsey Graham as his V.P. Of course if neither Trump nor Graham are re-elected, we could try to use masks, washing hands, being careful and using vaccionces. So which would you prefer? I'd call it two Corinthians less to bother about.

  51. Hey guys. I think Pence was put in charge because our president needed someone he can trust. There are still people hanging around that would sacrifice the safety of this country if they thought it would hurt the president. Next, I don't think anyone listens very well unless its salacious. A group of scientists and physicians was put together at the start of this. Remember, all the left could do was complain about the lack of racial diversity. When Trump stopped flights from China, the left complained. That was done early on. Now some people are complaining we haven't stopped flights from Europe. Over and over people have accused Trump of lying when all he did was repeat what an expert told him. If you listened you would have heard the experts are meeting every day to look at where we are at and where we need to go . And passing on information out of the White House? It should be a no brainer that people should not be going rogue and passing on info that may not be accurate. If you have not been paying attention, every body in the whitehouse wants their minute of fame with the media, even if it is not accurate. And the media is like auto correct. They will say what they think should be said. Give it a rest everybody. Wash your hands, stay out of crowded places if possible and get on with your life. Viruses happen. I know you dont want to hear it but we are at the height of flu season. People are dying from it. Does anyone care? And when your child gets sick do you keep he or she home or do you fill them full of over the counter meds to relieve symptoms and send them off? It's a virus, kin to one that gives us a bad cold. Its gonna come. It has come and now that it is here it will spread exponentially. And guess what? The media and the left will blame Trump no matter what he does.

  52. Learn to Lead From Abraham Lincoln

      Very good at putting themselves in other people's shoes to understand their motives and desires. This sympathetic ability helps Lincoln create the most unusual cabinet in American history, by gathering opponents and arranging responsibility according to their ability.

  53. David Jolly said exactly what Trump should have said to the American people. But Trump, for the millionth time, says only what needs to be said to protect his image. It won’t end until we vote this travesty out in November.

  54. Well the Trump administration also blocked scientists from reporting about 'global warming' and even refused to allow them to use that term. Democracy and free speech, not in Trump's America!!

  55. No censorship! Freedom of the Press! He should have said this, he should have done that. Wake up people! He will never ever say or do what he should/or is supposed to say/do, it's futile. He is a buffoon and not a president.

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