Rep. Lee Zeldin rips the media’s take on ‘Schiff show’

Maurice Vega

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  1. This isn't an issue of Left vs. Right. This isn't an issue of Democrat vs. Republican. this is an issue between people who are repulsed by lies and Trump Supporters.

  2. Wish everybody would just believe the facts from CNN. How could anybody be more honest and qualified to run an investigation than Adam Schiff? Not like he has ever lied to congress..or the media. When he reads a transcript about Ukraine/Trump.. it's word for word. How could anybody question the Democrats motives?

  3. "More evidence". There has yet not been a single evidence of any corruption by Trump. There ARE however tons of evidence that the DemonRat party are full of the worst evil in the world.

  4. New Bombshell, Nancy Pelosi’s Son is on the Board of Ukraine oil Company ViscOil.
    Pelosi even Visited Ukraine to see Viscoil Operations in the Ukraine
    seems like Obama sent lots of US money to a corrupt Ukraine, while top Democrats sibilings were sitting as board members getting rich on US Taxpayer dollars.

  5. These mainstream media people need to be identified and brought before a military tribunal. These are traitors to America and Americans.

  6. There is no there there. Impeachment needs no defence. Its an empty threat. They are doing wha the have done from the beginning. They want Trump to throw in the towel. Say its not worth it. They cant beat him in 2020, their only hope is that he wont run.

  7. I hope day 2, is as funny as day 1. especially as the Democrats star witness' made them look like total morons. What next, The horoscope stars say this, therefore it.s an impeachable offence?

  8. If this is Bribery then Biden's demand that they fire the prosecutor or they don't get the $1B is Bribery. Plain and simple. Look out Biden, you're off to Leavenworth!


  10. Why are the msm trying to take our president down? it won't work!we are going to vote him in again anyway!do they want war?do they want civil unrest?I think they do!???

  11. Allow all people who can also defend the President !!! This is not a fair process and President Trump will be my President. I will definitely vote for him after this.

  12. We need to impeach everyone. Both parties. Not one person is doing they're job. And since the democrats are impeaching, what are they hiding? They're hiding something to keep Trump from letting the bag out. The republicans need to stop being a bunch of wimps,

  13. Garbage Democrats have destroyed everything!! They are Commie!! Period!! Idiots scumbag corrupted Shifted Schiff is not testifying is an admission of guilt and the American people know it.  These corruption such as: Crazy corrupted Nancy Pelosi, Liar corrupted Adam Schiff, Crazy corrupted Jerry Nadler, lowlife scumbag corrupted Maxine Water, corrupted Chuck Schumer & the Four Squad Commie, these Democrats are base on a Marxist platform, all of these Democrats like is Socialism!!  Radical Dems which is by the time. Democrats can’t hide any longer their socialism dream!! Democrats become a dictatorial Communist Government. We American loves Freedom and Freedom is not Free!! ?????? American  can never except Communist in Our Government!

  14. AMERICANS: The Democrats have WEAPONIZED MISINFORMATION to defame our #1 AMERICAN ELECT. It's called TREASON. The fruit of that will fill their bellies, so help you God. Wait a minute, they've tried to remove God from His seat. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT. ??

  15. I am independent, voted for Democrats and sometimes Republicans, but now with the circus of events, I am beginning to just straight ticket the Republicans when election comes. This is so silly and childish of these democrats. The shame is that even 95% of the federal workforce sided with Hillary. With that, it is indication that world is turning immoral and the equality written in the Declaration means now to treat others as crap….history is being distorted and erased, courtesy and respect is out to make, ppl are color blind and for the law, accept anything vile and disgusting if a person expresses it, abort and terminate babies after birth, are utterly repulsive elements and signs of very sick society.

  16. I watched very carefully and for the life of me I did not hear anything close to what Mr. Lee Zeldin said occurred in this investigation. Are we coming from different planets? Fortunately I do my homework and I do it well, looking at both sides which it seems that the base and the Republican Congress do not bother to do at all. I simply do not understand, comprehend, how seemingly intelligent people accept the lies boldly told and the next second set of lies he boldly denies that he ever said what he said. Who are you people that stand by a man with no morals, total lack of dignity and who can't read. You get what you deserve but I surely don't. You are totally shocking and a fool to think that people do not understand and comprehend that this man in the White House is a pathetic joke.

  17. the media is making the history of this country ! they know years from now their stories are what is going to be taught in the leftist controlled schools and colleges , it's not true now but it will be their truth to corrupt young minds for years to come !

  18. GOP National Defense Position Has DRAMATICALLY SHIFTED, (if not reversed) WE ARE NO LONGER FOR ANY PROTECTION OF THE USA against foreign government’s encroachments upon or incursions into domestic elections here at home, per Republican prerogative.  DRAIN THE SWAMP plainly only applies to Democrats and has nothing to do with corruption; witness DJT and his extinguished half-a-Cabinet of incompetents and thieves, leaving office in shame — along with the rest of his staff. All that's left are those hoping to make out in the will.

  19. Stupid Democratic Party, Don't let this distract you from the fact that Hector is gonna be running 3 Honda Civic's with spoon engines. On top of that he just came into Harry's and ordered 3 t66 turbo's with NOS's and a Motec System Exhaust.

  20. All these media and news paper are and will always be against the president that is nothing new about ignorant idiots.
    Face reality, morons

  21. It is almost like a family court. Where a soon to be exwife tells a whopper of lie about the soon to be exhusband
    She has no proof, no corroboration and is clearly biased. But you have a self serving and clearly biased system that wants to believe the lie,just to put money in their pockets.
    And they don't care about the truth or doing what's right. They only care about money,power and control THEIR [email protected]

  22. CIA =MEDIA, all of it CONTROLLING things, RESISTING things, EXPLAINING things, DESTROYING things, like a "DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPON" that is against the people.

  23. Anyone else notice he did not answer the question on why Bolden and mcvany wont go in front of Congress. Does anyone have the answer to that question?

  24. Bombshell? The Democratic Socialist call that a bombshell? I call it an epic fail. The only bombshell that's going to blow up is the one that's in their lap. When this is all over they're liable to be done as a political entity

  25. I only some decency from Democrats, republican;s all lie, twist, and bulling. they look weak and we all understand you lie on purpose and we are sick of it, just stop talking

  26. This ,he said , she also said, that someone else must have said?? is "Bull Schitt" and not means for a conviction for "impeachment".

  27. I watched it. It was truly a clown shown with Schiff leading the circus. Fake news is infuriating. How are people that stupid to keep watching news that keeps lying to them? Most have stopped watching, but still too many suckers.

  28. President Trump has given the American citizen a priceless gift He exposed Fake News. These outlets have communist ideals and not representative of who we are. God Bless DJT he answered our prayers.

  29. I know the media are liberals and 96% of the news on Trump is negative, but they’re just out right lying! Do they really believe even their liberal fans will fall for this ridiculous display of magic lol.

  30. Zeldin, McCarthy, Gymshorts Jordan?
    You guys aren't lawyers, are you. If I was Trump, it was scare me that these dullards were defending me.
    The further right you go, the dumber you get.

  31. Wow he did what he did and nobody wants to believe are u all stupid he did it he a business man and he going to get what he wants no matter what

  32. Those first testimonies were deeply disturbing, they showed us how the president committed bribery for his own self interest. He didn't care about America, about the law, or Ukraine. No doubt! It was a bombshell indeed. I am still in chock actually…. ?

  33. Q: How many Republicans does it take to change a light bulb? ?
    A: Republicans can't change a light bulb because they think the light bulb is conspiring against them. So they sit in the dark while Tяump is breaking US Law.

  34. The media is now the 4th Branch of the Government and it directly leads to circular reporting like we have seen by the Democrats since the Russia investigation started. Shiff can leak info to a reporter then that can lead to a story and investigations getting started where there is no real evidence.

  35. When will these criminal acts stop by the left? I left the now democrat socialist party and will never come back cannot believe they got this bad.

  36. Nunes questioning of Taylor and Kent was excellent and should be heard by all, including the involvement of the DNC with the Ukraine to damage the Trump campaign. As Nunes pointed out, the Democrats are the ones doing what they accuse Trump of.

  37. Bug eyes shitty shifty Schiff is the devil incarnate. He is power hungry and thats all he wants is power. This sham should be shut down immediately. This is a total waste of OUR money and nothing getting done for the american people.

  38. Nothing But PROPAGANDA by the Fake Media again?? Shut them down, News Clowns.Full Russian News Networks & Treasonous Traitors

  39. There needs to be a high price to pay to do this to not just a POTUS, but the BEST POTUS our country's ever had, as well I've seen in my 51 years. Believe that many lives would be in danger for a very long time for jacking his 2 Presidential terms before their time's rightfully up, most. I wonder how high bounties on these assholes would get up to from donations to the cause.

  40. The swamp creatures are doing everything they can to take the focus off their crimes with these star chamber anti Tump proceedings and put the focus on the one who would reveal them for the monsters the are.

  41. This whole impeachment circus has been the making of Lee Zeldin. He's emerged out of nowhere as a great backer of President Trump

  42. The Deep state is getting very desperate now everything they do bounces right off because they have nothing the corrupt deep state has nothing but corruption on their side which they're trying to hide the profit off of heroin and Fentanyl coming across the border the money longer through China and Russia and even sell Russia uranium and profit Trump is here to stop all the corruption and the heroin and Fentanyl I wish you would do more with coming across the border drones would be nice.

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