Rep. King speaks out against Rep. Ilhan Omar’s accusation

Maurice Vega

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  1. Don't worry when she's thrown out of office people will say good riddance to her on Twitter so people will have their Revenge. Things always seem to work out in the end as long as you believe in Jesus

  2. We need to have more Democrats retiring and resigning not republicans. Specially the popular ones. I wish he would change his mind and stay for at least one more term.

  3. We are stardust, we are billion year old carbon, we are caught in the devil's bargain, and we've got to get ourselves back to the garden.

  4. Our laws have too many loop holes and the politicians impede the enforcement of the laws. We must make the elected politicians at any level accountable for all malice occurance in their districts including all sanctuary cities and states.

  5. +
    I look forward to Ilhan Omar being booted out in the next general election for the anti-semite and racist that she is. When that happens, I can also have the pleasurse of telling her " Good riddance ".

  6. +
    I look forward to Ilhan Omar being booted out in the next general election for the anti-semite and racist that she is. When that happens, I can also have the pleasurse of telling her " Good riddance ".

  7. Who in hell cares what ilhan omar thinks or said trash any one she doent agreed wt it. She's racist, woman in congress ad radhida talib

  8. Hey Omar, you're not in Congress to promote or defend your religion, or any religion. She can't even hide her true intentions, she's so mentally limited.

  9. Nonwhites should not be forced to leave. But they will never become an American, they should never be able to have citizenship, welfare or vote. They should have never been let in to begin with. Because they didn't have a good reason they were not persecuted and I cannot understand how anyone can leave their native country abandoning it instead of fighting to make it better. When you come to America you are agreeing to abandon your previous nationality, culture and way of life. Why would you come here to change America into what you left. That's what all non-whites that come to America try to do and you wonder why the white Americans have a problem with it. Again America was made by white people for white people. The reason America is great is because all the sacrifices of the white people in the past, why should anyone come here to reap the fruits of their sacrifice, because they want to, no. Asylum Seekers should only be here temporarily in order to return to their Homeland and correct their problems as with white Americans did in their past with sacrifice and determination

  10. Omar go to another country and run for politics there where they would appreciate your anti-american hate speech this woman is such a disgrace to american politics.

  11. Ilhan Omar is just bitter, you can hear it in her voice. She knows what its like to be persecuted and that didnt happen here, it happened in her home country so for her to say the things she does? Shes bitter and angry. She has no business in American politics

  12. Ahh the incest loving openly racist representative wants to retire to be "closer to his family"..particularly his daughter and granddaughter….sicko

  13. Martha slanted questions doesn’t say how she thinks re her way into the country and her lies and fraud! Jail then deportation! Say it Martha! Your rating will go up!

  14. She showed more disdain for peter king than she did for al Baghdadi … I don't recall her saying good riddance when we took him out

  15. It's a shame to lose a Trump supporter, but he has some pretty good reasons. Enjoy yourself Congressman King, I think you've earned it.

  16. Rep King is 100 % correct and Ilhan Omar is a subversive cockroach who should have never been allowed to enter politics in this country to begin with.

  17. Nobody is an "islamaphobe" we aint scared of your bullsht 8th century religion based entirely on hate and assimilation: we just dont buy it. Get the fck out of America you btch

  18. Hey, Omar… He wants to spend time with HIS family. Not the father of someone ELSE's family. See the difference? Nah, didn't think you would, you silly goat.

  19. Illan should be deported for her immigration violations and anti American sentiment. How on earth you people put her in the Congress!!!! That is a disgrace. She's disgusting.

  20. It's so easy for her and the other members of the mean girls club to throw name calling at everyone and have no repercussions. Is defamation of character not a thing anymore. Sad

  21. Seems like only those on the left or ABOVE THE LAW
    Her,Hillary, Bidin, and son,old bug eyes Shift ,Nader,and let's not leave out the
    Whistleblower, Antifa,and on,and on,and ON

  22. It is incredibly frustrating that she is given a platform to spew her disgusting lies. If she is re-elected I lose faith in that part of America.. SMH..

  23. Minnesota should be ashamed to elect Omar to the House of Representatives are any branch of service to our country she is a total disgrace to America

  24. Ill-hide o-mar is the logical result of a "constituency" gone rogue, and berserk…one comprised of traitorous electors whose allegiance and motives are foreign in nature, and practice. In this case, demography is destiny. A transmogrified electorate will, as a cancerous cell in the human body, turn against the organism in which it dwells. Fools we are if we ignore–or forget this!!!

  25. Ilhan Omar is only interested in one thing-causing discord and totally dividing the people in this nation!
    Americans need to wake up and stop allowing immigrants into our country who have zero respect for our customs, values, religious beliefs and traditions!!

  26. She should be prosecuted for the stuff she says.. she’s bad news bears boys and I think everyone can agree with that..

  27. Ummmm what if agree to many mosque in the U.S….ill go one better…one mosque in the U.S is to many….this is a Christian based country…..God please come back to our country ….Amen

  28. I thought the nasty brother lover was being investigated and ousted. How and why is she here? Congress if full of do nothing pussies

  29. Rep Ilhan Omar is having a good life as an American citizen but revoking her citizenship and deport her to Somalia, she would cry until her eyes pop out.

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