Rep. Jim Jordan reacts to Hunter Biden’s interview

Maurice Vega

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  1. Every Government in Europe and most around the world will cheer when this President goes and his family finally get their snouts out of the trough.

  2. We have all see the Dem debates and town halls. We all know that impeachment is the only chance a person in that group has to win.

  3. NO WAY will those pricks give Trump a Win With USMSA .. we will have to Wait for that when we take back the House. . Did anyone notice Biden Jr. had a Burnt Thumb, THATS from Lighting the Crack Pipe too much

  4. The problem wasn’t the legality of whether Hunter Biden was on the board or not. The problem was that Joe Biden pressures the Ukraine to stop investigating Hunters involvement in that company, and used the guarantee of loans by the US government for the Ukraine as a bargaining chip.

  5. Hunter is like a blue clipon toilet cleanser. Looked good to start with but the Dems now realise that it/he's poison. But how do you get the thing unclipped and removed without getting your own hands dirty?

  6. Rep Jim Jorden talks about the american people knowing, right from the get go, that something was wrong and something wasn't right instinctively 0:36. I bet the wrestlers wish Rep Jim Jorden would have listened to some sort of instinct about Dr. Richard Strauss, instead of turning a blind eye and staying quiet.

  7. Fox News, Are you using any different platform? YouTube has removed its share display, turning YouTube into a sterile barren platform of amorphous nothingness when trying to share. Maybe like bitchute might be better

  8. How can you be so alarmingly blind to the hypocrisy here?
    Hunter Biden's dad was the Vice President while he worked for an energy company neither of them owned.
    Ivanka, Don Junior and Eric Trump all fully admit to and brag about earning millions from their positions of power for a company THEY THEMSELVES hold huge stake in?
    Why lie about this? Because the Republicans are losing and they can't argue from the morale high ground so all they have left to do is lie.

  9. All they are doing is making the people angry , they see this railroad job they are doing to president Trump and everyone that is near to the president… they unhappy with election outcome, to bad democrats…..they though the fix was in for Hilary…..we all have different presidents we didn't vote for, but this is so much more, this anger they have, there is something wrong in the head for people who act this way…..for Pete sake go to the doctor and get yourself on medication

  10. Republican they want to make the same thing they do with Hillary Clinton lie and more lies mostly the president. Plus Jim Jordan it look so ugly making a big deal about something it's already past be a man please this is the present not the past okay. Common sense

  11. You, Mr Jordan, are a disgrace to the Republican party, America, and the human race for standing behind a man who continually says black is white and is an enemy of world peace.

  12. how are trumpsters so focused on bidens son getting a high paying job but not once mentioning trumps kids making business deals all over the world since trumps election?
    ivanka trumps patents in china…our enemy for example

  13. At 322 he says he everybody knows it was wrong and "it is what it is" THAT only applies to Dems and there power grabs not the rest of us , sick of this BS people need to stand up and especially Reps. cause realdeal AMERICANS ain't gonna keep on rolling over like pzy's , time to stand up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I'm tired of hearing about Hunter Biden. Did he benefit from his name? Maybe he should have changed it.

    Hunter Biden is a lawyer. He graduated from Yale Law School in 1996, a very good school., ranked number 1 by US News and World Report, ahead of Harvard Law. Even a bad lawyer gets $200 an hour, that's $36,000 a month. A good lawyer can get $1,000 an hour, that's $180,000 a month. At the $50,000 a month that Burisma paid him, he was paid a little better than a bad lawyer, certainly below average, which would be $90,000 a month. I'd say he was under paid.

    Yes he had a cocaine issue. Who else had a cocaine issue?: Ben Affleck, Drew Barrymore, Elton John, Jamie Lee Curtis, Eric Clapton, Matthew Perry and you know what? I bet they all make more than Hunter Biden, in fact I bet they even make more than Jim Jordan.

    But what about Hunter's experience? Well from 1998-2001 he served as executive vice president at MBNA America Bank. He later served in the United States Department of Commerce focusing on e-commerce policy. In 2006 he was appointed to the board of directors of Amtrak by the Republican President George W. Bush where he served for 3 years. After that he became an attorney at Boies Schiller Flexner LLP, a national law firm representing many famous clients including: Microsoft, Al Gore, The National Football League, Harvey Weinstein, Amazon and Jeff Bezos (personally).

    But this isn't really about Hunter, is it? It's really about Joe. If you don't like what I've said, that's okay. You're entitled to any opinion you want, you can claim that all democrats are queer or that all republicans are Nazis and you can say that out loud because in this country we have freedom of speech, which I strongly support. However if you can't or won't back up your opinion with facts, you will probably look like an idiot. If you don't believe what I said, you can look it up. It's public information. If you don't believe what lawyers charge, try hiring one.

    "Everybody has a right to be stupid, but some people abuse the privilege." – Joseph Stalin

  15. at 4:24 Jim Jordan recalls it toke whistleblower some days to point out his statement.

    Mr. Trump's call with pres. Zelensky was on July 25; the whistleblower took time (according to Jim Jordan: 18 days), that would be reported around Aug. 12. Then the WH did not succeed until Sep. 24 to release the rough transcript from the secret server. Collusion and obstruction!

  16. No rules no Law for the Democrat 🐀🐀 people this is the problems IM never vote for f.. Democrat 🐀 🐀 all idiot SB Scumbeg

  17. Then earlier this year before the news of his son came out, Biden said that China was not a problem, was this pay to play like Hillary

  18. And how fair and proper are Trumps children doing? Good? ??? We know! LOL
    Ivanka has a masters in politics I've heard!😂😂😂

  19. Why no one’s talking about, only reason Pelosi wants to impeach Trump is because the Republicans will not have a chance to get reelected if Trump gets impeached.

  20. Sen. Jordan thank you for mentioning us. Dems think we’re stupid but we really aren’t. There are some very smart people out here.

  21. This congress need to be removed. If the don’t want to work with the Republicans on all these important issues, what are they doing there? Why are we paying them? If I did that at my work, I would be given a link slip! Don’t call us, we’ll call you! Ha!

  22. Everyday people deal with this all the time. The saying is “It’s Not What YOU KNOW, It’s WHO YOU KNOW”!!!!! How many of us have to deal with the Bosses Kids, who doesn’t know a dang thing but gets put in a position of Authority! Then we are left to Train them! Is it right,,,, HELL NO but, it happens Everyday and if your the one with the money, you are in Control!

  23. As a Canadian, i don't really have any skin in this game, but certain elements of the dust-up seem nonsensical to me. First – Is Hunter Biden running for office? I don't think he's even involved in his father's quest for the Democratic nomination. Second: it's a sad fact that many corporate boards have "name" members to burnish their profiles, regardless of their relevant expertise or degree of engagement in the business. Third: if the WH is going to cast shade on Hunter Biden's qualifications, they should be reminded that the president directly employs 2 family members as advisers, neither of whom had any relevant experience vis-a-vis their roles prior to taking up their positions. Furthermore, President Trump recently appointed one of his big donors, Gordon Sondland, as ambassador to the EU despite Sondland having zero diplomatic experience. Forth, prior to that appointment, Rudy Giuliani o/b/o "his client" worked to ensure the removal of veteran diplomat Marie Yovanovich from her position as ambassador to Ukraine. To take up her role, the Presidents chief of staff designated Sondland, Energy Secretary Rick Perry, and special U.S. envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker . Yovanovich was a respected pro (regardless of what the President says) who served under Bush and Obama. Perry and Volker's expertise re Ukraine is unknown to me, but taking the USA's relationship with UIkraine out of the hands of the State Department seems very odd. Five: Hunter Biden and China…the spin here is that Hunter pocketed a $1.5b, when in fact a company in which he was a partner pitched the Chinese government to invest that in a fund designed to develop projects outside of China. Apparently, they didn't. Biden was a 10% investor in this fund which had a total cap of $4.2m for which he has yet to see any return. ALL OF THIS brouhaha comes from the president's erroneous belief that while VP, Biden Sr. complained about Ukraine's-chief prosecutor at the time, V Shokin, because he was investigating corruption in the Bursima company (which Hunter wasn't involved with yet), However, the fact is, Joe Biden was joining he IMF and the EU in accusing Shokin of not doing enough, or any prosecution viz. corruption, and furthermore was himself being investigated internally. S0, dude was sacked, and tried to spin it as a politically motivated hit due to his investigation of Burisma, which in truth he'd actually *shelved*. Shokin's successor, Yuri Lutsenko, initially took a hard line against Burisma, but within a year he announced that all legal proceedings and pending criminal allegations against the company had been "fully closed". So what's left? The spectre of a sitting US president trying to get a foreign government to help dig up dirt on the likely Democratic challenger to his presidency – asking this as "a favour". Apparently that is illegal in the US, so what to do about it.. Oh, yes, in regard to scuttlebutt that the whistleblower had dealings with Joe Biden: well sure – he was a senior executive at the CIA and a career public servant. I'm sure he had "dealings" with lots of people – maybe even folks in the GW Bush administration. It's his *job*! The inspector General took possible bias into account and still deemed the complaint "credible" and "of urgent concern"

  24. Jim Jordan I think should be Vice President….for Kenya…apologies to Kenya. 🤣🤣

    Edit….When is Jim going to take responsibility for those kids that were molested under his watch?

  25. Nancy Pelosi gave Donny Trump a real lesson in diplomacy and showed him how dump he was for opening the prison doors and letting ISIS out. Trump has now put the whole world at risk, ISIS were imprisoned in Syria, but now they will be free to do their evil work. Take a bow Trump…’ve blown off everyone’s feet.

  26. denturina pelosi was miss d'ellasandro before she married her crooked husband…her corrupt father was a MAFIA STOOGE

  27. "We don't have any idea because it's secret…" Of course, it's secret, because it's secret! How stupid do these trip-tounge carney hucksters think people are?
    If those three in FOX had any sense they'd be packing their bags and heading down Rio way.
    I'm hanging in for Trump but get fresh, get new, you're all sounding like broken records. Start admitting but keep the high ground, fight for compromise.

  28. Bidens corruption. Democrats are all diseased with corruption and i hope its terminal as they do not deserve to represent Americans.

  29. Now you know why they put the poison fluoride in our drinking water. It might be bigger than the obamacare scam. We sure shouldn't be working to have tax stolen so they can take it all for themselves, their families while ours struggle. No, we'd not be so passive if the fluoride poison wasn't in our water and if they weren't spraying chemicals on us as if we're mosquitoes. Media liars, govt. liars, tech liars will all be punished for their lies. It will be bigger than the germs that got Cummings.

  30. Trump has fulfilled MANY campaign promises — probably a greater percentage than any previous president. And he did it, in the face of dishonest, hate-fueled obstruction by Dems & the media. But "draining the swamp" will be THE most difficult and dangerous. The rats will get more panicked and more vicious to protect themselves than they already were. Notice how the impeachment BS went into overdrive (and into the dark) when Trump pointed out the Biden/Ukraine quagmire.

  31. "When my dad becomes president"…. hahahahahahahahaha, the idiots on the gear again and I'll have some of what he's taking! he's delusional like most Dummocrats!

  32. Hunter Biden makes more money than the United States of America, he is not a politician, he is not an expert, he has no experience, he is got a terrible background, if his last name was not Biden, just for that, they wouldn't hire him to pick up garbage in parks.

  33. lmfao … sure hunter is saying under his breath….my old man needs to be in a old peep home…he is fuxking this all up for me…..lo

  34. All that talk about the American people this and that ….. So if you don't agree with Fox News, are you not an American? That would mean that most Americans are not American.

  35. Below are excerpts from the opening statement made to Congress today by former Ambassador Michael McKinley, who recently resigned as Pompeo’s senior adviser, according to a former colleague familiar with the testimony:

    "The timing of my resignation was the result of two overriding concerns: the failure, in my view, of the State Department to offer support to Foreign Service employees caught up in the Impeachment Inquiry on Ukraine; and, second, by what appears to be the utilization of our ambassadors overseas to advance domestic political objectives.

    I was disturbed by the implication that foreign governments were being approached to procure negative information on political opponents. I was convinced that this would also have a serious impact on foreign service morale and the integrity of our work overseas.

    Since I began my career in 1982, I have served my country and every President loyally. Under current circumstances, however, I could no longer look the other way as colleagues are denied the professional support and respect they deserve from us all."

  36. I as an American citizen feel that is totally wrong that they are doing this behind closed doors. It is immoral and unethical. But Democrats that's exactly what you are showing us since Trump has become president. PS stop wasting all my tax dollars on all your witch hunts I'd rather donate it to St Jude's Children's Hospital

  37. WHY didn't Any Republican say ANYTHING when this happened as it was Years Ago.. Republicans better pull out the liberal crazy book to go crazy on them as they do to the Republicans

  38. The media is a joke. On video Joe Biden states we will not give your country 1.8 billion if you dont fire the investigator looking into the company my son works for. And said call Obama he will say the same. Media response…"nothing to see here"…so Pelosi…all roads dont lead to Putin. They lead to Obama and you know it.

  39. The USMCA is NOT good for We the People of the USA. The USMCA convinces the UN that We the People are no longer sovereign. Our Human rights can not be taken from us.

  40. Trump has handled Turkey beautifully and it's not even thanksgiving yet. More fake news reported today from the liberal media. Mulvaney denies any wrong doing by the president and defends him. He also pointed out that the report by the liberal media was false. What else is new? I call for the resignation of Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff Immediately. I can not even imagine Nancy Pelosi becoming the President if something should happen to Trump or Pence. She is 3rd in line. Not on my watch. Biden is a crook an so is everyone involved in spy gate. Trump has accomplished more for this country in 3 years than the last ten presidents combined. Drain the swamp!

  41. Replace "Biden" w/ "Trump" & its the exact same story almost word for word. Each side has its hypocrites go cry alligator tears.

  42. This is why I left the Democrat Party…. They the Democrats, will continue to support another Democrat even when they know that a Democrat is so corrupt.. Not me!!.  My loyalty isn't to any political party as history has taught us that they can be as corrupt as the NEXT.. my loyalty is to my God and Country… I'm an American, America, first, America first.. I'm voting for Donald J. Trump in 2020.

  43. Just a quick news update. WH Chief of Staff during a 40 minute press conference today collapsed the 3 amigos deck of cards holding up their motives in seeking Ukraines Zelenskys help. He confessed to the quid pro quo and admitted, as OMB director, he ordered the defence funds be suspended. Yep…..out of his own mouth on live TV. Then he had the temerity to order the press gallery to "get over it. All parties do it." Crime complete. Im looking forward to hearing how the ladies on Fox will compose their script on friday in defence of Mulvaney. For some reason I'm craving a peach right now…..

  44. Should Jim Jordan break away from the Republikkkans, he could start the "Young boys in tights rolling around on the floor party", where he would be a total all-star.

  45. Lies, lies, lies the $1.5 billion missing was in the bank of a crooked Russian oligarch. He was so bad he was banned from coming to the USA. Suddenly he was ok'ed his visa and he and the money disappeared. Hunter making $50K a month but Ivanka can make $82 million a year and get licensure in China to make voting machines among 16 other licenses. Jim Jordon better shut up or his scandal at Ohio State as coach looking the other way while young men were sexually abused. He has no room to lie about other people. JJ the JOKE

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