Rep. Jeff Van Drew speaks out for first time after switching parties

Maurice Vega

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  1. In Russia We Have Word For Corrupt Rotten Politician, ????
    Is True Just Ask Google.
    Is Also Very Much Funny
    Very KAIYF

  2. WWG1WGA

    Bless Rep. Van Drew!

    We ARE the News Now!

    America is WAKING UP!

    I'm a reformed NeverTrumper and now know he is the BEST PRESIDENT EVER!!!

  3. This is the first step in the right direction for van Drew. But one thing we don’t need in the Republican Party is another Mitt Romney. We need real conservatives. This guy is not that.

  4. Q sent me.
    Democrat/Socialist are being controlled by an outside force. They should all be removed for breaking their oaths of their office.
    Remove all of them with your VOTE.

  5. The democrat party is the enemy of the Republic. They aren't even recognizable as Americans any more. This is not the party of JFK. These are radical Marxists who hate our Constitution and our inalienable liberties.

    They must be exposed and stopped.

    The democrats are the enemy within.

  6. Do NOT be fools GOP; he never answered the question regarding his voting record; he gave a politicians answer. Leaving the DNC is fine, but what good does it do if he still votes as a dem?

  7. QQQQ: Jersey king pin sending his little fellow to save face, lol Go dutch! Who is this county chairman? I'd really like to know.

  8. It's one thing i can say about this country, the racist stick together. All over this country people say that racism is still a big problem, but when you ask any white person are they racist they say no. So if there is racism, where are all the racist? You can't find a single one, so it must be hiding some where.

  9. We the people need to remember that the Democrats are simply employees of this country. You as their employers have every right to pick up the phone on a daily basis and give them a taste of their own medicine. You have every right to spout off at the mouth to them and tell them just exactly where they're screwing up and how they need to fix it or they can get out of office. By all means find phone numbers emails contact these people and let them know that they're no longer necessary in this country. When they decided to take their vacation don't forget it didn't hurt this country one bit financially that should tell us all something.

  10. @Rep. Jeff Van Drew COVFEFE, Sir! You will be a HUGE part of Societal Human history and written about over and over. GODSPEED!

  11. The more I'm hearing this stuff, the more I start getting sick by the very idea that even Democrats are potential prisoners of this corrupt political system. Who's in control of the dem party? That person should be held accountable for these atrocities to our country

  12. He didn't answer the veto question ? But he said our President has his FULL support, so let's give him time to PROVE IT…and not say it…

  13. He sold his vote to block Trump’s agenda or he was letting to his puppet master in NJ tell how to vote. We’ll see how his journey continues in the future or he will be a rhino operative.

  14. Q sent us. The world is watching and the world is waiting. God bless you, Congressman and stay the course. WWG1WGA!

  15. I am so elated that at least one democrat sees the evil and fake ness of the democratic socialist communist party. Welcome aboard to the Republican Party. This is a good sign you are not crooked or against the American people. Arrest the entire democratic socialist communist party.

  16. just what we need in our government another RINO (republican in name only) this guy is the true definition of RINO! do you really think this guys beliefs and thinking is going to change from democrat brainwashing just because there is a R instead of a D after his name?

  17. Van Drew just got Qed. We've long known that the Democratic party is controlled like puppets by their puppet master [GS] George Soros's exposure in the last few days is significant. PAY ATTENTION: Van Drew said "[he] was TOLD [he] HAD to vote for impeachment or [he] wasn't going to be on the [Democrat] line"

  18. Watch and listen carefully.

    [D]s threaten and cull 'independently elected' officials to fall-in-line [follow orders] or face being ousted?

    Who controls the [D] party?

    Who really controls the [D] party?

    Threat: If a major political party can be [controlled] does that represent a clear and present danger to the United States of America?



  19. Americans have known of one family that has continuously lied in public, for many, many years, the Clintons.
    All democrats have fallen in line to accommodate their lies. Nancy Pelosi is their top LIAR these days. In time, those lies catch up to a person!!!
    Imagine there is a Santa Claus. He knows who's naughty, and who is nice!!

  20. This is the same reason Ronald Reagan became a Republican. This is also why the Labour Party across the pond got completely demolished in the recent UK general election. These are now far-left, socialist parties, that have outrageous policies and oppose things like free speech, your right to self defense, etc. Van Drew didn't leave the Democrat Party, it left him. I still wonder why most sane people would be left wing Democrats in the first place. This is the same party in 2019, that all House Democrats voted to prioritize health care for illegal aliens over military veterans! Every single one of them voted for law breakers over those who have risked it all to defend us. They're also the same party who all voted against giving treatment to save a child after a botched abortion. That's quite disgusting even if someone calls themselves pro-choice. The Democrat Party do not support law-abiding, patriotic Americans. They hilariously make speeches defending the founders and the constitution, while being anti 1st & 2nd amendment, pro-illegal aliens, support illegal sanctuary cities, etc. These people are delusional!

  21. BWAAHAHAHA. Imagine the fukn moron that threatened him. Pacing , cussing , fretting about now. He just caused one of his own to flip. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  22. It's not really D vs R, it's good vs evil. Don't judge someone by what they say, judge them by their actions. Right vs wrong.

  23. Q sent me. Maria Trout Pout, interrupting & shushing so they can go off to 10 minutes of Big Pharma commercials and a Viagra commercial. I can't BEAR to watch television!!!!! Get my news online. This network is SO amateurish. This is not Australia.

  24. Maria: you asked Jeff where exactly did the Dems go wrong? He almost answered that at the very end of this clip: "When Dems began telling me that the U.S. is no different from any other nation." Now go further: WHO TAUGHT THEM TO SAY THAT? Will Jeff call out GEORGE SOROS as "the clear and present danger" to this country? Will YOU investigate from whom does GEORGE SOROS get HIS orders?

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