Rep. Doug Collins: The ‘focus-group impeachment’ has no facts

Maurice Vega

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  1. Wowwww. Even if you don't like Trump, you have to vote for him now. The Democrats were just exposed. The American people have been groomed to believe our president is anti American. They care more about stuffing their pockets than the American people. Greed.

  2. This speech is how Americans, and now not a few democrats are seeing this entire fiasco.
    Trump will be remembered with reverence when this is all over

  3. I dig Doug! But the sadder fact hjere is, the Dems don't really care what the minority says or does during their time in these hearings, because none of that stuff is going anywhere but right here on YouTube, on Fox, on The Blaze, on Daily Wire, on OAN, and a few other places, and all these places are deprecated in the mainstream.

    No one's going to see the truth on their nightly news reports. No one is going to read it in their NYT or WaPo… Certainly the M5M is not going to show anything but the biased leftists bleating out their one-sided script. Most of America (…and the world) are going to be blissfully ignorant of the real story… They will only be exposed to the fairy-tale version being weaved by Schiff, Nadler, and Pelosi.

  4. Where are your leader's and his cronies' are they hiding out in the privy' why dont the come out' and show their power' .. or is it be- cause they are full of excrement' and cant come out' every one will smell them?

  5. Guess what PEOPLE?? Can YOU even begin to guess? My vote has not changed one iota and it will not change; in fact I am more resolved in my original vote.
    Adam Schiff is a COWARD and always has been; That will never change!!

  6. You would think that no matter what party one is with, if the President is working hard and succeeding at bettering the country that the two parties would be happy for the country. The demonrats do not care about the American people let alone America itself.

  7. The real reason for impeachment; Trump is actually Making America Great Again, which pisses the Democrats off because it makes them look like the bottom-feeders that they really are.

    It's like hiring someone because your falling behind and you need help catching up. The new hire works out and you are catching up, and then you fire them because of it.

  8. CNN Jerry Nadler said the evidence is unprecedented and then Nancy Pelosi at her little hateful nun hateful but she is hateful speech she said bribery unprecedented evidence
    But yet when they end up in a hearing that is ran by our hard-earned money every chair they sit on every glass of water all the lights that are on all the media that's there anything that cost money in that room we are paying for and they keep lying to the American people that they have unprecedented evidence and they never have nothing

  9. The evidence that there's a motive was the day Donald J Trump was inaugurated and the first things all Democrats said was we are going to impeach the mother F 'r
    Nasty language coming from women in Democratic Congress and then many Democrat supporters on Twitter the first thing they said was no evidence with no reasoning did they hate him and that's it that's their motive hate the motive is hate and then sickness of power

  10. Remember the "17 intelligence agencies" that supposedly concluded that the Russians influenced our elections in 2016? – And then the "17 witnesses" in the impeachment hearings conducted by the House? – And now the Horowitz report finds "17 significant errors or omissions" in the FISA applications? IS THIS WEIRD OR WHAT???

  11. When the Democrats bring in a witness in the witness says that they are abusing power that should say this thing is completely over that one man that said they are abusing their power and that is exactly what's going on here that should tell every Democrat supporter that something's wrong and we don't want this because this is scary this could happen to every American citizen and if you think it can't I don't think you should wait to find out

  12. If any Congressman on the Republican side even reads this message Adam Schiff required those phone records from his own colleagues in an impeachment inquiry only to take you off your mojo because he knows you are proving that the president have done nothing wrong he's committed no crime of impeachment they know it so they twist it around to make you all look like the criminals when everyone can see they are the most Twisted corrupt politicians America's probably ever seen in history I guess they want to make history Dean Crooks and to abuse power their own witness said they are abusing power so this is why he obtained phone records from his own colleagues because he has no more tactics to go after he has no more evidence of any kind to go after he has nothing to go on so continue your quest don't let up don't ever let them take you away from your hard work enjoy your intelligence that is proving the United States president is not the criminal they are

  13. It’s as plain as the nose on your face ….it’s all Democrats that can’t accept losing 2016. So they will lie , cheat and attempt to fabricate a crime .Trump 2020

  14. Dems are a bunch of trashes from deep state corrupt bunch! Haters! Trying to impeach the best President in the history of the world.

  15. Every move the Chairman's have made every move on the Democratic side in Congress here has been a move that someone or something or an entity or a union would do to be a dictator this is a process that a dictatorship would do in America despises dictators America Claims dictators are our enemy and the Democratic politicians and government in America have become the enemy of the people

  16. For God sakes people! Most of the funds that the so called Dems. have access to is coming from none other then George Soros. Soros is completely involved with them all. If you cut off the head of that proverbial poisonous snake, that money will dry up and there will be no more funding the Coup d'etat against our president.

  17. After all this , Schiff needs to change his name to one of those high brow hyphenated names We could start with : Adam Meadow- Muffins , Kaiser- Fertilizer , maybe Adam Dorment-Brokenwind

  18. My problem with all this is nothing will happen to the guilty rich fatass politicians. As a nation we have no nationalist gusto thanks to the media.

  19. For 40 min. Collins spun more tangling webs of his cronies deceit. All about Nothing. No the president is not a Traitor, Criminal, malicious pervert, extortionist, tax evader, bank fraud master, Russian communist sympathizer, witness harasser, sexual predator, egregious lier, fake news propaganda manipulator, hedonist, sadistic criminal, crime boss, bribery master to senators & representatives. He is just a citizen that believes he is above the law and God chose him to do the Devils work.

  20. Could this lawyer Cohen tell me what kind of evidence are you talking about. There’s no evidence against the president there’s evidence for the president that he’s doing a terrific job for the American people

  21. Where's Devin Nunes???? LMAO
    Nothing says I want to be your friend & ally like a good old fashioned Trump Mob shakedown.

  22. I live in New York and see first hand what Democrats are doing to this state. You don't want the Democratic party of today running this country.

  23. These happen when people stay in power to long they become criminals, CROOKEs, thef , time to change the sistem in the HOUSE & CONGRESS

  24. Representative Cry Baby forgets Trump is the one trying to prevent the facts from coming out which in itself is obstruction. Funny watching them demand Schiff testify when Mulvaney, Pompeo, Bolton, Pence, Rudy etc refuse to testify. What are they hiding??? (Spoiler: It's Trump's crimes and their involvement)

  25. The LORD answers HIS children's prayers. We are praying for protection and blessings for president Trump. They gathered not in the LORD's name, when they scatter they will flee 7 ways.

  26. Anybody else notice how Berke was directing Nadler to gavel Gaetz when Gaetz was bellyaching that Adam Shift was nowhere to be seen?

  27. Anyone who is against Trump and the majority that voted for him and WON. Are not being honest with themselves and need to work on that. Because if not??? You are helping build the guillotine that will be the end of you in so many ways. The sad thing about that is that you don't even know it! My fellow beloved Americans that can't see this are tragic. WAKE THE F UP!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. We have to wonder if there was an actual " whistleblower" ( since there is nothing to blow the whistle on). This whole coup is treasonous!

  29. There is overwhelming evidence that the democrats want to overturn the will of the people. No more no less it's just a grab for POWER.

  30. I love it! Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler continue to demonstrate their ignorance and idiocy. They are totally disconnected from the majority of the American people! Every hearing they've called for in this impeachment sham only provides common sense patriotic Americans the justification for electing and reelecting POTUS! I only wish that Collins would look directly at the clown Nadler when he makes his statements. Nadler is already shaking in his boots because of his idiocy and his ignorance, he has nothing. Schiff demonstrated his cowardice by sending staff in his place, Pelosi demonstrated cowardice in announcing to proceed with this corrupt sham impeachment, all the while putting their main responsibilities on hold and delaying important legislation. They will be the main reason that Trump will be reelected and they democrats will lose the house.

  31. “I need you to do me a favor though”. Please. We all know what this is about. When you can’t deny what was done you argue process. For once I’d like to hear the members argue that the actions were appropriate and justified.

  32. But some woman allowed him to grab them for their puss… He must be fascist then. Which normal man grabs women for their puss….

  33. Not one Scintilla of evidence and anyone with a cell of intelligence that isn't consumed by hate sees through the facade.

  34. I have never voted a straight ticket but for now on I will be voting straight republican ticket.
    For everything I will vote republican ticket

  35. Jobs report when the LIAR IN CHIEF took office unemployment was 4.6% 2 and a half years later 3.6% ….talking about being born on third base and thinking you hit a home run….

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