Remembering L.K. Advani, India's most successful yet divisive politician in last 40 years

that's the bell icon on YouTube and don't miss another update the beauty of democratic politics is its characters and the fun of a political journalists life is about dealing interacting understanding analyzing criticizing sometimes praising those same characters without that life would be very dull so if you look at Indian politics in those terms especially if you look at the period in which I've been watching Indian politics either as an observer outsider a student or then as a journalist you take it about take it to about 40 years and one of the key characters of these 40 years announced his retirement yesterday that is mr. Lal Krishna Advani why do I say go back about 40 years because until about 1975 mr. Advani was not that well-known because even in what used to be the Asian Sun then so more prominent leaders were others led by or to be Harry Bajpayee mr. Advani was not really a spectacular speaker he was not particularly a masked leader he was a leader he was a good mind but he was sort of in this second rung during the emergency he was sentenced not sentenced he was jailed by mrs. Gandhi under whatever laws she used usually maintenance of it Internal Security Act when he came out he became Information and Broadcasting Minister in the junta government and that's when he really became the towering figure and started becoming the tub ring figure that he finally emerged as so as I am be Minister one interacted with the media but it was called journalists then nobody used the word media a lot he also made that famous statement that during the emergency when asked to bend India's journalists crawled he was right about most organizations and mostly artists not all but that coat has sort of stuck with him and then he acquired a very good understanding besides other things of the way Indian media works and he also figured the importance of the Indian media and he knew that if the BJP junsang which later became BJP and he'll never tire of telling you that it happened on a Friday so he says just as the Christ just as Christ had his resurrection it was an Easter Friday BJP also dancing also became BJP so reimbursed or had a second birth on an Easter frightening remember unlike most other contemporaries of face in the Jan Sangh RSS in his times he was he was one of the very few who had English medium education and could bring these lines to you so he is an interesting character sometimes if you interacted with him one on one it looked like his liberal his Catholic his forward-looking he has some reading and like many others but if you saw his actions they were much more conservative so then from 77 onwards and then we all know what happens at the party broke and the junsang again went down went out on its own it became more ideological ideologically pure it grew some then it got demolished in 1984 in 1984 BJP was down to two seats in parliament I've said this many times before I'll say again after that election Rajiv Gandhi said that he had declared or Congress had declared ten plus two plus three scheme for India's opposition so one party had ten one at 203 the party with two seats in the opposition besides said the party and socialist was immediately just two seats and remember that's the lecture in which mr. Edwin mr. Vajpayee also lost he lost to Martha Ross India so from then the job of rebuilding the BJP was essentially done by Advani since since in India we'd love to use the court alia Chandragupta analogy be JP's post eighty BJP / Johnson Sports 84 rebuilding was all done in a manner where say Vajpayee was the front so the sovereign the Chandragupta or the sovereign to be and Advan ii the catelleya so it was at Bonnie's mind and much that happened since then particularly most importantly the Ionia movement remember Advani's Rath Yatra that position the BJP where it always wanted to be or where it always should have been if it wanted to build a politics of right-wing Hindutva Hindu beliefs mr. Vajpayee would have found it difficult to do that advant he did that and he did this in the most cynical fashion to that extent justice no political figure is perfect and just because they retired or go away we should not only say good things about them or bad things about them we have to assess them fairly so while mr. Advani is the Builder of the new BJP and the Builder of the BJP is success to today's level which when it dominates India's politics from being reduced to just two seats in national parliament just 35 years ago the credit for that goes enormous li to mr. Advani in fact he is the primary architect of the rise of BJP as a national mainstream party but also at the same time he achieved it by dividing India on a Hindu or non Hindu Hindu Muslim basis as no other Indian politician has done so the great builder of the BJP and the great builder of the Hindu Club politics is also the great divider of Indian people mr. Advani immersed in the last 35 years as India's most successful politician he is behind Narendra Modi success also as India's most successful politician but also as India's most divisive politician that is something he cannot get away from and what say one dozen right now is some people feel sorry for him people who hate Narendra Modi say oh they have he's done this to LK Advani but first of all that is the principle of life most bigshots great leaders great sovereigns great kings are finally either stabbed in the back or poisoned or consigned to a mothership Mundell by young people who they may have built at some point of time that is that is the way of life it's survival of the fittest that's how it works in the animal kingdom right where you often carnivorous animals young ones the offspring will eat up their own parents as the parents grow old and and have wounded occasionally sharks politics is no different so let's not judge Narendra Modi and Amit Shah for what they have done let's use this opportunity to make an assessment only of LK Advani so one side of LK Advani is the man that he became on the good side I told you he built BJP into this force on the bad side because he divided he built the BJP by dividing and vice by gave him cover in the sense that what he was dividing vice PA was making it sound not so bad and you always had the feeling that look if things get too bad you can go to watch pay he will apply the Healing Touch we saw this after Gujarat riots and killings of 2002 but who saved Narendra Modi then then we knew that Atal Bihari Vajpayee was fully determined to remove him we seemed detailed accounts of that flight from Delhi to Goa with the BJP party meeting was taking place the conversation between LK Advani just one saying Vajpayee and Arun sure he was present there and many people have recounted that conversation it's quite evident that it was mr. Advani who saved Narendra Modi on that day and maybe he did the right thing by his party because he saw Narendra Modi as a future of the party and he was an ideological person him the most important thing that thing was to strengthen his party to strengthen his ideology to make sure that one day India is ruled by BJP with a full majority and if he saw the render moody as that successor who will take it forward he can actually sit back and take great pride in his achievement and say look the call I took in 2002 worked the call I had taken in 1986-87 to build the mandala the Munger movement also worked so I have a very successful life I am som sevak I came into the party when the party counted for nothing I saw the party go down to two I have also seen the party come out have come up to 283 it may be said to build a second term who knows Kampf BJP is the front-runner right now so he can retire with great satisfaction what he cannot complain about is that look I wasn't given my due because he was never at maths leader he was always the number two who drove the math leader he was a quarter layer who needed a Chandra Gupta no quarter layer can become a Chandra Gupta if they do they come a cropper in his case the person he built as the party as a successor to his generation logically became the successor to his generation so if that person and that leadership has now thrown him out or rejected him or shown even if it he has shown disrespect for him it's a complaint that maybe some advanced fans might have or ironically it's not even at Bonnie fans it's people who detested him as a divisive figure till the other day who just think today that Modi and Shah are more divisive so in comparison they feel sorry for ad body also it's a good way to try and troll Modi and Amit Shah you asked me do I have sympathy for mr. Advani no do I have respect and affection for him yes what is it that I find most valuable about him as a public figure his accessibility and his open-mindedness so many people that I've dealt with I've rarely found a leader as willing as he to open up his mind and speak his mind I remember I walk the talk that I recorded with him in the run-up to to the 2009 elections when his autobiography had just come out we talked about the nuclear deal and he admonished me and of course he said nuclear deal is all rubbish it's signing away India's serenity and he said in that walk the talk you can find it on YouTube he said oh that's a nuclear deal that you seem you that is the shaker Gupta you seem to support even more than the Congress party the fact is what happened I mean we supported the nuclear deal because we thought it was in India's interest what happened after that when the rindra body came to power he in fact took that nuclear deal and indo-us strategic partnership to the next level to a much higher level so you saw a man a Titan mr. Advani but also showing very poor intellectual integrity at that point he was so desperate to come to power in 2009 that he would make anything an issue you can say every politician did it but if mr. Advani also did what every politician did then there is nothing special about him he was also yet another politician and I do remember dr. Manmohan Singh who rarely attacks anybody in Parliament he said in his speech after the vote of confidence on the nuclear deal which the Congress won or UPA won he said something like mr. Advani still clings to his astrologers promise that one day he'll become the Prime Minister of India so whether he was right or not I think you if you ask me astrology is all bunkum and I'll be deeply disappointed if if I were to believe that mr. Advani genuinely is driven by the astrologers advice but if you ask me he had three great opportunities to retire and go peacefully 2004 when the BJP lost or India lost 2009 when it lost again with him as prime ministerial candidate 2014 when he was sidelined he just dragged it too long so I will conclude this by reminding you of something that Sunil Gavaskar said once you know in 1987 in Bangalore against Pakistan Sunil Gavaskar played probably his best innings I think 97 or 98 out 19 of the 19th and out in a chase against Pakistan that India lost by a few runs it was a broken wicket as Pakistan had very good spin bowlers I think ball casamento see framework so after that great innings he announced his retirement and people asked him why and he said that I think he said quoting Vijay merchant that you should retire or you should go when people say why now instead of people saying why not so mr. had money lost all his why now moments he came to a why not moment so once again I I will remember him and I will interact with him as a great Titan of Indian politics I would say at the same time that he really played his politics very poorly over the last 15 years

Maurice Vega

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  1. Modi ko na hara paney Waley in beekey patrakaro key leye adavani aub inkey baap ho Gaye hai.pahaley adavani ji ko gaali deytey theey most communal kahatey theey.

  2. Mr LK advani jee have secrifised his public life for others to prosper india as togetherness feel, his political affairs intellectual property has been in india and shall remain with every indian in public life to have and to lead individually and collectively. He has been a great human and dedicated leader of Indian politics. Keep guiding nation respected advani jee . We at Shakdher family are thank ful to Mr Shekhar jee for his briefing on time and to make each one of us in modern india to stand with great leaders and Keep their policy while speaking or discharging their moral duty towards great nation india . Regards sunil Shakdher

  3. Tell me something mr GUPTA about Agusta westland and how much some journos got to do bidding of corrupt politicians and Arms dealers.

  4. Circumstances, especially in 2009 cheated Mr Advani of his opportunity to become a PM. Not being a mass leader didn’t matter to Manmohan SIngh to become the PM. Advani certainly better recognised by the voting public. I think the main reason for loss to BJP in 2009 was that BJP’s only agenda in 2009 was to abuse UPA, Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan SIngh. Unlike 2014, which offered Vikas agenda, BJP had no concrete program to offer to the voters. Generally Indian voters have rejected such abusive campaign. It happened in 1971 election, when the opposition parties merely wanted to force Indira Gandhi out, without offering anything concrete to the voter. BJP was also seen as an obstructionist party in the parliament, much like congress under Rahul Gandhi.

  5. Mr. Gupta,

    U say that Advani was a divisive politician. But u conveniently forget that Nehru & his clan divided the whole country into 2 in 1947. What was the basis of this division/bifurcation?
    Was it done out of love or for integrating all Indians?
    U can't be so naive or ignorant not to talk about partition & the people responsible for it.
    We also know how the Congress has been able to win election after elections. Do u want me to remind u of the lingayat-veerashaiva divide manufactured by the congress, which u seem to have forgotten conveniently or of the kashmiri pandits being driven out by parties like NC & the congress. Don't u see divisiveness in all these instances? We all know that ur journalistic conscience, professionalism, & other lofty ideals that u espouse otherwise, conveniently take a backseat when u deal with the above issues. And all these traits spontaneously emerge when u speak of RSS & BJP.

    So, if u do some soul searching u would know as to who really is divisive & who really started it.
    U owe an explanation to ur viewers in this regard if ur views r to b taken a bit more seriously.

    Secondly, ur choice of words like Catholic, backstabber, & cannibalism clearly shows ur utter contempt & disdain for the BJP & RSS, which perhaps u r entitled to as an individual but not as a journalist, as u claim to b fair & a just one at that.
    No matter how cunningly/diplomatically u use such words, people can make out the real intent/face behind such deriding & self perpetuating comments.

    U also have made it amply clear, that u have a penchant for English. Ur admiration for english is ok. But ur contempt for other Indian languages tells a lot as to how hollow, superficial & elementary r ur ideas & thoughts.

    The infamous statement of Advani about journalists (of which u have made a mention) holds good even to date despite there being NO EMERGENCY.



  7. Advani will be known as India’s most powerful Deputy Prime Minister. I can’t think of any other holder of that position; he was quite clearly the teeth behind Vajpayee.

  8. Advani didn't divide the nation infact he tried to unite the fragmented Hindu community. I would say he is the face of unification of Hindus which is much needed to stop the caste system and tackle problems of another scale.

  9. I personally don't think that it was Mr.L.K.Advani who divided India, it is divided since the Mugals invaded India what he did is just to bring out the hidden feeling which most of the hindus were feeling to the public platform.

  10. Great Titan of Indian Politics? What? The man is architect of communal politics in Independent India – his politics is at the root of many issues India faces today. This man has always spoken in favor of Hindutva baboons.

  11. I have never seen Indian journalist analysing science and technology based matters. They always discuss about politics. Substandard journalist

  12. Catholic liberal??? ???
    Great divider …..really?? How can you be united when a particular community doesn't even recognize you as fellow human unless u accept his way of life?

  13. Shekhar ji, every human has done something wrong but to come out an say he was ideological without without a trace of sadness for gujarat riots ???

  14. He is is a sindhi, never took up the cause of Hindus who are facing persecution and still come here. He himself came here during partition. He must know what it was like. All he did was created more decisiveness. How can you celebrate such a person

  15. Although it is topic onAdvani, I will add Kejriwal did one great blunder of taking his party toward left , Right space is dominated by BJP . Anna Andolan was largely supported by BJP RSS supporters and he has a good chance to grab that space as a new Right wing party. But he did blunder, see now begging alliance from very Cong for its survival. In Mahagathbandhn AAP is equal to an mouse.

  16. Although I am a fan but it is better fr him to retire now. Yes 2 yes back he shud hv been are President as everyone wished but we can not get everything one wish. That is way of life.

  17. My first Iove with BJP was due to one speech I heard of Advanii. Before that I was fan of Indiraji. I not appreciate your writing him of as a divisive one.

  18. Advani built a Frankenstein himself, and now regrets what that Frankenstein did to him in the end.. I hope this becomes the fate of every divisive politician in India. I have no respect for him because I despise the kind of politics he played.

  19. please do this also in hindi its help me to understand all facts and also help to the channel .
    goo d explain ..

  20. He was bestowed with a Crafty Mindset and Deserved this Inglorious and Humiliating Exit. History and Posterity will Remember L.K.Advani for Launching the Ramjanmabhoomi Movement which set aflame the entire country with a Trail of Death,Destruction, Polarisation ,Communalism, and Irreparably and Perpetually Destroying and Harming the Plurality, Diversity,Harmony, Coexistence between the Communities of India and above all the Cherished Secular Ethos and Fabric of India from which the Country has still Not Recovered.

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