Religion & Politics: Capitol Hill reactions to Religious Freedom Restoration Act – ENN – 2019-06-25

religious freedom versus discrimination the house today looked at this fierce debate some examples should a Christian Baker be forced to make a cake for a gay wedding or should a Christian foster care agency have to place children in a same-sex home Capitol Hill correspondent Jason Calvi was inside that hearing room debating religious freedom do you think doctors or nurses should be forced to participate in abortions yes or no that's a more complicated one fellow Republican Tim Walberg speaks of a Michigan Catholic charity that won't place children with same-sex couples over twelve thousand children in the state of Michigan are waiting to be adopted and the state can't find enough families to care for them the government now is compelling this agency either do what we say and violate your beliefs or you can't adopt children Democrats call that discrimination do you think it's right for a religion organized a ssin that does not believe in serving LGBTQ individuals to be allowed to take federal dollars and then also then discriminate against certain categories of people including LGBTQ people there are a lot of interest involved there's the interest of the birth moms for many of these women this is the last decision they're going to get to make over their child and they may have a conviction about having their child raised consistent with a particular religious faith what they're debating inside is rifra the Religious Freedom Restoration Act Congress almost unanimously passed it in 1993 President Bill Clinton signed it into law it's as if the government wants to interfere in somebody's religious practices it has two requirements one is it has to have a compelling a really strong reason for doing so and number two it needs to follow the least restrictive means but now rifra has morphed from a shield of protection to a sword of infringement so Democrats want to change the Religious Freedom Restoration Act there do no harm act in part would stop river from being used to protect Hobby Lobby and the Little Sisters of the Poor both groups fought the Obama administration's contraceptive mandate will I be forced to perform something that I believe is wrong which is an abortion the question is will you be forced you mean by government regularly and that's correct akan just what I'm asking if this if this happens would would providers like myself be forced to do the procedure they believe is morally wrong I think there will be times that you're gonna have to struggle with that question and the bill will meet struggles in the republican-controlled Senate plus president Trump has campaigned on the promise to protect religious freedom Lauren

Maurice Vega

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