REI Presents: Everything to Lose by Pattie Gonia

(clock ticking) – Welcome to the planet, my dears. Wipe your feet. Come on in. No more needs for coats
in your mother’s den. Take a look around. Take a taste of the waste we found. This is plastic. And this is tragic. And it’s not going away. So let us sit at the dinner table in the house we call nature. Come, let’s chat. I have an icebreaker. Are we still lighting candles
while the house is burning? (fire crackles) While we throw flame and
fight over who is right, our mother does not bite her
tongue or sit in silence. (thunder crackles) (water splashing) Oh, no. Mother Nature’s hella pissed. You see, a woman knows
when she’s been told, when the men in the boardroom
think she’s being too bold, too proud, too outspoken,
too much to handle, when she’s been made the
doormat instead of the mantle. Is this our message in a plastic bottle? XO, hugs, kisses. I’ll try harder tomorrow. Day after day, we send our regards. Millions and millions of plastic discards. P.S. We don’t give a damn. But we should really give a damn. (waves splashing) Now I know what you’re saying, “It’s just a drop in the bucket. “It’s just one plastic bag,
one straw, so suck it.” Well, suck on this. Right now, there are more
plastic pieces in the ocean than stars in the Milky Way. A billion plastic bags
being used every single day. While we dress this
mess in political gains, in power change and profits made, our mother says to go upstairs
and put on something new. So come out of the closet
and put on your boots. We’ve got a (beep) ton of work to do. (upbeat music) – [Woman] Dear Mother Nature. – [Woman] Dear Mother Nature. – [Woman] Dear Mother Nature. – I love you so much. – I love you.
– I love you. – I love you. – May we do better. – To step up and take care of you. – To save and protect your beautiful sky. – [Woman] You’ve been there
to listen when I struggled through my darkest days. – [Woman] Loving you has
taught me how to love myself. – [Man] Give us a chance
to show our gratitude. – [Woman] You are
beautiful, you are loved. We will protect you. – So, queens, let me be straight. Father Time is ticking on, and what will be left
is what we have done. And what will be left
is what we have done. Our mother is dying
while we are out living. We must turn the tide
from taking to giving. We will make a difference
if we dare choose. It’s time that we act. We’ve got everything to lose. (clock ticking)

Maurice Vega

100 Responses

  1. What the hell are you doing REI!? You do NOT need to approach your customers like this. Your general followers are already aware!! Oh, let me guess, your media person is gay…. Well listen up- I’m not “homophobic” but this is over the top and simply unnecessary.

  2. Yeah okay, sure man, rei is hypocritical but this is a very serious thing to talk about. It was very well made, and honestly, when it was an ad, I didn’t skip it. I watched the whole thing. The only other ads that I watch the whole thing are the purple mattresses ads. Well done, and I love the outfits lol.

  3. While I understand where the top comments here are coming from, it is very sad to read them. Why?
    The few companies and people that actually DO something (or attempt to) – be it for profit or real CSR reasons – get beaten up for "doing it wrong" or for their execution.
    It's really sad to see people instantly jumping to the politicized message of this – which is there with a drag queen – but totally forget the good done by having immense outrage.

  4. I'm just looking at the comments then wondering why people hate this video because of the way this guy dresses or something. I don't buy things from REI but I thought this video was funny at first that's why I didn't skip the ad because I wanted to see more, but when I got to the end of the video, I thought this was really inspiring.

  5. This a serious matter, so why the hell is Mother Nature a man???? Which is super duper hilarious 🤣 I can’t take this serious , if you gonna be doing things out of order , like what’s the deal with the whole queens thing?? What about the kings too?? we live here as well . 🤦🏾‍♂️💯✌🏾

  6. When you are constantly referencing mother nature as a third person noun… ("our Mother does not bite, her tongue or sit in silence"; "Mother Natch is pissed" "Our mother is dying while we are out living".) I don't think you are trying to portray mother nature. It's just spoken word poetry people, just a person reading some poetic (and metaphoric) words about earth and the harms that have been done, chill out.

  7. REI, you do not have the right to assume the beliefs of either your customer base or your employees. You do not have the right to insult, belittle or preach at anyone. You sell coats and skis and boots and all manner of outdoor gear, and you have climbed the business ladder successfully on people who trusted you to have a whole lot better judgment than to throw a disgusting piece of commentary at them. Shame on you! You will not have to read very far down the comments to learn you have just lost yourselves customers who, by the way, do have other places to shop where they (we) will not be subjected to the onslaught of garbage such as this video. Cabelas thanks you. Pro Bass thanks you. You find yourselves in the market for a new marketing director and a new social media editor/director.

  8. Thank you REI and Pattie for raising awareness! This problem is each and everyone's responsibility. Time to act is NOW.

  9. @rei, I am shocked and appalled at your shame campaign. I am a long time member, a responsible outdoor enthusiast and LNT practitioner who cares about keeping our environment free from trash, clean air and water. Your attempt to shame people while shocking them with this character will turn off more people than compel personal behaviour change. Stay in your lane. If you really care, setup LNT education at trail heads, sponsor trail cleanup and stop playacting to the fringe in society and pushing this b.s.

  10. You've drowned the truly important message with a crazy stew of meaningless "intersectional" nonsense. Fire the parasites on your marketing team and put the adults back in charge.

  11. Here's an idea: instead of passing on to consumers the burden of repairing the problems caused by huge multinational corporations (who have proven time and time again they are fine with passing on the bills to the consumer while keeping all the profits for themselves) how about we make the corporations fix it, because consumers haven't caused this fucking nightmare. Individual people throwing away plastic straws isn't causing the problem. The problem is caused when multinationals decide to just toss the majority of their waste into the ocean (happens all the time in China, India, South America) I say for every year that any major corporation doesn't allot at least 50% of profit towards 'community services' like ocean cleanup and city restoration, we should get to sacrifice a CEO, or a hedge fund manager, or a PR spokesperson. I bet changes would come pretty quick.

  12. Wow! This is how to push 2 agendas at once. I agree that we should limit the environmental pollution bu t have a hard time understanding how LGBTQ agenda fits into this.

  13. So sad that the people making negative comments here can't tell the difference between the use of plastic and the discarding of plastic. I'm sure each and every one of them never ever purchases anything containing plastic. If they do, i'm sure they dispose of it in a responsible and mindful way, but then this is what the whole point (that apparently is being missed) is all about.

  14. I am appalled by the replies to this message passing on the blame to others. Guess they did not understand the message. We are all to blame. All of us!

  15. So I guess I shouldn't buy REI products, seeing as how almost all of it has plastic in it. Thanks for the warning, REI!

  16. Harp, Directed energy, 81 fake climate change reports, UN NWO, Decaprio funding settings fire in the Amazon, 8 wars currently killing innocent, people, open borders to destroy the environment. USA lowest pollution of ANY developed country and the nimrods who made this thing think a mother is some whacked out mentally ill ginger who got into his mommy cosmetics – get lost morons – Hitler's mind control tactic no longer work for anyone with a brain. REI is dead to me.

  17. arrrgh… >hurling chunks<… this was just gross… so sorry i've ever spent my money at that company… buh-bye rei…

  18. Wonder what will stop first, this boring POS video or REI's profits? Fire your marketing director or at least make something interesting, who made this, a fourth grader?

  19. If all of the western world immediately adopted every "green" type program and piece of legislation it wouldn't matter. Why? Asia, that's why. We would only be SLOWING DOWN the inevitable rate of pollution and destruction of the Oceans. Do you think "educating" the whole of China and south east asia can fix the problem? I doubt it. Do you think a "tough" stance and action in the form of economic pressure, tariffs or even embargoes would sway them? I don't know, but historically those things lead to war. It's pretty interesting when you think things through.

    To save the Oceans we might need to carpet bomb asia into submission.

  20. Woah there is plastic in the ocean?! Thanks REI, without this incredibly well thought out commercial I would have no idea

  21. i feel like this would have had a better effect if it was an actual woman. I thought this was Caitlyn Jenner for a minute there.

  22. i am doing everything i can
    i made a group this is how i advertise The world is dieing every time you take a a step a persons family member dies the world is not a trash can are mother is pissed at us and she will fight to keep it safe.You know vs-co girls they do that to be popular they do NOTHING to save the earth the hydro-flasks have plastic on them and if they do save the planet they save turtles nothing more other animals are dieing to.I am in the TEID and it stands for the earth is dieing.This is not a joke please save the planet.The planet will explode if we don't save it in time to save the planet join the TEID for more info message me.

  23. Just like to take a sec to recognize the trash both in the oceans and in this comment section. Did you ever hear the words China, America, did the narrator actuality 'point the finger' at anyone? NO. This PDA addresses a known and ongoing issue that 'people' <- are to blame for ( including me). But instead of sitting here and blaming REI for making bad advertising decisions ( even though they are sending the message who buy equipment to be outdoors, and just want to be outdoors and keep the outdoors a place we want to be ) Or china ( who makes products efficiently but at the cost of the environment BECUASE of the demand [ and then recognized that this was bad and have set benchmarks to meet/help prevent global pollution THE SAME BENCHMARKS that the US opt-out of!]) This PDA sends a powerful message. However, talk is cheap- and we need solutions; but to convince people or inspire people, we need some kind of PDA. I will only take crape from people who buy all American made products ( really hard if on a budget), organic and compost at home – or the Amish (who do all of those things kinda sorta) .

  24. I just bought a bag of straws to throw in the ocean. But after watching this. I’m gonna make mens panties out of them

  25. "The leftist is not typically the kind of person whose feelings of inferiority make him a braggart, an egotist, a bully, a self-promoter, a ruthless competitor. This kind of person has not wholly lost faith in himself. He has a deficit in his sense of power and self-worth, but he can still conceive of himself as having the capacity to be strong, and his efforts to make himself strong produce his unpleasant behavior. But the leftist is too far gone for that. His feelings of inferiority are so ingrained that he cannot conceive of himself as individually strong and valuable. Hence the collectivism of the leftist. He can feel strong only as a member of a large organization or a mass movement with which he identifies himself."

    Ted had it right. These people are weak, pathetic, self-loathing bits of wasted and rotting flesh.

  26. Get woke go broke… And, yes, this is tragic. Tragically bad and blindly ignorant virtue signaling propaganda. Guess what, REI? I'M not going to even think about shopping at your stores.

  27. Maybe Sharia law isn’t that bad after all. This video makes a more compelling argument for it than any cleric I’ve heard from.

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