Regina Spektor – Ballad Of A Politician – What We Saw from the Cheap Seats [HD]

a man inside a room is shaking hands with other men this is how it happened I carefully shake it shake it baby shake your outside in that stream you're gonna make him scream someday big you loved so deep so tender your people and your laugh you love until they can't recall who they are again get me working we're out big me shake what your mama gave you know that soon you're gonna taste the grass a man inside a room is shaking hands with other men this is how it happens our world under command shake it shake it baby shake your ass out in that stream you're gonna make us scream someday you're gonna make us weep you're gonna make us scream someday we're gonna be

Maurice Vega

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  1. I am so sorry for what happened today. I am finding light in Regina's work, there are incredible people in this world, remember that.

  2. This song is perfection!!!11!!1 they all just don't unterstand it D: D: Perfection!! PERFECTION!!! I never heard such a good song before, but the people are not able to feel with their hearts and perceive this PERFECTION!!! AAARGH!!

    sorry I'm a little insane

  3. Why the hell has no-one made a Hunger Games music video to go with this yet? They would really fit well together.

  4. I was listening to this album pretty much on repeat whilst reading the second and third hunger games, and every song just makes me think of those two books. This one I do think is quite fitting though with how much Katniss in particular is used for presidential gain on both sides. Regina is pretty much a goddess with her voice <3

  5. She a great artist…she knows what she says…always!!!
    Love you and I am with you Regina…since 11:11!!!

  6. It is the song of Washington D.C!!! U know men folk who make choices usually not really considering you.

  7. looking at the lyrics, i actually think this is about hitler before he became chancellor (and the part "but i am but i am but i am not a number not a name / a carefully laid plan + other lyrics make me think the narrator is jewish)

  8. I always thought she said "A man inside a room is shaking hands with angry men". Then I realized she said other, I kind of like angry more lol

  9. i like to think this song is about a stripper who is fucking the president and he has a wife… and the stripper kills herself

  10. She's already about as high as it gets in my book, but if she had played this during her performance at the White House, I'd have to to have gotten a whole new book just for her.

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