Reddit Co-Founder Aaron Swartz Commits Suicide in Midst of Investigation

the david had mentioned that david dot
com welcome to the show hide and the one who is live underneath it can only the
everyone’s liking from the i love it when i wake up in the
morning and brocco bomber is president face book page and the we survive bush
he’ll survive obama face book page tragic story over the weekend about
reddit co-founder and sorts committing suicide in the middle of this controversial
trial over some documents that were i don’t even really want to use the term
stolen because even that is really kind of up for debate but will get to that uh… sorts committed suicide in new
york city used facing a possible because sentence
of a decades in jail potentially in a
million dollar fine over the i guess alleged theft of of journal articles with the intent to
post them online is the best way to say dat hang themself um… is brooklyn apartment just weeks before the trial is set to
start according to police his body was found by his girlfriend who
call the versions these services are in just incredibly tragic situation twenty
six years old co-founder of the internet website read
it where the david ackman show has been
featured a a couple of times and we’ve got a ton of traffic from that it’s a
place we look at uh… i would say daily just to see what
stranding and in news stories in different areas right he it was also the executive director of demand progress
which photos of what fit the pope and policy changes for civil liberties civil civil rights
uh… government reform etcetera and he was an advocate of making
information freely available online he cooperated with creative commons
unwanted information to cooperate with creative commons that he was charged
with allegedly stealing more than four
million academic journals from j store which is an archive of scientific
journals an academic papers and this was through
and open connection at m_i_t_ so he faced thirteen felony charges breaching site terms intending to share
downloaded files computer fraud wire fraud obtaining information for protected
computer on and on and on he uh… many say that the lawsuit
itself was completely unfounded now why because at the time that sports obtained these journal articles
he was undertaking a fellowship at harvard staffers center for ethics and this qualified him as many say for guest access to j store through the m_i_t_ connection
so the it’s it’s actually up for debate whether the entire thing was essentially
just a witch hunt or whether they’re religion amid charges
here now let me take even further uh… the incredible thing is that
sports had already essentially settled this directly um… uh… did this was unbelievable
heidi macgregor who is the vice president of marketing
and communication said that j store with content once they got the documents back
here’s a quote from her she said we stop the downloading activity mister schwartz was identified we secured from him the content that was
taken and received confirmation that it was
not and would not be used copied transferred
or distributed essentially this was a done deal according to that the the the
organization but that the matter the u_s_ attorney’s office said that
they were going to go on and investigate and they were threatening sorts the
decades in prison hefty fines and and he continued even though that individual the victim essentially said that they had already settled the
situation his family is blaming the u_s_ attorney’s office for his death aaron’s death is not simply a personal
tragedy if the product of a criminal justice system rife with intimidation
and prosecutorial overreach decisions made by officials in the attorney’s
office and at m_i_t_ contributed to his death i think that’s a from what i can tell so
far probably inaccurate statement but the plaintiff attorney max can
release said that there may not even a bit of violation of the law forget about
whether it was settled in saying it is by no means cleared of sorts
actually violated the computer fraud and abuse act um… recently the fourth circuit joined
the ninth circuit enough in alleging that violating the terms of service does
not constitute a crime in other words even though he did violate the terms of
service at that particular website that does not mean that it is a crime now i want to pose uh… uh… i
wanna contrast this contrast how parents sorts was prosecuted here with how the legal system dell with corporate america after the two thousand eight financial
crisis essentially no prosecutions of top
corporate figures and uh… this is an individual who was
trying to disseminate knowledge literally by making journal articles
available online against the terms of service of the website i understand but apparently not a crime and that to the u_s_ attorney’s office seems the
constitute a greater crime then it bringing down the united states
economy this doesn’t make any sense to me this really i understand this is one case it one tragic suicide one individual and we’re talking about it because he
was one of the co-founders of read it compare and contrast ladies and
gentlemen the vastly different uh… judicial philosophy is and moral
philosophy is that this represents this just sounds really like uh… like
a paranoid government trying to make an example of someone which i do you think i don’t know if you call it a which ends
and she was just one person but certainly uh… making an example of one person every can we say that is on i don’t know uh… it seems like what he
does take awhile to find out what really happened here but uh… we may be
jumping the gun a little prematurely into concluding that uh… you know he was sword of the he
felt that uh… tax and threatened to the point where uh… uh… he would
want commits suicide for that purpose alone i mean presumably if if the
evidence was that scant there he was actually committing any serious crimes
uh… his lawyer would have to hold on that on the cert certainly uh… it
there may be other factors your mental health factors that would explain this
very i don’t know what works in if there is no sorrow was going on here that this
situation alone with these documents is not what led him to commit suicide and and
it is that that we would be completely baseless to say that at any person being prosecuted like this would have
committed suicide that’s that’s not what we’re saying what we’re saying is that this does
bring to light and issue that really makes this question uh…
judicial priorities in this country

Maurice Vega

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  1. Nobody gives a rats ass that you were the "First" person to post a comment ,please say something next time other then that…

  2. This is more than a sex offender of pedophile would get! They're just scientific journals.
    Its just goes to prove how much of a two-tiered justice system we have. Its ridiculous.

  3. I haven't taken the time to inform myself completely on the services but, isn't google drive basically the same thing that mega upload was?I found it creepily convenient that the feds raided mega upload and shortly thereafter google went public with a similar service.

  4. When a parking meter expires I get a ticket. The bankers did not even get a slap on the wrist, in fact they made a lot of money.

  5. I knew the kid. He was literally my contemporary. Didn't even know about his history of depression but I saw this coming a mile away the moment the Feds decided to press charges for a victimless crime.

  6. Its "Aaron Swartz" not "Adam Swartz" DP. Your facts on this are about as accurate as your facts on Palestine.

    He was trying to Robbin-Hood those papers just like he did with the PACER system, look at his statements about PACER. What he was doing was probably illegal, that was the point, and I support him on it.
    We paid the funding for all that research in taxes, someone SHOULD steal it from JSTOR and give it to the people. Pretending it was legal trivializes this heroes work.

  7. Thanks for straightening that out.It felt like conspiratorial nonsense as I was typing it but, it just seemed like one of things that are just too convenient.

  8. talk to the lawyer who said it might not even be illegal then. david didn't come up with that fact. kill the messenger is boring and lame.

  9. thats very arogent to say. alot of people commit scuicide due to extreme stress, deppression, and dificulties. i know that personally…

  10. god i hate the fucking US Court System, its so broken. Downloading files isn't the same as stealing physical documents or items. The whole system needs to be restructured or thrown out and a new one drawn up.

  11. I would like to know why they went after him so hard. I wonder if they were trying to get him to work for them. Just a conspiracy with no basis that I know of, I admit.

  12. Whey didn't Aaron Swartz just pay someone to take the fall for him… For the right amount of money you can get someone to do a life sentence.

  13. Mental health is on the rise in this country. It's so sad to see someone so smart kill there self. To much knowledge can be Dangerous!!! There brains are overloaded to make a few bucks and be noticed. That's not smart!!! RiIP kid 🙁

  14. I think David has it right. This certainly does reflect judicial priorities in this country. Today a lot of innocent people still feel the pain as a result of the crimes committed in the financial meltdown. A lot of the active participants were financially rewarded for their descrepencies in stead of being brought to justice.

  15. I totally agree with that one Harvard lawyer, Aaron didn't "steal" anything. Academic journals are published because the writers want this information to be out there. Sure, it's great if the writer and publisher get some cash, but the dissemination of the information in these files is ONLY helpful to the cause of the people who published them in the first place.

  16. Just like me make school bullies the party at fault in a school suicide, I think it's only appropriate that we hold the US Attorney General at fault.

  17. It's one thing to steal, and another to steal with the intent to distribute.

    However, I agree with you in that violating terms of service of a website should not end with decades of jail time

  18. not necessarily. Saying that the product of the people belongs to everybody is a harshly communisitic approach. Saying that someone SHOULD steal it from them and distribute is a harshly anarchistic point of view as well.

    Jstor exists with the intent to distribute, but you need the proper qualifications and rights to access most of the files because they are products of hardworking citizens and those citizens should be rewarded for their work by respecting their secrecy

  19. Well technically, yes he did steal the files. UNLESS he had the proper clearance, which is uncertain.

    JSTOR isn't about giving the writers cash, it's about respecting the writers by withholding the documents until the writer feels that they are comfortable releasing their hard work into the general populace for free. No one wants to just give away two or three years of hard work for free.

  20. Property crimes carry more weight than violence (mental, physical or sexual).
    And since the govt. sees ones and zeros as property…

  21. People are stealing from JSTOR all the time… It might not be legal, but it does not deserve 50 years. Beside, "JSTOR" (well, ITHAKA) did not want to press charges at all – so it should be a no story.

  22. There is NO price that can be placed on any one human life: not some files, not some broken trusts, and especially not 35 years of inprisonment in a Federal Prison. We MUST abide by the laws as they exist in the Federal Constitution! And, we must pay for that which has failed in ourselves as well as in our society itself. Suicide is an after effect of mental trauma, one which is curable with appropriate medications, with crisis counseling, and with supports which also enable our love…

  23. I believe it was the mostly the governments fault as they were attacking him the same as Julian Assange and this was an extremely smart 26 year old who was creating complicated program's at the age of 12 and he lost a lot of his money on legal fees so that would play a major factor

  24. Zersetzung was clearly what the Federal Government where doing with him- proven to work and government agencies have used it. Was used by the Stasi in the East Germany- due to the over the top charges he was being sunken with. They where clearly pushing him to suicide or to break.

  25. Bringing up the fact that his actions may have been legal trivializes nothing. You're either an insane person or a bad troll.

  26. Prosecutorial discretion in this country is abused everyday. Maybe we'll get lucky and the US attorney will hang herself!

  27. in the end, there's not much point in arguing whether something was legal or not because the federal government has so many laws on paper– and now 400 new laws are valid– that even the government doesn't really know what's legal or illegal

  28. Swartz also opposed the hacking of Iran's computers. Fatal error (based on the Talmud's prescriptions for dealing with those who defy Israel). The fact that the DOJ went after him is frightening. The US has been defeated by a foreign power, a Fifth Column.

  29. Sad proof that : just because you can do it doesn't mean you should do it. Self restraint, in the face of temptation, is critical.

  30. Unfortunate that after criticzing the Obama administration police dog Holder went after this young man. You stand up against the administration and expect the IRS (tea party)and other govenment agencies to attack you.

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