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Guys, what’s a creepy thing women do that we might be unaware of? It could be stalkerish, creepy, clingy, etc.
and we have no clue it’s being seen that way. Over-romanticizing a person to which the person
in real life and the person in their head are very different people with very different
interests. A lot of women I know do this, where they
have a continual romantic fantasy about a particular person and don’t find anything
weird about it. For example my first girlfriends already had
a detailed design of how I am as a person before I even knew they liked me, and then
got deeply upset or frustrated when it turned out that I’m not the sweet prince that they
perceive me to be in their minds. Its very off putting. EDIT:
For the record I’m well aware that both genders do this, however based on my experience and
observation it seems to be something that a lot of young women do that they are unaware
of. I get this. I kind of blame all those princess stories
from our childhoods where the princess was going to get Prince Charming every time and
the way they would meet and immediately marry gave us the impression that the men of our
dreams would walk out of the stories and into the bodies of real people and everything would
be puppies and rainbows. Attempting to send friend requests/reach out
to any family members of mine on Facebook *before* I’ve introduced you in person. I can’t believe this needed to be said to
an ex of mine. I think friend-requesting anyone you haven’t
met is creepy. I’m looking at you, random friend of my SO’s
brother… *Sometimes* it is just fat finger syndrome
when facebook suggests “people you might know”. I’ve dated multiple girls that block the door
during arguments because they know I won’t touch them when we’re fighting and they don’t
want the argument to end. Several times I’ve been forced to keep arguing
until 2-3 in the morning because my ex would block the exit, knowing she had free reign
of my space and I couldn’t do anything about it. As an example: My most recent ex once drove
to my house during a snowstorm because she knew I wouldn’t make her stand out in the
cold, and then stayed for 6 hours, with me asking her to leave the entire time. Oh this is more than just creepy. Yeah, I’ve come to more properly label it
as “abusive” as time has passed. Given the phrasing of the question though,
I think there’s invisibility to how it makes a guy feel and thought it was worth mentioning
it for the possibility of lack of awareness. Blatant “sexy” manipulation to make me do
things. Some women think they’re so clever, bending
over, or thrusting their chest at me, while asking me for something in a creepy child
voice. Stop. Either you’re terrible at this and it’s just
tiresome, or you’re being obvious and don’t care and that’s just…no. I might help you, sure, but not because you
give me a quick brush with the tiddy. When I was 10 years old, I found the most
buttery popcorn I’ve ever seen in the pantry of my church. So I popped it and carried it outside. While I was walking this twenty-something
girl just came up to me and pulled this shit. She had the pouty lips and the childish voice
and asked me, “can I have some popcorn?” I gave her some, but not because of anything
she said. When I gave her some, she just put a finger
to her mouth and said, “we can keep this a secret…just between you and I”
It was pretty uncomfortable. Talking about our sex life in detail. With guys the conversation is “you hooked
up with her? cool” then we talk about sports. I have heard extremely intimate details of
what happened between us from their friends, and this has happened across many years and
partners. I had a night with a friend of a friend who
i’d never met before, she proceeded to tell my friend most details of it (i knew she probably
would) but then my friend told all her friends who i’m also friends with. So my buddy comes up to me and tells me that
she’d told their whole group of friends about me and that night, even though she wasn’t
there. Kinda weird if you ask me. When she frequently goes into too much unsolicited
detail about her ex, or brings him up all the time. Seriously, if I’m hooking up with you, the
*last* thing I want to be thinking about is your ex. This has happened with a few girls, all of
whom I’d literally only hooked up with a few times when they started doing this. Depends though. If she’s just talking about life experiences
that happened to have occurred while she was with her ex and he ends up in the story I
don’t find that creepy. Especially if she was with him for a long
time. Sometimes it’s hard to avoid that coming up
when someone is your partner for a long time. That women can be oddly comfortable talking
about anything to another woman, even if they’ve known each other for a few days. Seriously, I’ve known some women that told
some serious deep stuff to another woman many would consider an acquaintance at most. That many women can jump from friend to friend
and consider them ‘best friends’, even though they’ve known each other for probably 6 months
or so. Witnessing women taking selfies of themselves,
and the many takes they do to get that one good picture, while being completely oblivious
to their surroundings. Women actually only need a few minutes together
in a bathroom or a toilet queue and we bond. I’ve had some amazing connections and deep
and meaningful conversations with strangers in this situation. If someone is crying in there forget about! Every women surrounds her with support and
we all become mother hens. It is odd I suppose but I also think it’s
nice. I’m with you on the selfie obsession though. I’ve got 3 teenage girls and I’m amazed at
their ability to disengage and be totally unaware of those around them while they snap
chat. Having a shit of selfies on instagram. It makes me think that you are full of yourself. It is actually quite unattractive after a
while. Eventually I wonder “who is taking these photos?”
(if not selfies) and “Is she a complete narcissist?” or “does she do anything besides instragram?” Seriously. I don’t know how the ‘selfie girls’ and ‘instagram
models’ have time for anything else. Picture of self like this. Picture of self dressed in this. Picture of self over here. How does anyone find the time? A couple of my exs expected to hang out every
night. Not 3-4 times a week, EVERY NIGHT. This really smothered me. Had another GF that would call me within 5
minutes nearly every day of me getting off of work additionally she required a one hour
long phone call at night as well. I don’t even love myself that much. I don’t know if it’s “creepy” per se, but
way too many women ask what I feel to be invasive questions. Particularly about my past flings. Why they ended, what the girls looked like,
etc. I’m not into that. Omg. Yes. Hooked up with a girl for a few weeks recently
and my ex came up in conversation one day and she asked what happened, i said I didn’t
really want to talk about it, but she would not let it go. Wanted me to tell her her name so she could
look at her facebook, wanted to know why we broke up, was it messy, everything. She wasn’t super jealous or anything, just
annoyingly curious and unwilling to accept that I *really* don’t want to be discussing
that with someone I’m hooking up with. 1) Thinking it’s cute to grope/slap-ass as
a form of flirting. It’s not okay when guys do it to you. Treat people the way you wish to be treated. 2) If I just met you I don’t want to take
Snapchat selfies with you. -this might just be a me thing because I’m
not big on selfies. Haha I dated a girl for a month who would
get PISSED at me when I didn’t want to take pictures with her and post them on Facebook. Me and my friends now refer to her as the
black mirror girlfriend. She couldn’t wrap her head around the fact
that I don’t like sharing much about my personal life on social media. Most of us have hundreds of fb friends and
the majority are just acquaintances… it just weirds me out how some people are so
comfortable sharing everything going on in their life to all these people. I think you have it wrong. It’s not being comfortable with sharing everything,
it’s NEEDING to share everything. They need people to know how “awesome and
adorable and random” their lives are. It boggles my mind how much people seek validation
from other people. Taking pictures for social media. Get mad if i don’t want to be in it. Don’t like it just accept a no. I straight up tell my friends and girlfriends
I’m considering to never take photos of me without my permission or we can’t be close
because if you can’t respect my decisions we can’t be friends. I’m fairly sure it’s a conversation with her
best friends about me (or a crush/hookup/whatever). Something in the lines of
“So… what happened?How big is it?” Yes! This is something that irritated me about
my last relationship. Some stuff should just be between me and her,
I don’t want her friends knowing every little detail about what happens between us. Same boat..girlfriend literally couldn’t keep
anything I told her a secret How they already have a plan to change me
and mold me into something else when we start a relationship. it makes my skin crawl. So when are you quitting smoking? I didnt even mention wanting to quit, i smoke
because i want to, not because i feel i have a habit or addiction i need cured. As a former bouncer. Dealing with women who think they have sexual
control over all they meet. And them pushing their cleavage together and
talking in a cutsie breathy voice would get them into the club without ID, or whatever
they wanted. It makes several assumptions when women do
this. That men are controlled by their sexual needs,
that they have little self control, that i cant see right through their bullshit for
being the shallow manipulation tactic ot is. Taking everything you say in the absolutely
worst light possible. You have no idea what’s going to offend someone
next. Better just to be quiet. This is my ex. She could take a genuine compliment as an
insult. It was honestly impressive the way she could
turn anything into a personal attack. “You like this? So you don’t like the other things I wear
for you? You’re so not supportive of me!” It’s like we are so used to relentless and
continuous streams of positive feedback that any interruption in the constant stream of
affirmations is taken as a direct personal attack. On top of that the emotional commitment to
politics or a TV show or a celebrity means anything you said about that is also now a
personal attack… Because women are typically less threatening
than men, it seems like some women feel they have license to be very forward sexually,
in a
way that can be considered creepy (“I’m attracted to you, so I’m touching you a lot” type of
stuff). This also happens a lot if you’re an attractive
gay dude. When in my 20s I was more fit and attractive,
and this happened a lot… Women thinking it’s ok to goose you, smack
your backside, cup your package, or otherwise do things which would get any guy arrested
if he did it to a woman without being invited to do so.. because *”Tee-hee, isn’t this funny!? He’s totally gay and not interested!! Ha ha….*”. No, just no. I’m not a fucking side-show curiosity. I broke up with my last two girlfriends because
they couldn’t keep anything a secret, i would tell them my deepest feelings, a family tradgedy,
or something else very private, ask her to keep it between just the two of us then a
day later she had told her best friend and then told her best friend and so on. Until i find out from a co-worker who doesn’t
even know her, but knows a friend of a friend. So womens irresistible urge to gossip. Facebook stalking
We’re fully aware that this is creepy. I don’t think it’s creepy. I see everyone do it these days .
Touching my beard. There’s an expectation from most females that
I will just let them get all up in my personal space. My dad always had a Glorious​, manly beard. Random strange women would come up to him
in the grocery store and, mesmerized by its awesomeness, shove their hands deep into it,
stroking and cooing at him as though they were lovers. My dad is scared to hell of women because
of this, and has shaved the hairy beast clean off. Twas a curse! !
Treating animals like children. I don’t
want to be around a girl who dresses up a dog and takes 20 pictures of their dog a week. Taking 20 pictures of a child a week is equally
creepy. Thanks for watching! Be sure to subscribed for more Reddit Stories
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