Raymond Arroyo investigates what issues voters care about ahead of the 2020 election

Maurice Vega

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  1. So immigration, gdp, and anti-socialism… no one cares about climate change and foreign relations Pathetic. Democrats may be spineless, but Republicans are ignorant sheep.

  2. Problem is that conservatives are doing a Horrible job messaging what freedom and capitalism is all about… they are currently allowing Democratic Socialist to Get away with using words like Dignity, and human rights as substitutes for free everything at the expense of the rich, so uninformed citizens actually think its people who believe in free markets are the real racist in america also the media, academia and the Hollywood elites have convinced these idiots that hard working middle class Americans are the real enemy of the people,, our messaging sucks right now… we need more politicians to articulate exactly what you have spelled out to everyone on this channel … every conservative analyst or politician just talks about the stock market making new highs or low black unemployment.. never defining and prosecuting the war of words that liberals keep using,, Right now its Democratic Socialism, Dignity, Morals and Human Rights To Free Everything.. we got to do a better of educating people as to what this really means..

  3. Thank God there are still common sense people in New York!! Now the people of New York need to get rid of the Communists Socialist Democrats holding office…ie AOC and your Socialist Governor!!

  4. 👋It’s always amazing when they go out to find out what America’s voters wants . The only places they go are like cities and Universities that because of the people they vote for and their strange ideas in those places , their cities and schools are in ruin . The people in those places have no clue what the rest of America is like . And when you cater to them they feel their opinions are all that counts ! Americans are not just in those hate filled places . We do have other states and millions of Patriotic Americans who know what it’s like in the real world . Universities and big cities do not speak for all America .!

  5. That looks like 6ave.
    I'm sure that's an accurate view of the voter?

    Lmao you fox news viewed aren't even represented when they ask for peoples opinions they ask some one from the city.

  6. Democrats “There is no Border Crisis”
    Democrats “Trump is Fabricating The Border Crisis”

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