RAW: Sen. Michael Bennet delivers emotional speech on Government Shutdown (C-SPAN)

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  1. In the first place who decided why the Coast Guard should not be paid?, how do you think the other unpaid 750 thousand Federal employees would feel if the Coast Guard now would get paid- – I'll let you answer that question

  2. This will go down in history as one of the best speeches of our time. He spoke all the truth as if God himself was speaking through him. Incredible! God bless this man.

  3. 4:29

    see…… here we go…… you said so much good shit, then you said you respected ted cruz.

    eat a dick, you're just a pimp like all the rest of them. xD.

  4. Well. I lived in Colorado during the flood. It took 2 days and people weren’t killed everywhere. It was bad but stop over politicizing it and crying like a baby. Democrats need soothers in there mouths. Dark side of the moon? What a joke. I’d rather have a wall buddy. Vote this crying fool out Colorado. You’re way better than this. We came together after that flood. Be proud not ashamed.

  5. @All the "He sounds drunk!" comments:

    He's got an odd voice, I guess. But I don't know any drunkard who can talk for 20 minutes and with that kind of passion while tossing out accurate facts, and then circle back around to his point. If he DID do it drunk, well then let's keep the guy wasted because his was the first sensible speech I've heard from DC in decades.

  6. This is what America is all about
    “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence,[note 1] promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”
    God bless these United States‼️

  7. This is the kind of patriotic passion and truth we need to hear from our politicians. This is the kind of person who could easily beat Trump in 2020. If he runs, he’ll have my vote.

  8. After reading these comments i can truly say that the left in this country "Are fucked up mindless followers incapable of processing logical thought" Bennet literally did 3 brain freezes trying to keep his place

  9. How is this a response to voting down the coast guard getting paid? It’s not, it’s a way to play on emotions so you don’t have to explain why you won’t pay people you are forcing to work. Why would you vote something down now you are saying you voted for in 2013?

  10. One of the most honest and heart felt orations I have heard in decades.  He spoke with sincerity and truth, but more importantly with heart.  He spoke for 24 minutes with no visible notes either.  Let's hope that the 99 other members of the Senate paid at least a modicum of attention to what he said.  They could learn much…..if they want to learn.

  11. I am just a chinese, and i watch this like i watch a drama. but I'm deeply agree with him, you should set your feet on the ground and start to figure out a real solution. Set your feet on your ground.

  12. I'm a Coloradan and I know that Bennet is a bought-and-paid-for-stooge of the Colorado Billionaire Philip Anschutz. Do some due diligence. He's not the answer.

  13. while a dramatic speech like this shouldn't and isn't always necessary

    this is somehow what I imagined Congress and the House to really be, or at least, what I imagined the people working inside it would be like

  14. This is the first time I've ever watched a politician's speech in full. I am moved. Well said, senator. I hope your colleagues heed your words and take them to heart.

  15. Yup I'm headed to Colorado it's official! Democrats win presidential elections when lighting strikes …. do you see that …. that's lightining !!!

  16. Holy shit balls batsman……Finally a man with a brain and speaks the truth and I wish I could shake his hand one day. thank you.

  17. If there was any doubt the (majority of) Democrats will do more for the average American than the GOP, this man should change your mind.

  18. All hail Michael Bennet! Loved his honest speech! He got one thing wrong, he referred to Cruz as intelligent. That, Sen Bennet, is bullshit.

  19. Love his passion. He's saying things that people know, but don't say out loud. The US system is wasting it's potential, money and energy on stupid things and the nation is in crisis. The unwealthy, who are the majority, need to use their power to change the current "corrupt" system.

  20. I loved that he defended President Barack Obama and his policies to reduce unemployment and that the REPUGNANT-licans didn't "lift a finger". I loved that he shamed them on the SENATE FLOOR!

  21. I LOVE IT!! Nothing like a full 24 minute F U Ted Cruz takedown. I can't wait for this Tea party abomination to get voted out of office.

  22. Holy cow! Thank you real words things we have not heard in a longtime something Sarah Huckabee Saunders team trump just can't comprehend***

  23. So glad I left Colorado. Screw this mush mouth, crybaby who's not interested in securing our borders because it doesn't affect his privileged existence.

  24. "While you keep your job bit they lose theres"
    That's why the senators coastguard entitlement bill is hypocrisy and disgusting

    As if I should thank such service when the crab the fisherman saved may be delivered to my plate poison if succeeded in such a deceptive patriotism boner poison bill.
    The senators from Alaska and Texas are disgusting human beings

  25. This shows the real danger of Trump. Senator Bennet now looks like some kind of hero. Meanwhile, one look at his funding and voting record shows he's part of the very "corruption" problem he speaks of in this video. He receives millions of dollars from wallstreet, voted yes on Keystone Pipeline, voted no on the re-importation of prescription drugs from Canada, and a whole host of other half measures and pro-establishment, pro-corporate policies. Bennet isn't nearly as bad as Trump or Cruz, but he, and other establishment types, like Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Hillary Clinton, Claire McCaskill, and even Obama are the reason we have Trump and Cruz. Cause establishment types are not REALLY doing what's in the best interest of the American people and we have to choose between the lesser of two evils, instead of between good and evil. We have to vote for and support people who do actually represent us, and don't accept corporate bribes. People like Ro Khanna, Tulsi Gabbard, Richard Ojeda, Alexandria Ocassio Cortez, Bernie Sanders, and others! If you want real change, don't listen to what a politician says. look at their funding and their voting record!

  26. It's amazing Bennett is a senator. No eloquence. He makes no sense and talks like he's drunk or high on his state's legalized weed. Fumbling at the mouth, spraying everything around him with spit. uh. . .

  27. he’s right, at the rate this country is going it’s only a matter of time till we fall. This man should of been our president

  28. Greats salesman but full of shit none the less. If he truly cared, he would have pressured the dems to work with Trump. Because of them, the poor DACA kids who just want to live are again in danger because the Democrats are acting like the republicans when Obama was president. They were offered a good deal which helps BOTH sides. This country is supposed to compromise on issues. The my way or the highway is just pathetic. Say all you want about the orange man, but he has not declared a state of emergency yet. Says a lot. Most presidents would have taken the easy route. I really hate this two party system. Both sides are corrupt and in bed with corporations and banks.

  29. While The criticisms of Trump I applaud, Bennet, like 90% or more of our entire elected government personnel, is oblivious to the fact that our imperialist foreign policy is the real problem that drives and fuels the undocumented immigration into our country.

    There can be no just and fair borders of a country that meddles into other countries internal affairs by violating their borders. The US supports cruel and even murderous regimes throughout the globe — and is even proud of it. Agencies like the CIA and WHISC continue to violate international law with impunity.

    Like the many empires of the past, our nemesis will be this imperialism.

  30. Sen. Michael Bennet is known as do nothing senator for Colorado. His yell and scream should be for himself where his senate seat could have been better used by someone who loves America. He is the embarrassment of our state of Colorado.

  31. we still need the wall and a lot of politicians make promises they can keep all the time more peoplr the are for the wall than that isn,t for the wall

  32. you suck Michael bennet if you dont know what is going on to the border then go there on where they dont have a barrier you idiot

  33. you take care of all the 30,000,000 immigrants that is here to many here and its not our job to take care of another country before you can take care of your own face reality you idiot we cant let everyone into our country

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