Ranking EVERY Pokémon Gym Leader From Worst to Best

Maurice Vega

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  1. I thought this list would be more insightful not just saying this person is boring, this person is cute, this person is involved

    You should of talked about how good the battles were

  2. Gym leaders are so much more interesting in the Anime, like Lana is one of my favorite of Ash's friends in Sun & Moon. She has a hilarious dark side, and her interactions with her sisters are amazing. She's that generation's incarnation of "Is he your boyfriend?"

  3. I love Burgh and Brycen. And Ilima is an awesome guy. Candice, although very quirky and fun, is one of the most forgettable gym leaders. Lana is a very good character too, and how can you give credit to Morty being a small story plot when the Univa Gym Leaders were a major story plot, and have very interesting backgrounds and stories.

  4. I'm with you on the hot thing lol. My favorite's Skyla because she has a cute face and some sexy legs

  5. People in the comments: "It's just an opinion."

    Reality: "You know, people's opinions can have bad taste too right?"

  6. “Has a weird design that doesn’t make her personally attractive to me” really? that’s how you’re ranking them damn this video and list sucks

  7. Lmao there are still people getting mad at your opinions and acting like you’re stating them as facts

  8. IMO if one of the gym leaders or trial captains is ash's companion (except for Cilan, Iris, and Sophocles), they deserve to be atleast above 30, like seriously Lana is so low on the list.

  9. Will you imagine that if we get the Kalos post game in Sword and Shield that the Gym Leaders will get more Pokemons on their team like 4 or more on their team?

  10. Iris is average in both anime and game imo. But even though you don't like Iris in the anime, that's not a reason to dislike his game counterpart

  11. Here's my list.

    1. Brock
    2. Lt. Surge
    3. Misty
    4. Giovanni
    5. Sabrina
    6. Koga
    7. Norman
    8. Wattson
    9. Flannery
    10. Brawly
    11. Roxanne
    12. Winona
    13. Wallace
    14. Tate & Liza
    15. Erika
    16. Clay
    17. Drayden
    18. Roxie
    19. Cheren
    20. Burgh
    21. Elesa
    22. Marlon
    23. Skyla
    24. Brycen
    25. Lenora
    26. Korrina
    27. Clemont
    28. Valerie
    29. Grant
    30. Viola
    31. Ramos
    32. Wulfric
    33. Olympia
    34. Whitney
    35. Falkner
    36. Morty
    37. Jasmine
    38. Chuck
    39. Clair
    40. Pryce
    41. Blaine
    42. Bugsy
    43. Blue
    44. Kiawe
    45. Acerola
    46. Mallow
    47. Lana
    48. Ilima
    49. Mina
    50. Sophocles
    51. Cilan, Chili, Cress
    52. Volkner
    53. Byron
    54. Crasher Wake
    55. Roark
    56. Gardenia
    57. Maylene
    58. Candice
    59. Fantina
    60. Janine
    61. Juan

    I forgot Iris. She's after Cilan, Chili, and Cress and before Volkner.

  12. Take a shot every time he says "and even though", "she cute", "she fine", "and let me tell you", "he's cool", "top (insert random number), or mentions his headcanon

  13. How could you rank volkner so low? The dude sealed away the ninetails and knew the moves teleport and aura sphere. Dude deserved to be in the elite 4. Get it? 4.

  14. I can see why the dislikes on this video are so high, the whole video is just shallow, especially the hate on gen 5 for literally no reason. You take all the leaders that actually do something else in the pokemon world and cause it's gen 5 that equals bad? Man that's bad

  15. You can also go to snowbelle city in Pokémon x/y to see your rivals father(calem if you play as a girl or Serena’s father if you play as a boy)

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